Ding A Ling Goes Chelsea The Wind Chime



Is it me, have I become a stickler for logic, congruity, and the formulation of ideas or have I lost all sense of proportion, applying cruel perspicuity until it is virtually impossible to pretend mediocrity and senseless babble are defining measures of brilliance.

The media seems willing to give Chelsea Clinton more than the benefit of doubt, but I have no reason to celebrate vapidity. If you can make sense of the apparent nonsense, please step forward and state your case, enlighten us, for many of us are in awe or perhaps abject disbelief that such disjointed thinking can be cited as a qualification for the presidency.

This is a woman who admits she has had multiple opportunities to make the same statements repeatedly (her logic, not mine), and still she relies on the fart, stumble, fall technique of public discourse, while our media expects us to remain silent as a measure of respect for the assumed brilliance of the youngest Clinton royal.

You be the judge, perhaps I expect too much. Lucidity is at a premium these days, and finding logic in Chelsea’s direct quotes may be far beyond the humble abilities of the average American.

“I wish that there was more interest in the work we’re doing here on the part of the mainstream press — the work that we’re grateful to do and the work that I personally am now grateful to be part of. “

I know many of you struggled through freshman English at various colleges, but if your last name was Clinton and you attended Stanford, your worries would have been minimal.

Eric Partridge should be reassured that his book, “Usage and Abusage: A Guide To Good English” will be needed for many more decades.

Eric Partridge:

Which is preferred – nom de plume, pseudonym, or pen name? What are neologisms, disguised conjunctions, and fused participles? Language enters into almost every part of human life and yet it is all too often misused: directness and clarity disappear in a whirl of clichés, euphemisms, and wooliness of expression.

Chelsea Clinton:

“I personally am obsessed with diarrhea”

Thankfully, Joe Canason, a writer at Huffington, had the kindness to explain this sentence and prevented the world from laughing at Chelsea’s blatant vapidity; especially, since she seems incapable of expressing herself,with any semblance of clarity, but this is only a small part of the responsibilities of a compliant press.

meaning the symptoms of waterborne disease that leads to diarrhea, dehydration, and death for millions of children annually across Africa. Aside from her growing experience in the field, she holds a master’s in public health from Columbia University.

Joe has problems with writing and expression, but we have learned to accept mediocrity from state directed media.

Obviously, the master’s degree in public health from Columbia carries the same amount of authority as the undergraduate degree from Stanford, especially if you are a Clinton, and the the inability to link ideas and phrases becomes a qualification for the nation’s highest office.

The wind chime continues:

“I wish that someone wanted to talk about diarrhea, and why I think we really have the chance to eradicate diarrhea, even before every country across the African continent or across the world has strong public health systems of sanitation and clean water…Yes, I wish the mainstream media were interested in things like our growing work in diarrhea, or the work that we’re doing in agriculture or the work we’re doing on HIV/AIDS, and how important that is.”

This is painful; however, when the drivel becomes nearly incomprehensible, the implied qualifications for the office of the presidency are the most pronounced.

Shall we continue:

“I’m … grateful to live in a city and a state and a country where I really believe in my elected officials, and their ethos and their competencies, someday, if either of those weren’t true and I thought I could make more of a difference in the public sector, or if I didn’t like how my city or state or country were being run, I’d have to ask and answer that question.

I really felt like I could make a difference and then I should make a difference. And I had very much led a deliberately private life for a long time, and now I’m attempting to lead a purposely public life.”

Organization of thoughts and speech has now become unimportant or trivial to the Liberal, image is everything, and the Clintons have image. Therefore, this muddled and confused mass of incoherent ideas is being palmed off on the public as relevant and an example of strategic thinking; however, even with the heroic efforts of a sympathetic press, it is extremely hard to hide blatant stupidity.

Truman Capote once said of Jack Kerouac:

That’s Not writing, it’s typing

Skook says of Chelsea,

That’s not a formulation of ideas, it’s gibberish

Pretending to see intellect in ramblings of mediocrity is dangerous for the country. The Democrat voting block may be trained to respond with oohs and ahhs when media blows the dog whistles to signal admiration and adulation, but the mediocrity and vapidity of Chelsea Clinton is a bridge too far.

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@Richard Wheeler: RW, why are you being disingenuous? That last link contains a long list of items about Chelsea, not just one picture. Are you gonna pretend that you never heard about all Chelsea’s drunken episodes? But you will claim you did hear about the one story about the Bush daughter? Kinda selective editing on your part.

@Redteam: The last link didn’t have much. One headline asked if she was illegitimate. Bottom line– why make a big deal about her or “w””s partying progeny.They’re both married and by all accounts leading sober and productive lives
Neither will ever be accused of partying as hard as their dads. lol.

@Richard Wheeler: .

They’re both married and by all accounts leading sober and productive lives

Well, at least Chelsea seems to be determined to figure out how to stop diarrhea. I’m glad I don’t have that problem. Maybe it’s because I’m not full of, uh, whatever.