The difference between Josef Mengele and Planned Parenthood is that Mengele never pined for a Lamborghini


pp and megele tradition
Josef Mengele was known as the Nazi “Angel of Death.”

JERUSALEM — One witness described how Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele ripped an infant from its mother`s womb, then hurled it into an oven because it wasn`t a twin as he had hoped. Another told of killing her newborn infant rather than let it starve in a Mengele experiment. A third witness recounted how Mengele kept hundreds of human eyes pinned to his lab wall “like a collection of butterflies.“


His operation was a lot like Planned Parenthood:

At death camps like Auschwitz children did not fare well: they were generally killed upon arrival.Children born in the camps were generally killed on the spot, especially if the child was Jewish.

Mengele limited his work primarily to Jews. Planned Parenthood seems to have its own Angels of Death but they’re less discriminate. They’ll harvest, chop up and sell anyone’s fetal parts.

The conversations seen in the videos are nothing less than horrific. First they haggle over the price of baby parts:

“Well, why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying!” Gatter replies.

Gatter continues: “You know, in negotiations whoever throws out the figure first is at a loss, right?” She explains, “I just don’t want to lowball,” before suggesting, “$75 a specimen.”

Gatter twice recites Planned Parenthood messaging on fetal tissue collection, “We’re not in it for the money,” and “The money is not the important thing,” but she immediately qualifies each statement with, respectively, “But what were you thinking of?” and, “But it has to be big enough that it’s worthwhile for me.”

Then they move on to talking about using “less crunchy” techniques which would cause less crushing damage to the harvested fetus:

“I wouldn’t object to asking Ian, who’s our surgeon who does the cases, to use an IPAS [manual vacuum aspirator] at that gestational age in order to increase the odds that he’s going to get an intact specimen.”

It’s almost as if they want something they can have stuffed and mounted on the wall.

Then we come to the motivation:

“Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it’s fine, if it’s still low, then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini.”

It takes a lot of baby parts to pay for a Lamborghini. That means the abortion monster has to be continuously fed. Planned Parenthood conducted 333,964 abortions in 2011-2012. 51% of Planned Parenthood’s income is derived from abortions. That amounted to $150,000,000 in 2010. That would explain why they promote sex at every level and at every age. Planned Parenthood pushes sex on children as young as 10 and even on pre-school children.

“And while Planned Parenthood says that the ‘tools’ are focused on teens—which many of them are—much of it addresses younger children—elementary and even preschool,” she continued. “And what I found when I started looking through the website was absolutely shocking, even by Planned Parenthood’s standards.”

On the Tools for Parents page of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America website are specific answers to questions that Planned Parenthood says preschoolers ask about sex.

There is a purpose to all this:

Students come to understand, through their indoctrination, that sex is a right for all and is green-lighted as long as the young people protect themselves against the two enemies of sex—STDs and babies.

And well, you know how kids are. They frequently fail to heed the advice they get and when it involves sex, heck, PP can help you out with an abortion. And if you wait a bit longer then the “less crunchy” techniques will help out the Lambo fund.

In case there is some adolescent reluctance to engaging in sexual relations, PP is happy to persuade with sadomasochistic porn:

It turns out that Planned Parenthood staffers love “50 Shades of Grey” — so much that they proclaim the series and its dubious philosophy to teen girls looking for guidance.

“Fifty Shades” tells how how hyper-controlling Christian Grey subjects 21-year-old Ana Steele (who, it must be noted, talks like a 13-year-old) to an endless series of physically harmful and degrading sexual situations.

And who’s up for some “whipping,” “tying up,” and “asphyxiation” courtesy of Planned Parenthood?

And to help support all of this- the abortion factories, the less-crunchy more genteel murder of late term babies so as to conserve their marketable internal organs, taxpayers fork over $500 million per year.

An MSNBC hack asserted that an abortion was not different from donating blood. When one donates blood, one gets to watch it fill a bag. Let’s let women observe the remains of an abortion in a bag and see if they really think it’s the same thing.

We’ve seen the left engage in some horrible things, but this is just abominable. Planned Parenthood need to be aborted.

For all these abortions and all this grotesque horror thanks the Lord:


Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.


Mengele probably would have liked a Lambo.


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Mengele would have marveled at how these Angels of Death can discuss their enterprise out in the open and have supporters make excuses for them. Planned Parenthood hasn’t even defined babies as the “Untermensch”… yet.

Dr J do you maintain privileges at hospitals that perform abortions? Does doing so INCREASE your own personal income?
Just how far will your OUTRAGE!! change your own behavior.
Most Americans want to keep abortion legal, which is besides the point that it is a Constitutional right.
Those on the radical religious right said that sex eduction in schools would INCREASE teen pregnancy, they were wrong.
The states that DO have the highest teen pregnancy rates are all those that provide abstinence only sex ed. MA the state YOU chose to live in has an excellent sex ed program

Planned Parenthood’s spin:
All women who donate tissues after terminating a pregnancy have given their consent at PP in advance.
PP claims all funds collected from sale of tissue were used to reimburse patients.

“There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood,” Eric Ferrero, vice president of communications at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said. “In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.”

What PP is doing here is pointing out some fine print on consent forms all females sign to get their abortion.
Do you want to donate tissue so as to further medical research?
IF you are paying out of your own pocket, would you donate some tissue so as to save (say) $30 on your procedure?

I wonder how it actually reads.
I wonder if the consent is bound up with tons of other stuff so as to bury it?

I do know there was a 31-year old lady, Henrietta Lacks, who was dying of cervical cancer in 1951. She NEVER agreed to donate her female organs for research. Her particular cancer cells have never died on decades of research on it. They have yielded tremendous benefits to medical research. Today there are 20 tons of her cells being actively used in medical research.

What benefits come from these PP tissues today?
Have any PP ”customers” come forward commending PP for saving them X amount of money OR for making their loss at least potentially someone else’s gain?

As long as abortions are legal these violent acts will continue.
Is there any upside to them at all?
Should there be?

@Nanny G: #2

The promoters of PP and the current talking heads on CNN or MSNBC might do themselves a favour and review its foundational objectives as very clearly elucidated by Margaret Sanger.

She cleverly concealed her genocidal objectives under blankets of ‘informing’ and ‘educating,’ and of pretences providing young women with “control over your own body.”

Education is important, however, using it as the beachhead onto ethnic cleansing is morally deficient. Sanger would be proud of what has come of her progeny. Even more, she would be proud of how successful the marketing of her false narrative has been.

@john: Explain the “Constitutional Right” the protects access to an abortion, please.

Those on the radical religious right said that sex eduction in schools would INCREASE teen pregnancy, they were wrong.

Uh… no. That was not the argument at all. The moral objection was that it would increase PROMISCUITY, which not only leads to pregnancies AND STD’s.

But, thanks for playing.

And I have not seen any evidence that teen pregnancies are less common in schools with sex Ed
I’d bet a dollar to a donut that urban areas have a much higher rate of unwanted pregnancies than rural areas ie the liberal demographic bastions
Of course these guys never give any specific data just bs
Based on emotion rather than fact
Of course if any said liberal can show that LA has a lower pregnancy rate than Marion Indiana I’m all ears
Waiting for next foolish argument now on how were mean

Dr. Fausto Rindón, alias Josef Mengele, had an interesting life. The violent behavior which you opened your report is alleged and can not be cited in any reference. I follow your reviews on a regular basis-this one really sucks. Worked at a free standing surgery center that was labeled by the press as an “abortion mill.” In a 15 year period of time, the center did  only one incomplete removal of uterine content do to trauma. An abortion is an action that will require a future reolution between herself and God. Get off the soap box.
Ever watch a patient die in sepsis do to a “coat hanger abortion?’ Obviously not.

From the Daily Signal:

Meet the 38 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood

In the wake of two videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal body parts, Republicans in Congress are working to ensure that Planned Parenthood is stripped of its federal funding.

However, it’s not only the government that fills Planned Parenthood’s coffers. According to 2nd Vote, a website and app that tracks the flow of money from consumers to political causes, more than 25 percent of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3-billion annual revenue comes from private donations, which includes corporate contributions.

2nd Vote researched the corporations and organizations to find which supported Planned Parenthood and found that more than three dozen donated to the group. Some companies donated directly, while others matched employee gifts.

Thirty-nine corporations and organizations directly contribute to the group.

Here are the 39 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.

American Cancer Society
American Express
Bank of America
Bath & Body Works
Ben & Jerry’s
Deutsche Bank
Fannie Mae
Johnson & Johnson
La Senza
Levi Strauss
Liberty Mutual
March of Dimes
Morgan Stanley
Susan G. Komen
United Way
Wells Fargo

Figured other folks of conscience, who recognize the sheer, callous evil of Planned Parenthood, might like to have an idea of where not to spend your money.

@MOS #8541:

Here it is again. Perhaps you might take the argument up with the Auschwitz survivors

Nobody should be surprised about anything coming from Planned Parenthood!

Margret Sanger – the founder of PP – was an enthusiastic supporter and fan of Nazi Dr Mengele and stated so freely when giving a speech to the KKK – another one of her favorite groups.

The “Mission Statement” authored by Margret Sanger contains this reason: “We want to get rid of all ‘Undesirables – the negroes……..’!

Why does anyone wonder why more black babies are being killed in- and outside the womb by this slaughtering entity and why PP has abortion centers always in the ghettos or minority neighborhoods?

PP orign and founder Margret Sanger hates blacks as well as their offspring as well as other minorities such as latinos – it was her love for Nazi and their experiments and eugenics as well as the KKK goals – and are all progressive democrats!

Imagine that – yet, if one brings this up – the onslaught and personal verbal attacks will be used to silence anyone that would bring up their evil deeds!

@MOS #8541:

Ever watch a patient die in sepsis do to a “coat hanger abortion?’ Obviously not.

Have you? Why?

Planned Parenthood should be banned by Congressional law, and here is why; and it is based on an indisputable and irrefutable liberal argument

Planned Parenthood was born, so to speak, on the racist premise of Margaret Sanger, whose goal it was to clean the white race of genetically inferior material and thin out or eliminate other races, most notably the black race. Being based on that principle, it goes without saying that the perpetuation of that organization promotes and prolongs racism and the ideology of eliminating subjects based on race or a perceived undesirability or imposition to society.

The Planned Parenthood sign is an undeniable banner for racism and, as such should be banned and purged from use and view. Furthermore, anyone defending the ongoing existence of Planned Parenthood or the display of its logo, sign or banner is, by virtue of association, a racist themselves, having no possible other motive or desire but to wipe out blacks from the embryo up.

Who can argue against that and how can anyone possibly argue against it? It is settled science, debate is over, done deal. Planned Parenthood IS racism.

And, MOS, your poster of Mengele should be taken down and destroyed as well. He was a documented monster.

wow those right wing Nazis sure were evil. Yet until Pearl Harbor many conservatives admired Hirler and the rest. They were anti union and anti communist. It was only the leftwing “socialists” like FDR that recognized their evil
Henry Ford Charles lindbergh Prescott Bush (BushI’s father) had no problem with their social policies. In fact Prescott Bush was almost indicted for trading with the enemy after Pearl you might enjoy reading Trading With The Enemy by Loftus
Which details American business dealings with the Nazis before DURING and after WWII

In a weird way PP has fooled anti-abortionists (pro-life) into being outraged by a thing that cannot happen at all UNLESS an abortion (at or after 17 weeks) happens first.
Tricked you into buying into late-term abortion.
Late-term abortion should be the issue, not what happens to the conscience of the mother afterward or to the dead baby’s various parts afterward.
PP gets $.5Billion American tax dollars just so women can get things ObamaCare gives all women, if they want them.
We are being, as Dr. Manny Alvarez of Fox News points out, double taxed for the same thing.
But, again, that should not be THE issue any more than what is done with the body parts should be THE issue.
The issue should be abortions scheduled later than 17 weeks in a duplicitous manner just so the parts might be helpful.
IF women want legal abortions at all they should be as soon as possible, by morning after pills or by a pre-90-day D&C.
This would end the baby-part sales completely.

@Nanny G: #12

In a weird way PP has fooled anti-abortionists (pro-life) into being outraged by a thing that cannot happen at all UNLESS an abortion (at or after 17 weeks) happens first.
Tricked you into buying into late-term abortion.

They cleverly moved the argument away from “aborting” to “when,” which is a completely different discussion. Either one agrees that aborting is a killing of a human being, or one does NOT.

But I feel that over the past 30 years, much has been learned by the public about the life and Soul of the fetus. The educated public is at least thinking of moving the goal post back on the “when”.

Where there is life or death in the balance between mother and child, it’s one thing, however, the abortion on demand system that is now prevalent, removes all responsibility from mother and father. Pro-abortionists bring up the mother death threatening reasons, but in reality, those are exceptions. The majority of abortions are performed for Convenience.

@john: I don’t know who the “right wing Nazis” are you speak of; they were leftists… SOCIALISTS. Further, there were LOTS that were in awe of Hitler’s accomplishments; he was TIME Man Of The Year in 1938.

Since you seem to indicate that is a BAD thing, then you certainly have an opinion (recently becoming topical again) of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, being an ardent Hitler supporter. Most of the evidence I find indicates Ford was a Democrat; he ran for the Senate in 1918 as a Democrat. Being racist and anti-Semitic almost certainly makes Lindbergh a Democrat.

My secretary’s father in NYC had six numbers tattooed on her left forearm. He was an Auschwitz survivor. When alive he did not talk about it a whole lot.
Racism, you are clueless. Live in the sub Sahara for two years doing dissertation research. You are clueless to what real racism is.
Dr. John, septic abortions are not nice to treat. Their arrival is long after the abortion, with sepsis and multi organ failure has already set in. The mortality rate is high. Surgical residencies are five years and fellowships are one to two. It is amazing when you see and do in seven years being on call every third night.

@MOS 8541: So, when you have personally witnessed racism, you don’t like it, but you support an organization that not only was BASED on racism, but has been practicing it in the most horrific manner for its entire time of existence?

Why haven’t any of our leftist friends responded to my assertion that, like the Confederate flag, the logo and banner for Planned Parenthood, as should Planned Parenthood itself (or any other identity it might morph into) should be denounced and eradicated? Hello? Anyone out there in lefty-this-offends-me-and-it’s-racist-so-eliminate-it-land?

Those who support PP, particularly visible minorities, might do well to ask themselves why PP, the biggest abortion machine in North America, really performs vastly more abortions on visible minority women than on others, . . . and it isn’t because they’re poor.

Why are they so “present” in visible minority neighbourhoods? It sure isn’t because “education” is needed or works better in those areas — PP isn’t really about education.