No Apology Tour Needed for 75th Anniversary of the Day that Lives in Infamy


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Pearl Harbor today.

I’m fine with this:

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not apologize during his historic visit to Pearl Harbor in December.

A top Japanese official on Tuesday clarified that the purpose of the trip — the first of its kind — will be to “commemorate” the fallen soldiers.

“The purpose of this visit is to commemorate war dead, not to apologize,” said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, as reported by Yahoo News.

“The visit will serve as an opportunity to demonstrate to future generations our resolve not to repeat the horror and suffering of war as well as an opportunity to showcase the reconciliation between Japan and the United States,” he added.

The move mirrors President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima in May, where he honored the victims of the nuclear bomb but did not apologize for U.S. actions during World War II.

The United States and Japan today have a good relationship and are allies. The Japan of today is different from the one of yesteryear. No need to pick at scabs and expect an apology anymore than the U.S. should still be offering formal apologies over slavery and “genocide” of Native Americans.

Apparently, there are some who have trouble letting go of the past:

there are lingering hostilities nearly eight decades later, particularly among some of the servicemen—now in their 90s and even over 100—being honored here this week as survivors of the attack at Pearl Harbor, which catapulted the U.S. into World War II.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve got no love lost for the Japanese,” said 95-year-old B.C. Wilborn of Collinsville, Ill., a sailor on the USS Maryland who heard the tapping of men trapped in the overturned USS Oklahoma. Many of them died before they could get help.

Another Pearl Harbor veteran, 94-year-old Chester Kross, of Franklin, Tenn., said he can’t forget the atrocities of the attack.

“The Japanese people were brutal, God they were brutal,” said Mr. Kross, who was aboard the USS North Carolina that arrived in Pearl Harbor soon after the assault.

Don’t forget the past; but also don’t languish in it. Move forward. It’s the only way to heal.

Thoughts from FA readers?

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If some idiots demands we appoligise to japan for Hiroshima and Nagasaki we should tell them to GO POUND SAND especialy if its that stupid Ramsey Clark or if Obama the Fink dose it SCREW THEM ALL

@Spurwing Plover: I totally agree!! Why in hell would you apologize for ending a war and saving lives??

Hell, I most likely wouldn’t be here. My father was a medic (targeted by the japs) scheduled for the second wave at Kyushu. He said guys were crying as they realized they wouldn’t have to hit that beach. BTW, I have studied WWII extensively and refer to the well deserved terms used at the time-hence-japs. Dad had various other terms…

Those who fought and suffered to bring us the victory over the Axis powers should be allowed their own feelings and opinions.

I have no issue with WWII vets being upset with the Prime minister visiting. Human nature is just that and like it or not, time does not heal all wounds. These men lived it as did 2 of my step fathers who fought in the Pacific theater. Amen to them all.

Having said that, one can equate this to the “whites owned slaves so we are all racists” piffle being regurgitated by so many on the left. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure no one is left alive that “owned” slaves here. As such, no one alive owes anybody anything other than the same rights and respect that is afforded to us under the Constitution.

Same for the Japanese. Yes, as on both sides some are still alive from that period and we cannot ignore their feelings. None the less, as Skook says above, the Japanese are now our allies and friends. The last four generations do not own any responsibility for what their forefathers did anymore than we who are alive today do here in the U.S. as to slavery.

“Don’t forget the past; but also don’t languish in it. Move forward. It’s the only way to heal.”

One added note as to Skook’s quote above. Learn from it!! Take our history and in turn do not make the mistakes of the past!

The japanses main targets were the aircraft carriers that were not there they were all out to to sea like my late fathers own carrier the USS LEXINGTON and just what did FDR know in advance to this all?

“Crimson Tide 1995 “The true enemy is war itself”

A you tube clip that says all that need to be said reagarding the dropping of the bomb. “By all means sir, drop that f____er, drop it twice….”

When look at it this way were on better relationship with Japan then we are with many of our WW II allies

Extensive research has been done on the Pearl Harbor attack.
1) The attack was the final exam problem for the Command and General Staff School in Tokyo for more than five years. We should have been expecting it.
2) The Japanese Ambassador knew full well that we were drawing down our Armed Forces.
3) Smoke coming from the Japanese Embassy indicated on Saturday that they were burning their code books and records.
4) The Ambassador was late to his meeting with Pres Roosevelt; the meeting began after the attack started.
5) A massive screw up took place in sending the warning to Pearl Harbor. The telegram was put in a bin for Monday delivery, despite its URGENT status.
6) We were fortunate that the carriers were out to sea; without the carriers there would have been no Battle at Midway.
7) The Japanese were totally convinced that they were a superior form of humanity, and deserved to rule part of the world!

@Spurwing Plover:
Actually, they were out delivering planes to bases. At least two were supposed to be there but were held up. We were very lucky they hit our ships on harbor as if we had sent the battle fleet out and they were hit at sea, well, just look at HMS Price of Wales and HMS Repulse to see what would have happened. As it was, all but two of the battleships (Utah was only a target ship) were back in service and did duty in both oceans. The bigger favor they did was solve the “big gun vs airpower” debate for our side that ran with the japs until the late part of the war. Our air admirals gained the upper hand early and that was a big reason we won.

Just a traitor:

Gingrich: Japanese ‘displayed professional brilliance:

One other point-our own Navy had pulled a surprise attack on Pearl in a wargame and it was successful. The former commander of the fleet had argued that they were exposed and got relieved of command for his trouble. Fdr felt the fleet would present enough if a threat to keep Japan in line. BTW, regardless of Toland’s book, I do not feel fdr knew it was coming as even an aborted attack would have given him grounds for war. He was a former Navy undersecretary and loved the Navy. As i mentioned in another reply, had we sent the fleet out, they would have been irrecoverably sunk in deep water instead of shallows at Pearl.


RIP John Glenn –Astronaut Marine Senator 95 yrs old

@Reem: You know, dumbass, one of the mistakes you idiotic liberals are making is not giving any credit to your enemies and awarding yourselves far too much credit for intelligence. The Japanese DID execute a brilliantly planned and executed attack, aided by our own blindness to the threats and refusal to prepare properly (gosh, does THAT sound familiar). There is nothing treacherous about admitting someone outsmarted you. You might keep that in mind to staunch the flood of your own stupidity.

@Rich Wheeler: Oddly, only recently I found an autograph of Glenn, probably something my mother got when she worked at Vought and he paid a visit. Yep, they don’t make em like that anymore.

@Bill… Deplorable Me:
Good points. The fact that our numbers in the military are similar to 1937-38 as well as current word leaders trying to appease our enemies. Your point about a good comparison to now is telling!

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Mattis, Kelly and Dunford Three battle hardened Marine Corps 4 Star Generals picked by lead our DEFENSE
Damn That I can get behind Oh Rah

@Rich Wheeler: So far, I’m ok with all of Trump’s appointees. Especially those 3 you mentioned. They have a lifetime of serving the country, I doubt they will change their allegiance.
Japan does not owe the US an apology for WWII, they were a victim of the times, just as the US has done some things in it’s history that they do not owe anyone an apology for.
Did FDR know that Japan was ‘going to attack’ the US? He probably had a good idea it was coming. Did he have foreknowledge of the specific attack on Pearl Harbor. I think there would be solid evidence if he did but I’ve not seen any of that evidence if it exists. So while he surely had foresight to know a war was coming, I don’t believe he would have allowed Pearl Harbor if he could have prevented it.

@RedTeam: Agree on FDR. His son a decorated Marine Corps Officer who fought in Pacific campaigns.
Glad you’re O.K with Nikki Haley appointment. A very smart lady.

Trump in La today supporting a Kennedy and a Johnson for office.

@Rich Wheeler:.

Glad you’re O.K with Nikki Haley appointment. A very smart lady.

Trump in La today supporting a Kennedy and a Johnson for office.

I suppose Haley will be ok. (I guess you know I lived in SC for 10 years before Louisiana.) She’s not someone I would have supported in a primary, but she’s a semi-Republican. Would’ve preferred a ‘real’ American.

Trump in Louisiana, I haven’t even heard that. Voting tomorrow, I already early voted for those two guys. Johnson is replacing Fleming a really great Representative that gave it up to run for Senate. Wish he had stayed.

@Rich Wheeler: Are you sure? Much of your party are having conniptions that Trump is picking so many general officers (in addition to everything else he says, does or they can imagine him accused of doing). Personally, knowing that most military people and officers in particular are well trained, trustworthy, disciplined, highly intelligent and loyal. Apparently, the left expects Trump to select left wing ideologues or make choices to eliminate political threats as Obama did rather than choose skilled minds.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Don’t know of any prominent Dems who have a problem with 3 Marine 4 stars topping Defense. Army’s 3 star Flynn, a devoted Trumpist, is another story–he doesn’t need Congressional confirm

@Rich Wheeler:

Don’t know of any prominent Dems who have a problem with 3 Marine

Basically ALL Dims have problems with ALL of Trump’s appointments