Avenatti is bagged in world class prank




The loud mouth Michael Avenatti seems to have been had in royal fashion. You’ll remember that for the last few days Avenatti has been everywhere promising that a third woman will come out and make some truly awful sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Michael Avenatti said Monday night that he has new information regarding allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Avenatti, the lawyer also representing adult film star Stormy Daniels who is suing President Donald Trump, said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that he has multiple clients and “at least one” is prepared to come forward publicly within the next 48 hours.

“At this point, Chris, it’s clients. We’re going to make a public disclosure within the next 48 hours of detailed allegations, as well as the identity of at least one of my clients relating to what she witnessed and experienced concerning Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, and ultimately we’re going to let the American public decide who’s telling the truth,” Avenatti told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Avenatti had previously alluded to representing an additional accuser who would be coming forward soon. In an interview with Fox News earlier Monday, Kavanaugh vehemently denied allegations Avenatti alluded to on Twitter.

Well, someone might have got him good.



And yes, Avenatti has locked his Twitter account. if this is true, all I can say is….



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Those 4chan trolls!
Did you know they were also behind the false story that the OK sign was code for “White Power?”
The media, as well as the Left, still falls for that one to this day!
Yet they came clean months ago!

He’s now claiming he wasn’t trolled and to watch out. His Stormy stories proved to be a flop. We shall see. If these are garbage as well, he needs to be sued and disbarred.

Liberals want to believe this crap so badly they’ll fall for anything. They checked their brains at the door when they signed up.

@another vet: The liberal Democratic (LD) party is on a trip to extinction. They took the that road by wholly supporting the highly flawed HRC candidate. They knew they needed to lie and cheat to get her elected , so they pulled out all the stops. When their pre-election efforts failed, they became even more frantic. They were faced with a man who was actually going to do what he said he would do. The LDs could not wait 4-8 years to correct the course of the US back to the start of their beloved leader OB1. They needed to curtail DJTs presidency.

While the pre-election efforts were comprised of dirty tricks and border line illegal acts, their post-election efforts became more illegal as the “great effort” swirled around the toilet bowl on the way to the sewer. The resistance became treason. New recruits to the effort became more and more radical until the LDs became resolved to using any tool to turn the tide. (The LDs believe that they, not God are the only ones who can change the tide!)

Today, the party of the LDs and what they represent are on the way to extinction. They have lost all relevancy. They have lost all credibility. Even their brain washing of young minds is failing to propagate their specie. They are down to their last cards to play.

When the vote is counted for the nominee for the high court, the Senators from ND, WV, and MT must step up and show their loyalty to their country instead of loyalty to the LD party. During the mid-term election, voters must turn out in droves to protest with their vote the criminal treasonous behavior of the LDs, Only they can prevent the lemming like LD party goers from following their flawed leaders off the cliffs of sanity to extinction.

@kitt: From one of the tweets:

Since when is alleged sexual abuse a joking matter?

When Democrats make a mockery of it. When Democrats turn it into a joke. When Democrats reduce it to nothing but something that, unless it is aimed at a Democrat, is a political weapon.

So, Feinstein reluctantly and almost embarrassingly brings this out AFTER all the hearings are completed. FIRST CLUE.

Then, though the accusation is bereft of details such as when it happened, where it happened, who was there, how she got there or how she got home, the first reaction is for Kavanagh, who denies it emphatically and resoundingly, to withdraw. SECOND CLUE.

Failing this, then the left demands the FBI, with no jurisdiction, should immediately investigate this detail-free, 36 year old accusation and THIS should happen BEFORE Ford should be expected to testify before the Senate panel. THIRD CLUE.

The Republicans provide opportunity after opportunity (a new offer after each previous offer has expired without Ford’s acceptance) for Ford to testify, but she demands the entire legal process be reversed to accommodate her weak accusations; an investigation first (to see if ANYTHING can be dug up to support her claim) and Kavanagh testify first (instead of answering her accusations) and no attorneys being allowed to question, all to provide excuses to deny to appear. FOURTH CLUE.

Women who have suffered an assault not only deserve to be listened to and believed but they deserve protection and justice. What the Democrats are doing works counter to this, making any and accusations seem less than what they are. It’s the same they have done with accusations of racism; overusing it to the point of making it meaningless.

@Randy: They realize their upcoming extinction and are becoming more desperate, as indicated by how transparent their attempts have become. They can derive encouragement from a small but loud and violent cadre of useful idiots who cheer them on, but these people are the dumbest of the dumb, accepting whatever they hear from the left as fact.

So, just to get I’ll this straight:

The “accuser” may or may not have personally been raped by Judge or Brett or anybody else.
BUT she attended dozens of parties where gang rapes took place…..and she just kept attending them without telling any authorities!

The “accused” are high school boys who she claims are gang leaders in between football practice, going to movies, going to camp, being “grounded,” going to prom and working out.
Her claim is that they can get many girls who will be gang raped and never tell!
Dozens of them!

Not to top that off: these same master criminals (accused boys) failed to get a girl down on the bed for her turn, in the case of Mrs Ford!

Who buys that?
I got a nice bridge in NYCity I’ll sell you…..

@Nan G: Per NYSlimes She has held several government clearances, including with the State Department and the Justice Department.The same 2 departments responsible for the set up and spying on Trumps campaign.


The liberal Democratic (LD)

Just call them demokrats from now on. It emphasizes their adherence to Communist ideology. They give “liberal” a bad name. They are the exact opposite of classical liberals and are even demeaning to a lot of pre-Obama liberals like Gary Hart. Back in the day when I first started voting they had sane, respectable people to go along with their liberal wing like Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Sam Nunn, John Glenn, Bob Kerrey, and even Hubert Humphrey. Now they are whack jobs.

@another vet: Moderate (non-foaming at the mouth far left liberals) Democrats do not have a voice in that party any more.

@Deplorable me: That is why they bounced Joe Lieberman and that is why Jim Webb has stated on multiple occasions that the party has moved way too left for him. Their latest two accusers (five total now) are as big of a joke as the first three. But the unhinged pinheads in their party eat this up.


And just like that, number five recants his story. Left wing wackos.


@another vet:


When they shrink back in terror the moment their name is associated with their accusations tells you all you need to know.

This is the Roy Moore formula; keep rounding up women willing to make these accusation and, one after another, bring them out late in the process. The Democrats have not acted any where at any time as if they actually consider any of these accusations factual and that they are interested in getting justice for any victim any where.

@Randy: The correct term is NOT liberal, it is leftist. There is nothing liberal about socialists that have taken control the democrat party.