When “D” stands for dementia




The democrat party is old. Really old. As he headed out the door, Harry Reid remarked that in 2020 the democrat party would be an “old folks home”:

“It depends on who’s running. It appears we’re going to have an old folks’ home. We’ve got [Elizabeth] Warren; she’ll be 71. Biden will be 78. Bernie [Sanders] will be 79.”

Old. Unfortunately, the graying of the democrat party is really starting to become painfully obvious. Dementia is insidious. It creeps up on you surreptitiously. It began showing up a few years ago when democrat Hank Johnson (D) expressed a concern about Guam:


democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) believes she is part American Indian

Nancy Pelosi (D) thinks George Bush is still President

hillary clinton (D) wants to do away with men


And Maxine Waters (D) wants Donald Trump impeached because Vladimir Putin is invading Korea.

Notice that she had trouble with that city in Syria? I’ve heard that Waters thinks Aleppo is one of the Marx Brothers.

A mind is a terrible thing to lose. And to think that this is the future of the democrat party.

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@Rich Wheeler: The liberal media IS the enemy of the United States. Their sole purpose for being has been to promote liberalism, which has been proven disastrous. They lie and suppress in order to create the fantasy that liberalism is a faile ideology.

@Bill- Deplorable Me: You wanna rewrite that last sentence?

Query–Trump screams fake news about anything he doesn’t agree with.
How can illegal leaks be fake news AND classified information?

Admiral Harwood saw press conference–“NO THANKS” to NSA

@Rich Wheeler:

How can illegal leaks be fake news AND classified information?

Simple. Let’s take Flynn’s case for example. The fact that he was known to be talking with the Russian ambassador was classified, discovered by the unauthorized release of that information. However, that this information revealed that Flynn did anything wrong is “fake news” or “CNN headlines”.

Admiral Harwood’s family did not want him to take the job as they undoubtedly did not want to be subjected to left wing personal attacks.

@Bill- Deplorable Me: So Flynn tells Trump of his talks with Russians and lies to Pence when questioned. Trump doesn’t inform Pence of his knowledge of Flynn/Russian discussions.

Putin mad Trump didn’t back Russian medal recipient and dinner partner Flynn—-buzzes ship and trolls the east coast with spy ship.
That about right?

@Bill- Deplorable Me: Bill, you kinda have to excuse Rich, he’s still a little confused. If you’ve been following his posts, you know he has submitted a request to the school he attended for a 150% tuition refund for their failure to teach him anything plus a 50% penalty for wasting his time.
You will also see where he thinks AIDS has been eradicated, from the USA.

I’m sure you have figured out he’s still confused by this Fake News business, but that’s understandable. He’s equally convinced that only fat people get heart disease. But, he’s a barrel of laughs, you have to give him that.

@Bill- Deplorable Me: Talk about a poorly informed dingbat–That would be RT.
Claims he faithfully watches Fox yet has no knowledge of their guests or their anchors—-claimed his gaydar informed him Megyn Kelly was gay LOL–no surprise he says Mrs Obama is a transvestite and the 2 girls are adopted.
That’s for starters and he expects to be taken seriously.??

@Rich Wheeler: very poorly written comment there, Richie.

Claims he faithfully watches Fox

Where did I make that ‘claim’?

claimed his gaydar informed him Megyn Kelly was gay LOL–no surprise he says Mrs Obama is a transvestite and the 2 girls are adopted.

claimed? more serious than that,

Why do you say that is a ‘claim’? It was simply a statement. If you don’t know that obozo is gay, then you must have been in outer space for the last 8 years. As far as Tranny being a transgender, you’ll figure it out one day. You do know that no one has been able to determine where the children were born, right?


You’re the one that’s following all the people you say your gaydar is tuned to, on Fox network. Actually, I’m not surprised since you joined the rainbow gang a couple of years ago, marching in gay pride shows, etc.

That’s for starters and he expects to be taken seriously.??

That’s not where I started. And who says I expect to be taken seriously? But then, you’re the first person I’ve heard of requesting a tuition refund due to receiving such a piss poor education. Maybe that’ll start a trend with Liberals. One can only hope. Ya’ll having a parade this weekend?

@RedTeam: Your home schoolin is showing RT Thought your mom did a better job but you’re functioning at grade school level
. You were the one that always talked about wearing your chaps. Even Kitt was horrified. Are you now an expert on transgender vs transvestite? Had some experience?
It’s bad enough to claim Obama is gay,.no one knows where the kids were born, yada yada . But it’s impossible to get past you saying Megyn Kelly is a lesbian. I’d say, that statement alone, proves your point that no one should take you seriously.

@Rich Wheeler: DID Flynn tell Trump? Did Trump KNOW what Flynn told Pence? And what part of any of that is worthy of violating national security protocol and revealing sources and procedures?

Plus, all of this is AFTER the liberal media uses secret intercepts, illegally listened in on a US citizen and LIED about the content of the conversation. I think that is the very definition of “fake news” and the left undermining security.

Putin mad Trump didn’t back Russian medal recipient and dinner partner Flynn—-buzzes ship and trolls the east coast with spy ship.
That about right?

No, I don’t think so. I think the Russians are exploiting the confusion and chaos the left is creating.

@Rich Wheeler:

Your home schoolin is showing RT

Thanks, that’s fantastic. That’s one thing me and ole Honest Abe had in common. Our moms loved us enough to make sure we were properly educated. At least I’m not the one seeking a tuition refund. Chaps? oh yeah, you and Milo were wearing those in your pride parade while waving your rainbow flag, sure, I remember that.

But it’s impossible to get past you saying Megyn Kelly is a lesbian.

Well geez, Richie if I’d known it was going to give you an obsession of her sexual activities, I wouldn’t have mentioned Megyn. But at least it’s better than having your obsession all with Milo.

no one should take you seriously.

Aw heck.

Rich, Hey Rich, I knew you would like this. A cut and paste from facebook:

about John McCain:

NEVER IN HISTORY HAS A US SENATOR BASHED A SITTING US PRESIDENT OVERSEAS UNTIL NOW Once a turncoat, always a turncoat! He received a Presidential pardon when he returned from Vietnam, he’s no hero. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire folks!

Say Rich, do you know what the presidential pardon issued to John McCain when he returned from the Hanoi Hilton was for? I forget. Since you’re such a fan, I’m sure you know.


I searched on algores(pbh) amazing internet and boy, I never knew this. I do recall in 08 hearing some talk about some incident on the USS Forrestal , but never dug into available info. But, it seems fitting given the political history we do know of senator mccain.

His actions overseas is disgusting and makes me wonder what the hell the people of AZ must now think….

#3 Aug 16, 2008

Mike wrote:

McCain crashed 5 jets, plus was responsible for the Forrestal fire. Something made the plane behind McCain fire a rocket, which hit McCain’s external center fuel tank, and caused a fire. McCain panicked, and dropped two bombs into the fire.
Surviving crewmen of the USS Forestal and those who investigated the Forrestal fire case reported that McCain deliberately ‘wet-started’ his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind his plane.
‘Wet-starts’, done either deliberately (the starter motor switch allowed kerosene to pool in the engine and give a wet start) or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.’Wet starting’ was a common practice among young ‘hot-dog’ pilots.
In McCain’s case, the ‘wet-start”cooked off’ and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk’s fueltank, knocked the M-65 1000 lb bomb off it’s 500 lb rated mount, and touched off the explosions and massive fire.
When the carrier Oriskany came along side, and McCain was put in a chopper and whisked away. McCain was the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred .I have a hunch McCain left for his own safety, because the crew wanted blood.
Now thats the straight talk express .

I heard from a neighbor who was an naval officer in Viet Nam that McCain had his afterburner on without the blast shield up and ignited the plane behind him. This was covered up becuase his father commanded the Pacific fleet. He was immediately transfered off the Forestal. 134 dead, 161 injured. He was a goof off in high school and at the academy, fnnished at the bottom of his class destroying 3 airplanes and his record in the navy was such that he saw no opportunity to advance to the admiralty and chose politics instead.

The story above is essentially correct and should be investigated more fully. Surely some seamen from the Forestal are still around.

@July 4th American:

Surely some seamen from the Forestal are still around.

Yes, and I’m one of them. But I left the Forrestal in 1961, so I was not still around. I will confess that I’ve read about everything I could find about the fire and while I don’t know what ’caused’ it, the story you printed above seems to be a consensus. I will also concede that I’m not a fan of McCain. While it is generally acknowledged that he collaborated with the enemy during his imprisonment at the Hanoi Hilton, I’m willing to give him a pass on that considering his injuries at the time he was captured and the apparent torture he went thru. I don’t personally believe that a pilot of a mission over Viet Nam would have had much ‘confidential’ info that would benefit the enemy, so regardless of what he might have said, I doubt it would have aided the enemy. As for his recorded ‘Tokyo Rose” speeches, I don’t think they were significant. It’s not clear to me that McCain was entitled to a presidential pardon for his activities, but I can understand the politics of it.
Some folks seem to think McCain is a ‘hero’, but I’ve not seen or heard of any ‘heroic’ acts that he performed.