Open Letter to the Walk Away Movement


To those who have decided to #walkaway, we welcome you!

We know how it feels to be ridiculed, demonized, and slandered by liberal zealots in the Democratic Party and fanatics on the Left.  Starting In 2009, ordinary grassroots Americans who rallied by the hundreds of thousands for a smaller, less intrusive government felt the ire of Democrats and Leftists for daring to want a government that does not “tread on” its people.  The abuse continued with a weaponized IRS and the race card played against us at every turn.

What a wonderful movement Brandon Straka started with his #Walkaway Campaign!  We love seeing all the testimonials online.  We support your efforts to dissociate yourself from the vicious over-the-top Left.  We encourage you to reconnect with America’s founding principles and to meet Tea Partiers and other people fighting for these principles at the grassroots level.

To those of you who have lost friends now that you are thinking for yourself, please know that there are lots of new friends here ready to connect with you!

We encourage you to join the Potomac Tea Party mailing list – just send us a note at  Our mailings are free of charge and your contact information is never sold or shared.

We also have volunteers available, if you would like to talk to a Tea Partier.

We invite you to learn more, then commit your time and talents to improving your little part of America!

America’s Founding Principles
Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science (the American Idea on one page)
Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution
Federalist Papers
Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz (readable short history of liberty)
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Meet People
Find a Tea Party in your area. Here is one place to look.
Liberty on the Rocks
Republican Liberty Caucus
Turning Point USA

Author Suggestions                       Who to Watch                                 Find News Online
Peter Schweizer                                  Bill Whittle                                          Daily Caller
Victor Davis Hanson                           Diamond & Silk                                  Daily Signal
Jim Geraghty                                       Dinesh D’Souza                                  Daily Wire
Ayn Rand                                              Jordan Peterson                                Washington Examiner
Frederic Bastiat                                   Lauren Southern                               Washington Free Beacon
Ronald Reagan                                    Rubin Report                                     American Thinker
Fredrich Hayek                                    Steven Crowder                       
Henry Hazlitt                                        Prager University                    

Reposted with permission of The Potomac Tea Party – the original open letter appears here.

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We saw the bevavior of so called tolerent liberals after the 2016 election and stink holes like U.C. Berkeley the NOT MY PRESIDENT idiots scream and yelling and foaming at the mouth and frankly their not americans anymore their just a bunch of stupid spoiled little brats used to getting their way so if the want to leave i say GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDENCE

To restore my hope in humanity, I would certainly like to see more and more of the Walk Away’s. We might not agree on everything, but I can sympathize with their feeling of being lied to and abandoned.

We should be tolerant but we dont have to accept and embrace deviant or mentally ill behaviors. Intelligent people can listen to an opinion of another person and make the decision to just disagree.

@Brother Bob: I would like to add to the reading list “Ameritopia” by Mark Levin. At this time in our history Levins “Men in Black” would be enlightening for some about the Supreme Court.

@kitt: thanks. posted. – PTP Executive Committee

Under ‘Who to Watch’, I’d suggest adding Intellectual Froglegs (Joe Dan Gorman) and Alfonzo Rachel.

@Chris Wright: No Chris, thank you

@Brother Bob: You can find Zo’s political videos at America’s Voice News: He’s only been posting teaser videos on YouTube due to them demonetizing and shadow banning his videos.

Check out Intellectual Froglegs. I think you’ll like Joe Dan’s videos: He’s had episodes banned from YouTube too, so he must be doing something right!

Presidents approval ratings among black voters: 29%
I guess they are believing he is a racist less and less
This time last year: 15%
Estimated 8% black vote in 2016
After being promised things year after year they might be seeing someone in office keeping promises.

full disclosure I only cite polls I like.

@Brother Bob: No problem, just throwing them out there. You know the audience you’re trying to reach the best 😉