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Did you know that the Democratic national Convention is going along nearly flawlessly? This is what I was able to take away from the Washington Post’s late afternoon/evening edition e-mail updates from Monday and Tuesday. Their headline stories included the usual local pieces, weather, a few obligatory shots at Trump, and the big story, the DNC Convention. Let’s tale a look at just the headlines related to the Convention, and see what we take away from them:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the ultimate Washington survivor. Until she wasn’t.

The Florida congresswoman will depart as chair of the DNC after hanging on to the role longer than any other chair in 50 years, despite an aura of doom that has surrounded her through most of her five years in the job.

No need to mention the offense that put her over in the headline, or what it may mean to the party in the byline, move along…

The most damaging things in the emails

Among the details in the nearly 20,000 emails was Debbie Wasserman Schultz calling one of Bernie Sanders’s top aides a “damn liar” and officials appearing to conspire about how to target his religion.

Actually, that wasn’t even close to the most damaging, but there has to be an obligatory mention to maintain some shred of journalistic credibility. We’ll come back to two of the more damaging revelations at the end of this post.

Why Bill Clinton’s speech tonight will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen

A husband speaking on behalf of his wife — that has been done before. A former president speaking in support of a prospective president is also nothing new. But the combination of the two is unprecedented. Only the Clintons.

Yes, he talked about how wonderful it was to be married to the woman who helped enable the world’s most famous sexual predator. Remember girls, if it’s good for your career you should put up with anything from your husband!

Clinton camp in talks to give Sanders a larger role tonight

Hillary Clinton is poised to be the Democratic presidential nominee, but her campaign spent most of the day in talks to give her vanquished opponent a symbolic role in the formal nomination process in a bid to heal rifts in the party.

Hey, exactly what caused those rifts? And how are they doing now? That could be a story!

Dmocrats’ best weapon against Trump: Obama

The first lady’s barnburner enters the pantheon of greatest DNC speeches ever.

Until the next speech by an Obama that becomes one of the greatest ever, and of which nobody will remember a single line of in three months

Michelle Obama is the only person Trump didn’t attack. But why?

Although he tweetstormed during the big speeches Monday night, there was not a word about the first lady, even as she made a very forceful case against him in no uncertain terms.

Because if he criticized The First Lady you’d be howling about a classless, unprecedented, and of course, sexist, lack of decorum on his part. And why should he waste his time on a lame duck FLOTUS – the DNC is such a target rich environment!

Democrats are promising a new push for gun control

For decades, Democrats have been afraid of agitating the powerful gun lobby and alienating firearms owners. But several years of tragedy have presented them with an opening to appeal to a key group with calls for stricter gun regulations: suburban women.

And finally, if nothing else we can take comfort that our enemies are stupid. Yes, keep pounding an issue that’s gotten you shellacked in the last few elections. To paraphrase Kurt Schlichter, gun owners are surprisingly reluctant to give up the means to defend themselves from people who want to kill hem to please people who hate them.

If you get your news from the headlines, you’d understand that aside form a few minor hiccups at the start, this DNC was a spectacular love fest of party unity! There certainly weren’t any issues with prayers getting booed, heckling speakers, media tents being overrun, American and Israeli flags being burned while Palestinian and Russian flags flew proudly among gatherers, that a principled 3rd party candidate might have led protesting attendees in a walkout, or the fact that the first day’s speakers included a self-admitted child molester, a speaker whose son tried to murder a cop, and a leader who gave rioters “space to destroy.” Nope, no stories here!

Or maybe it might have something to do with The Washington Post being another branch of the DNC’s media arm. Maybe it’s the fact that they have a blog being run by a Hillary loyalist, or that WaPo joined the DNC in holding an illegal fundraiser for Hillary? There is a great deal more from the Wikileaks site, and you can click here for a sampler.

And keep up the good work, Washington Post – there might even be some treats and a belly rub in it for you! Now roll over for your masters. And stay stupid, my friends.

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Quite revealing how the MSM changed the story from Debbie and Hillary fixing the primaries to Trump’s “treason”. It’s not even clever propaganda it’s simply deflection. What IS astonishing is how ALL of the MSM went with the story line. Looks like “Journolist” is alive and well but has gone underground in the sense that it’s hiding in plain sight.

The WASHINGTON COMPOST is like the NEW YORK SLIMES pretty much a leftists news rag they never print the truth becuase all this about the DNC sells their rag and the media pretty much votes demacrat in every election

the slut, closet lesbian hilary is the traitor. where did the morbidly obese lynch, who violated 191 ethics and law following her spontaneous meeting with the whore dog pedophile billy disappear to over the last week?? oh, hiding she is allegedly going to be the slut’s ag.
Trump is correct, if Russian has the emails, post, them on a national web site for all to read and enjoy. recall that the terrorist fool has called for complete transparency. oh, most American can not recall what they had for dinner last night.

IF the WaPo were a TV news outlet I could just imagine a Baghdad Bob character standing there in front of those demonstrators in their glow-in-the-dark-shirts and saying how perfectly everything went off.

what I find interesting is the bullshit on how well the demorats have influences America’s economy over the last 7+ years. Shell Oil lost 25,000 employees three days ago globally.

The news media reads more like RIPLIES, BELEIVE IT OR NOT


Quite revealing how the MSM changed the story from Debbie and Hillary fixing the primaries to Trump’s “treason”.

What has me rolling in the aisle laughing, is that the damn-fool Democrats in the MSM and DNC bought Trump’s sarcastic line hook-line-and sinker. The Clinton campaign stated that what Trump said was ‘treasonous because if the Russians released those 30,000 emails, that it would put national security at risk. Except, those 30,000 deleted emails were supposed to be “personal emails she deleted regarding yoga. (Please, whatever you do, don’t picture Hillary in yoga pants – shudder-)

Was Hillary in the habit of sharing national security secrets with her yoga instructor? If she was, then those emails would have also been subject to the subpoena order she was given before she deleted them. Can you imagine the danger to national security if Russian agents had infiltrated into Hillary’s yoga classes?