Here’s something I guarantee Melania Trump will not plagiarize from Michelle Obama




Much has been made of the similarity between the eloquent speech given last night by Melania Trump and the one given by Michelle Obama in 2008. Certainly there are similarities but after a while it does become difficult to express the same sentiments in different and attractive prose. Naturally, the media had its head so far up its ass in 2008 that it could not bring itself to visit the same condemnation on Barack Obama when he plagiarized Deval Patrick.

The White House responded with the lame explanation that obama did not copy Patrick, he was “inspired” by Patrick.

Obama also plagiarized George W. Bush

And John Edwards

And Michelle? Well, she plagiarized Saul Alinsky. Heck, Joe Biden made plagiarizing an everyday event.

So naturally anyone who hops onto the Melania Trump plagiarizing bandwagon without having dumped on obama is an asshat. But never mind that for the moment. There’s something I can guarantee that Melania Trump will never plagiarize from Michelle Trump: her hatred of America.

Melania Trump has always been proud of her country. It didn’t take her husband becoming a Presidential candidate to arouse a sense of national pride.

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@Redteam: Speaking of Monica, after seeing how effective the mother of the Benghazi compound attack was, one of Hillary’s top donors was seen having a business lunch with Monica L.

Bought her off.

Lewinsky looked crestfallen that they’d been caught on camera.

Sources speculated about why Ron Meyer — who is a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter — would be meeting with Monica.

@Greg: I don’t think it was disgraceful. It just annoyed me that she confined to wear them all winter in order to show off her extremely toned arms. Rember when she wore some dress that they said only cost $30, to show us how “regular people” they were. That didn’t last very long.

Some people can look good in sleeveless

I think there will be a lot of men who will vote for Trump because they prefer Melania’s looks to Hillary and her pants. Just sayin’. Sounds sexist? I just think it will be an inconvenient truth for Hillary.

The whole speech thing was a left wing diversion. Who really cares about it and thinks that will effect the votes for Trump? I don’t

I think a lot more women will vote for Clinton

@john: and Megan was one of those that can.

And how about those hot shots of Melania !!! If she becomes FLOTUS will we be seeing more?

@john: do you want to?