The noose tightens: Clinton staffer granted immunity in Clinton email investigation


hillary confused


A Clinton staffer has been granted immunity in the Clinton email scandal investigation:

The Justice Department has granted immunity to a State Department employee that helped build former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to the Washington Post.

A law enforcement official told the Post that Bryan Pagliano has agreed to work with the FBI in exchange for not facing any possible criminal charges.

The new development is not a good sign for the Democratic presidential front-runner, though there is still no indication that any criminal charges will be brought against Clinton.

Sources also told the Post that Clinton will likely be interviewed by agents involved in the FBI’s investigation.

Last September Pagliano invoked his Fifth Amendment rights.


This morning on Fox and Friends Judge Andrew Napolitano said that the granting of immunity means that a Grand Jury has been convened. He asserted that the FBI made the recommendation and the Justice Department went to a Federal Judge to seek immunity for Pagliano. Pagliano, who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email account, is expected to testify against someone higher up and an indictment is very likely. The only question is who will be indicted.


It’s long been opined that Clinton set up the private non-secure server as a conspiracy to evade FOIA laws:

While Mrs. Clinton ultimately returned approximately 55,000 pages of federal records
from this “off-grid” system to the State Department, the process for identifying the federal records on the system was undertaken by Mrs. Clinton’s private attorneys, ndividuals only accountable to the former secretary, not employees accountable to the Department.

In addition, there is no evidence that the process complied with appropriate federal records laws, rules, and regulations. The net result is that the integrity of the State Department’s FOIA process has been completely and thoroughly undermined to the substantial detriment of FOIA requesters like Plaintiff who submitted requests to the Department implicating Mrs. Clinton’s official email. In addition to ensuring that the State Department has satisfied its FOIA obligations with respect to the request at issue in this case, a compelling need exists to restore the integrity of the FOIA process at the State Department and ensure accountability for the FOIA violations that occurred.

There is some confusion about the potential Grand Jury(more likely wishful thinking):

So far, there is no indication that prosecutors have convened a grand jury in the email investigation to subpoena testimony or documents, which would require the participation of a U.S. attorney’s office.

But the granting of immunity means testimony:

Immunity from prosecution is an important tool for prosecutors. They can offer immunity to witnesses for all types of crimes, even serious ones like kidnapping and murder. But prosecutors will often give immunity to a person who has committed minor crimes in order to compel that person to testify against someone who has committed more significant offenses. A common example is a prosecutor offering a small-time drug dealer immunity in exchange for against a big-time drug lord.

The next shoe to drop is who seeks immunity next: Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin. Clinton once asked Sullivan to remove the markings off correspondence and send it non-secure. In a very curious development, Mills maintained her security clearance despite being under investigation. Nothing about this scandal is normal.

The noose tightens.

As I have said previously, there is no doubt that Clinton utilized a private server to evade FOIA, but also to evade scrutiny of her mixing personal avarice with government affairs.

An indictment of Clinton would be catastrophic for her and for the DNC, but it isn’t really necessary. If the FBI sends a referral to Justice and the DOJ declines to prosecute, all hell will break loose.

That’s all that’s needed. There will be no escape.


There is some concern for Paglilano’s outlook over Instapundit:



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Odds as of March 2 at Bovada
Hillary Clinton -200
Donald Trump +175
Marco Rubio +1400
Bernie Sanders +2000
Ted Cruz +4000
Michael Bloomberg +5000
John Kasich +10000

If Hillary is to be interviewed, can she rope off the FBI to a distance away from her where she cannot hear the questions?

I think this is a non-story.

Somebody named Clinton manipulating the system to avoid accountability for misdeeds and lying to protect themselves is down right boring. How often do we have to re-examine this corrupt to the core political family? The American people, much to my chagrin and our corporate embarrassment clearly do not care.

The American people know what they are getting if they vote for Hillary Clinton.

@Bill: it would be funny if it weren’t true. The clinton family is the epitome of corruption.

The republican frisson at this announcement has been amusing. Some seem to think they’re at the same point in this particular farce that they were at when Ken Starr granted Monica Lewinsky immunity.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing what “sources inside the FBI who are not authorized to speak about the investigation” have to say.

What immunity was Monica granted?
If I’m not mistaken she is what is referred to as ‘a victim’.

She was interrogated by Ken Starr’s crew, threatened with perjury charges, and then granted immunity to testify against Clinton. She was coerced, after being secretly taped by Paula Jones.

@Greg: Greg, what immunity was Monica granted?? Can’t you ever answer a question honestly?? ZERO credibility Greggie!! Slick got a hummer in the Whitehouse during working hours with an intern “period”!! He lied to America about it Greggie!! I know you just can’t deal with this and it makes me laugh!!

@john: So what does this have to do with the criminal investigation? Just another liberal changing the subject!

@Greg: Wrong again Greg. Can you never get history right!

I don’t have a problem with immunity for some people, as long as it includes the agreement that if the individual leaves something out that they know applies to the case, then the agreement is voided. In other words, they tell all, or the immunity is voided.

@Jim, #6 & @Common Sense, #8:

Greg, what immunity was Monica granted??

Immunity from prosecution for perjury. You really don’t know how this went down? The facts are a matter of public record.

Lewinsky had previously told inquisitors when questioned under oath that she’d had no sexual relations with Bill Clinton. She probably figured the private sexual behavior between consenting adults was nobody’s damn business but that of the consenting adults involved.

Paula Jones—who would successfully shake down Clinton to the tune of $850,000—then secretly made a recording of a telephone conversation she had with Lewinsky, who considered her to be a trusted friend, wherein Lewinsky told Jones in confidence that there had in fact been a sexual encounter. Jones, with dollar signs in her eyes, promptly betrayed the younger woman’s trust by turning the secretly made recording over to Ken Starr.

With the tape in his possession, Ken Starr terrified the kid with the threat that she would most surely be prosecuted for perjury if she didn’t testify against Clinton. If she did testify, of course, she would be granted immunity from prosecution. Basically, Tell us what we want to know, or you’re going to go to prison. So, she took Ken Starr’s kind offer.

It may all have been within the letter of the law, but it was entrapment and coercion, plain and simple. It was Ken Starr and other assorted GOP toadies who did the entrapping and coercing, not Bill Clinton. It was all for partisan political gain.

The negative consequences of the distraction that followed would turn out to be enormous. While Osama bin Laden and his associates gathered strength and laid their plans, the full attention of the nation was diverted to and held on totally irrelevant bullshit. It was one of the most tragically stupid episodes in the nation’s history.

I don’t see where the GOP has become any more useful. Their total focus for the past 7 years has been on how they might destroy Barack Obama, by any means available. That’s now rapidly shifting to a focus on how they might destroy Hillary Clinton. Their focus has become somewhat divided, however, because they’re also desperately trying to figure out how to destroy Donald Trump. Trump is a serious problem. They haven’t had time to engage in a prolonged campaign of character assassination by piling on a never-ending series of accusations, as with Clinton. Donald Trump has taken them completely off guard. He’s taken over their own game, and just might beat them at it. And he might turn out not to be the forgiving sort.

@Greg: Oh, we know how it went down, alright. And on Monica’s dress.

Old Bubba, always taking care of business. A real class act, just like Hillary.

@Greg: Greggie, it was Slick who got the hummer in the Whitehouse!! For you to blame anyone else and deny it happened is really just another indication that you are a moronic libturd who are drunk on the liberal kool aid!! Reality is something you fail to acknowledge because it would make your head explode!!

My opinion fwiw ($0.00) is that FBI will not recommend prosecution until after the 2016 election so they know whether she’ll be the next President. If she does become President, the FBI will deep-six everything. If she doesn’t become President, then all bets are off. That is why Hillary is so desperate for the Presidency. She knows it is the only way she stays out of jail.

@Greg: Greg,
Do you know who Linda Tripp is? She is not Paula Jones. Don’t you get tired of rewriting history?

@Randy, #16:

Yeah, I know who she is. I typed wrong name. It was in connection with the Paula Jones inquiry that Lewinsky had given sworn testimony. It was Linda Tripp who secretly recorded her telephone conversations with Lewinsky, and then betrayed the younger woman’s trust by trotting the recording over to Ken Starr.

Paula Jones’s take was $850,000, not counting substantial media payments. Linda Tripp’s take was $595,000, not counting substantial media payments and free plastic surgery.

This development is just another unicorn fart in a fairy hole. If she were republican she would have been in Jail for her watergate scandal, and every other thing she has weasled out of so far, this will be no different.

@Greg: Yep Greggie it was a Vast Right Wing conspiracy that caused Slick to get a hummer in the Whitehouse with an intern, to also lie to America about it, and then to lie to a grand jury investigation. Are you really that stupid Greggie or just can’t find a way to admit the truth, then again you never have!!

@Greg: What a scoundrel to finally expose Bubba publicly for what he actually is; a misogynistic serial abuser. No matter what Tripp’s motives, reward or personal loss, she dispelled all possible doubt as to what old Bill has been up to.

No, it didn’t have anything to do with government but it did have to do with the abuse of women. Bill was caught lying his ass off, just as Hillary has been caught, numerous times, lying with the same self-proclaimed immunity from justice. I guess it’s a family trait.

@Common Sense: Paula Jones and Monica never met. Paula Jones was long before Monica. You revise history and then woops! A mistake when caught!

@Randy, #3:

Monica Lewinsky did, in fact, submit a sworn deposition in connection with the Paula Jones case in January 1998, in which she denied having any sexual relations with Bill Clinton. It was that sworn testimony that Ken Starr used to threaten her with prosecution for perjury.

It was Linda Tripp’s literary agent, Lucianne Goldberg, who suggested that Tripp begin secretly recording her telephone conversations with Lewinsky. Goldberg was a long-time conservative activist, with a history of participation in underhanded bullshit that went all the way back to the Nixon/McGovern race. She pretty much hated the Clinton.

It’s Clinton’s own fault, of course, that he foolishly wandered into this nest of mercenary harpies.

@Greg: Greggie, who got the hummer in the Whitehouse, who lied to America about it, and who said it was a vast right wing conspiracy?? Not anyone but the Clintons Greggie!! Is this the truth??

@Randy: Not me, you need to check the string here dude!! Let me ask a quick question. Who got the hummer in the Whitehouse, who lied to America about it, and who said it was a vast right wing conspiracy??


I prefer tea leaves. They’re more accurate. I SEE AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR A PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR AMERICA IN 2017.

The orange jump suit Hillary Clinton will be wearing in federal prison is at this moment being sewn together.

Besides, Hillary Clinton is damaged goods. After hitting her head on the concrete steps, she wears glasses and coughs a lot; she’s damaged.

Her damaged persona includes lies about the cause for Benghazi attacks, failing to help the attacked victims in Benghazi when the call came in at 3am., lying to the parents of those involved, her email server, etc. And, let it be know that just having an outside email server is a criminal act.

Unfortunately, Hillary Rodham will not be running for president. Too many people are learning or know already that she is a liar, untrustworthy, and damaged goods. With her nice blue eyes, a federal prison jump suit will fit her just fine.

It can be said quite truthfully that Hillary Clinton is the Martha Stewart of the political scene.

Greggie, who got the hummer in the Whitehouse, who lied to America about it, and who said it was a vast right wing conspiracy?? Not anyone but the Clintons Greggie!! Is this the truth??

Bill Clinton left office with a 66 percent job approval rating. His highest approval rating ever, 73 percent, came after impeachment proceedings. He remains very popular today.

I suppose you can console yourself with Breitbart’s recent claim, Bill Clinton’s Approval Rating Plunges To 39 Percent, but that’s bullshit spin, of course, as is typical of Breitbart. Only 29 percent of respondents to the same poll stated they had an unfavorable opinion of Bill Clinton. You’ll find the poll results on page 17 of this New York Times poll. All that can be truthfully said about the poll numbers is that more still say they like him than say they don’t, with the remainder expressing no clear opinion. This is interesting, in light of the fact that the total number of poll respondents included more republicans than democrats.

If republicans nominate either Donald Trump or Grandpa Munster, Hillary Clinton will likely be the next president. You really should consider Rubio or Kasich instead of a couple of cartoon characters.

@Greg: Greggie, not going to answer my questions as usual but rather just ramble on your bullshit eh??

@Greg: Which only reinforces how stupid, out of touch and totally indoctrinated in liberal-think the Democrats are.

Clinton ex-employee tells FBI no sign email server was hacked: NYT – 04 March

The ex-employee in question would be Bryan Pagliano, the guy who was granted immunity. Was that the noose-tightening people were looking for?

@Greg: What sign would he be looking for?

What is the federal criminal punishment for a government employee, such as Hillary Rodamn, setting up an outside unsecured private email server to avoid relinquishing collected email to the government after service? No doubt Hillary did the private server to avoid FOIA viewing of her emails. Setting up the private email server is an undisputed federal criminal offense by Hillary Rodamn. Look no further, that crime alone can send her to federal prison for years.

Hillary Rodamn should NOT be running for the Demn nomination. She will soon be an inmate at a Federal Prison near you serving time for crimes committed while serving under Barack Hussein Obama. If the next president is a Republican, which may very well be, Obama also may find himself in Federal Prison.