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Real men dont need a bunch of mindless old hens telling how to defend their families real presidents dont have anything to do with Greenpeace and the NRDC

When it comes to the 2nd AMENDMENT the brain-dead liberal and liberal professors with their walnut brains cant get past WELL REGULATED MALITIA and so they claim Gun Control is Constitutional(Providing to the fact they reject the U.S. Constitution)and look at all those folk protesting at the FNN(Fake News Network)owned by Red Ted Turner

There’s actually nothing funny about this. It’s not cause for amusement. There’s a potentially dangerous problem, presenting itself here in a relatively benign setting. Can you not see that? The 29 most cringe-worthy lines from Donald Trump’s hyper-political speech to the Boy Scouts

Trump escalates shame campaign against Sessions

Do we miss Obama? we miss him like we miss the flu