Meet China’s mole in the US- Hillary Clinton. The damage she did to the US is monumental


Now we know why democrats, the FBI and DOJ have been hammering away at Donald Trump with such fervor.

Sara Carter penned an article that helps tie together a number of events that lead one to some entertaining conclusions. I have long believed that Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were framed by the FBI and DOJ working together with the DNC. We still need to know to whom is Josef Mifsud connected. Sara gave us some very important information. The Russia hoax began not with Pdop or Page, but with Michael Flynn:

“Flynn was pushed out by Obama and then became a thorn in the side of Obama and the Clintons when he joined the Trump campaign,” said a former senior intelligence source with knowledge of what happened. “The investigation into Trump didn’t start with Carter Page or George Papadapolous, but with Flynn. Flynn was already on the CIA and Clinton target list. Those same people sure as hell didn’t want him in the White House and they sure as hell didn’t want Trump to win.”

Flynn was invited to a Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in 2014, probably by Halper:

Before Page and Papadopolous, there was the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn had been invited to Cambridge in February, 2014 for a a dinner hosted by both Dearlove and Halper.

But during that time, Flynn was already walking a fine line with the Obama Administration and battling President Obama and the CIA over his deep disagreement with the administration’s narrative that al-Qaeda and extremists groups, had been defeated or were on the run. Several months later Flynn was forced to resign early and ended his tenure as the director of the DIA.

Flynn didn’t want to lie for obama and that put him in the dog house, so Flynn was ripe for being hung out to dry.

Halper left CIS in late 2016 with the complaint that Russians were gaining too much influence, which rings hollow once you know this:

Halper, along with Dearlove, left the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in December 2016, saying they were concerned about Russian influence. Halper had told reporters at the time that it was due to “unacceptable Russian influence.”

Ironically, documents obtained by suggest that Halper also had invited senior Russian intelligence officials to co-teach his course on several occasions and, according to news reports, also accepted money to finance the course from a top Russian oligarch with ties to Putin.

Several course syllabi from 2012 and 2015 obtained by this outlet reveal Hapler had invited and co-taught his course on intelligence with the former Director of Russian Intelligence Gen. Vladimir I. Trubnikov.

Halper’s claims have been called “absurd.” But Halper was up his podium in Russians. It was Halper who gave obama and the Comey and Brennan the opening to frame Flynn.

A historian and Russian intelligence researcher at Cambridge, Svetlana Lokhova, told TheDCNF that Halper is behind allegations made about her and Flynn during the retired general’s visit to Cambridge in 2014, when he served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“Stef Halper, who is currently under [Department of Justice] investigation for his activities, has been revealed by [The New York Times] as the source of the false allegations about me and General Flynn,” said Lokhova, who was born in Russia and has British citizenship.


The New York Times reported Friday that Halper was the first to raise concerns about interactions Flynn had with Lokhova at a dinner for CIS, a forum for former intelligence officials.

According to NYT, Halper, who was not identified by name in the report, “was alarmed by the general’s apparent closeness with a Russian woman who was also in attendance.” Halper’s complaints prompted a person close to him “to pass on a warning to the American authorities that Mr. Flynn could be compromised by Russian intelligence.”

But Lokhova said Halper’s assessment of her interaction with Flynn was inaccurate.

Halper was the source of the propaganda used to spy and and then frame Michael Flynn, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in the effort to destroy Donald Trump.

The Russian accusations, the FISA app- it was all a lie. A hoax. But what if it was more than just screwing Trump?

Remember Comey telling us that it was likely hillary clinton’s email server was likely “accessed” by hostile actors?

An extensive FBI investigation found evidence that foreign government hackers accessed private emails sent by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton but no direct evidence spies hacked into the several unsecure servers she used.

FBI Director James Comey revealed Tuesday the 11-month probe into Clinton’s private email servers uncovered negligent handling of very sensitive classified information that was placed on several unsecure servers between 2009 and 2013, when Clinton served as secretary of state.

In an unusual public announcement, Comey outlined findings that included discovery of highly classified information sent and received on Clinton’s private email servers, and signs that “hostile actors” gained access to email accounts of people who were sharing emails with Clinton.

Everyone was certain that Comey meant the Russians. Assange said it wasn’t the Russians.

Back in July Louie Gohmert told us that hillary’s emails were indeed hacked, but not by the Russians. He also said that Peter Strzok was briefed, but did nothing about it.

Gohmert said the ICIG investigator, Frank Rucker, presented the findings to Strzok, but that the FBI official did not do anything with the information.

Strzok acknowledged meeting with Rucker, but said he did not recall the “specific content.”

“The forensic examination was done by the ICIG and they can document that,” Gohmert said, “but you were given that information and you did nothing with it.”

democrats deliberately smothered the seriousness of this breach

In late 2017, ICIG Chuck McCullough — who was appointed by former President Barack Obama —  took the unusual step of coming forward publicly to say that he perceived pushback after he began raising the alarm about issues with Clinton’s servers to then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

He said he found it “maddening” that Democrats, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, were underselling the amount of classified information on the server.

There was good reason to bury this. For four years Hillary Clinton sent all the American secrets she had to China.

The embattled Page tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap among others under the Congressional bus, alleging the upper echelon of the FBI concealed intelligence confirming Chinese state-backed ‘assets’ had illegally acquired former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ “missing” emails, federal sources said.

The Russians didn’t do it. The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources.

And while Democratic lawmakers and the mainstream media prop up Russia as America’s boogeyman, it was the ironically Chinese who acquired Hillary’s treasure trove of classified and top secret intelligence from her home-brewed private server.

(Let it be known that TruePundit had this story a month ago)

Yesterday we learned a little more:

The former intelligence officer TheDCNF spoke with said the ICIG “discovered the anomaly pretty early in 2015.”

“When [the ICIG] did a very deep dive, they found in the actual metadata — the data which is at the header and footer of all the emails — that a copy, a ‘courtesy copy,’ was being sent to a third party and that third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China,” the former intelligence officer told TheDCNF.

“The [the ICIG] believe that there was some level of phishing. But once they got into the server something was embedded,” he said. “The Chinese are notorious for embedding little surprises like this.”

For virtually all the time she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was sending all her emails to China. There were serious consequences:

2013: Pentagon: Chinese government hacking into US computers

2015: Chinese hackers stole F-35 fighter jet blueprints in Pentagon hack, Edward Snowden documents claim

2015: Chinese hack of US national security details revealed days after Russian hack

2015:Hacking Linked to China Exposes Millions of U.S. Workers

And it gets worse

The Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward.

Current and former American officials described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades. It set off a scramble in Washington’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies to contain the fallout, but investigators were bitterly divided over the cause. Some were convinced that a mole within the C.I.A. had betrayed the United States. Others believed that the Chinese had hacked the covert system the C.I.A. used to communicate with its foreign sources. Years later, that debate remains unresolved.

2010. During the time the Hillary was sharing American secrets with China. Remember Sally Yates asserting that Flynn was being investigated because he was allegedly compromised?  HILLARY was the perfect candidate for blackmail. She was really COMPROMISED.

Hillary Clinton did grave damage to this country and she was within an inch of becoming President. This could not be a more clear case of violation of the Espionage Act. Hillary Clinton should be in prison, but Mueller is chasing hookers and taxi cab medallions and tax fraud and process crimes.

This is what democrats have been trying desperately to bury- by trying to destroy Trump. It’s not just overthrowing Trump, it’s keeping Hillary Clinton out of prison.


Chinese company pledged $2 million to Clinton Foundation in 2013

The Clinton’s have a history with China.

Maybe it’s more than the Espionage Act. Maybe it’s treason.








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It is maddening that most republicans seem uninterested in this, Senator McConnell and his wife also have questionable ties to China.

There are SO MANY scandals associated with the Clinton’s that it is easy to overlook some, but these Chinese connections and how the Clinton’s took contributions from the Chinese while selling military technology to them. Much, if not all, of their military expansion and advancement can be traced to this.

Yet not only did the left support and vote for this scumbag, but they are upset she is not President now. No matter how Trump’s term turns out, keeping this trash out of the White House is a victory for the country.

We’ve always known the Russian collusion was an invention to try and remove Trump from office, but what the crybabies expected after that is incomprehensible; they still have Republicans in charge. Using the endless investigations to cover up for Hillary’s massive incompetence and corruption (and providing the excuse that any focus on Hillary is “diversionary” or just picking on poor, poor Hillary) is good covering up.

Wake up folks!
Look at who the “democrats” have winning elections!
It’s commies!
Hillary was merely softening the electorate for the Soros-backed commies who came after her like AOC in NY and now Andrew Gillum, “the most liberal candidate that the Democratic Party has ever nominated.”
Think Occupy or BLM were coincidences?
Hillary/Soros really thought they’d catch fire with the American Left.
No one expected the Trump win or the Walk Away movement.

How many unfriendly nations did they share the highly classified information with? We certainly lost many CIA operatives during Clapper and Hillarys time “self serving” our nation.

@Nan G: Nothing but election results proves it, but it appears that the majority of people who reject liberal media propaganda, liberal politicians and they hatred for America, phony polls and assaults on our Constitution is growing.

@Brian Mulhearn: Its scandal burnout, from the scandal free administration, no one is accountable.

Is there anything that can become of all of this now? Is the DOJ secretly looking into al of this behind closed doors? We can’t let them get away with this while allowing a hit job on an innocent president. This sickens me to the core.

America will be great again when Hillary is behind bars (along with Obama).

So every country in the world may have copies of the Clinton emails except for the US FBI! Maybe Trump should request those emails as part of his trade deals with China?

@Randy: This was what Trump’s joke about seeing if Russia could find Hillary’s “missing” 33,000 emails was about, but the left, having no sense of humor, missed the point.

@Nan G: Commies have been advanced in our government since the Clinton days. All the crooked oligarchy out of Russia have Clinton ties and donated to her slushfund.

Well done.
The monumental challenge for those who seek to retain their Freedom and actually believe that the Constitution is a critical element in the foundation of America, is the enormous build-up of left-leaning government bureaucrats under 8 years of Obama.

It is NOT just a few people at the top of the FBI or CIA as even many on the right pretend, but it is ALL of those hired under the Obama Administration in all government departments, . . . hundreds of thousands.

Remember that under Obama, the principal source of job creation was, by far, the “government” followed by the healthcare industry. Most other jobs created were part-time gofer jobs. Obama killed the entrepreneurial spirit.

This massive government job explosion under Obama was intended to attack anything on the RIGHT in America, and not to deal with the realities of foreign countries and their incursions into American life. China did whatever it wanted and so did others.

Obama’s human guns were aimed at political opponents within the US. He supported all dictatorships in Africa and Asia, much more than anyone on the right and the irreversible government blob he and Jarrett built up across the US cannot be shrunk.