The politicization of this week’s funerals showed no R E S P I C T



I voted for John McCain in 2008. To this day I believe he would have been a better President than Barack Obama. None of us ever has the perfect candidate or the perfect President- unless you’re a democrat. However, over the years John McCain became more and more of curmudgeon and he staked out some strange perspectives. McCain was part of the cabal that strove to derail Trump’s campaign and then his Presidency. McCain also heartily endorsed the effort by the IRS to destroy the Tea Party. I I watched as McCain’s fellow POW’s say that they did not think that McCain was himself over the last year or two.

While I salute McCain’s service to the country, I am less eager to celebrate McCain’s later political life. I find myself bemused as I watch democrats like Chuck Schumer lauding the guy they called  “racist” in 2008. They speak glowingly of McCain only because he did not like Donald Trump. BTW, is the funeral over yet?

Meghan McCain used her father’s funeral to take a shot at Donald Trump and in so doing became what she railed against.

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again, because America was always great.”

Andrew Cuomo didn’t think so.

The NY Times took the opportunity to slam Trump for playing golf during the funeral services.

Not sure if the Times knows it, but Trump wasn’t invited to the funeral.

There was no love lost between McCain and Trump. McCain, however, could have proven himself the bigger man and invited Trump to the funeral, but he didn’t. McCain’s pettiness was highlighted by his snubbing of Sarah Palin. He asked Palin to be on his ticket, did not properly prepare her and then abandoned her. Then he snubbed her.

That was low. McCain was no saint.

Did I mention obama spoke at McCain’s funeral?

He often called McCain a racist in 2008

In 2012, democrats piled the racism charge on McCain

Several House Democrats on Friday attacked Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) as a racist, a sexist, and said that his criticism of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice amounted to mugging and battering.

“There is a clear, a clear in my opinion, sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by–unfortunately–Senator McCain and others,” Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Rep. Marsha Fudge (D-Ohio.) said in a press conference Friday on Capitol Hill.

“And I strongly stand by that statement.”

It was even worse at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. That was a complete sh*tshow. A number of attendees used the funeral to score political points.

Michael Dyson made an ass of himself:

Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson went on a rant against the president and even suggested that Hillary Clinton won the election during his eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday.

He began his speech saying listing people who were in attendance including, “President Clinton and her husband Bill.”

“Then this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leach, you dopey doppelgänger of deceit and deviance, you lethal liar, you dimwitted dictator, you foolish fascist,” Dyson continued. “She [didn’t] work for you, she worked above you. She worked beyond you. Get your preposition right. Then he [has] the nerve to say he’s going to grab it. That’s not what Aretha Franklin said. I’m going to give you something that you can feel.”

Stevie Wonder put his two cents in.

Right there in the front row of the mourners were Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson. And Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend, who visually groped Ariana Grande’s behind.

But no one could have been a bigger ass than Al Sharpton. Earlier, Donald Trump had remarked that Aretha Franklin once worked for him. Sharpton took offense to this.


It was almost as though Trump was showing Aretha no R E S P I C T.

But, like it or not, Al, she did work for Trump.

Franklin was said to dislike Trump as a politician but she seemed to find him agreeable as an employer, and that’s fair enough.

Trump did show Franklin some RESPICT on her passing:

“I want to begin today by expressing my condolences to the family of a person I knew well,” the president said. “She worked for me on numerous occasions. She was terrific — Aretha Franklin — on her passing. She’s brought joy to millions of lives and her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come. She was given a great gift from God — her voice, and she used to well. People loved Aretha. She was a special woman. So just want to pass on my warmest best wishes and sympathies to her family.”

Amusingly, the press did its best to erase Farrakhan from the funeral:

The whole thing- both funerals- were appalling. Both ceremonies should have been about honoring those lost and for what they gave to us. The attendees should have risen above the fray. Instead, they devolved into the very behaviors they proclaimed to be so terrible in Donald Trump.

Trump was in their heads, He dominated the funerals. He wins again.

By the way, is the McCain funeral over yet?



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Al (Riot Instigater)Sharpton always trying to start a riot theNew York Pravda(Times)lies lies lies King William the Rapists and Louis Farrakhan from the infamous Nation of Islam this shows disrespect

To this day I believe he would have been a better President than Barack Obama.


I considered the Franklin funeral a total loss when I learned the racist Al Sharpton would be there, much less speak. I would have never dreamed Farrakhan would be there IN PUBLIC! The left seems proud of its racism and hypocrisy.

so how many girls did jesse rape in Chi?

Looking at the photos from NBC and ABC you’d never know there was a fourth person on stage sitting and standing with Clinton, Jackson, and Sharpton.
I’m sure it was a coincidence that they cut Louis Farrakhan out of the photo. Why trouble the deplorables with the knowledge that a racist, anti-Semite had such a prominent position on stage?
Media bias anyone?
Can you imagine if David Duke had been invited to a Republican event?

The Times acknowledged that Trump wasn’t invited to the funeral. And he indeed played golf on Saturday, which was his prerogative. Don’t know why you would call the Times piece a slam. To Trump, it was just another Saturday.

Trump was in their heads, He dominated the funerals. He wins again.

Trump wins? He was trashing John McCain while that far better man was on his death bed. F-ck Trump. F-ck the evil son of a bitch.

“Barack Obama at John McCain’s funeral: McCain called on America to rise above ‘mean and petty’ politics.

FLASHBACK: Obama 2008 campaign ad mocks John McCain’s inability to type as a result of being tortured in Vietnam.

Dr. John, since you posted this nonsense, can you point out the line where the ad “mocks McCain’s inability to type as a result of being tortured in Vietnam?”

@Gary Miller: here it took 1 search, not on Google, to find it
We forget nothing. Once its on the WWW its forever
Google is as dead as IE and myspace. Ask a teenybopper
Hey Dr.John when did Robert DiNowhere join?

@James D: I see Trump is in your head also.

@M: Why cut Farrakhan out and leave Sharpton in? He’s just as big a racist, only he doesn’t target Jews as much as Farrakhan. It simply shows the willingness of the left to accept racism and anti-Semitism.

@James D:

He was trashing John McCain while that far better man was on his death bed

Your left trashed him until he criticized Trump; then he became their icon. The left is hypocritical.

@Deplorable me: Hey we all remember when Obama sent AF2 for a week long mourning (resistance demonstration) period for Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr. the man that blinked out Torture in morse code.
Yes precedence, national mourning for politicians captured and held by the Cong. And President Obamas heart felt statement, the press consern ect ect ect.

@kitt: Well, there could be any number of fine explanations. Who did he vote for? Did he ever criticize Trump? Did he embrace socialism?

@Deplorable me:

I was no fan of John McCain’s. Having watched the POW hearings, I was appalled at how he spoke to family members of POWs who wanted nothing more than answers about their MIA/POW loved ones. I remember how he blocked the declassification of intel that would have given those families some answers. THAT is when I lost all respect for John McCain. But that was only one thing in McCain’s long history that I did not agree with.

I also remember the Paul Wellstone memorial and how it was turned into a political rally instead of honoring a man who Democrats loved and Republicans respected. Republicans, flashed up on the big screen, were booed. Teddy Kennedy, truly a despicable man, received cheers.

McCain, and his personal history, may be forgotten. But his memorial will not be. Not because it was great but because it was dishonorable.

@retire05: I see you have the same memory of McCain that I do. He worked very hard to keep details of the POWs that were left behind from being made public. I believe he is almost singly responsible for those additional POWs never being released. Hero? maybe for Ho Chi Minh.

@James D:

while that far better man

You are one very uninformed person. Either that or you just like despicable persons.

@Gary Miller: Gary, simply googling it you will get several different sources, even a couple on youtube. It’s not a secret. Obozo freely admitted it.

@kitt: While I’m not a google fan either, I have no problem using it, if it produces the result I’m looking for. I googled the question about Obozo ridiculing McCain for not being able to type and many many sources came up, even youtube links. So even google has no problem with producing the truth about Obozo.

McCain had to be in the service and flying missions, fighting for his country, to have wound up in a prison camp, regardless of what he did once there. So, I respect and honor his service. He would have been an infinitely better President than Obama; of that we can be sure. I didn’t agree with his support for intervention in Syria or Libya. I also thought he was misguided on Trump, objecting to him on the grounds that Trump was not a “club member”. He insulted Trump and Trump insulted him back, yet only Trump is expected to take the “high road”.

It is disgraceful how the left and media turned his death into a circus, but McCain himself contributed to it as well. God rest his soul.

@Redteam: I have a problem with google they have an agreement with Mastercard to get the records of all your purchases. What is up with that? Everything has a barcode they know if you buy a candybar or a pack of smokes, even the size underwear you buy.
Since it went viral they have eliminated the horrible bias of the search on Trump.
Typing in “Donald Trump is an” used to pull up all sorts of terrible things like idiot, criminal, fascist, racist ect
I use a search engine that doesnt track every search, then spam my email with advertisers.


Yes, and as welcome there as a brain tumor. Prompt surgery is America’s only hope. If the GOP doesn’t grow a spine or some balls and perform it, somebody else will.

@kitt: many sites track everything people do. I can be on my computer and tell you if my wife was looking at something on Amazon 5 minutes ago. If the other search site isn’t doing the same thing, it’s just because they haven’t quite gotten to it yet.

@Redteam: Both google and face book work with china and will bring those standards to America, best way to defund them is not use their “services”.

@James D: You think Trump wasn’t elected by people that want the status quo? Indeed, the Republican need to grow a pair and follow Trump’s lead, do what the people voted them to do, ignore and denounce the media attacks and dishonesty. The left wing temper tantrums over losing a fair and legal election is only driving more people into Trump’s corner, as is this phony “investigation” that has gone on for almost two years without confirming ANY liberal accusations.

@Deplorable me: Poor lil James Di nowhere, with his pathetic party of hate and division. The Democrats that recently won using the GOP-lite platform. The best they have in Texas to beat Cruz are billboards that have Trump Tweets. The battle for President has been over for over 2 years those 2 men made their peace, Trump is going to get the biggest stadium in Texas and have the Muther of all rallies for Cruz. Poor lil James might have a big ol crush on Rachel M., watch it there James thats Gregs territory.
The whole debunked racist chant is recycling as Trumps popularity within that community skyrockets.
Turning funerals into resistance group therapy is all the Dems have. Just says to Dems the only good Republican is a dead one, quite the optics there.

Watching the Senate Judiciary hearings. As is standard operating procedure, the Democrats are trying to “bork” Kavanaugh’s hearing. As Justice Clarence Thomas said, this is a high tech lynching.

Another point; everyone of those protesters got tickets to the gallery from some Senator’s office. That Senator’s name should be printed on those tickets and they should be exposed for allowing the disruption of what should be a basic hearing, not a shouting fest by radical left wingers.

Bottom line; abortion is the sacred cow of the Democratic Party and they are scared to death Roe will be overturned. What a pathetic bunch the Democrats are, including Cory Booker who belongs in jail, not in the Senate.

@retire05: The ability to lay and slay is how the left reels in the amoral women’s vote.

@retire05: 12 arrests the opening delayed for an hour, another resistance therapy session.
Dont they know we have to confirm him to find out what he is all about?

@kitt: Well, that’s the left for you. All they know how to do is disrupt and impede. Apparently, playing by their own rules doesn’t sit too well with them.


Obama’s ad didn’t mock McCain’s inability to type. And McCain could certainly use electronics.

Jon Kyl with a heritage score of 77% will replace McCain, a moderate much better than a Rino
@Gary Miller: I didnt say it it was a mudslinging political ad by someone chosen to speak at his funeral services
The family wished to portray John this way

Trump’s average job approval rating is now down to 41.6%. He’ll take the republican party’s hypocrisy and culture of greed and corruption down with him—but not before Putin and Assad have complete their mass slaughter of rebels in Syria. Putin doesn’t have to worry about Donnie Boy.

@James D: Pretending to care about rebels where is your sympathy for those just trying to make it on farms in south africa the government stealing their farms and selling it to guess who you may not be informed enough, its China, the farms are above some mineral wealth of the country.
Just keep parroting the US media that treat its watchers like mushrooms. If the rebels win, what happens to the Christian population?
Look what just happened in Nigeria. The Christian civilians ran to Assad get a clue.
Look up the definition of refugee, why are the “refugees” going back to the homeland on holiday, all on the dime of the taxpayers of the countrys that generously take them in? Look at the countrys that refuse them and see they have no terrorist attacks.
Those same poll takers said Hillary had a 98 % chance of winning, you still believe them lol.

@James D:

but not before Putin and Assad have complete their mass slaughter of rebels in Syria. Putin doesn’t have to worry about Donnie Boy.

You don’t pay attention to much, do you? If you did, you would see the stark contrast between what you receive in the way of leftist propaganda and the truth.

Had Obama not supported the Muslim Brotherhood, there would be no civil war in Syria. Had Obama not, against all intelligent advice, pulled all our troops out of Iraq, there would have been no ISIS freely spreading across the region. Obama, squirming to get out of fulfilling his idiotic “red line” promise allowed Putin to establish himself in Syria and Iran, and then he promised Putin to be even MORE “flexible” (i.e., accommodating to Putin, even allowing him to interfere in US elections). Trump responded to Syria’s use of WMD with Tomahawks. Trump is a leader, Obama is a gutless liar.

The corrupt, lying piece of sh-t in the White House and all who constantly repeat and amplify his lies have elevated Trump’s national gaslighting operation to a level even Joseph Goebbles would find impressive. F-ck Trump and all in the GOP who are allowing this attack and perversion of America’s truest principles to continue. There will be a special place in future American history books for them, if not in hell.

“Make America Great Again” was the umbrella lie that covers all of this cr-p. It’s the idiot slogan that’s covering the methodical undoing of the greatness that was already there, and had always been a work in progress.

@James D: I’m going to assume the “D” stands for “dumbass”.

@Deplorable Bill:

I’m going to assume the “D” stands for “dumbass”.

Just another victim, so sad. He must like to see slave markets in Libya, genocide of Christianity in the ME and African continent. Thats the progress he speaks of? There is the progress of the price of government designed health insurance that is phenomenal.

@Deplorable Bill:

But you assume a lot of things that are total nonsense. That the porn star humping, pussy-grabbing, greed-driven, lying amoral lowlife in the White House is a promoter of traditional family values, for example, while Barack and Michelle Obama were not, for instance. Or that his budget busting trillion-a-year permanent tax gift to the wealthiest somehow shows fiscal responsibility and care for the average American family. Or that betraying our proven allies while sucking up to Vladimir Putin shows honor and patriotism. Or that trade wars are part of free market forces.

I am not stupid. And I have lost patience with those that are.

@James D:

That the porn star humping, pussy-grabbing, greed-driven, lying amoral lowlife in the White House is a promoter of traditional family values, for example, while Barack and Michelle Obama were not, for instance.

Speaking of assumptions, where is your proof that Trump grabbed any pussies or humped any porn stars? Trump is so greed-driven that he donates all his salary (did the millionaire Obama donate his salary?). The Obama’s promoted the values of hating American, promoting racism and lying.

Trump’s tax cuts have already increased tax revenues by 9% over what they were last year and will most likely pay for themselves. If you worry about deficits, tell your Democrats to get on board a spending-cutting budget.

Obama sucked up to Putin, promising him to be more “flexible” while handing him Syria and not getting in his way when he interfered in our elections.

You confirm my assumption.

@Deplorable me: Go edit your comment in just screw it the word “thinks” should be changed to questions in the first sentence.
I know what you meant you are not one to shut down anyones 1st.

@James D: This article isnt about Trump, he lives in your head rent free, the “resistance” turned the funeral into ALL ABOUT TRUMP go thank them.

@kitt: Thanks. I think I started writing that statement differently and changed it but didn’t make it clear.

@Deplorable me: Got your 6 unless you lose your mind.
We are all in this for the republic

@kitt: Once I lose it, it’ll be hard to find.