It’s Official: The Left and President Obama Partner-Up With Islam


Tuesday, Josh Earnest announced, the United States and President Obama will not be using the words “Radical Islam” to describe the actions of radical Islamists who perpetrate terror in the name of Islam. In defense of Islam, Josh pointed out, “they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam in their own deviant view of it… we have not chosen to use that label, because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what happened.”

Poor Josh, he seems lost and bewildered, but muddled thinking and sloppy logic is a defining characteristic of the Obama Administration. Josh’s cartoonish explanation of why Islamic terror is unrelated to Islam would be hysterical if it were not for our president’s refusal to admit that Muslim radicals are committing atrocities and demanding an end to freedom of speech and expression, especially, if they feel their religion or the Pedophile Prophet has been insulted.

However, the president is now open about his role as an official apologist for Islam and how we Americans must now view and accept Islam as a true religion of peace.

There is a line of demarcation in America. On one side, we have Leftists who swallow the logic of the president without question. On the other side, we have an ever-increasing demographic who doubts the same logic that defies objective reasoning. Among those who can read and reason, the president’s reluctance to identify Islamic terror and condemn it, is more than enough to doubt his real motives and honesty. Although, he and his administration are known for their imprecise usage of the English language, this incident goes well-beyond a casual mistake of semantics. It would be easy to destroy and humiliate the president’s and Josh’s command of the language, but they made their position clear. They intend on excusing the actions of Islamic radicals, because radicals are not part of Islam; therefore, we know there will never be Islamic terror, because it doesn’t exist.

However, sane people assume, when they hear gunfire and men shouting “Allahu Akbar”, the Muslim fanatics have their bowels in an uproar and are killing people in the name of Islam. Our president and Democrats are asking you to ignore these obvious religious overtones, since it is religious bias and racism that leads you to see radical Islam. We need to accept that some men are prone to violence and just because they are financed by Muslims and received military training and indoctrination through a mosque, doesn’t mean they are Muslim terrorists; because, Muslims are peaceful.

The latest act of random violence committed under the pretense of Radical Islam was committed in Paris. The shooters tried to give Islam a bad name by shouting, “We have avenged the prophet Mohammed.” According to our president’s interpretation, if they had committed these acts of terror in the U.S. and lived, they could expect to be sued for defamation by the church of Islam, the Religion of Peace.

We Americans and Europeans must learn to look past the inconvenient facts that major Muslim nations hang homosexuals, stone women who are raped, make sexual slaves of Christian women, have sex with animals, execute women and daughters who piss-off their male relatives, so that we may see the greater good of this extra-special religion.

We should train ourselves to ignore the blatant evil of terror committed in the name of this religion of peace, and see the heart-warming goodness of a religion that captured and sold into slavery a major portion of the people of Africa; otherwise, we will have a perverted view of Islam.

It is easy to seduced into fear and aversion of the Saudi version of Terror known as Wahhabi, or the Salafi version of terror, or the Jihadist view of terror, or the latest version of ISIS terror with its hunger for the sexual enslavement of young blond Christian girls, but our president encourages you to wear your rose-colored glasses to only see the beauty of these groups and of their religious beliefs. If you learn to love Islam and accept the atrocities, the next step will be to hate the Jews and Israel. It is a natural path of submission and submission is the true meaning of Islam, according to a prominent Imam.

For those of you who still have the ability to reason, our president asks you to remember the terror groups of Islam who want to enslave our women, kill our homosexuals, have sex with our children, and kill any who resist while they overwhelm and subjugate the West, only represent a psychotic minority of Islam. The rest of Islam basks in the beauty of this religion and looks past the psychopaths and their perversions to see the future of a world under Sharia.

And while the Muslims who speak out against Islamic Terror are in a distinct minority and their voices are tiny in comparison to the bark of a Kalashnikov, our president and the Left ignores these voices of sanity. But why give recognition to members of the religion of peace who denounce terror in the name of Islam, when you can have a coalition with Islam and refuse to admit there is a problem; especially, since the Left stresses the importance of a letter from a Supreme Court Justice to justify the separation of church and state. Oh, but that was before the Age of Obamunism.

Now, the United States is partnering-up with the religion of Islam. The Muslim can do no wrong; if they make a mistake, we will deny it happened and speak of the beauty of the religion. Unfortunately, for all the talk of peace and beauty within the Muslim religion, most of us have yet to see this peace and beauty, but if there is so much peace and beauty, within Islam, why do so many Muslim men need to kill others who have not seen this peace and beauty.

I am ready Mister President, show me the peace and beauty of our new ally you defend so fervently and please explain to me why I should love the religion that is responsible for so much tragedy, hatred, and killing, and tell me why you and our government has now become an official apologist for the atrocities of Islam.

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If only FDR would have realized that the NAZI’s weren’t NAZI’s or if Truman would have realized that Communists weren’t Communists, history would have turned out much better.

Obama is an illegitimate president in the first place. Nothing he says or does will ever convince me otherwise. For those who have not already done so, read the book ‘An Obama Nation’ by Corsi. There are sufficient questions about Obama’s past that have not been answered, probably because of his race and his ‘former’ religion.

Amazing, isn’t it? In the past, I have more than once equated those on the left and out Muslim leaning President as Chaimberlainesque. I actually thought along the lines that that as usual, this was once again this was another example of man not learning the lessons of history. Unfortunately, it is now proven beyond a doubt that is not the case.

Unlike Chaimberlain, I do not believe that this administration and the left in general (and I never thought I’d say this, but I’m not including Beckel in this statement) are just starry eyed optimists who blindly trust the word of a madman when in fact they are ceding the high ground to the madman himself. no, i really feel that this President, by his words, actions and in his own words over the years is hell bent on forcing acceptance of his radical Muslim beliefs onto all of us. In his actions, in my view, his hatred for Jews and Christians is evident and his open acceptance of the radicals has been proven.

Skook, as always, a great analysis.

Skooks– I believe we have not formed a Crusade since mid-15th century. Is it time to form up?
I ask this seriously. Semper Fi

@Rich Wheeler:

You get the feeling that at some point there won’t be any alternative.

Those Ducks let us down.

@another+vet: They were just Radical Germans, a tiny percentage of the German population.

Shook, at this point we can safely assume that neither Jarrett, nor Obama have read the Koran. Whatever religious beliefs she holds it’s likely not Islam, while on the other hand Obama clearly only believes in his reflection. These 2 clowns probably don’t read much of anything worthwhile. He seems to NOT be well versed in anything – other than basketball stats and football.

Their stance, IMHO, is simply ANY position that is counter to Western culture, Western values, Western history, Western business, Western historical ties, Western governments, and Western Constitutions. The evidence is overwhelming.

American voters have yet to fully grasp what they have done, . . . twice. And the Republicans in Congress are on the sidelines watching that train go by.

I really don’t believe Obama is Muslim. Likewise, I don’t believe he is Christian. He is neither. He will assume whatever characteristics will benefit him the most.

@Bill: They were just poor, misunderstood souls. Everyone who opposed them suffered from NAZIPHOBIA.

@Skook: You did a hell of a job Skooks. My basic response is this. We live in a great country with incredible natural resources. You have found a niche that has brought you great pleasure. Your hard work and education has allowed you to prosper personally AND help others. We should all be so fortunate but of course many are not.
Politicians like race horses come and go win and lose. Obama or Bush will not destroy the underlying fabric of America.
Live well Skooks. Help others when you can. Semper Fi Thank you