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Great post, BB.
There is a 268-page terrorism guide called The Management Of Savagery about ISIS’ plans.
One part of their plans is to “Infiltrate Police and Army as well as all political parties.”
Also to be MORE infiltrated than they already are are ”newspapers, petroleum companies, and sensitive civil institutions.”
Basically, ISIS are telling their European and American ”wannabe’s” to work from home, getting imbedded and ready for the next stage.
Can you imagine the TERROR they could create if they, in legal military or police uniforms, take a bunch of people hostage and start beheadings?
According to the National Association of Muslim Police, a British organization for Muslim police officers, there are more than 2,000 members.
The main aims of that association are:

*To support Recruitment/Retention/Progression of Muslim officers and staff
*To support members across a range of welfare needs
*Tackle Islamophobia

I wonder what role the existence of NAMP had in the PC treatment of these sex predators?