obama is SOFA king dishonest about Iraq and the rest of the Middle East




Notice came yesterday that obama’s Pentagon has doubled the number of advisers in Iraq. As obama continues his self-congratulatory term ending tour, it is good to remember that way, way back in 2007 barack obama swore he would end the war in Iraq.

“Barack Obama will work with military commanders on the ground in Iraq and in consultation with the Iraqi government to end the war safely and responsibly within 16 months.”

And you could take that to the bank

(In researching this I found great amusement in being able to use the hacks at Politifact as yardsticks for measuring obama’s sheer dishonesty- and their fecklessness as well. If you go to the linked Politifact articles you can see the lengths they went to parse obama’s words in order to support him and how quickly they hammer Republicans such as Jeb Bush.)

In 2011 obama declared the Iraq war over:

It was widely accepted that a residual force would be needed to stabilize the country. Seeing his re-election effort ahead, obama wanted none of that. He had a campaign promise to uphold. George Bush warned obama not to abandon Iraq

As you know, things went to hell after the US withdrew. The JV team (ISIS) made the varsity, gained a foothold and grew into a power. The single biggest argument offered by obama for abandoning Iraq has been the lack of a SOFA. Word has done the heavy lifting on that one and it’s available here for you to read. A new SOFA was always anticipated but it would have conflicted with obama’s braggadocio and political future. Politifact says obama wanted to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq.

No he didn’t. He was simply once again playing to the the stupidity of his supporters. He wanted out so he could say it was over as he promised to deliver.

Well, it’s 2017 and where are we?

There are nearly 5000 troops in Iraq.

Without a SOFA.

We have boots on the ground in Syria.

Without a SOFA.

We have operators in Libya

Without a SOFA

We have operators in Tunisia

Without a SOFA

It never was about a SOFA.

obama has expanded wars to several states in the Middle East, dropping more bombs in 2016 than he did in 2015. This comes mostly as a consequence of lying to the “stupid” American voter about ISIS in 2012. Reliance on the stupidity of the average democrat is an obama legacy all by itself.

obama did not end the Iraq war. He did not end the Afghan war.  He made both more protracted because of his ego and his desire to be re-elected. He overthrew a country needlessly and has us mired in military operations all over the Middle East. People do not yet realize the mess he’s created.

obama will undoubtedly continue to throw shade about how great he is and how successful he’s been but when it sobers up history will document one unassailable fact-

obama is SOFA king dishonest it’s mind boggling. And you can take that to the bank.


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These facts put the lie to the Liberal “narrative.”
Funny how our media is filled to the brim with “journalists” who have never put two&two together like this, DrJohn.
You are doing a valuable work here.

Yes, it all comes down to Obama NOT fulfilling any of his ambitions from his first campaign. Remember Gtmo was going to be closed? Well, it should never be shut down and it won’t be, at least for the next 8 years. Obama has not fulfilled even one of his campaign promises. Not one. He did give us change. All for the worse. 20 trillion in debt. Over half is Obama’s. (too many vacations) 95 million on his personal vacations. What a winner………thanks libtards…………

@Nanny G:

These facts put the lie to the Liberal “narrative.”

You can NEVER do that. The liberals KNOW they are lies, yet they actually believe there is someone somewhere that might actually believe it. As we have seen, the left, including the media, doesn’t worry itself with even making a lie believable. They simply want to tell each other they aren’t gigantic failures.

That SOFA excuse was always weak and silly. We are the United States of America and if we want a SOFA agreement we would have gotten a SOFA agreement. That is, unless we happen to have an administration least committed to our national security and the worst negotiators in the history of the world. But, to redirect the cause of the failure away from Obama’s foreign policy, they pretend the sanctity of a SOFA (which they never tried to reach) means something to them. As if they have principles.

Once again, a Republican comes into office with a huge mess left in his lap by a Democrat and Obama is still at work trying to make it even worse.


Democrats are irrelevant….

@Greg: The only reason anyone should worry is that he might be worse than Obama and that is hardly possible.

Thanks Bush!

@RedTeam: Are you serious or just stupid?

“Liberal Redneck’ says goodbye to Obama:”

@reem: Indeed, thank you Bush for winning the war and stabilizing Iraq. Unfortunate that an ignorant loser like Obama had to come along and squander the hard-fought victory for some cheap headlines.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Obama putting political ambitions ahead of concern for America has ruined several countries. The lack of a SOFA in Iraq was just another means of blaming Bush. I guess it was an Obama failure that he was not able to recycle more GITMO terrorist back into the fray. He was successful in keeping illegals who committed crimes in the US as long as they promised to vote for liberals.

Astonishing powers of persuasion…real leadership skills… No question about it.

I think the wolfhound might be a liberal.


Word has done the heavy lifting on that one and it’s available here for you to read.

Thank you for the nod, Dr. John.

@Greg: Hitler had those same characteristics. Look where Germany ended up!