Sunday Funnies


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Raceal Maddow has had her own Al Capones Vualts moment just like another liberal pinhead Geraldo Rivera did now they can sahre their meal of crow followed by Humble Pie for desert

Racheal madcow is so ugly when she walks into a room the mice jump on chairs and now pea brain Lawerence Odonnel is whining about irish americans and president Trump yeal Odonnel has kissed the Balarny stone becuase he is full of Balarny

Some adle-brained pinhead from California(Where else)now says Milk is Racsiist Yeah just how stupid are they in Southern California Stupid enough to pass protections for mountian lions,chickens and dumb lizards push for gun control and allow for medical dope and sure the california state bird is a quail but its got more gumption then any of those little collage and university snowflakes

Hey liberal california pinhead youu must think everything thats white is racsiists? dose that also include doves,snow’,certians mice and rats as well as albinos? ARE YOU A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID?