How Michael Flynn can dodge all possible charges



The investigation into Michael Flynn is about to come to an end and Flynn will soon be a man free of trouble. You see, Flynn is going to plead The Lerner, er, I mean The 5th. NPR (via Gateway Pundit)

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn is invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on Monday, refusing to hand over documents subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The panel wants to see documents relating to Flynn’s interactions with Russian officials as part of its probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“We will be responding to the Senate Intelligence Committee today,” a source close to Flynn tells NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly. “We expect to say the general will not providing the requested documents. He is entitled to decline under the Fifth Amendment.”

That ought to wrap it up. Done. Just like it did for those in the previous administration.

Lois Lerner, who led the IRS targeting of conservatives, pleaded the 5th repeatedly:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., reconvened a hearing Wednesday that began more than nine months ago to investigate whether the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting conservative groups, a scandal that was exposed in 2013.

The problem was, he didn’t have a witness to answer his questions – again.

Lerner once again asserted her Fifth Amendment right not to testify, as she did last May when she was first called to testify. Before she first spoke at the hearing Wednesday, Issa warned that his committee would consider whether to hold her in contempt if she declined to testify.

At the first part of the hearing last May, Lerner delivered an opening statement declaring she had done nothing wrong, and then invoked her Fifth Amendment right and refused to answer any more questions. Republicans, however, concluded she did and have recalled her to answer questions about why Lerner gave heightened scrutiny to conservative groups with the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their names when reviewing applications for tax-exempt status.

That was it. She skated. Then we come to hillary’s crew.

Bryan Pagliano pleaded the 5th 125 times.

A former employee for Hillary Clinton invoked the 5th Amendment about 125 consecutive times in a deposition with a conservative advocacy group, a spokeswoman for the group said Wednesday.

The spokeswoman for Judicial Watch said Bryan Pagliano, a Clinton IT aide, declined to answer questions when subpoenaed by the group. Pagliano was involved in setting up and maintaining Clinton’s private email server and accepted an immunity deal with the FBI earlier this year in which he cooperated with their investigation into the server.
Pagliano’s attorneys have said their client is “caught up in a lawsuit with an undisputed political agenda” and that he would not cooperate with Judicial Watch.

Pagliano blew off another hearing. hillary associates Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta also took the 5th.

All skated.

Lerner included, there were five times obama officials took the 5th:

VA official, John Sepulveda, spent large amounts of taxpayer money on a pair of extravagant conferences, resigned, and then spent the majority of a hearing looking into his actions saying “On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based on my fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.”
Fast and Furious – remember the scandal that started it all? Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona, invoked the fifth regarding his role in the operation that sent more than 2,000 guns across the border to dangerous drug cartels. Those guns were found at the scene of Brian Terry’s murder.
While not technically administration officials, Solyndra executives were so intertwined in Obama’s stimulus boondoggle that it felt as such. Naturally, when Congress wanted answers on why the solar company was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee through the stimulus, they invoked the fifth Amendment.
Greg Rosemen, a Deputy IRS Director, pleaded the fifth after awarding the largest contract in IRS history to a company owned by a close friend.
And of course, probably the most famous effort at pleading the fifth, was Lois Lerner, who repeatedly asserted her right not to testify regarding the scandal that her agency, the IRS, targeted conservative groups and withheld or prolonged their applications for tax-exempt status.

Perhaps the DOJ can help out by granting immunity to any potential witnesses against Flynn, just as obama’s DOJ did.

This should clean things up in a hurry and save taxpayers loads of money. Can’t force him to testify. Can’t bring him back. Elijah Cummings would not approve:

“Mr. Chairman you cannot run a committee like this. You just cannot do this. We’re better than that as a country,” Cummings said, his voice rising as Issa stood up to leave and the members’ microphones were cut off. “There is absolutely something wrong with that and that is absolutely un-American!”

I can’t wait to watch Flynn take the 5th. Karma can be a beautiful thing.


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Since all of this is merely a means to keep innuendo alive, Michael Flynn’s best option would be to insist on his right to a speedy trial.
You got something on me?
Let’s go!

The oppo can’t.
Because they don’t have a thing.

@Nanny G: Seems he’s doing the opposite–pleading the 5th–“must be guilty” DT
Let’s face it Russkies played this guy—only question is what did DT know– if anything?

Scooter Libby was known to be innocent of the original charge, but was sent to jail because his memory did not match that of a reporter on some irrelevant conversation. Flynn is wise to take the 5th. He won’t get a pass on trivial errors, like a Dem would.