Jason Mattera roughed up by Harry Reid’s goons, Pelosi ducks and Lerner gets what she deserves


mattera roughed up

Jason Mattera is a conservative activist who has written several books including Hollywood Hypocrites, Obama Zombies and Crapitalsim. He frequently appears on Bill O’Reilly’s show. He’s been doing some great work and everyone ought to know about it. he confronted Harry Reid to ask Reid how he, while serving in public office nearly his entire life, became a millionaire several times over. Reid refused to respond and his security detail roughed Mattera up. Watch:


Mattera proved that Lois Lerner, the IRS official who targeted conservatives for harassment by the IRS, really, really does not like being targeted herself.

“Her exclusive interview with Politico was anything but reticent and reserved. In it, Ms. Lerner said she did nothing wrong and considers herself the victim,” writes Forbes’ Robert W. Wood. “Yet in a curious turn of events, journalist and Crapitalism author Jason Mattera showed up in her nice Bethesda neighborhood to pepper her with questions. They included such zingers as ‘Do you feel bad about turning the government into a weapon to crush political dissent?’”

What’s become interesting about Matter’s video of Lois Lerner is how some people, like conservative and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, are saying it was overboard and may engender sympathy for Lerner.

“But being hounded and asked questions of this sort cannot be entirely unexpected and may not even be unfair, especially after Ms. Lerner’s exclusive interview with Politico,” Wood said.

Either way, Matters insists that “this is the job of the media to go after people who have abused their status as a public servant.”

And he’s absolutely correct.

Watch the fun:


Forbes said Lerner had a “Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.”

The neighbor whose house Lerner tried to bust into didn’t want her in:

“Could you call the police?” Ms. Lerner begs the woman while pounding on the door. “Please let me in. These guys are with the press and they’re not leaving me alone. I only need to come in for a second. Can I go in the garage?”

“What are you doing here?” an elderly man asks from behind as he approaches his front door.

“She’s trying to get in your house, she doesn’t want to answer questions,” Mr. Mattera explains.

“I don’t want her in the house,” the man says.

“I know you don’t,” Ms. Lerner says to the man as she pats him on the shoulder and rushes back down the hill.

Before the video ends, Ms. Lerner is seen walking up another neighbor’s driveway when Mr. Mattera asks, “Are we going to try another house?”

Mattera also had questions for Nancy Pelosi, who always has something to say, about her crony capitalism connection to billionaire Tom Steyer:

Much like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Nancy Pelosi has made the billionaire Koch brothers a prominent fixture in her frequent public remarks against Republicans. But given her connection to Tom Steyer, Mattera believes a double standard is clearly at play. He wrote CRAPITALISM, he has explained, in order to expose the Left’s phony lies and hypocrisy of claiming to stand up for the little guy, but trampling on them every chance they get.

In fact, Pelosi’s pal Tom Steyer has his own chapter in the book.

One week after his elevator encounter with the California Democrat, Mattera caught up with Pelosi a second time, prior to her speech at a union-organized rally.

“Are you going to talk about your crony connections to Tom Steyer? You know, the money you secured that helped his investment?” Mattera asked.

Pelosi refused to answer.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this … but you guys love talking about the Koch brothers. Somehow they’re undermining democracy,” said Mattera.

Again, Pelosi refused to answer. And this time, one of the members of her security detail asked the author if he would please leave her alone.

“She doesn’t want to answer questions right now,” the agent said.

“Well, clearly — she never does,” responded Mattera.

Here is that video:


Liberal Bob Beckel threatened Mattera with a knife fight. Mattera offered to debate Beckel on “The Five” but Beckel has gone into hiding.

Capitol Police are dodging questions about the assault.

Great work!

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Even Bill O’Reilly objected to Mattera acting this way
Abusing women is never allowed no matter how much you disagree with them
I am somewhat (?) surprised that someone the she if Dr J would agree to this type of behavior

IIRC Sarah Palin was hounded by ”Journolists,” the 400 left-leaning journalists, academics and others organized by Ezra Klein.
She even had people (supposedly writing books) camping out as ”neighbors.”
Google Palin brawl and you get 32,000+ citations even though no charges were even filed.
But Lois Lerner got a tiny, inexpensive taste of her own medicine and here come her apologists.
Poor wittle goil.
No she’s not.
Her pension is over $100,000 a year for doing what?
Things she SHOULD have been fired, penalized and perhaps even imprisoned over.

Again – no surprise that leftists have a double standard when it comes to having the light of the media shining on their criminal cronyism. Look at how they want all the leftist hags treated with dignity and the highest respect, while the leftists viciously portray actually accomplished conservative women as nothing more than the local tramp.

Compare the media’s treatment of the totally unaccomplished, carpet-bagging, husband’s-coattail-riding, liar that is Hillary Clinton, with the shameless partisan attacks against Sarah Palin, a woman who arguably rose up to the position of state governor on the strength of her own accomplishments, while raising her own children – all in spite of the most vile press coverage possible.

Look how the press fawns over the corrupt and despicable Susan Rice, compared with the outrageous and many times racist manner in which the left attacked Condoleeza Rice.

Look how the press slobbers all over themselves about the “wise Latina” sitting on SCOTUS, compared to the manner in which they spit upon Ted Cruz.

Compare the manner in which Dr. Ben Carson is portrayed – a man who is a pediatric neurosurgeon no less – with the Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief who has uttered the terms “OB-Guynee”, “CORPSE-man”, and talked about “57 states”.

You cannot ever expect truth, integrity or common sense from a leftist. Nothing matters to them except increasing their power, and there is no act too vile or evil they will not commit in their quest for collectivist power.


Look at how they want all the leftist hags treated with dignity and the highest respect, while the leftists viciously portray actually accomplished conservative women as nothing more than the local tramp.
Look how the press slobbers all over themselves about the “wise Latina” sitting on SCOTUS, compared to the manner in which they spit upon Ted Cruz.

LOL. Come on, Pete, it can’t be that hard to think of a conservative Hispanic female in that big, roomy, multi-cultural tent on the Far Right. Or is there something Ted Cruz isn’t telling us?


Governor of New Mexico, Martinez. The point is the biased treatment of LIBERAL hispanics versus Conservative hispanics, and Cruz demonstrates my point as the media doesn’t say much about the female hispanic governor of NM, because the MSM doesn’t view her as.the threat they view Cruz.

Thanks for the stereotypical leftist attempt at deliberately missing the point, though.

Just came home with Crapitolism, by Jason Mattera.
He deserves our support for what he’s being put through.
I wonder how it will go between him and Bob Beckel?

This style used to be the bread and butter of Mike Wallace of 60 minutes fame. The left hates it when the tables are turned on them.

We Love You Jason!! Keep on EXPOSING them…for the lying – greedy – self-serving… puke they are!!

Funny how one ‘congressman’ lied and claimed a Tea Partier spit at him – they claim the Tea Party is ‘violent’ ….in the Harry Reid video his thugs threw Jason up against the wall for merely asking a question….and Harry does nothing to stop it…truly shows the (uncivilized) character of the Democrats….and their ‘base’…much ‘tolerance’…smh

….the video proves how much they ‘project’ their actions and claim it’s- it’s- it’s… the Republicans and the Tea Party and Conservatives who are ‘the extremists’…the radicals and so, so – violent… yea, RIGHT – take a look around your own back yard idiot Democrats and liberals…quit lying …enough said.

It is amazing how the Democrat Wacko Liberals whine and scream when they get treated like Republicans in the press. Makes me sick!! How quickly these idiots forget what the press put President George W Bush through on a daily basis!! As far as I’m concerned he’s doing exactly what should be done but the hypocrite liberals in the play by a double standard and look the other way!!

@John: Show me any abuse by this guy!!


Whiny hypocrite! It is not abusive or sexist to hold a politician’s feet to the fire. The treatment Pelosi got from Mattera was simply par for the course and miniscule, compared to the crap and abuse the MSM has pulled on conservative females and blacks.