Yes, Trump is a reprobate. That’s why you should vote for him




By now it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the media is part of the Clinton campaign. Donald Trump makes their job easier as he does have a penchant for shooting himself in the foot and taking the bait dangled in front of him by hillary clinton and her merry band of scofflaws. Trump should have ignored it and simply stayed on message.

Honestly, Trump is no role model for children, but being a role model is not necessary for being President. As we have discussed, the obama’s see people who engage in low class and tawdry behavior as the perfect role models for their children. Further, we have shown how some women apparently love to have their private parts touched and these women can be very popular with other women either despite or because of it.

Reporter Nina Burleigh said she’d be “happy to give [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

You might call it a quid pro blow.

barack obama is no role model either. The guy is a liar. A continual unabashed liar. There is virtually nothing he won’t lie about. He lied about obamacare, he lied about Fast and Furious, he lied about knowing hillary was using a private server (which the clinton media has no interest in whatsoever), he lied about the Iran deal. He’s such a filthy dirtbag that he lied about his mother’s death for political gain.

What kind of low life does that? Is being a filthy liar suitable as a role model? democrats certainly seem to think so. Curiously, those same democrats see Donald Trump as a reprobate for behavior that is classically typical of democrats.

But let me digress for a second. It is not a coincidence that out of nowhere a multitude of women are accusing Trump of sexual abuse. This is obviously a coordinated effort of the parts of the clinton campaign and the media. The clinton campaign has stooped so low as to post fake “Sexist Trump Job Ads” on Craigslist. Again, the media has no interest in it. I saw an interview with one of Trump’s accusers- Kristin Anderson. According to Anderson

She was out with friends, chatting up a storm at a Manhattan nightspot, when she felt fingers creep up her miniskirt, slide up her inner thigh and then touch her vagina through her panties.

Now hang on second and forgive me for this but this story ain’t working for me. I find myself asking- how can this have gone down this way? The woman was sitting. Trump would have to have forced his hand between her legs and pry them apart to touch her privates. You try to do that to my wife and she’d have your hand down your throat long before your hand got anywhere past her thigh. Anderson felt his hand creep up her miniskirt and she had done nothing to resist before he got to his target?

Seriously? Something is missing from Anderson’s story. Something like acquiescence. And this is one of those things that happened in 1990? 26 years ago? Long before bill clinton used Monica Lewinsky as a humidor?

Being a reprobate is a proud democrat tradition. Jack Kennedy was a notorious womanizer. Former democrat Senator chris dodd teamed up with ted kennedy to create the “waitress pannini.”

Dodd had so much to drink he slumped in a chair. Kennedy decided to liven things up. So he threw a waitress on top of Dodd. Then Kennedy jumped on the astonished woman.

“She was said to have run screaming from the room,” according to a lengthy 1991 profile on Dodd in the Hartford Courant.

Burris may be a hack, but he’ll never make a waitress panini.

It is also known as the “Senator Sandwich.”

Then of course there is bill clinton. The list of his victims is long and the stuff of legend. bill clinton is a reprobate. The prototypical reprobate. If you look into the dictionary under “reprobate” his picture can be found there.

Yes, Donald Trump is a reprobate, but hillary, sweetheart, you dated a reprobate.

You went out with a reprobate.

You married a reprobate.

You stuck with a reprobate after he was proven to be one.

You denied his being a reprobate.

You supported a reprobate.

You enabled a reprobate.

You were First Lady to a reprobate.

You have a reprobate running your Foundation.

Now you have a reprobate campaigning for you.

A reprobate is fully acceptable to you so it ought to be acceptable to all of us. Being a reprobate does not disqualify one for being President. Were it so, bill clinton would have resigned long ago or been forced out of office.

But as I said, being a reprobate is a long standing proud democrat tradition.


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Reprobation at the TOP:

‘political prostitution’ all the way up to President Obama

UBS and Obama

Birkenfeld claims there was a glaring conflict of interest involving then Senator Barack Obama, which essentially placed him on the UBS payroll. He said UBS was an enthusiastic fundraiser for Obama for his 2008 election campaign and senior executives at the bank bundled campaign contributions. Bundlers are expected to raise in excess of $500,000 each for the US president’s re-election effort. UBS also advised the president on investments and strategy for the country. Birkenfeld states that when he gave testimony about UBS to the Senate Committee in late 2007, Senator Obama was conspicuously absent.

Birkenfeld said: “When I went to give this information to the US Senate Committee ­they provided me a subpoena to testify, as the DOJ refused to do this. At this time Senator Obama was an active member of that committee and he never showed up for any of those hearings. Not one.

“But at the same time he was taking millions of dollars from UBS in campaign contributions. That’s the ultimate conflict of interest because he should have been there helping to investigate UBS on behalf of the American taxpayers, but instead he was taking money from UBS. I call it political prostitution. He is taking millions of dollars from a criminally corrupt bank in direct violation to his oath of office.”

“Why wasn’t I allowed to testify in public? They stopped it. Why wasn’t I allowed to testify at Raoul Weil’s trial? They stopped it. I had to fight to go find the French magistrate to help them.

“We are dealing here with the corruption of US government and people like Barack Obama and the corruption of big banks like UBS. These are people that have really betrayed their country.”

So much is known and not in dispute when it comes to democrats. What does it say about those who support those true reprobates and then act sanctimonious and call others what they really are.

mrs clinton is the devil incarnate and she along with her tribe, hate America and American.

You’re whining about corporate political donors who contribute to democrats, yet you support the Citizens United vs. FEC decision, and blast democrats for taking the view that it should be struck down?

In a nutshell, the following is what was decided:

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Holding: Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections.

So, you want billion-dollar corporations to be free donate however much they wish to influence elections and buy political favor; you just don’t want them to donate to your political opponents.

Important point:
When Donald Trump was engaging in locker room talk in private he was a Registered Democrat.

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

Who knew she had an affair with the also married, Vince Foster?
Who knew she met with women for sex?
Who knew she tried to destroy Monica L?

Nice drop the day before the last debate.
Will she go through with it?

@Nanny G: interesting tidbit of information. Ironic indeed

@Nanny G: Your usual B.S Nan This woman won’t “show up.” But Trump’s gotta deal with NINE women who HAVE SHOWN UP.
Has former Dem Trump found the Lord since his pus–y grabbing days? The ultimately hypocritical evangelicals seem to think so.
American women are getting ready to smack him down in historical numbers.
He’s already started to cry and wimper under the coming deluge.

Yeah, we know the Democrats have lost everyone except white, racist housewives.

Great job, dickless.

Meanwhile, your pants-shitting messiah Biden raped Tara Reade, and is on camera groping kids.

Nice one, bro.

Trump remains the winner of the MOST legal votes in history.

Biden is just being allowed to sundown at the resolute desk. He’s no president, and he never will be.

Karen isn’t going save you worthless cucks, in the end.

Democrats have NO chance in 2024. Voters watch inflation surge, Biden drool, and our enemies on the move, killing hundreds of thousands.


Donald, slowed down sufficiently to allow his train of thought to be carefully analyzed, and I still don’t have any clue what he just said. Can someone who is fluent in Trump translate for me?

Haha. After you translate Biden’s blather, which is both real and far more damning than Trump.

If you can’t, you ain’t black.

Biden’s mushmouth, “I got my butt wiped”, and racists comments mean people like you need to shut the f*ck up regarding any weak and distorted thing you want point out about Trump’s speech.

You’re in a glass house that shattered long, long ago.


EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Bill Clinton on Claim He Slept with Black Beauty Queen: ‘She’s Darkened My Door’

Well well well whats in todays papers
Wikileaks 13 is also interesting the internet cut off but the party goes on, Kerry cant stop what Gore invented lol

@Greg: I bet you can find dozens of stories like this fromliberal leaders right?

Free speech is a protected constitutional right whether you make a dollar or a trillion dollars whether your an individual or group of individuals such as a corporation or union united in a common cause
So any restriction on political speech targeting either single or group organizations is fascist and shows that those who want to overturn it do not really believe in free speech
Just like Hillary stating that Heller decision was about protecting toddlers in last debate is also false
Heller overturned D.C. Law that was contested by 66 yr old retired police officer who lawfully could not possess a handgun (DC completely banned them) or if you owned a rifle it had to be either disassembled or have a trigger lock whether or not a person lived alone or any other circumstance rendering it useless for self defense in your own home
This is common sense to the left
Too bad it’s fascist to the rest of us

@Matt, #11:

I was under the mistaken impression that the right was critical of corporate donations to Hillary Clinton. I’m glad to have cleared that up.

Donors in Most Industries Back Hillary Clinton

Big banks, corps, tech, and pharm all OVERWHELMINGLY give to the Democrat Party. Those candidates, like Pelosi and the like, then pass laws and sculpt our nation to make those donors rich.

This is called crony capitalism. It’s what the Democrats are all about, much much more than the GOP (though they are compromised as well).

A vote for Democrats means you’re getting some 1% even more rich.

@greg, #12

I was under the mistaken impression that the Left was critical of normal donations to Donald Trump that weren’t merely bribes from companies so he could get them rich, the way China-paid Biden is.

I’m glad you have cleared that up. We agree raising money is right, but taking Billions from banks and tech is WRONG.

I knew you’d come around, buddy.

Hey DrJohn,
How’s that trump worshipping and the sucking of his sack that you’re doing working out for you now?

Hey DrJohn,
How’s that trump worshipping and the sucking of his sack that you’re doing working out for you now?

And people wonder why Democrats can’t win elections…without releasing viruses, rigging them, using tech overloads to run shadow election harvesting, and raid the homes of those they can’t beat legally.

Trump will win in 2024. The only way he wouldn’t is for the minority “softassassins” infecting our country to get a bit more desperate than they already are.

“Convicted” would replace the “soft.”

Good luck posting things about Trump’s “sack” instead of offering we free Americans a viable platform, you dumbfuck.