Here’s The Hard Facts West Must Face After Orlando Jihad Attack (Guest Post)


In the early hours of Sunday June 12th 2016, the city of Orlando, Florida became the latest city to be hit by murderous Islamic jihad. In the worst mass shooting in United States history, a lone jihadist wielding an assault rifle and a pistol slaughtered 50 people and injured 53 others.

The jihadist was identified as Omar Mateen, a 29 year old son of Afghan immigrants.  And with this revelation began the usual tried-and-tested song and dance routine of the political elites and the mainstream media to go to increasingly desperate lengths to deny the reason for the atrocity.

Let’s establish what are for the authorities, damning and inconvenient facts. Mateen made a call to police before the shooting, declaring himself a Muslim and swore allegiance to Islamic State. That’s the same “so-called” Islamic State whose devout mujahideen wage jihad in the path of Allah, implementing sharia law wherever they go. And as homosexuality is a sin punishable by death under sharia, these holy warriors who fight and die for Islam have no qualms about executing gays. In fact, they execute them regularly.

Just before the holy Islamic month of Ramadan began on Sunday 5th June 2016, Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani issued a rallying call to Muslims telling them to “be prepared, be ready to make it a month of calamity for the unbelievers everywhere. Especially the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.”

Furthermore, Mateen mentioned the Boston marathon jihad attack committed by the Tsarnaev brothers in 2013.  Clearly, he believed that murdering American infidels for Allah’s cause is right and just.

Do you see how significant that small detail of the call is? Let me leave it simmering with you for a minute, and bear it in mind as you continue reading.

Despite these facts about Mateen, as predictable as rain during an English summer the political elites and the mainstream media went into full-on Pravda mode to ensure Islam would not be blamed.

First up came Mateen’s father who stretched credulity to breaking point by saying with a serious face: “I don’t know what caused him to do it.” He did say Mateen had been outraged by two gays kissing in the street but that his son wasn’t particularly religious.  Even though his son made two religious pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia.

As if a father who raised his son as Muslim doesn’t know what Islam says about homosexuals. I wonder if he knows lying to infidels is permissible in Islam?

The Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer stated that the atrocity was the worst day in the city’s history, calling the nightclub slaughter “unimaginable”. Seems he isn’t aware of the torching of a gay nightclub in Seattle by a devout Muslim nor of the slaying of two gay men in Seattle, again by a Muslim.

Muddying the waters by obfuscating the true identity of the jihadist is another favourite tactic of the media. Terms such as “American born man”, “gunman”, “shooter”, “American citizen” and “mentally ill” are deployed all to avoid calling him what he actually was: A Muslim jihadist.

President Obama addressed his nation and stated: “It was an act of terror and an act of hate.” Again, an outright denial of what it actually is: Another murderous act of Islamic jihad. He compounded the denial even further by saying it was too early in the investigation to identify the motive.

This denial was backed up by Democrat Senator Adam Schiff who described the atrocity as an “ISIS inspired act of terrorism”. He didn’t mention what inspires Islamic State to murder gays and infidels, because hey, everyone knows ISIS is “nothing to do with Islam”. In fact ISIS is everything to do with Islam, they obey and implement the commands of the Quran and ahadith. More importantly, they emulate the “perfect example” of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. If ISIS are unIslamic, then so is Muhammad.  One wonders how Muslims can be moderate when they revere a prophet who was so violent.

However, instead of focusing on the example of Muhammad and sacred texts of Islam that motivate and inspire Muslims to wage jihad against infidels, politicians and the media placed the focus on guns.  You see, it’s not people motivated by an ideology that commands killing unbelievers and homosexuals that kill, oh no. Guns do. Understandably, the distraught mother of one of the victims called for her government to ban assault rifles. It seems the obvious solution doesn’t it? Ban the guns and hey presto! No more mass shootings.

Except it won’t work. Banning assault rifles won’t deter fanatics driven by an ideology that commands killing from obtaining them. All they’ll do is go to the black market. I know it’s hard to believe but criminals have this curious habit of disregarding the law. France has strict gun control laws yet devout mujahideen were able to conduct three mass shootings in Paris during 2015: The Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Hypercacher kosher store shootings and the multiple jihad attacks on November 13th which killed 130 people.

By focusing on gun control, President Obama and the liberal left are exploiting the atrocity to pursue their aim of abolishing the right for Americans to bear arms enshrined in The Second Amendment of the US Constitution. The Second Amendment is a cherished right for Americans as it enables an armed citizenry to resist government tyranny.  So rather than address what motivates jihadists to slaughter innocent people, the left chooses to pursue its own political aims instead. In doing so, all it achieves is to ensure further jihad attacks will occur.

Notice too how Mateen doesn’t represent Islam but he does represent gun owners, the vast majority of whom are law abiding citizens.

Whenever patriots such as myself have the temerity to link these diabolical slaughters committed by Muslims with Islam, it will be met with asinine relativism to deny what Islam actually is.  For example, Sally Kohn, political commentator for CNN tweeted:



Even though there are no Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhist extremist groups slaughtering women, gays and unbelievers, you can’t tell Sally Kohn the problem is religion. By which she means “Islam”, even though 10 Islamic countries impose the death penalty for homosexuality.  Note the list includes Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran. But Sally Kohn and leftists and liberals like her know more about Islam than the Muslim leaders of those Islamic states do.

Yes it’s true to say other religions regard homosexuality as a sin against God, indeed it’s forbidden in Christianity. But you don’t have devout Catholics or Protestants slaughtering homosexuals nor do any Christian countries impose the death penalty for it. Equating Islam with other religions isn’t just unfair it’s fundamentally dishonest.

Remember the phone call I left simmering with you earlier? Mateen cited the Boston marathon bombings. In doing so, he showed he has no problem with Muslims slaughtering infidels regardless of their sexuality. Devout Muslims who copy Muhammad’s example and wage jihad on unbelievers will always find a reason to justify it.  This does not happen with any other religion.

So why do leftists and liberals make such false comparisons?

Politicians and the left-sympathizing mainstream media are responsible for importing Islam into the West. They asserted that all religions are the same and that all people and cultures are equal. As they forcibly imposed multiculturalism on the West, they smeared anyone who dared to warn of the dangers of Islam as intolerant, hate-filled Islamophobes. As the presence of Islam in the West grew stronger, and with it came murderous acts of jihad, the people were told such acts had nothing to do with Islam and were committed by misunderstanders who pervert and distort the true meaning of the faith.

From the heinous act of jihad that slaughtered 3000 people on 11th September 2001 right through to the latest appalling massacre of 50 people in Orlando, politicians and the media continue to place their ideology over the security and safety of the people by refusing to make any links with Islam. Therefore the people of the West are living in perverted societies where naive, fantasy-driven adults are so welded to their childish dream of a rainbow utopia, they deliberately place it over reality. In doing so they’re placing their own people in grave danger.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Devout Muslims waging jihad fisabilillah have slaughtered infidels in New York, Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels, Boston Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Sydney,  New Delhi, Tunisia, San Bernadino and now Orlando. Hamas and Hezbollah continue to wage jihad against Israel. Islamic state is persecuting and slaughtering unbelievers, women and homosexuals in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Boko Haram is enslaving women and slaughtering Christians in Nigeria. Christians are persecuted throughout the Islamic world. Women and non-Muslims have next to no rights in all Islamic states.

It’s so obvious even a blind man could see it: Wherever Islam goes, violence, intolerance, hatred and persecution go with it. And unless the West – especially the left and its liberal lickspittle lackeys – have the courage to admit Islam has a serious problem with violence, more appalling acts of jihad will hit the West.

And right on cue, just two days after the horror of Orlando, a devout Muslim claiming allegiance to Islamic State murdered a French policeman and his wife whilst shouting “Allahu Akbar!”.

The entire West needs to wake up and smell the obnoxious reality of jihad and accept that while Islam exists, it’s in a permanent state of war with all unbelievers.  Those fools who continue to deny this fact insult the victims of Orlando and merely ensure more innocents will be slaughtered for the blood-thirsty deity of Islam, Allah.

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I see the New York Slimes(All the Sludge thats fit to print)is blaming the NRA for the Orlando incident Well then i hope the Slimes loses lots of subcribers over this lie

Albert Einstein never said what Green quoted him as saying
He is wrong on a lot of things, but something that simple even he should have gotten right

This is a really strong and solid essay, Mr. Green.

One thing:
Adam Bennett Schiff (born June 22, 1960) is the U.S. Representative for California’s 28th congressional district.
He is a Democrat.

I have to point out that in Islamic countries people (Muslims) who get displaced by wars or famines or poverty and move between borders to another Muslim country NEVER get to become citizens.
This is a real big problem in Islam.
There are, at minimum 12 million males who are Muslims without a country…..this number before the Syria conflict!
These people have no hope other than the Caliphate.
The only way they will have a home with any right to citizenship is either establish that caliphate or die trying and end up in paradise.
Thus Islamic countries create their own enemies …. and ours….by the millions.
It is horrid and scary that Muslims who can become citizens in non-Islamic countries rarely appreciate that fact.
Their lack of assimilation in Europe is proof of this.
All they want is Sharia as long as they get to be top Sharia dog.
Being under someone else’s Sharia isn’t that good for them, hence they flee Sharia states in droves.
But somehow the irony of this escapes them.
It’s sort of like the Bernie socialism: if WE do it, it will be all right.

WHAT assault rifle?

First up came Mateen’s father who stretched credulity to breaking point by saying with a serious face: “I don’t know what caused him to do it.”

Straight from page 18 of the ISIS manual on how to survive in the West:

A Muslim not telling the full truth (even to other Muslims) is not a lie, and this is allowed for the believer in a state of war.

Banning assault rifles won’t deter fanatics driven by an ideology that commands killing from obtaining them. All they’ll do is go to the black market.

From page 27 of the same manual:

Modern weapons are usually found from the ‘dark underworld’. Muslims who have been part of gangs or in prison for petty crimes will know that drug dealers will approach them in busy shopping streets and ask them if they want to buy anything.

Politicians and the left-sympathizing mainstream media are responsible for importing Islam into the West. They asserted that all religions are the same and that all people and cultures are equal. As they forcibly imposed multiculturalism on the West, they smeared anyone who dared to warn of the dangers of Islam as intolerant, hate-filled Islamophobes.

From page 8:

The biggest priority for you as a Muslim living in a majority non Muslim country is to hide your Muslim identity in a way that you don’t suddenly seem different and radicalised.

From page 11:

However, scholars who support Al-Qa’idah and the Islamic State disagree and say that the covenants Muslims keep with the Non Muslim governments are invalid because Islam does not recognize the concept of countries and man-made borders. These passports and oaths and treaties are not based on an Islamic foundation in the first place, and therefore they are null and void (worthless).

And from page 64:

Propaganda is the most important aspect of guerilla warfare because public support means the public will support your cause, give you money and men, and even hide you in moments of danger. ‘You are the people’, that’s what guerilla warfare is. If the people turn against you, then you have lost the war.

It’s obvious they have scored a major propaganda victory given how polarizing this was to Americans.

@John: Sorry, but you are the one that is wrong. It was Albert Einstein that said the quote.

What should not be surprising in this administration’s attempt to whitewash the inherently evil nature of islam:

Obama attended a madrassah diri g his childhood.

Valerie Jarret is muslim.

Brennen, the current head of the CIA, alledgedly converted to islam during his government posting to Saudi Arabia. Reports are out now that it was Brennen who changed the federal LEO training to be “muslim-friendly”.

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s close assistant during her SecState service (and beyond) is not only muslim, but has immediate family members associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist supporting group.

The US has been fighting against the evil barbarism of islam since rhe early 1800s. The USMC hymn speaks of “the shores of Tripoli”, referring to the battles against the Barbary Pirates and the other muslim states of North Africa in the early 19th century. The 2nd and 3rd Presidents of the US wrote of their antipathy towards islam, from their personal experience with muslims, and their reading of the koran.

The Chamberlinian obsequiousness of current Western pseudointellectual elitists towards the death cult of islam is nauseating beyond belief. How stupid would one be when faced with a rabid dog in saying, “We just need to have a better understanding of the rabid dog”? The koran and the hadith are quite clear in their goal of imposing islam as the only religion on the planet. Shariah is clearly incompatible with our Western concept of constitutional self-government and human rights. No other religion calls for -and actively issues death sentences – against apostates. No other religion instructs adherents to lie to nonbelievers to gain advantage over them. No other religion has a founder who called for followers to kill his personal enemies and critics.

Had the orlando terrorist called that TV station and wrote on social media that his slaughter of Pulse club partiers was in service to any Christian organization, we would be inundated with media pieces on the closed minded, homphobic hatred of Christianity. Even with Matern’s declaration of support for ISIS, leftist moonbats are screaming in absolutely insane manner that Christian bigotry against gays and transgenders are to blame for this act of clearly muslim terrorism.

Open borders and diversity is also part of the problem

@another vet:

Islam does not recognize the concept of countries and man-made borders.

This reads like the current philosophy of our government, how odd…

only two assault rifle styles in the world- ar-15/m-16 or AK-47.. Now if it had been a AK-47 than the press would blame Russia.
trump’s wall maybe better immigration??? current no one seems to care about immigration like the fool and the the murdering clintons-both of them. remember the assassination and coverup of Ronald Harmon “Ron” Brown . probably not, the limits to historical knowledge to the average American is what was seen on cnn or government controlled media networks

@Skookum:All “great” minds think alike.

Psychologist, Dr Carol Nudelman, said she didn’t evaluate Orlando shooter Omar Mateen for his position at security firm G4S in 2007.

However, her name appears on the document in Florida’s state records that cleared him to carry a firearm as a private security guard.

G4S officials called the discrepancy a ‘clerical error’ and said Mateen had been evaluated, but by a different psychologist.

Remember when I pointed out how the Chatanooga shooter’s gun purchase took place after a Federal employee sat on his background check for 3 days so that he got ”cleared,” because she did nothing for those three days?
Well, here we go again!

Some Federal clerk faked his job.

He wanted to give Mateen a pass, so he faked a name of a psychologist (who USED to work in FLA) as signing off on Mateen’s mental health.
MORE Laws on the books cannot help when the laws already on the books are not enforced by those paid good money to enforce them.

@Larry Aycock, #6:

Sorry, but you are the one that is wrong. It was Albert Einstein that said the quote.

No, I’m afraid it wasn’t. No one has ever been able to come up with any record demonstrating that Einstein ever said any such thing. It’s one of those claims someone made out of the blue, that has been repeated and gone unchallenged so many times since that hardly anyone doubts it. You can find a lot of sources other than Einstein, however.

Abraham Lincoln had something very wise to say about such things.

Repetition to the point of unquestioning acceptance is a very popular propaganda technique. It’s the basis of much of the politically-motivated scandal mongering that has replaced the forwarding any coherent, detailed platform or rational arguments in recent years. It’s gotten to the point where people don’t require any evidence in support of accusations; they only need to hear the accusations repeatedly, and to be told repeatedly that there is such evidence, and that anyone who can’t see it is either lying or stupid. On that, with a little fear, anger, and scapegoating thrown in, you can build a political movement, without actually saying much of anything.


Again, you are projecting what leftists do repeatedly in pushing their collectivist agenda.

Of note, your repeated propaganda on multiple threads here claiming that islam isn’t to blame for the Orlando terrorist attack, along with your moronic chanting for gun restrictions for law-abiding citizens rather than common sense profiling of islamic threats just took another credibility hit (not that your positions have ever had any connection to reality or truth in the first place…)

Mateen’s background, however, was checked again by G4S in 2013 after the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office requested he be removed from the St. Lucie County Courthouse patrol after he allegedly made derogatory comments to a deputy.

A deputy at the courthouse mentioned the Middle East to Mateen, who reacted by threatening the deputy, said Sheriff Ken Mascara, who attended the Wednesday night meeting at the community’s Island Club.

Omar became very agitated and made a comment that he could have al-Qaida kill my employee and his family,” Mascara said Wednesday. “If that wasn’t bad enough, he followed it up with very disturbing comments about women and followed it up with very disturbing comments about Jews and then went on to say that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in his actions.”

The FBI launched an investigation into Mateen after Sheriff’s Office officials reported the incident to the agency. As part of its investigation, the FBI examined Mateen’s travel history, phone records, acquaintances and even planted a confidential informant in the courthouse to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite,” Mascara said. The FBI concluded Mateen was not a threat after that, Mascara said.

Sorry, but such comments cannot be ignored. Such a person, as history has clearly shown, is an islamic grenade waiting to go off.

@Larry Aycock: Larry do you actually have first hand knowledge that he said that? I rather think not.
According to Ryan Howes, writing in Psychology Today, the quote has been attributed to Einstein, Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. A good summary of the various places the quote has been used can be found here.

Franklin and Twain are almost certainly not the sources of the quote, witty as those fellows were. Online, sources commonly attribute the quote to Einstein in his *Letters to Solovine: 1906-1955,* although no one seems to be able to produce a page from that volume that holds the quote (and Google books searches have also come up empty)

Anyone who has ever made a threat to anyone should probably not be allowed to own a gun regardless of their religion. Certainly in our own country it is mostly christians that kill other humans

How about a REPORTED threat, that is acknowledged, john.
Otherwise it is like those stats that falsely claim 1 in 5 of all female college students gets raped.
In truth NO college reports numbers that high and a majority, 1,400 colleges reported NO RAPES for the entire year of the study: 2014.
When we were in LB during the riots over the decision in the Rodney King case, a black man whose jobs were 1. Bouncer, and 2. Personal Bodyguard was one of several men who used their guns to walk our block’s perimeter for all of our safety.
I sure was glad he was there!
But the stories he could tell about having to threaten people who wanted to get too close to the movie stars he protected were many.


And you present the typically foolish pseudo-intellectual idiocy of the sanctimonious left with your statement. Using such stellar logic, then you leftists should have already emigrated to muslim-controlled countries years ago…since you think muslims are so much more tolerant and non-violent than we evil right-wing Christians, right?

Christians are not running around screaming “Jesus is Lord!” while murdering homosexuals in nightclubs, nor flying passenger jets into skyscrapers, nor strapping bombs onto their chests to blow people up attending religious services, nor throwing homosexuals off buildings, or any of the other vicious terrorist acts islamists perform proudly in the name of their demonic deity. Your misrepresentation of the fact that the majority of people in the US are at least ostensibly Christian, so mathematically the greatest number of US murder victims are killed by people who are or were ostensibly Christian, is a typically moronic leftist attempt to portray coincidental data into a correlation with causation that does not exist. The fact that a leftist will make such a deliberate misrepresentation to denigrate Christians, while insisting that the ubiquitous shrieks of “Allahu ackbar!”; the Facebook postings of allegiance to ISIS/Al Qaeda/Taliban; the SoA (Soldier of Allah) attributions on business cards (a la Nidal Hassan); the misnomered “honor killings” of muslim females (by their own fathers/brothers/cousins) who reject islamic-mandated cultural demands; the death sentence fatwahs issued against the likes of Salman Rushdie and others who renounce their belief in islam – such acts based in the barbaric koran as the command of their proclaimed deity – yet leftists will sniff that these acts of evil have NOTHING to do with the falsely proclaimed ‘religion of peace.’

Your post 16 is the exact same arrogant lack of veracity as those who blather on about the ‘evil’ of the Crusades, while whitewashing the very obvious historical fact that the muslims were (surprise!) the aggressors across the Levant, North Africa, India, and Southern Europe, and that the Crusades were initially a response to that muslim aggression. The fledgling US did not start hostilities with the Barbary Coast, but because the US leaders of that period were not mentally deranged by the poison of leftist political correctness, the threat of islam was readily acknowledged, and we broke the muslim piracy of the Mediterranean Sea.

I don’t care what muslims do to each other in their own countries. But when they come here and demand that Americans bow down to their bloodthirsty demonic whims under threats, and murderous acts, of violence for disrespecting their satanic belief system, it is not time to snivel, whine and pay the jizyah in hopes that a muslim won’t engage in another terrorist attack.

The koran clearly states the goal of the satanic death cult is to wage war over the whole world until there is no religion but islam. The koran clearly tells followers to lie to non-believers to gain advantage over them, and to either kill or subjugate them when strong enough to do so. No other religion makes such statements. It is cultural suicide to be so willfully, stupidly blind as to believe that islam is anything other than an existential threat to all non-muslims. It is stereotypical, haughty delusion that is fundamental to the nature of leftists, to presume that anyone believing that there is any danger from islam (despite repeated “Allahu ackbhar” attacks against US citizens) is simply too ignorant and overly judgmental – described by the pro-muslim Obama derisively as ‘bitter clingers” – to comprehend the subtle nuances of the ‘religion of peace’.

You know….we are so stupid that we can’t see the Emperor’s finely made clothes, not like these BRILLIANT, non-judgmental leftists, right?

@Nanny G:
Acknowledged by whom ? The person who uttered it ?
No I think we should err on the side of caution
And I do see big changes coming
Clarence Thomas is talking about retiring to his RV and swing vote Kennedy is 80yo
Hillary might get to put 3 Associate Justices on the Court

Ahhh Pete of course Christians are killing gays in night clubs all over Africa and also in Jamaica
The single most deadly wars in my lifetime have been Christian in Christian in central Africa
Why don’t YOU move there and see for yourself since you apparently think that all Christians are as enlightened as Americans in regards to the GHEY
Have you lived in Muslim countries ? I have
Afghanistan 76-77 and Mindanao Indonesia Malaysia in 69

While the administation laments that our police are becoming too militarized, to respond to shooters like Orlando and San Bernadino

then why do government pencil pushers need this?
Common they hate military grade weapons but stockpile them and ammo for what purpose?

@Pete: Did you notice that John is a world traveler with first hand knowledge on everything he writes? You never see a documented source on the wild statements from John.


You never see a documented source on the wild statements from John.

That is because the World Wide Web Consortium (the revered masters of internet coding,) have never been able to create HTML code that can link to the vast depth of knowledge within a leftist’s ass.

@Ditto: did you even try and use google ?


(1) I don’t use the crooked and politically biased Google. I use, because they don’t store and data-mine my searches.

(2) It’s not our onus to research the BS you come up with. It is yours to prove what you say.

@Ditto:whic what were you unable to find please allow me to take you by the hand and show you since you seem well


Put up or shut-up.

Please tell me what exactly you would like me to cite
Pew has 3 of the top 10 countries as Arab others say 2
None of the top 5 muslim countries are Arab

OK I put up a citation
What next would you like?
Put up or shut up

this guy just doesnt like islam he posts bad things about islam to get people to hate islam. and isis isnt muslim becouse in islam a person who kills someone is no longer a muslim and will go to hell so therefore the orlando killer and isis are no longer muslim and will go to hell