The Coming War On America — by Soros/Obama/Democrat


Obama - Dry Tears
The Obama departure from the Oval Office is going as expected. Landmines have been laid, grenades have been jettisoned, lies have been repeated, and  “I’m the greatest President in history and I’m not going anywhere,” has been proclaimed.  Bloating of the dangerously large government bureaucracy with entrenched operatives is getting some final bloating gas to ensure a protraction of the socialist mindset which will make a reversal all but impossible.

Soros, Obama, Jarrett and their acolytes in media and Congress are immersed in witlessly abusing hyperbolic rhetoric. Cory Booker, the President want-to-be community organizer and big-pharma cash recipient epitomized the socialist attitude toward the incoming Trump Administration during his embarrassing and unsupported vilifying testimony against Jeff Sessions.  Booker is doing what he is ordered to do.

The planned Trump inauguration day demonstrations have been financed and mobilized by the hateful left to be disruptive and when they turn violent, the guards and the police will be blamed. How do we know?  Obama’s exit speech claimed that he asked his people to ensure a smooth transition of power – translation:  Leave no stone unturned to make it impossible for Trump’s people to take-over easily and revisit your textbooks on breeding anarchy and chaos in the streets. Remember Baltimore? Remember Ferguson? Remember Chicago?  That’s how it’s done.

Never has an outgoing Administration exerted so much effort to purposely litter the path of the incoming CIC with disasters on every front. Never has an outgoing Administration so boldly lied about it.

With hundreds of thousands of Arabs being slaughtered in the middle east, was it really a priority to pass a last minute UN resolution against Israel? Is Obama really not aware that Hamas and Hezbollah have never and will never accept the “two state” solution, or that they refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist?  Unlikely.  More likely is that he is purposely handing the incoming CIC a live grenade on which he has pulled the pin.

Not finding enough satisfaction in ensuring a nuclear Iran, the Soros/Obama/Jarrett anarchy cluster has decided on a baffling strategy toward Russia.  Obama has done a pirouette from his “After the 2012 election, I’ll have more flexibility,”  to deciding that Putin is America’s new enemy, so with NATO he is amassing troops and weapons on the Polish/Russia border.  Putin’s techies, just as the Chinese, have been punching holes into American government data systems for years, but NOW Putin is suddenly America’s paramount foe?   Really?

This effort to leave the landscape in complete chaos for Trump is an obvious and sweeping attempt to pave the road for a newly invigorated Soros/Obama drum-beating parade against America’s governance and capitalist system.   Obama has already claimed he would dedicate himself to fostering and cultivating community organizers, and devotees.  His sights have evidently changed somewhat since his fantasies of becoming the world’s Globalist-In-Chief were decimated by majorities across America, just as they are getting similar treatment in Europe.  The EU experiment continues to unravel while moving trucks load up at the White House.

The nightmare of dystopian socialism is about to receive the strongest push onto America that the Nation has ever encountered. Somehow there is a portion of society that approves the loss of freedom, the loss of free speech, the control of behaviour, and the manipulation of human nature by an invisible all-knowing bureaucratic blob.

On the march to this utopian asylum where moral superiority will only be allowed in the hands of a few, the MSM will not care when cars are set ablaze in the streets and successful private businesses are destroyed by organized mob rule, or personal physical attacks persist against Trump supporters.  The MSM will cheer and the MSM will blame Trump.  Why not?  It worked for Obama who blamed Bush for eight years and the MSM seals applauded vigorously. The MSM has even managed to blame Trump for the violence of Soros funded demonstrators in Chicago preventing a Trump rally.

With all his pretence of promoting “fairness”, Obama evidently doesn’t understand what it is, nor does he understand how to stimulate it, or how to advance it. Fairness in a society is not brought about through expansion and entrenchment of an unaffordable, regulating, controlling, and destructive bureaucracy. Obama’s inability to grasp the sweeping repudiation of his policies  will make him a driven and bitter participant in the globalist Soros-led war on America.

Demand for anarchy in the streets will continue for as long as Trump is President, and the MSM will continue its effort to sabotage and derail his Presidency.  Obama, Soros, the Democrats, and the MSM cannot abide a stronger America and will spend all possible energy to lie, misinform, vilify, and disrupt America’s governance.

As for the Democrats, they may not all be fully aware of the transfiguring fanaticism that is about to befall them in their new Socialist Soros Party.

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Apparently, the Russians and Chinese have been hacking our government for years, but Obama needs a scapegoat. He supposedly campaigned for Hillary; however he stressed the need to protect his legacy and his executive orders. A Republican like Trump can obliterate his silliness fairly quickly, and soon Obama’s Legacy begins to look ineffectual and impotent. The ego loses its momentum and becomes nothing more than a drunkard’s Sunday morning flatulence.

It’s hard for a dedicated finger pointer to accept the inevitable and like most finger pointers, he must accuse others of transgressions he is known for. Like accusing the Russians of affecting the election results seems like a despicable deed, until you think back to Netanyahu’s last election, when it was widely known that Obama had hackers trying to affect the Israeli election.

Let’s not forget that Thunder Ankles herself made her own email system so vulnerable that a grade school kid could of hacked her or that her campaign manager was dumb enough to open up his email to a phishing scam. Now these two boobs seem dumb enough; however, they were emailing a large group of dummies and the possibilities were limitless.

Hopefully, our technically challenged politicians have learned some valuable lessons. LOL

Obama has already claimed he would dedicate himself to fostering and cultivating community organizers, and devotees.

I am honestly beginning to wonder if (after Jan 20,) Obama will go so far as to continue to fan the flames of unrest, eventually calling for an all out violent SJW revolution.

The chaotic rabid identity based pro-violence behavior of Democrat radicals this election season and afterwards is reminiscent of many historic socialist revolutionaries.


Aside from so much that is not known about obama, we do know of his intense hatred for America and the American People and all that it represents. The actions while in office are so blatanly obvious only the true drones, like greg and ajax here will blindly accept those flaws and when the party table turns, suddenly they become opposed.

Millions of Americans were duped by the obamas and the far left radical leftist agenda. Some may think that the time obama was in office might have been the most dangerous for America, legitimately. However, his post presidency activisim scheduled to begin in the afternoon of January 20, 2017 will be detrimental.

He has no legacy that can be looked upon as beneficial to America. His effort to fundamentally transfom America was successful in the initial eight years. Now, the groundwork, having been laid, will continue in an unprecendented post presidency activism never before seen.

It begs the question, why? obamas agenda was soundly rejected in the 2016 election. Would not a reasonable person of sound mind accept those consequences and move on?

America does not want what obamas was selling in his two terms nor do they want it now. He needs to disappear quietly instead of resuming his radical tendencies in conflict of America.


And in six more days wait for the crowds of little snowflakes,bolsheveks,socialists and commies to converge on Washington D.C. throwing their little tantrums to prove what a bunch of spoiled little brats they are

I knew it was a complete fantasy to look forward to a time when I did not have to listen to Obama. I knew he would never step off the world stage, go quietly with a smooth transition for the next president as he promised. He loves the sound of his own voice too much and he is just a complete narcissist, kept afloat by the hot air of his inner circle and the duped American public. I hope our representatives in D.C. that remain will keep their eyes on the ball to support the changes the American public want/demanded in this election. Maybe I will put my fingers in my ears and hum when I see O. flapping his lips.

Let’s hope they do start a revolution. Gives a great chance to eliminate a lot of problems! I strongly doubt many snowflakes have any real experience fighting. I do believe it will be just the usual bloviating though…

President-elect Trump again affirmed his appreciation for all the men and women serving in the Intelligence Community, and I assured him that the IC stands ready to serve his Administration and the American people.

Obama recent clarified that America did not repudiate his policies… the media failed to advance his PR campaign well enough.


…Obama’s Legacy begins to look ineffectual and impotent.

This is what all this is about; to create enough chaos, conflict and doubt that the utter failure of Obama will be clouded over. I don’t believe, however, there is enough chaos to cover up such massive failure.


The chaotic rabid identity based pro-violence behavior of Democrat radicals this election season and afterwards is reminiscent of many historic socialist revolutionaries.

How ironic that those who practice fascist tactics always accuse the Republicans of being fascists.

The hope for the future is that the Democrats have no one on deck. Gore, Kerry and Hillary all lost because they have records… bad ones. Obama won because he had no record… no past, in fact. You couldn’t even find out what he did in school. No matter what he promised, you could not find proof in his past he was lying, as with Gore, Kerry and Hillary. He HAD no past, that was available to the public, anyway.

The left will need a new unknown.

Looking forward to the next eight years undoing the corruption and cleaning up the crap littered by the left.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Obama. He has shown that he doesn’t have the internal fortitude to follow through on anything except his golf swing. After a few months of speechifying against the Trump administration, he will grow tired. He will find much more happiness hollering “Fore!” at the privileged white foursome on the next green.

@Angel Artiste: Have you seen his golf swing? He looks like a windmill running wild, during a windstorm, with bad bearings.

Sadly liberals will be liberals!! Reality comes very very hard for them. If they face reality then they have to admit that America has rejected their ways!!

@Angel Artiste:

I wouldn’t worry too much about Obama. He has shown that he doesn’t have the internal fortitude to follow through on anything except his golf swing.

He is a community organizer. He stirs up OTHER people to do his dirty work.

@July 4th American: 3,000,000 more people voted for Clinton and the “Obama Agenda” than voted for Trump. That’s over 2% of the total vote. That’s also why Trump will never be a legitimate president.

The Obama minions may take temporary control of the large inner cities wherein lies the scourge of humanity but out here in the blessed flyover we the people will remain in control . We invite them to start a war . We welcome violence . Vlad the Impaler was a punk compared to us and not nearly as well armed and trained . Excuse me but I have to feed the critters and do some range time . Hoping for some targets in the Buckeye .

Yeah, you go ahead and worry about Obama minions taking temporary control of the large inner cities. While distracted by such preoccupations, you’re going to be totally blindsided by the real-world consequences of the Trump administration, to which you have likely given little or no thought—thought not being very high on the daily to do list.

Your comment about welcoming violence is the tell, by the way. No right-thinking, well-adjusted person would welcome a breakdown of social order.

@Greg: Bocephus is neither right thinking nor well adjusted, which puts him/her in the mainstream of Trump’s supporters.


3,000,000 more people voted for Clinton and the “Obama Agenda” than voted for Trump. That’s over 2% of the total vote. That’s also why Trump will never be a legitimate president.

By your logic, the president should be elected with only the votes of SF, LA & NYC. Those are the cities that put Hillary over the top on the popular vote.

We live in a Republic, not a pure democracy, thank God. Trump was elected legitimately, no matter how much leftists wish it wasn’t so.

@SkippingDog: A), popular vote has little to do with it; Trump won an overwhelming majority of the Electoral Vote, which is what has ALWAYS elected our Presidents.

B), there are estimates of well over 3 million votes cast by illegal immigrants. This and the voter fraud rampantly committed by Democrats on a regular basis makes the vote total likely to be grossly inaccurate.


No right-thinking, well-adjusted person would welcome a breakdown of social order.

Oh? The Obama administration has been working toward that end for 8 years. He has encouraged mob justice, the Occupy Wall Street riots and Black Lives Matter promotion of cop killing. Currently, he is encouraging the denigration of the lawful election of an American President.


No right-thinking, well-adjusted person would welcome a breakdown of social order.

So you condemn those leftists who intend to violently disrupt the Trump inauguration?

Rumors of disruption might be Trump’s only hope of drawing a national audience for the coronation. Perhaps that was his motive for mounting a Twitter attack directed at John Lewis. He’s got to fan up some rage out there.

Trump’s antics are wearing thin even before he’s in the White House. The world is not a reality television audience.

@Skookum: In the past 2 months, I have been working through out rural Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The Trump signs are still in the yards. Almost with out exception the small business owners and people I met not only express their delight with their vote for Trump, They as so disgusted with the way Obama and the Democrats are treating Trump and those who voted for him, they are considering changing their registration from Democrat to Republican. I would not be surprised if the Democrats lose many more seats in the state government in the 2018 election. I believe the antics of the Democrats will back fire in a big way. Democrats may have to change their names to avoid the stigma of being a Democrat.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Who made the “estimate” of the illegal immigrant vote? Trump? Trump did win the Electoral College, but he didn’t win it with anything like an “overwhelming margin.” Trump’s victory is one of the smallest EC wins in our history, and he’s the only president ever elected who had more than 2% fewer total votes than his opponent.

@Greg: Rumors? A number of prominent cry-baby liberals, like Michael Moore, have been openly calling for a disruption.

But, it’s Trump’s fault. Right?

I’m glad to be done with Obama’s antics… like giving ISIS access to Iraq, Syria, Libya and the rest of the world.

@Angel Artiste: Trump may well have been elected legally, but his Russian ties and refusal to disclose his numerous conflicts render him nothing more than an illegitimate holder of the office, and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. What will be a surprise is if he actually completes his term. He’s probably more like Palin.

@Greg: Have you looked at the plight of the people in John Lewis’s area? Maybe you should look at the truth before you speak, but that would mean you would no longer be a mindless, indoctrinated liberal. (That is highly unlikely!)

The viciousness of the attacks grows with every passing day…

@SkippingDog: What is he supposed to “disclose” if there is nothing to disclose?

@Bill… Deplorable Me: It’s not for him to decide. Every presidential candidate since Nixon has released their tax returns for review. Trump is busy hiding his. There’s clearly some reason he doesn’t want them disclosed. Probably all of the money he’s funneling in from his Russian colleagues.


Trump’s victory is one of the smallest EC wins in our history, and he’s the only president ever elected who had more than 2% fewer total votes than his opponent.

It was larger than Clinton’s in 1992 and that was called a “landslide”. While the left tried to convince Trump electors to abdicate their duty to vote the way the state went, Hillary lost electors. Hillary lost and she lost because she is incompetent, lying trash.



Too bad the popular vote does not count. Better luck next time.

Heh heh heh. But actually, all things considered…

@SkippingDog: #22


Margin is irrelevant, one only needs 270 to win.

@SkippingDog: Releasing taxes is not a requrirement and since the left does not care when the returns shows their candidate is cheating, I don’t see why the Republican should release theirs for the left to lie about, like they did Romney’s.

But, I have an opportunity for you. Maybe you can get the next election to be decided by who whines the longest and loudest. THEN maybe the left will have a chance.


Take away ONE state – California – and its dysfunctional urban monoculture, and Trump wins the popular vote as well.

This is why the Electoral College is important – it promotes diversity of thought, instead of letting the urban feedlots and their herd-think dominate our elections.

It’s fun to see the comments of the libturd losers on this string. Libturds never accept results unless they get their way!! Libturds fail to live in reality!! Libturds need to understand how the United States of America elects a President!! News flash, Donald Trump is our next President, you who supported hilldabeast regardless of if you are a legal voter or illegal voter your candidate LOST period!! Time for you to crawl back in mommy’s basement or accept the reality of this election!! Obola’s legacy of a failed healthcare law has propelled Republicans to take back the House, Senate, and now the White House. As with Obola, his legacy is toast!!


Not every Presidential candidate had the business dealings Trump does … disclosing his tax returns might provide his competitors with intel on his operations that they will exploit, so it is in his LEGITIMATE interest not to disclose them.

@Common Sense:

Reality does come hard, for our modern fundamentalist movement known as The Cult of the Credentialed and Connected Omniscient.

Obama’s failed administration got an unexpected shock when he saw that Trump is what Obama didn’t have the guts to be–a leader who genuinely doesn’t give a damn what his critics think.

Obama so thirsts for approval, due to being a junkie of it throughout his life and being told he was awesome just for breathing, that he is annoyed by even the slightest criticism. He then retaliates.

When Trump won, Obama saw what he COULD have been–if he were to say what he really thinks, he would STILL have won.

Since the election, with all that’s going on in the world and the nation, he has tried to tie-up Trump with regulations about oil leasing he never did over the previous eight years; managed to cancel the treatment of illegal Cuban immigrants ONLY to please the Cuban government; sent more nuclear material to Iran; kicked Israel in the balls. And promised he’s not going anywhere, he so loves the stage, the attention, the applause more than he loves this racist white-supremacy nation that has only made him one of the most powerful humans to ever walk the earth.

@Randy, #25:

Trump kicks off Martin Luther King weekend by sharply criticizing civil rights icon John Lewis

Congratulations. You have elected an idiot.

The president-elect’s comments were rife with irony. At the start of a weekend dedicated to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Trump was using his potent social media platform to hurl insults at a civil rights leader. And the trigger for the outburst was doubt being raised about Trump’s legitimacy, even after Trump himself led a more than five-year effort to delegitimize President Obama by falsely claiming that he was foreign born.

@James Raider: Right after the Canadian election, I was working in a stable (Southern BC) and asked a couple of 20+ year-old young women, who they voted for. They smiled and said, “Trudeau.” I asked why, and they said, “Because he is cute.”

I don’t think those two swung the election, but in Canada, a few million like them have put Canada into a down hill skid with no brakes on greased rails. I hate to work up there because the money is worth 30% less. It’s like working back in the 80’s with 21st Century bills to pay. If I charged an equivalent amount to US currency, I’d look like a thief in the night.

@July 4th American: I think we should consider some other arbitrary measurements, i.e. shoe size. If Hillary wears a bigger shoe, she should win hands down or is that feet down?

We can’t have a pissing contest because Hillary would be at a disadvantage, but she was at a disadvantage all along. She had nothing going for her except for the propaganda journalists, Wall Street, and Soros.

@Greg: As usual, you liberals hope to use race as a weapon, this time to shield a racist idiot from criticism because it is a civil rights icon’s birthday. Perhaps the frog-eyed Lewis should have tempered his remarks and not been so anti-American.

Remember when Lewis lied about being spit on and having racial epithets yelled at him when Obamacare passed? He doesn’t get a free pass simply because of Martin Luther King’s birthday. I doubt King would be very proud of the damage to credibility Lewis has caused.

@Randy: This will be interesting if the GOP has an actual rebirth. Trump must maintain personal discipline and integrity for eight years.

When a leader brings in guys who are better than he is: instead of bringing in a ragtag bunch of mouth breathers who will never over shadow you, he has an excellent start. Obama was still naming Cabinet appointees, eight weeks after the inauguration, Trump will be up and running on his first day. He is preparing to run the country like a corporation instead of the local PTA.

If he continues to shine, those Democrats will be wondering why they voted to put the country in the economic doldrums for eight years, and that will be the end of the Democrat Party as we know it.

@Skookum: #48
It’s safe to expect some “party” realignment from Soros, the other democrat socialist & narcissist who said:

“I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he once wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”‘

I pray that the people that voted against Trump pay attention to how Obama and his administration are obsessed with derailing the our new president instead of thinking about what is best for our country.