The Ancient Evil Religion Of Political Correctness (Guest Post)



With quiet dignity a hooded figure revealed himself from the protective ring of trees. Mounting a small hillock he faced the sea of expectant faces. A measured sweep of his hands pulled back the hood to reveal a wizened face framed by a long white beard. For a long moment not a sound was heard or movement evident in the crowd.

The robed figure examined the myriad of faces before him with watery blue eyes that shone with intelligence and understanding. What he saw before him was hope. Hope on faces that only hours before had expressed only despair and fear. Their faces were still haggard but fire now dwelled in eyes that had previously only contained the spent ashes of surrender. His grey cloak marked his as one of the Wise Ones; dedicated to preserving knowledge from the past so that humanity would not have to relive it. Tonight he would be reading a selection from The Chronicles of Chaos. The hushed gathering listened with an intense reverence as the old one began to read from the ancient scroll.

“At the beginning of the Twenty First century a new religion rose to great acclaim and with much fervor. Its followers worshipped an all-powerful god named Political Correctness and a host of minor deities including Diversity, Tolerance, Sensitivity and Inclusion. Its priests were called Professors and they were charged with passing on its teachings to the youth and guarding its most holy of secrets. Collectively, this priesthood was called Academia and they resided in their own communities called Universities. Sustained by the public treasury their power grew and their prestige spread like a swarm of locusts upon the earth.

The elite of the every generation would be turned over to the Professors to be indoctrinated into the new religion. It was at the Universities that the young were taught to despise the old ways and to reject the teachings of their parents. The old traditions, cultures, holidays, religious practices, and beliefs were reviled, trampled and belittled so that they could be replaced in the minds of the young with the new teachings of the new religion. After their period of indoctrination and training the new prostheletizers of Political Correctness would be sent forth to spread its doctrine far and wide.

The fearsome deities of Political Correctness were bloodthirsty and constantly demanded sacrifices to sate their Perpetual Outrage. The lives, careers, reputations and power of countless individuals were sacrificed to appease the ever angry gods and eventually all but a brave or foolish few were forced to acknowledge their supremacy. Their power and influence was everywhere and all feared to say what they truly thought or felt for fear of the great retribution of their fanatical followers. A single word uttered in carelessness or a stray thought out of context was enough for one to be summoned to judgment before those charged with satisfying the never-ending lusts of Political Correctness.

The minor deities also were a dark and foreboding force that had to be appeased. Many were followers of the feminine Right to Choose cult and untold millions of the unborn were sacrificed in an orgy of infanticide on the blood splattered altar of Convenience. The deviant and the perverse demanded, and eventually received, the sacrifice of the once sacred institution of marriage to appease the demands of Equality. And the followers of the high priest Gore and the god Gaea demanded the rejection and reversal of the evil Industrialization. No longer would the Creator be worshipped but only the Creation and isms of Political Correctness. So it was said, and so it was done.

With the growth of the religion of Political Correctness came the persecution of the followers of the One True religion. He who born of a virgin, nailed on a cross and known as the Messiah, Savior and King by his followers was banned from the schools and the public square. Increasingly, his followers were forced to cower behind their church doors as their dwindling leaders were toppled by scandal, arrested and punished for hate speech, or cowed by the new religion. Many of this priestly class of the Old Religion became converts of Political Correctness and even taught its doctrine in their houses of worship.

There are those who believe that the religion of Political Correctness was derived from the horrendous worship of the dark god Marxism whose victims had numbered in the hundreds of millions before he was cast out of the great temple of ideology and his followers mocked and discredited. But their last adherents had been among the Professors and many believed the worship of Multiculturalism, Diversity and Tolerance was merely the disguised worship of Marxism, resurfacing in another form. We may never know the truth.”

The Wise One stopped reading and lowered the scroll in his hand. “Let us never forget what happened, and may we never repeat it. In the end the righteous were cast down and evil was called good and good was called evil. Every knee was forced to bow and every tongue confess that there was no longer right or wrong, only different, and that the right to not be offended was the greatest right of all.”

He looked up at the crowd and said, “that is all for tonight, we will read more from The Chronicles tomorrow.”

Reverently he rolled the scroll back up and put it carefully into its resting place. Tomorrow the sun would rise again, and with it would come hope that man might once again know logic and common sense, tradition and virtue, morals and values, self-control and self-restraint. Perhaps once again man would realize that he was not merely a slave or an animal or a mindless drone but a builder of great civilizations and capable of great deeds… Only time would tell if it was too late to reverse the cataclysmic results of the Before or if the faint hope for the scattered remnant that remained in the After could ever be fulfilled. Only the Wise Ones, the Sages of Old, still said there was a chance for humanity to redeem itself. Maybe, but just maybe, that would be enough. The Wise One motioned for the crowd to rise to its feet and together they solemnly chanted the mantra of hope that bound them together and showed the way for the future:

“Learn from the Past or we are doomed to repeat it.”

“Learn from the Past or we are doomed to repeat it.”

“Learn from the Past or we are doomed to repeat it.”

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WOW. Truth

Dave did you decide to write this because of what the Pope said ? Calling on governments to redistribute wealth and benefits to the poor sure must sound like a left wing commie plot to the radical rightists. The last Pope turned the Vatican into an all solar electric country because of global warming, and now this. Sort of must make some onnthe right begin to wonder if the old conservatives in the KKK was correct when they were against Papists in their neighborhoods.
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

@john: Hatred of the “right” is your god. There is no hope for you, unless you stop trying to right and start finding the truth.

A simplification, since you intentionally missed the point of the post:

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for,that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

P.S. – Even if a Pope endorsed Marxism, it’s still wrong. Shame on you for thinking the Vatican necessarily speaks for Christ. You’ve got a lot of reading — and thinking — to do.

Those who forget history (or fail to even learn it) are doomed to repeat it.

The Pope is the leader of MOST christians, not all. Some, apparently like you, prefer the teachings of Rodgers
from wiki
Cecil Sherman writes in his autobiography that he once questioned Rogers about biblical inerrancy with reference to New Testament passages that seem to support slavery. Sherman reports that Rogers replied: “I believe slavery is a much maligned institution; if we had slavery today, we would not have this welfare mess.”[3][4] Though Rogers later signed up to a revised Baptist Faith and Message to the effect that all races are equal before the Lord.[5][6]
Shame on you for putting your faith in a man like Rodgers who could not even condemn SLAVERY
Please contrast that with the teachings of any modern Pope.
But if you do wish to follow the Bible literally please check Leviticus on immigration
Leviticus Chapter 19
33 And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.

34 [But] the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I [am] the LORD your God.

@John: You do know which party started the KKK, led the way on Jim Crow laws, right?

@john: Wow. Does that move actually work on anyone? Endorsing a quote from Rodgers does not allow anyone to claim I endorse everything ever said by Rodgers, or even his overall view of things. I knew you’d take the bait, because you desperately need people to be what you want them to be so you can hate them. Projection 101. You fail. Rodger’s quote is true (the one about Marxism), that’s why you attempted (poorly) to shift the argument by distorting the truth and suddenly claim that I support slavery. If you have any real examples of the superiority of Marxism over freewill, please show me.

The Pope does not speak for all Catholics. Sorry to disappoint.

Regarding your brilliant use of Biblical Criticism:
Proof-texting: a practice long used by fundi loonies and leftist clowns alike. Take a quote out of context, use it to support any cause you’d like — whether for or against God and faith. You’re lack of education on this matter is staggering, though I’m sure you’re heart is in the right place. But a broken heart is misleading. Go get a degree in theology and biblical criticism (like me), or at least show me you’ve thought and studied more deeply on these issues than just throwing scripture around willy-nilly (the way Rodger’s and company are prone to do), and then we can talk. Right now, you are not educated enough to throw things around the way you do.

You need a boogey-man to pin your own fears and inadequacies on, like we all do, but a person of faith walks the narrow path away from this urge, the urge to scapegoat and envy. You’ve been poisoned with the notion that the faithful have poisoned the world, and a good citizen must purge their ignorance from all cultures. This is neither new nor enlightened. Only evil. Both of us live in glass houses, like it or not.

With compassion, I must say that you do not understand faith, specifically the Christian faith, and do not want to. Should that ever change, I suggest Paul Tillich’s “The Dynamics of Faith”. Short book, and not necessarily an endorsement of the Christian faith, but a conversation starter. Tillich was a brilliant theologian — very intelligent.

The current political situation in America has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with God. If God is real, there are some things a person must contend with before casting their lot. If God does not exist, anything goes. No one is right or wrong. Any morality exists only as one person’s imposition of will over another.

I think you’ve failed to see that you are as ignorant and scary as the people you claim to combat. Your views, and those of the religious bigots, are essentially the same in their scope, distortion, and capability to hurt our culture at large.

Dave the sage,
When I read this I thought of the UKIP and how it is overturning all the elites of all three of the UK’s other political parties.
Of course, the only criticism those three old parties have against UKIP was that it was ”racist.”
But UKIP is anything but racist.
People of all colors are in it.
What UKIP is, however, is anti-PC.
One proof of this is UKIP’s clear and open policy about limiting immigration.
The leader of UKIP opposes the EU.
Ironically, if he wins a majority in UK’s Paliamant, he becomes Prime Minister and likely will be assigned to be head of the EU!
If that happens look to him to be speaking just like one of your ”Wise Ones.”

I love how the right tries to demonize something (‘political correctness’) that is clearly an attempt to eradicate hateful and unjust actions in society. Your ‘founding fathers’ would roll over in their graves if they knew.

@This one:

You are beyond moronic if you believe that political correctness is devised for any purpose other than to control people. Political correctness is straight out of marxism, and if you had the intellectual capacity of a frozen doorknob you would understand that.

And for uneducated drones like john who are touting the current Pope’s ridiculous statements regarding wealth redistribution, two points. First, Catholics are only obligated to accept as infallible pronouncements made ex cathedra on issues of faith and morals. His recent statements regarding wealth redistribution do not meet that criteria by a long shot. Secondly, isn’t it interesting how the left is suddenly all enamored with papal declarations that they can use in their marxist economic propaganda, but when the Pope condemns abortion or artificial birth control the left sneers about the Church being only a bunch of doddering old men who need to buy a clue.

@John, aka the sock puppet known as This one: If there weren’t so many hateful and unjust actions by the left they wouldn’t need to be demonized.

@This one: The claim is that political correctness does nothing of the sort. You appear as the hateful and unjust part of our society. Time to look in the mirror. You are what you hate and people of conscious are standing against you.

Dave, this was a fun read, and I will suggest using it as the template for a fantasy novel i.e. Game of Thrones. However, this theme could convey moral and political messages, and differentiate itself from the pulp image of most fantasy.

The fact that you managed to get the bowels, of our resident Libs, moving and flushed, over an entertaining little vignette, is an endorsement.

Perhaps you should cover the birth of PC and how it was used by Mao and Stalin as an excuse to imprison and execute millions, and keep millions more living in fear of the power of the state and the whims of the Elite as they decided upon the next edict of Political Correctness