Liberals Shouldn’t Be Shocked By Trump’s Success In The GOP Race… He’s Their Creation


Donald Trump’s call to curtail immigration of Muslims until the government can “figure out what’s going on” is probably a bit unworkable. If it’s someone’s goal to kill you, you shouldn’t be surprised that they are willing to lie about it beforehand. How are we supposed to know who’s a Muslim in the first place? Are they still a Muslim if they say they found Jesus just six months before? Two weeks? On the way to the airport?

Trying to limit Muslims coming into the country by asking them is simply unworkable. And doing a background check on every single person from a Muslim majority nation would be impossible. In addition, there are lots of Muslims living in India and Germany as well.

Regardless of his specific plan’s viability, Trump is very much on to something. His lead in the GOP race has only increased since he made his comment. (Indeed, just as it did after he made his comments about Mexicans.) And of course the left is going nuts about that…

But they shouldn’t, because, at least in the political arena, Donald Trump’s success is 100% due to their actions. Americans… or at least a lot of them… are simply tired of the first response to a terrorist attack being an admonition against blaming Islam, accusations of Islamaphobia or chastisement for the targeting of Muslims for hate crimes. They are simply tired of the default reaction being “What did we do to make them hate us so much?” They are simply tired of the media and Democrats contorting themselves into pretzels each time such an incident occurs in order to find a way to blame white, Christian, Tea Party types. The reality is, a significant majority of terrorist attacks around the world and the country are perpetrated by Muslims, and even data from Barack Obama’s politicized FBI show that the vast majority of hate crimes are against Jews,not Muslims. Despite the efforts of the left and the media, Americans recognize these facts. (Don’t be fooled by the left’s attempt to tip the scales by equating violence by common criminals and psychotic killers with terrorism. That’s no more true than their suggestion that the greatest danger to black men is police rather than other black men.) America in 2015 finally has the correct answer to the left’s constant insinuation of that famous Chico Marx line: “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” Americans have decided to believe their own eyes and Trump is benefiting from that new focus.

Most Americans believe in Freedom of Religion. It’s been part of our heritage for two centuries. It’s written in black and white in our Constitution. But that doesn’t mean that everything is acceptable however as a religion that demands human sacrifice would not be tolerated. That said, the reality is, for many Muslims that is exactly what Islam does, as can be seen by the deaths of 14 Americans enjoying a Christmas party in San Bernadino, 13 American soldiers working on Ft. Hood, or thousands of Americans simply working to support their families on 9/11. Americans recognize that in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, hundreds of millions of them support the basic tenants of radical Islam such as Sharia law and the death penalty for leaving Islam, and many of those millions are motivated to destroy the United States and the west in their pursuit of a caliphate. Indeed, even here in the United States half of America’s two million Muslims would choose to live under Sharia law if given a chance and a quarter believe violence is an appropriate response to drawing a Mohammed cartoon as well as in pursuit of global jihad.

Despite these vast numbers of Muslims both home and abroad who seek to obliterate our freedoms and use violence to accomplish that task, liberals continue to proffer the notion that Islam is the “religion of peace”. Americans know better, and Donald Trump’s popularity is a manifestation of that reality.

Liberals of all sorts have condemned Trump for his “unconstitutional” proposal, as have most members of the GOP. But the reality is, there’s nothing unconstitutional about it. No one who is not an American citizen has any “right” to come to the United States, whether they are a Muslim coming from Saudi Arabia or a Mexican swimming across the Rio Grande. As much as liberals might hate it, as a sovereign nation the United States has every right to decide who it will allow into its doors. That’s not a politically correct thing to say, but it’s true nonetheless. Donald Trump is merely pointing that out, and more and more Americans are listening.

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might not be a good idea to rent to them either, it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall and know what was really going on.

If you’ve been through American security at an airport think about this as a contrast:

Much of the airport’s security protocol is achieved through a combination of comprehensive due diligence, common sense, and consistency.

We wasted our money giving unemployable people good paying jobs, going through the motions training them, allowing them to fail at doing their jobs 95% of the time and slowing down everybody because they won’t ”profile.”

Israel has a system.
And they have people who are motivated to keep terrorists out of the country, too.

We, on the other hand, have a sluggish slow arrangement. And the people working in it are taking their own prejudices out on all the passengers instead of looking for terrorists at all.

“Donald Trump’s call to curtail immigration of Muslims until the government can “figure out what’s going on” is probably a bit unworkable.”
No, it is eminently workable.
We shut off immigration of Muslims.
Until the government can figure things out.
If the government can’t, because the Muslims lie?
Immigration stays shut off.
Cheap and easy.
Works for me.

A creation of liberals? Donald Trump has been exploiting every pre-established propaganda meme in the right’s media library. A panel of buttons was spread out before him and he’s been willing to press each and every one of them, whenever the occasion demands. He’ll speak whatever words his audience wants to hear, and not worry about contradictions or particulars.

Hell, eff restricting the halt of moslim immigration-I say stop all immigration. Right now 40% of our births are to immigrants-WTF are we doing?

You might think it’s a grand idea allowing millions of people to come here from failed countries, countries with no history of the rule of law, countries populated by low IQ masses with out the slightest clue on what a civil society is, where FGM and stonings are the norm, but it’s fcuking suicide.

These people have no intention assimilating whether they’re from the ME, Mexico or central America. They’re not interested in American culture or our values. They want the goodies and some of them will kill us because of our beliefs. How many Dearborns do we want?

Are we out of our minds?

Finally from an unbiased website this breaking news
In the first half, professional astrologer Linda Schurman discussed how world events are tied in with astrological patterns, and shared her predictions about the economy, earth changes, and politics for 2016 and beyond. A recent Saturn square Neptune/opposition Jupiter, in which the planets were in a “tense relationship with one another,” took place during the same time as the Paris attacks, an earthquake in Pakistan, and the shootings in San Bernardino, she pointed out. Regarding the election, she foresees a difficult time for Donald Trump, starting January 5th, 2016 when Mars goes into Scorpio, and then follows into Sagittarius in March. 😉

@kitt: You believe an astrologer but deny global warming???
I like the Trump prediction lol
What say Nostradamus?

nuthin from the ol Nost but…
He said that this would begin in the period of 1958 to 1998. And then he went on to describe a series of Earth changes that involved Florida being under water,” as well as other southern states.

Cayce also predicted “that the coast lines of many nations would disappear”, Nelson told C2C, adding that “this very much paralleled global warming” including the startling rise in sea levels.

“In fact, in some readings, it would be a gradual not a cataclysmic change during this period.” 🙂
ted a maniac?

and then he attacks Cruz

@MM, #5:

Are we out of our minds?

I heard both crazy and sane things said during this evening’s GOP debate.