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Proving to the fact that all Obama did was cow tow to our enemies and finance them as well and bad mouth h this nation to the world i mean its a wonder the trumps did,nt have the Whitehouse fumigated to get rid of the stench and vermin the Obama’s left behind

And of course everyone- especially the faction of the press that leans leftward– has made a mountain of poo over a mole-hill.

Uh…. that would pretty much be “the press”.

Warren is now using the president’s own words for fundraising efforts, telling supporters that Mr. Trump has stooped to a “disgusting low.”

I believe stooping to a disgusting low is to claim to be Native American in order to enhance her career, then being too cowardly to meet with Native Americans to explain her lies.

Warren is insulting to every race, no one wants that smear. She lied about her heritage to get a job someone else should have got. Pocahontas was royalty of her tribe no comparison to whatever Lousey Liz may be.
It really was a bad joke not well thought out at all, a few found it hilarious.
Pulling the racist card is beyond pathetic, but its all they have however tattered.

She lied about her heritage to get a job someone else should have got.

It has never been proved that she lied about her ancestry. It was a long-standing family tradition that there was Cherokee blood in the family lineage. She’d heard that from childhood and had always taken pride in it. The Cherokee ancestor was supposed to be O.C. Sarah Smith, Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother. The truth of the tradition has been neither proved nor disproved, and probably can’t be with any degree of certainty. This ancestor is too many generations removed from Warren for DNA testing to conclusively prove anything, one way or the other.

Basically, the right is attacking a person’s family tradition, which is a very personal sort of attack. The only reason is because they dislike and are afraid of Elizabeth Warren. They don’t seem to realize that this sort of attack is highly offensive to people of Native American heritage. Trump seemed utterly unaware of the fact that he was giving offense to the very people he was talking to.

By the way, contrary to what has sometimes been implied or actually stated, there’s no evidence that Elizabeth Warren never received college admission preference, hiring preference, or a nickel of financial assistance based on her claim of Native American ancestry, nor that she ever attempted to do so. Her claim was entirely a matter of her pride in that detail of her family history.


Trump seemed utterly unaware of the fact that he was giving offense to the very people he was talking to.

Yes, he “seemed” utterly unaware but the consistency in his rabidly racist dog whistles and the ultimate outcome of them (to keep energized what few loyalist he has are , those “good Nazis” and such, to stay true to him while he pushes to end free press and get his tax scam through) just don’t add up to him being ignorant of what he’s saying.

And yes Wordsmith, it was a racist slur spewed from the lying con man’s disgusting face. Why was it racist? Because The National Congress of American Indians had already explained this to Trump last spring. They made it clear in a statement to the Trump administration:

“The name of Pocahontas should not be used as a slur, and it is inappropriate for anyone to use her name in a disparaging manner.”

Even if you want to follow suit with your resident sockpuppets and insist it isn’t racist (which it is), it was certainly offensive to a race of people who had already explicitly explained to the vagina grabbing egomaniac that it was offensive. But as mentioned above, Trump has a faction of neo-nazis and klansmen that he has to keep happy. And he seldom passes on a chance to do so.


He offended Native Americans, not Elizabeth Warren. No one is speaking for them. They’re saying it themselves:

Please explain how it is in any way a slur, except to be compared to the liar Warren? Once again this would not be an issue had Warren not LIED about being Native American to pad her weak resume’. But, of course, once again, when a liberal commits a slur, it disappears. Then, shortly thereafter, it becomes a REPUBLICAN problem.

What his remark does is point out the insult Warren committed when she lied.

@Ajay42302: You know, you should keep your lying gap shut until you can answer the following questions:

What is your substantiation for calling Trump a racist?

Does Hillary dropping N-bombs make her a racist (and, by extension, all of her supporters)?

Is ANTIFA committing violence?

Shouldn’t the left be demanding Yale University change its name because Elihu Yale was a slave trader and the school was built with support from slave traders?

Tell us of how Trump “breached the Constitution”.

Why do liberals get to make vile, unsubstantiated accusations in media but conservatives get fired if they voice a non-liberal opinion?

How is questioning Obama’s demonstrably dubious birth records racist?

Are immigration laws expected to be enforced?

Who is justifying “mass murdering people not of their heritage”?

Who has ever asserted that “all Hispanic and Latinos are murders, rapist, and drug dealers”?

When did Trump ever grab anyone’s vagina and who was it?

What did Trump lie about?

Whose wages did Trump steal?

What is the nature of Trump’s “con”?

How did I indicate your answers would be meaningless?

What answer have you provided that has been ignored?

Can you show us an incident when conservatives overreacted to a tragedy and accused the wrong responsible party?

Do you denounce those who are rejoicing in the slaughter in Las Vegas and using it for obscene political gain?

Trump said a word. Weinstein groped, fondled and… whatever else that shall be revealed. Are you intellectually incapable of understanding the difference?

What is Trump doing that is “energizing the KKK and Neo-Nazis”?

Provide examples of anyone that “harrass and falsely imprison and then beat and attributed death to people of color (even openly declaring his prison as his “own personal concentration camp)”.

And now, we can add this:

How is calling Warren, who lied about being Native American, Pocahontas a slur?

Oh, and Andrew Jackson? Democrat. Go figure.


This ancestor is too many generations removed from Warren for DNA testing to conclusively prove anything, one way or the other.

Wrong they have an entire PBS show about it.
A few people have offered Liz a free DNA tracing she has failed to accept the Standing offers.
I still agree with the Native Americans Linking Warren with Pocahontas is highly disparaging to the Princess.

Please explain how it is in any way a slur, except to be compared to the liar Warren?

Why ask me? Ask the Native Americans who took offense.

What offended me, personally, was that a ceremony honoring Native American war heroes which should have been nothing other than that was turned into an opportunity for Trump to launch a cheap attack against a political enemy. The man behaves like a child. He’s a national embarrassment.

@Greg: You would not have even know about the ceremony if your propaganda outlets were not trying to gin up yet ANOTHER fke news scandal. No, please explain, how is calling Warren, someone who lied about being Native American to take advantage, Pocahontas as “racial slur”. Otherwise, simply admit that it is liberals (Native American or otherwise) searching far and wide to find something to be offended by.

An actual descendant of Pocahontas finds NO offense in him using the name to call out the liar Warren. One wonders, if she sees no offense, why would anyone else? Who is closer to Pocahontas than she?

What offends you, personally, is that the most prolific and unrepentant liar lost her bid for the Presidency. The rest is just endless whining.

Oh who really cares lets go shopping comment image

Liberals are losers total losers and they still cant get over how they have been taken to the cleaners by Trump

Researchers found no Cherokee ancestory but a disturbing connection.

REVEALED: Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Native Americans During ‘Horrific Trail of Tears’

Word It seems we’re gonna have “It’s just Trump being Trump.” for the next 3 years–he revels in it.
Kinda like Manny being Manny or Charles being Charles.

The POTUS—UNBELIEVABLE Good to see you back.