The Week in Radical Leftism – 6/30/2017


As always, another week, another week of plenty of crazy from our pals on the left. There’s tons o’ crazy here today and this post doesn’t even address the Project Veritas videos, at least not directly! Let’s start off with one that I didn’t see until just after I published last week’s edition:

6/23 – UC San Diego Students Actually Protested Dalai Lama Over His Lack of Tolerance

Gunga gunga la gunga!

6/25 – Chicago Gay Pride Bans ‘Jewish Pride’ Flag Over ‘Safety Concerns’

This week’s edition of “Your best bigotry always comes from the Radical Left!” Part I

6/25 – Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Seattle Pride parade

This week’s edition of “Your best bigotry always comes from the Radical Left!” Part II

6/26 – California University Hit With Lawsuit Alleging ‘Hostile Anti-Jewish Environment’

This week’s edition of “Your best bigotry always comes from the Radical Left!” Part III

6/26 – CNN Source: “People Will Be Disciplined” Over Retracted Russia Reporting

“According to an internal memo, all reporting from CNN on that topic will have to get specific approval from executives before appearing on any of their platforms. Jon Passantino’s source says that disciplinary action will also be forthcoming over last week’s debacle”

Or as we used to call it, “journalism”!

6/27 – Democrats Are So Out of Touch That They Just Appointed a ‘Chairwoman of Heartland Engagement’

I do not envy the challenge that DNC strategists face – how do you convince people who you despise and whose lives you want to destroy that they should vote for you?

6/28 – CNN Trots Out Elmo to Spouts Leftist Talking Points About Syrian Refugees

Moments like this make me grateful that Little Bob can’t stand Elmo. Not because he won’t see this crud, but so he doesn’t have to see the follow up video of Elmo getting gang raped by several 25 year old looking Syrian “children”!

6/28 – Antifa plans to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves have prompted calls on social media for other groups to gather in Gettysburg to counter those protesters.

Let’s hope that this is enough notice for The National Park Service to coordinate with law enforcement to thwart these American Taliban wanna-bes

6/29 – Liberal Impeachment Fantasies Have to Stop

A sane, rational look at Leftist acceptance of the reality of the Trump presidency from… CNN? Washington Post? New York Times?  Nope. Note to the mainstream leftist news sources – when the Daily Beast is the voice of reason from your side it’s time to take the (copulating) hint!

6/29 – California Recall Over Gas Tax Hike Gains Traction

More reasons for hope from our Lefty pals – Even the reliably bat-dung crazy Left Coast can show signs of sanity!

6/29 – Health-Care Activists Plan to Make GOP’s July 4 Hell

Back to The Daily Beast –

“Republican senators have demonstrated that their number one goal in health care reform is avoiding any public interaction with their constituents,” Ben Wikler, the Washington director for the political advocacy group MoveOn told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of politicians unwilling to speak to their constituents. But when said constituents’ method of communication is disrupting Town Halls to prevent anyone from speaking, death threats, and physically assaulting their representatives can you really blame them?

6/29 – ICYMI – I wrote a post on the Project Veritas videos, looking through the lens of The Washington Post’s fussy response

6/30 – Feminist Author: ‘Have You Killed Any Men Today? And if Not, Why Not?’

This week’s edition of “Your best bigotry always comes from the Radical Left!” Part IV

6/30 – Dallas City Council member laments that not all residents are poor enough for the government to simply steamroll.

Ace: “This is precisely the sort of arrogant pig that gives government service a bad name: “What!? We have to obey the law and stuff?”

This video needs to go viral on the outside chance that she’ll get unelected next time around.”

And finally, since by the time next week’s report rolls around Independence Day will have passed I’m using this week’s edition to link to a pair of posts from two years ago that have aged surprisingly well:”

First, The Bad News on Independence Day, as told through an Inspirational Star Trek Speech (1/2)

What stands out from this post is that despite how bad things looked, Conservatives weren’t doing anything even close to how the Radical Left has been reacting to President Trump’s atrocities like prosperity, a strong foreign policy, fighting against anti-Christian bigotry and propagandists tarnishing the profession of journalism, etc.

Reasons for Hope this Independence Day (2/2)

Toward the end of the post where I mention that Conservative leaders were finally starting to punch back there is some completely coincidental foreshadowing of the Trump presidency!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, everybody!

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a video of elmo getting raped and than butchered by a illegal immigrant or gang rape would have a little impact on cnn.

I would like to see some persons with Paintball Guns open up on some filthy ANTIFA vandals and send them running with plenty of bruises

Oh, you missed a good one!

Bruno Mars is under fire for “cultural appropriation.”
The social justice warriors are never on a break.
Always making up new and ridiculous attacks on anyone who is not a liberal.
I guess, not only does Bruno Mars not identify as being black, he also does not identify as being liberal!