There is great irony in the sheer hate from those who whine about Trump being hateful.




A 69 year old Vietnam veteran was shot and killed for having a Trump sign in his yard.

The left disparages Trump as they yell

“America was never great! Fuck Donald Trump and his hate!” they chanted, interspersed with shouts of “Mexican power!” and obscene chants in Spanish.

They protest Trump’s alleged hateful words as they proclaim

It gets pretty vile

One tweeted: “Someone, anyone, PLEASE, take a sniper rifle and kill Trump; shoot him in the head.”

Another wrote “death to trump and all his supporters.”

CNN broadcast the rantings of a woman who declared that “people have to die to make a change in this world,” as a clueless CNN reporter walked alongside.


The Trump haters destroy the personal property of those with differing opinions:


They threaten and harass presidential electors.

Meanwhile the country is flooded with fake hate crimes.

Regrettably, teachers participate in the propaganda. Some lesson plans border on sedition:

The guide, called the “Lesson Plan on the November 2016 Election,” informs teachers that “a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base,” and suggests they teach children the same.

In fact, the lesson plan urges teachers not to tell students that Hillary Clinton lost the election (original emphasis): “DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this. We do not have to accept ANYTHING except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people.


Got it? Teachers will help stop the hate by promoting hate.

The madness has spread overseas:

Donald Trump is the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement. Nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if he were to be elected president. George W. Bush’s America would seem like a place of logic and reason in comparison.

Liberal entertainers have gone from usual imbecilic to the grossly imbecilic:

“I feel like it’s dangerous for us to be complacent. It’s dangerous for us to think that it couldn’t happen to us like it happened to Germany in the ’30s and ’40s,” the “Love in the Future” singer said when asked about his 2015 Academy Awards acceptance speech in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable this week.

This really sums it up:

“No Trump, no KKK, no racists, USA,” “f*ck your wall, f*uck Donald Trump!” and “f*ck Trump, f*ck that puto!” were phrases heard among the crowd of roughly 100 students and community members.

Nothing says stop the hate more than that. One second they’ll heap invective on Trump and the next demand a safe space to which they can retreat, protected from responsibility.

The diatribes are consistent in the left’s hatred of Trump and Trump supporters. This election has shown why it was so important for hillary clinton to lose. This country was in the grasp of these merchants of venom and destruction and the election has not only seized it from them, it has unmasked them as the least tolerant among us. They’re not against hate or evil. They’re just nihilistic a**holes.

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@RedTeam: Still waiting on one from

BTW Stein has raised sufficient funds to get a recount in Wisconsin and should raise enough to get recounts in Mi. and Pa.
No coincidence she chose only those 3 states. Plot thickens.
Have a great day.

@Rich Wheeler: ” Still waiting on one from” You did notice my ‘chuckle’ didn’t you?

“BTW Stein has raised sufficient funds ” who is Stein? Wasn’t it the Dimocrats laughing about Donald not saying he would accept the results of the election? Didn’t they all say ‘they’ would? Shows what the Dims words are worth. Don’t expect too much from recounts, by the time they throw out the illegal votes and dead voters votes, it’ll be a landslide for Trump. There is not going to be a ‘serious’ recount anyhow. Just sore losers. I’m sure Notre Dame would like to challenge the final score of some of their games this year, but it’s not going to change their season. The Dims just need to get over ‘butthurt’ and accept that America rejected them.

@RedTeam: You notice my lol.
Who is Stein you ask?
What’s an Aleppo? Actually that was Johnson.
Believe Trump only said he’d accept results if he thought they were fair.–weasel clause.
Recounts rarely change results but considering how close those 3 states were it’s certainly an option.
Trump would have fought tooth and nail if he’d lost an election this close.

@Rich Wheeler: This close? 306-232 is close? must be playing mumbly peg and not horseshoes.

@RedTeam: HRC up 3 million You’re right It’s not that close–

EC Recount wins in Pa–Wi–Mi All VERY close poof HRC 278 DT 260
Don’t worry— chances of this happening about 100-1
About the same as odds on Trump winning one year ago.

Up 3 million illegals and dead people, but we live in a Republic and Donald Trump is our President Elect. He carried over 3,000 counties in the US while hilldabaeast carried 58!! If you want to change the way Presidents elected then do it before the election. Do you really think strategies would be the same if it where popular vote?? Your gonna have to face reality at some point!!

@Common Sense: I believe in the electoral cpllege and getting the vote count correct. Repubs are asking for recounts in individual races they’ve lost. Let this play out.
“Illegals and dead people” That meme gets old and tiresome.
As does Hildabeast and variations of Obama–I’ve said it before.
Happy Thanksgiving.

@Rich Wheeler:

About the same as odds on Trump winning one year ago.,

Surely you remember me saying Trump was going to win, that the polls were wrong, that Hillary was too crooked.
You know that the difference in the popular vote is totally useless. Even if 15 million more in Ca had voted for Hillary, it still wouldn’t make her president. Just as if Trump got 15 milllion more in Texas it wouldn’t have changed the EC vote. Popular vote is mostly a measure of how many dead guys the Dims could find to vote for Dims.

@Rich Wheeler: Living in Southern California and seeing how illegals thrive in our country gives me no reason to not believe they vote and vote Democrat as well. Under the Obama administration we let them in, give them health care, welfare, education, in state tuition for college, and even scholarships while at the same time our schools suffer and ask for more funds, our penal systems are over burdened, our ER’s and hospitals are forced to treat illegals, and the idea of sanctuary cities makes me sick!! I’m glad you appreciate the Electoral System that the United States employs to elect their Presidents because without National Voter ID voter fraud will continue. It is impressive to look at a map of the US and identify how much of the country voted for Donald Trump and how little of the country supported the Democrat candidate. The count in counties is over 3,000 while the Democrat count is under 60. Clearly a mandate for change which certainly the Dow already recognizes is a good move for our economy. It is clear to me that the Democrat Party picked a candidate so flawed that Donald Trump (and I remember all your accusations about him) clearly won this election. It is time for our country to stop with all the ridiculous protestations, racial attacks on our Police, and whining about an election process that does not exist in our country!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

@Rich Wheeler:

As does Hildabeast and variations of Obama

Then perhaps you should drop Trumpeteers and other such.

@RedTeam: Well said for certain. The idea that whites are racist because they voted for Donald Trump is a real disgusting comment when 96% of blacks voted Obama in 2012/14 and not such accusation was leveled. The idea that the Democrat candidate would call Trump voters deplorable and accuse Americans of being racist indicates a flawed candidate that would NOT serve our country well as President. When you look at the map of the US and recognize that 3,000+ counties voted Trump and under 60 for the Democrat candidate there is no denial of who won this election cycle.

@RedTeam: I have dropped name calling and you guys should do the same.
If Stein can raise money for recounts in 3 states no one should have a problem with it Repub. candidate for Gov. in tightly contested N.C has asked for recount

C.S. Counties?? Dow–up 10000+ under BHO DT’S got a ways to go.
This was a close election–neither got a majority of votes cast.
I’ll be interested in seeing Trump’s appointments. Not sure what he thinks of Giuliani–I like the Haley appointment.

R.T. You assured us HRC wouldn’t get the nom and wouldn’t show up for the first debate.
Then you disappeared for 6 weeks.
Re appeared and said you were gonna slow down


It takes more than money to warrant a recount or Trump would have won long ago. Well actually Democrats outspent Republicans during this cycle. Voter ID would prevent such nonsense and it’s to bad we don’t have it. Republicans would be more than willing to have a national voter ID, why are Democrats so against it? The Dow hasn’t done anything for the past two years at a minimum. Why do you think it shot up after the election? Hint, it isn’t because of Obama and maybe it is because Trump won and Democrat candidate failed. As far as picks, I doubt anyone will be totally happy but then again I remember when Obama made his picks and then told Republicans hey we won. Real cooperation there. America rewarded Democrats in all election cycles after that except that Obama won one further election as he lied about the cause of Benghazi. Water under the bridge, Trump is the President Elect and will be our next President. BTW, if Democrats are certain voter fraud is a non issue then why asking for a recount??

Irony is Dead: Mike Pence Goes to Court to Block His Emails from Ever Being Released to the Public

Irony? What irony? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

What’s Mike Pence hiding in his emails?

But legal experts fear the stakes may be much higher than mere politics because the decision could remove a judicial branch check on executive power and limit a citizen’s right to know what the government is doing and how it spends taxpayer dollars.

“It comes down to this — the court is giving up its ability to check another branch of government, and that should worry people,” said Gerry Lanosga, an Indiana University media professor specializing in public records law.

Maybe we could ask a Russian hacker and Wikileaks to clear this matter up for us.

@Rich Wheeler:

R.T. You assured us HRC wouldn’t get the nom and wouldn’t show up for the first debate

RW, if you’re going to drop the name calling, you need to also drop the dishonesty. I never said Hillary wouldn’t get the nomination, never. I did predict she would not go to the first debate, but that was before I found out that she had been given all the debate questions, verbatim, prior to the debate. My disappearance was due to a hospital visit and some surgery. I didn’t think the constant ‘back and forth’ of the paid trolls was worth my time until I felt much better. I don’t know if I can get by without calling Obozo, Obozo. But I’ll attempt that. I will stick with Dims, because I consider that a trademark. But that’s not a name anyhow, it’s intended as a compliment.

@RedTeam: You can’t just drop some of your name calling lol
You repeatedly said HRC wouldn’t get the nom–said she’d be indicted and drop out and of course wouldn’t show up for the first debate-which coincidentally took place about the time you went into the hospital. Glad you’re feeling better Hopefully you’re memory will improve over time
Would like to see Petraeus get Sec. of State A great leader who’d get my vote for POTUS.

@Rich Wheeler:

You repeatedly said HRC wouldn’t get the nom–

Not true, I never had any doubt she would get the nomination, it was pre-ordained. She didn’t even have any competition, remember. The whole Dim nominating procedure was ‘fixed’ before she even entered. Why would anyone ever doubt she had the nom before she even entered. I did say she would likely be indicted and have to withdraw, but that would be after she had the nomination.

Hopefully you’re(sic) memory will improve over time

Doesn’t need to, I have no memory problems. If any relative of mine needs to know a date, they ask me.

Hey, you might be interested in this. In Mar 1960, while in the Med, the USS Weeks (google USS John W Weeks) and USS Ault were going to go into the Black Sea, the first US warships to enter the Black Sea since WWII. I was on the Forrestal, I found a copy of the orders, last week, where I was transferred to the Weeks for 7 days just for that trip. I had a ‘specialty’ they needed for that mission. A true historical moment for the US Navy and especially for me.

I share your feeling about Petraeus.

@RedTeam: Thanks for Med story. My wife and I have always enjoyed talking with and having a drink with Sailors and Marines on shore in The Med. They represent our country well.
Watched The Man Who Killed Bin Laden on Fox. Great filming of SEAL training. Incredible what it takes to make Seal Team 6.

@Rich Wheeler: I will watch that. I admire the men that are willing to endure becoming a seal or a green beret or delta force in the Army. I’m not of the physical dedication that it would take to complete either of those programs.
I made 3 Med cruises on the Forrestal and visited 38 countries. The US Navy did a great job of showing the colors around the globe. The Forrestal, at that time, was the first Supercarrier and every country wanted a visit. Bob Hope did his Christmas show in the Hanger bay in 1958 in Naples, Italy.

@RedTeam: Regardless of politics we are all brothers when it comes to serving our country. I was a Corpsman during Viet Nam and now a disabled Vet but retired from 42 years of health care marketing and sales. I spent 6 in the Navy from 72-78 most as an OR Tech and I trained OR Techs as well. Thanks for your service to this great nation!!