Hypocrites…Democrats ‘Overjoyed’ With Boehner’s Invitation To The Pope To Address Congress


boehner Netanyahu

Obama and pals have been quite upset over the invitation by House Leader John Boehner to the Israeli Prime Minister to address a joint session of Congress. They have insisted it wasn’t because of the bad blood between this Administration and Israel but because ‘proper protocol’ wasn’t followed. Boehner should of told the White House and Democrats before issuing the invitation you see.


On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) revealed that Pope Francis accepted a request from congressional leadership to address a joint session of Congress in September.

“Boehner’s office says it did not coordinate with the White House when the speaker invited the pope last year,” Politico reported. “It told the administration of the visit only this morning — which is also when Boehner told reporters.”

In marked contrast from Netanyahu’s visit to Congress, the news that the Pope would address a joint session of the federal legislature for the first time in history was met with bipartisan acclaim. The White House contended that they haven’t engaged in any contradictory behavior at all. “Certainly the president and the team here was aware of the pope’s intent to travel to the United States, intent to spend some time in Washington, D.C.,” White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest said on Thursday.

So, the White House knew that the Pope was coming to Washington and they would have you believe that they are not all that surprised that he’ll make a historic swing through the Capitol Building to deliver a precedent-setting address to a joint session of Congress. Even though that same precious protocol that a was supposedly violated when a co-equal branch of government exercised its prerogative to invite whomever it wanted to speak before Congress, the White House doesn’t mind that breach so much this time because their powers of clairvoyance provided them the foresight to see this development coming.

Even more hilarious was this exchange with the White House press secretary:

Asked if Vice President Joe Biden would attend the pope’s address, Earnest said Biden’s schedule “for that period of time has not been set but I would anticipate that he would be there.”

“So why can’t you say the same about Prime Minister Netanyahu?” a reporter asked.

“Well, the vice president’s schedule for the first week of March is also not yet set,” Earnest replied. “…There has been at least one previous occasion during his tenure as the vice president where he’s been unable to attend a joint session of Congress, because he was traveling overseas. So when we have more details about the vice president’s schedule for the first week of March, we’ll certainly let you know.”

He walked right into that one.

Another excuse for the hissy fit was that the speech so close to the Israeli election would make it seem like we were ‘meddling’.


They should just admit the real reason they were upset…they just don’t like Israel.

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Nazis, Communists, and Democrats – Anti-Semites. But I repeat myself.

Hollow-eyed Pelosi says, while there would be no “boycott”, many Democrats might just find themselves “busy” and not attend Netanyahu’s address. What she doesn’t realize is that Netanyahu is not there to address cowardly, Islamic-patronizing anti-Semites. He probably won’t ask about what they are going to do about the most dangerous threat to human kind…. climate change. He is there to explain the dangers of radical Islamism, especially when it has a nuclear weapon, to cognizant, listening, American legislators. Pelosi’s minions need not apply.

When you consider today’s so-called conservatives and tea baggers very bazaar take on God and Christianity, of course Democrats would be overjoyed with this.

I noticed the usual self loathing Jews that are Senators are also whining about Bibi’s visit. Bad enough we have a President that wants Israel wiped out but to see that as in Germany before this, there are so many who would turn their backs to the reality, just as they did back in Nazi Germany is beyond my comprehension. That’s beyond hypocrisy. I just don’t know what to really describe it as. Idiocy? Ignorance? You tell me. I can only look at the actions of these elected clowns with disgust and despair.

The world sat back in the 1900’s and allowed an atrocity that should never have been repeated and yet we’re seeing these low life scums in D.C. and elsewhere reacting exactly the same way. I and so many have said in the past man refuses to learn from his history. he will make the same mistake over and over.

@Ronald J. Ward: What would that ” very bazaar take on God and Christianity” be, Ronald J. Ward? Something with pennant flags, balloons and shops?

How about the take of a President that will not meet with the leader of one of our most loyal allies but will meet with Muslim Brotherhood leaders that represent our enemies? I guess this seems perfectly logical to people like you.

@Ronald J. Ward: The “bazaar” (sic) take on Christianity is Obama’s, who draws a moral equivalence between Christians and ISIS. Christians may have committed atrocities 700 years ago, but they were in response to the Muslim hordes, who are just as barbaric and genocidal today as they were then.

when all of their lips move-democrats, they are lying. joe is an old drunk and nancy was a bar fly in her early days. The fall of Rome took a few centuries, this fool has created the destruction of America in less than six years. By 2025, the US will be a third world country.

Boehner has his ducks out of order. According to the law of nations, the basis of our constitution, the responsibility of international relations rest solely with the sovereign. Alas, the sovereign is derelict in that duty;. As well as others. This could all be corrected if congress would just do their duty, as prescribed by the constitution. The founders knew that there would come a time like this, hence the provision of mechanisms for correcting the problem. If only congressmen would follow their oaths. as well. But, why won’t they?

@batman, #8:

Because there’s no legal basis whatsoever for removing Obama from office, and they know that perfectly well. They would need to have solid evidence to back up at least one of their endless stream of irresponsible accusations, but they’ve never produced so much as a shred of evidence supporting any of them. Essentially, they’ve spent the last 6 years running a non-stop negative propaganda campaign, and they haven’t even been particularly successful at doing that. Obama’s average job approval rating is presently only 3.8 percent south of even. Congress’s rating is in the toilet to such a degree that someone really ought to push the flush lever.

If Congress had any integrity at all, they would censure Boehner for his transparent efforts to sabotage the Executive Branch’s diplomatic initiative. His actions were unprecedented and totally improper, to say the least. For that, there’s abundant evidence: The simple fact of what he secretly arranged without the Executive Branch’s knowledge or consent, and what the obvious repercussions could be.

@Greg: Obama has run up more “high crimes and misdemeanors” than all previous presidents combined, including Nixon and Clinton. Impeaching the first black president is a sensitive political issue. But with two more years to go, I think we may reach the tipping point of the tolerance of Americans for a criminal president, as he continues to stretch the boundaries of lawlessness. Look to the last 100 days of the Obama administration to attempt some incredible illegal stunt which will shock most everyone, except for the radical left and the MSM, which will loudly cheer. It will happen, there is no doubt. The only question is what it will be. It must be something that totally infuriates and humiliates conservatives, and destroys constitutional government. At this point, impeachment must be pursued for the good of the country.

@Angel Artiste, #10:

Obama has run up more “high crimes and misdemeanors” than all previous presidents combined, including Nixon and Clinton.

Sure, I’ll believe that. My requirements for belief are simple and straightforward: All I require is proof that any of it is true.

As much as people in a position to collect and present such evidence detest this guy, and given their laundry list of accusations a mile long, logic tells me there can be only two reasons why they haven’t been able to prove a single, solitary thing:

(1) No evidence exists because he hasn’t really broken any laws or done anything improper to begin with; or

(2) The people attempting to bring the damning facts to light are incompetent to a degree that’s almost beyond comprehension.

@Greg: Luckily for him, gross incompetence is not a crime.

@Greg: When you prove Bush lied and Obama did NOT!!

I would suggest that a far more accurate indicator of incompetence might be an inability to do anything remotely constructive, even after winning control of both Houses of Congress.

@Angel Artiste: Rather than pursuing impeachment, a folly,why don’t Repubs actually try to accomplish something. and bump up that 16% approval.

@Rich Wheeler: Well 16% is better than when Democrats controlled the Senate. Republicans are doing something, It’s called integrity!! They ran on a platform of repealing Obolacare and that’s exactly what they passed!! Yes it will be vetoed but still they kept a promise to those that gave them control!! Fighting immigration is also on that list!! They are NOT going to be told what to do by the MINORITY!!

@Greg: Greggie
Greggie Greggie, they just got in control, they have already done more than the sore losers!! Any proof that Bush lied about WMD?? Still waiting Greggie!!

@Common Sense: 16 % is nothing to brag about–approval ran between 30%-14% between 2010 and 2014—The do nothing Repubs. won’t move the needle.


The speaker’s infractions pale in comparison to those of the sovereign. Habeas corpus, in some cases; NMuch more grievous than a failed 1972 laugh-in style burglary of an opposition party headquarters in some resort.

If Congress had any integrity at all, they would censure Boehner for his transparent efforts to sabotage the Executive Branch’s diplomatic initiativecarefully heed this last election, and follow the constitution. The remedies are there.

@Greg: Passed the Keystone bill, legislation for jobs and infrastructure. Since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, what have they done? Increased debt to $8 trillion and passed the worst piece of legislation in world history?

@Rich Wheeler:

16 % is nothing to brag about–approval ran between 30%-14% between 2010 and 2014—The do nothing Repubs. won’t move the needle.

That 30% peak is pretty significant. That is during the debates and passage of Obamacare. After Obamacare passes, look at what happens to the approval rating. We had to pass it to know how to rate the Democrat Congress.