Ominous Signs Show West Is Engaged In Escalating Civil War (Guest Post)


civil war in the west
Just 100 years after Europe’s first attempt at suicide during The Great War, all of the nations constituting Western civilization are engaged in civil war. It’s not quite like previous civil wars fought in the West such as The English Civil War and The American Civil War.  But it is as equally destructive and although armed conflict hasn’t broken out thus far, should things continue escalating as they have done since 1965, vicious fighting is sure to ensue.

Unlike the previous civil wars fought in western history, the current civil war taking place in all western nations has a number of crucial differences. Not only are people of the same race and nationality fighting each other. There’s a mishmash of races that have migrated to and settled in the West who are also waging this civil war on the indigenous people whose only crime is the desire to preserve their nations, identities and cultures for future generations. This is a fundamental human right for all peoples. Yet because of six decades of mass immigration and forcibly imposed multiculturalism committed by a succession of treacherous governments, this precious human right is being denied to one people and only one people.

Just as the Union fought the Confederacy for the benefit of another race during The American Civil War, so too now are the left and their allies from the third world fighting against patriots to dispossess them from their land and destroy the greatest civilisation ever created in human history.  All for the benefit of the invading hodgepodge of alien races. That is the ultimate goal of this civil war as you will now see.

Fighting is only one aspect of warfare. The brilliant German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche realized ideas are war by other means. I assert multiculturalism – which should be more accurately called “cultural Marxism” – is by its very nature a war on the peoples of the West. Under the yoke of this pernicious Marxist ideology, all-white countries are not permitted and opposition to multiculturalism is strictly forbidden. All mainstream political parties are implementing multiculturalism and criminalising individuals who dare to oppose it. Forcibly imposed multiculturalism has morphed into the new religion of truth all whites must accept and believe in without question – or else.

As they prosecute the enforced imposing of the new rainbow religion, established political parties from both sides of the political spectrum have introduced hate-crimes and race laws with the wicked intention of criminalizing and even imprisoning westerners – read whites. Such soft-totalitarian intimidation creates a culture of fear designed to silence criticism of multiculturalism thus imprisoning people in psychological gulags. Racism has become the new heresy and globalist politicians supported by an army of race-baiters are the new inquisitors. In the 21st century, rule of law, one of the greatest achievements in Western history, a system created by whites to bring order to society is now being used as a weapon against whites for the hate-crime of merely wanting to preserve their nations, cultures and identities.

As part of this nefarious inquisition, Western politicians and the mainstream media continually demonize their own people. Western history is re-written and condemned, depicting white colonialists as evil invaders who oppressed and exploited other races. False narratives are regurgitated as the gospel truth, notably white nationalism causes wars and slavery is a mortal sin white people and only white people are guilty of committing throughout their history. Because of these unpardonable sins, racism is a wicked crime all whites are deemed to be guilty of from birth as they benefit from unjust white privilege.

Conveniently, the long, brutal histories of African blacks and Arab colonialism via the spread of Islam is either completely ignored or re-written, highlighting their minimal contributions to humanity and exaggerating them to the nth degree. Predictably, the same dismissal of inconvenient facts also applies to the history of socialism. Not only are the vile atrocities committed by communists such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the darling of the left, the murdering rapist Che Guevara ignored. The hypocritical left accuses patriots of being “far-right Nazis”. In their tiny minds, anyone who dares to oppose multiculturalism can be demonized as a Nazi or a Fascist. Yet both of these totalitarian, collectivist ideologies are rooted in the philosophy of Karl Marx and belong firmly on the left, slightly to the right of communism.

The devious aim here of course is to associate quite reasonable opposition to multiculturalism with National Socialism. This straw-man is then used to justify violent attacks committed by extreme left-wing organizations, many of them backed and funded by socialist political parties and egged on by the media. Just see what happens when anti-Islamization organizations such as the English Defence League and Pegida dare to exercise their right to protest peacefully. Also witness how supporters of Donald Trump have been assaulted in the United States. But of course, self-proclaimed anti-Fascists can award themselves the right to behave like Fascists to stamp their jackboots on free speech when it doesn’t agree with them.

Their behaviour really is absurd because not only are socialists ignoring their own vile history, they’re trying to portray the national socialist ideologies of Nazism and Fascism as being worse than the international socialism of communism which they most definitely aren’t. Socialism in all of its forms is a cancer on humanity but the crimes committed by international socialists are among the most diabolical crimes ever committed in human history.

Far from being a benign, enriching ideology, multiculturalism is a strategy deployed by the left to impose socialism on the West. This explains why, despite increasing terror attacks and disproportionate crime levels committed by blacks and Muslims, Western governments continue to import hordes of aliens from the third world. As this continues apace, the West is accused of destroying the world’s climate. Never mind the irresponsible overbreeding taking place in the third world, those nasty whites with their advanced technologies are ruining planet earth and they’re causing the whole world to suffer. Punitive laws must be implemented to stop the West being so smart and advanced. Reparations must be made, thus achieving a transfer of wealth from those who earned it to those who have not, a Marxist goal in action.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is cultural Marxist flim-flam exploiting easily led, caring but gullible whites to put them on a guilt-trip for ruining the planet in order to justify confiscation of their wealth and surrender of their territory. And those susceptible to guilt fall for the AGW hoax in their droves without daring to whimper in protest about the far more serious and very real problem of third word overpopulation and the global movement of people. In fact so guilt-ridden are virtue-signalling eco-pixies, they believe it is the duty of the West to interfere with Mother Nature and take on the burdens of third world problems as they have an onus to solve them because ultimately, they and their ancestors caused the problems.  This anti-West attitude stokes-up a sense of injustice and fuels more hatred for Westerners in third world peoples.

So effective are these anti-white, anti-west Marxist-spun narratives, the West is willingly transforming itself into a life support machine for the failed third world. By solving the problems the third world can’t solve itself, the west is allowing failure to flourish and in doing so, spits in the face of Mother Nature.

The unpleasant dystopian multicult reality unfolding in the West is dismissed to pursue a childish utopian fantasy where all the races live in complete harmony. Awkward truth is either buried or distorted. After each murderous act of Islamic jihad, politicians and the media will resort to ridiculous lengths to disconnect it from Islam. They will even cover-up the truth about Muslim gang rapes as they did in Rotherham, Cologne and other European cities. Such cover-ups amount to nothing less than disgraceful and criminal betrayals of their own people. Are these mass rapes and betrayals not acts of war for crying out loud?

Furthermore, those who rightly connect violent jihad to Islam face the wrath of outraged inquisitors. They’ll be accused of being Islamophobic racists whose hatred fuels terrorism. All this achieves is to enable Islam to flourish and as Muslims wage holy war on the West, the way of life changes.

West-hating leftists and guilt-ridden liberals will spring to the defense of Muslims and side against their own people. These, the self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” who claim to fight for equality of the sexes, women’s rights, gay rights and racial equality, knowingly defend Islam, an ideology that tramples all over these rights with impunity. The hatred for their own people, their own country and their own history overrides their own alleged beliefs in human rights.

Ensconced in rainbow la-la land, liberals and leftists insist murderous terrorist attacks, violent assaults on homosexuals and the rape epidemic in Europe committed by devout Muslims in the name of Allah are nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace. Claiming otherwise is proof you’re a Nazi and therefore, you’re deemed unfit for the rainbow utopia and a fair target for attack. Again, how is this not civil war waged by traitor governments and their obedient lackeys? Their actions are sending a clear message:

Trashing whites and their culture is acceptable. Speaking the truth about Islam and non-white races is a hate crime.

The Black lives matter terrorist organization is a particularly stark, nasty example of this civil war. Its race-focused, divisive message implies that black lives don’t matter to whites, especially police. Should police officers shoot black criminals, Black Lives Matter exploits it as an excuse to indulge in rioting, looting and assaulting white people. Even if the police shooter is black.  Be in no doubt: This has nothing to do with black lives and everything to do with anti-white racial hatred.

Once again inconvenient facts won’t get in the way of scurrilous false narratives that portray blacks as innocent victims of racist whites. Criminal statistics prove the worst killers by far of blacks are other blacks, conveniently ignored by Black Lives Matter activists.  Also conveniently ignored are the grossly disproportionate numbers of racist attacks committed by blacks against whites. Such appalling numbers prove anti-white racism festers in black communities yet guilt-ridden whites will ignore this awkward reality for the same reason they ignore atrocities committed by Muslims:  They’ve been brainwashed by their own governments to hate themselves, their nations and their own people. And many people who do suspect something is wrong are cowered into silence by the racist thought-control weapon.

Hopefully, as harsh reality continues to expose the folly of the rainbow fantasy, more and more people in the West will wake up to their betrayal. It is my hope that there will be a patriot’s spring in Western nations, indeed there are shoots sprouting at the time of writing. Western people are seeing their way of life change for the worse and their only option is to turn to the only parties who will give them a voice and protect them. In Europe, there’s growing support for patriotic parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France, Geert Wilder’s PVV in Holland and Sverigedemokraterna led by Jimmie Akesson in Sweden. In America, Donald Trump has promised to enforce the borders and bring a temporary halt to immigration from Islamic states should he be elected President.

However, should people continue to vote for the same established political parties, the deliberate dismantling of Western nations will continue apace and the chances of all-out civil war will dramatically increase. It is my belief that such chaos is exactly what the globalist elites desire because out of this chaos will emerge the new world order where nation states cease to exist and one-world government is imposed. If you think this is some kind of fanciful conspiracy theory, then let EU President Jean-Claude Juncker spell it out for you:

Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians. In the concentration of globalisation and European problems, we must not lose our way. We have to fight against nationalism, we have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists.” –  Jean-Claude Juncker

The Civil War is underway and unless the peoples of the West wake up to what is happening, the greatest civilization ever built will descend into chaos.

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The problem I see is the bulk of the sheeple won’t wake up. You may have noticed that the beast talks about “uneducated white men”. They want everyone to go through the full indoctrination program that colleges have become. They need that to finish the brainwashing that the high schools start. “educated” no longer means able to think clearly-it only means that you have joined the sheeple.

Obama triggering WW III? and they gave this scumball a Nobel Peace Prize? the peac prize commity needs sent to the Klingong penal asteroid Rura Pentia for the rest of their lives

Keep it up, Christopher, and you’ll soon be labelled as an ”alt-right” white supremacist, racist.
But it doesn’t mean you aren’t correctly describing the reality on the ground in Europe and the US.

A few terms might help these Elites understand the things that are happening as a result of their utopian dream…..

Jizya: Muslims have a word for their right to your stuff.
It is Jizya. You part with your valuables and they might let you keep living…..although not as an equal.
The Elites think that, by living behind gated communities or on super-yachts at sea they will be exempt. It is not true.

Dal al Harb: the ”realm of war.” Where ever Islam’s Sharia is not the law of the land, that land is at war with Islam. Muslim men get forgiven all their sins IF they fight you in order to set up Dar al Islam: the ”realm of Islam,” ruled over by a caliph instead of an elected leader. Dar al Islam is ruled by Sharia, ie., men NOT laws. Each Islamic leader throughout history has had his own flavor of Sharia. ISIS’ brand of Sharia is particularly sadistic.
One ruler in Spain over 700 years ago was particularly broad-minded.
Go figure.

We were aghast when the Taliban blew up those gigantic Buddhas in Afganistan.
But it was just another brick in the wall of destroying all previous cultures whenever possible.
Islam is about destruction of all Kafir (non-Muslim) civilization. Only if the Kafirs realize the goal of Islam is annihilation of their culture, can the destruction be stopped.
Why do you think Islam’s Sharia forbids Western haircuts on men in Iran? Western clothing on their women? (and even our women to the extent they can force it) Music of any kind? Freedom of expression? Freedom of the Press? Freedom of movement? Freedom to date?
Islam is at war with Kafirs, and Kafir’s elites are trying to “nice” their way out of destruction. Islam is at war, we are at nice. Mohammed has a dream that is coming true while we sleep.
By destroying your culture then giving you a generation to either convert or die, most young people, adrift from any past, will sign up as converts.
We’ve seen it in country after country throughout history.

If this is a ”civil war” it is one we are losing and fast.
We act like it isn’t even happening.

@Nanny G
Great description of the problem. No schools teach the truth about islam. They are actually taught it is a religion of peace by lying muslims and, of course, they believe all of it. That’s why I feel this is our last chance to keep any remnant of the United States alive through the Supreme Court. We’ve already lost the lower courts for the most part.: The “educated” people, to a large extant, have been programmed to believe the libtard point of view.

Hello Mr. Christopher J. Green. I made a refutation to your post about Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Could you please check it out and get back to me as soon as possible? Thanks