Next time you hear of a vet dying for lack of care, remember these things


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Not long ago an Inspector General’s Report revealed that 300,000 vets have died waiting for health care.

WASHINGTON – More than 300,000 American military veterans likely died while waiting for health care — and nearly twice as many are still waiting — according to a new Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general report.

The IG report says “serious” problems with enrollment data are making it impossible to determine exactly how many veterans are actively seeking health care from the VA, and how many were. For example, “data limitations” prevent investigators from determining how many now-deceased veterans applied for health care benefits or when.

But the findings would appear to confirm reports that first surfaced last year that many veterans died while awaiting care, as their applications got stuck in a system that the VA has struggled to overhaul. Some applications, the IG report says, go back nearly two decades.

Hillary Clinton was quick to dismiss this concern, asserting that it’s not a “widespread problem.”

At least you know where she stands. Or do you?

Hillary used Veterans Day to play politics. She falsely accused Republicans of wanting to privatize the VA. She asserted that the problems at the VA are “serious, systemic and unacceptable” but she doesn’t want to disturb the status quo. John McCain called her remarks “shameful.”

In October, democrats blocked a VA funding bill. There’s always dickering about budgets for veterans. Somehow, for other groups the money is unending.

Elderly Cubans get to retire to the US, complete with social security, despite never having contributed a single penny:

More Cubans are coming to Florida in their golden years to retire, able to tap U.S. government assistance even though they never lived or worked here.

The number of Cubans arriving over the age of 60 grew fivefold since 2010, according to state refugee data. At least 185 made the crossing in their 80s or 90s.

Unlike most other immigrants, Cubans qualify immediately for food stamps and Medicaid. If they are over 65 with little or no income, they also can collect a monthly check of up to $733 in Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

“They’re getting cheap apartments, food stamps,” said Cuban-born attorney Pedro Fuentes-Cid of Tampa. “They tell their friends in Cuba, and they come over.”

The United States makes it possible under a humanitarian policy of treating Cubans who arrive as refugees. Elderly immigrants interviewed by the Sun Sentinel said they came primarily to be with family, met the aid qualifications and are grateful for the help.

There’s lots of money to help illegal aliens pay for college.

Those Syrian Muslim “refugees”?

They’re eligible for TANF, Medicaid, and CHIP, food stamps and Supplemental Security Income.

Same for the illegal invaders from the South.

More on what refugees can be given is here.

California has the fountain of unending cash for illegals.


President Obama’s 2016 budget blueprint proposes rolling back a program that gives veterans the right to receive faster care outside of the long waitlists at the troubled Veterans Affairs medical system.

Obama has opened the door to 100,000 “refugees” per year beginning in 2017.

We never run out of money for illegal aliens.
We never run out of money for welfare.
We never run out of money for “refugees.”

We never have enough for veterans.




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Dead people always vote Democrat IF they vote.
Seriously, Hillary actually wants more layers of gov’t workers thrown at a problem created by too lazy unionized gov’t employees.
She also wants more money thrown at the problem.
The only way an extra layer of gov’t employees could help at the VA is if they stand over the unionized workers with whips.

Yes, let’s remember all the times in the past 8 years the GOP voted against helping vets.

Hill # 186 was a blood bath. The secretary of slut clinton had no idea of the event, but she took sniper fire on one of her ceremonial visitations.
There will never be any money for the people who served this country.
Yesterday, the Corp’s Birthday, I reflected on the men that I served with in Hell, I noted that I would soon join them.
The monies in this country is gone and the military service men and women will never receive the care they deserve.
This country has a muslin terrorist in the wipe house-what a joke

And despite this shameful bureaucratic failure delivering healthcare to veterans, leftists want the government to take over healthcare for the entire country, a la single payer.

Obama made the VA a campaign issue, then promptly ignored it. He could ignore it no longer when a whistle-blower spoiled his little party. Of course, so far only the whistle-blower has gotten any negative attention.

So, despite the raising of the issue, Obama CONTINUES to favor anyone but veterans and Hillary, apparently, deleted the emails describing the entire situation.

Vote Democrat. They care.

I’m thinking