Lies, deceit and more sniper fire: the obama administration knew about Flint last April- UPDATED


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See if you can tell that I’m angry.  Sean Penn is the dolt who fancies himself as a journalist while surrendering all editorial control to his subject, a drug lord and murderer. CBS This Morning has decided to enroll in the Sean Penn School of Journalism. The Hillary whores hosts at CBS This Morning spent an entire segment of the show painting Michigan Governor as the bad guy in the Flint Michigan tainted water scandal. They likened it to a “Katrina moment.” The segment then turned entirely into a Hillary Clinton campaign commercial. Everything centered around what Hillary had to say. Clinton was quick to seize upon the issue and make it political. She promptly set fire to the issue when injected race into it, saying that it was a “civil rights issue.”

Not content with that, she had another sniper fire moment:

“I issued a statement about what we needed to do and then I went on a TV show and I said it was outrageous that the governor hadn’t acted,” Clinton said. “And within two hours he had.”

As with the sniper fire, it was bullsh*t. Snyder had sought help from FEMA days before. That was in addition to Snyder distributing filters back in September.

That perennial a$$hole Michael Moore weighed in:

Director Michael Moore was at the front lines of a rally he held in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, where he claimed the government neglected the city’s complaints of a contaminated water supply until it turned into a crisis.

Moore claimed Gov. Rick Snyder knew that ‘toxins, pollutants and, eventually, lead’ was leaching into the water after the city switched sources – exposing thousands of vulnerable children.

About 200 residents joined the protest, some chanting ‘Syder’s got to go, hey hey, ho ho, water is a human right’ and holding up signs with phrases like ‘Callous Rick made Flint sick’.

‘This is not a mistake,’ Moore said about the controversy that has devastated the financially-strapped city. ‘Ten people here have been killed because of a political decision.’

‘They did this. They knew.’


Then comes the rest of the bullsh*t:

“I think the governor’s incredibly thinned skinned on this issue,” Democratic consultant Joe DiSano said Monday. “Tragedies like this happen when you run government like a business, and this is wholly owned by the Michigan Republican Party and Gov. Snyder.”

Absolutely false. This, just as in New Orleans, is a democrat owned issue and the left is furiously trying to turn it around. That reversal is facilitated in no small part by the vapid, shallow Pennesque reporting by CBS News.

Here’s how it all went down.

Flint Michigan has been run by democrats for a long time. They ran it so far into the ground that an emergency manager was appointed to run the city in September of 2013- democrat Darnell Early. To save money for the city, the (democrat) Flint City council voted in March of 2013 to stop buying water from Detroit and join the Karegnondi Water Authority. Problem was, the KWA would not be ready for three years and another source of water was needed. It’s unclear how it happened, but the Flint river became the source of the town’s water. One thing is clear- it was all democrats. Here they are celebrating the switch to the Flint river as the source of the city’s water:


On April 25, 2014 democrat Mayor Dayne Walling ceremoniously closes the valve shutting off Detroit water:

“Water is an absolute vital service that most everyone takes for granted,” Walling said. “It’s a historic moment for the city of Flint to return to its roots and use our own river as our drinking water supply.”

The water’s great, said everyone

“The Flint River is a different river than it was the last time we used it – that was pre-Clean Water Act,” Flint Utilities Director Daughtery Johnson told The Flint Journal last week, adding that the city made two years’ worth of improvements at the water plant in nine months. “It’s a great system. It’s a great asset the city has. Every drop we pull out, we’re going to clean and put right back in the river.”

Johnson said although the hardness of the water treated from the Flint River will be higher than it is now from Detroit, customers still shouldn’t notice a difference. Higher hardness in water means it may take more water and soap to create a lather.

As for Governor Snyder, he has been anything other than neglectful. Back in October:

Last week, after warnings from researchers and doctors of elevated lead levels in drinking water and the blood of children since the switch, Snyder announced a plan to finance the purchase of nine months of water from the Detroit water system for Flint.

Originally democrats pinned the blame on Early. In October the Michigan democratic Party called on Snyder to fire Early. Early resisted:

Earley said he had no reason at the time to second-guess what appeared to have been a consensus decision.

“The decision to separate from (the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department) and go with the Karegnondi Water Authority, including the decision to pump Flint River water in the interim, were both a part of a long-term plan that was approved by Flint’s mayor, and confirmed by a City Council vote of 7-1 in March of 2013 — a full seven months before I began my term as emergency manager,” Earley’s email says.

Ready for the best part of this? The democrat obama administration has known about this since last April:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s top Midwest official said her department knew as early as April about the lack of corrosion controls in Flint’s water supply — a situation that likely put residents at risk for lead contamination — but said her hands were tied in bringing the information to the public.

Starting with inquiries made in February, the federal agency battled Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality behind the scenes for at least six months over whether Flint needed to use chemical treatments to keep lead lines and plumbing connections from leaching into drinking water. The EPA did not publicize its concern that Flint residents’ health was jeopardized by the state’s insistence that such controls were not required by law.

Instead of moving quickly to verify the concerns or take preventative measures, federal officials opted to prod the DEQ to act, EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman told The Detroit News this week. Hedman said she sought a legal opinion on whether the EPA could force action, but it wasn’t completed until November.


This was a total screw-up for sure, but to lay it at the feet of Snyder is both asinine and wrong. Erin Brockovich, Jan. 2015:

“Now is not the time for the blame game…Detroit has failed and Flint jumped ship. So much for local control… everyone is responsible from the top down: USEPA, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the State of Michigan and the local officials,”

In February 2015 the democrat-controlled city of Flint hired urban water expert Veolia North America to analyze the situation. They came back with a report:

‘Your water is safe’

FLINT, MI — A city consultant says Flint has problems with sediment and discoloration in its water but it is safe to drink and currently meeting all state and federal standards.

Officials for Veolia North America gave that initial assessment Wednesday, Feb. 18, but several members of the City Council were unconvinced and said the report amounted to little more than a sugar coating on deep problems.

This is not a new event. The grandstanding by Hillary Clinton is simply loathsome but typical. The administration has known about this since April and it did nothing. Hillary promises to continue that tradition and she’s got CBS’s Hillary Clinton This Morning’s propagandists unabashedly promoting her campaign.


clinton cheerleaders


Hey, where’s a Presidential Executive Order when you really need one?


The obama administration member who knew about this since April has resigned.





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@John: Will you be recommending and cheering on an indictment of the head of the EPA? After all, they identified the problem early on and did NOTHING. And, that’s their JOB.

How many deaths have resulted in the Flint water crisis?