The check is in the mail, I’ll respect you in the morning, and the the IRS cannot abuse your medical records



Republicans seek to establish paranoid ‘culture of cover-ups’ at IRS hearing

blares the headline of allvoices.

During a heated grilling on Capitol Hill by congressional lawmakers, resigned IRS Commissioner Steve Miller gave his best effort to describe what happened at the Cincinnati office by examiners, who were accused of “targeting” conservative groups for extra scrutiny on tax-exempt applications.

It was not nefarious activity meant to be politically targeted, said Miller. Apparently, it was a shortcut system designed to handle the flood of applications for 501(c)(4) status that doubled after Citizens United was allowed by the Supreme Court to deluge political campaigns with secretly donated corporate cash.

Miller, who testified Friday, along with Russell George, the Treasury inspector general, was repeatedly hammered by Republicans to admit that “targeting” was done, but he explained it was a way for 150 overworked employees to be “more efficient in their workload selection” to deal with 70,000 applications. Miller claimed the method was a foolish mistake, but not an “act of partisanship.” In addition, Bloomberg reported that some progressive groups went through added scrutiny as well.

However, according to a report in The Hill, David Camp (R-Mich.), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, didn’t accept Miller’s explanation and essentially called him a liar.

“We were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening [since 2012]” Camp said. “That isn’t being misleading – that is lying.”

Snide Republicans paint mistakes as another cover-up

spits an Examiner article:

Political analysts said that Republicans appeared to have coordinated their questions in the caustic tone and attitude of a hardcore interrogation, demanding that Miller pinpoint his answers, without allowing him to broaden his explanation, often cutting him off midsentence. Some questions were clearly looking for ties to the president and the White House, particularly around the election, which Miller adamantly denied.

Critics describe the debacle over IRS mistakes, the Benghazi attacks and the confiscation of AP records as a gleeful opportunity for conservatives to advance their dark conspiracy scandal-machine, while using words like “impeachment” and “government takeover” to further promote mistrust of the Obama administration.

Could the IRS abuse medical records? No chance, says Miller:

Nonetheless, Republican effort reported by the Daily Caller by Sen. Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul and other ultra-radical lawmakers to link the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to planned abuse and future privacy violations by the IRS was debunked effectively in Friday’s hearing by Sen. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.).

McDermott asked Miller if the IRS would have the ability to access medical records of citizens unable to pay for health care in some kind of “fascist government takeover by the IRS,” which was a claim conjured up by the right to manufacture fear against the law. Miller’s answer was, “No, sir.”

democrats swear that the IRS won’t be able to abuse your medical records.

Beg your pardon.

IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records

A healthcare provider has sued the Internal Revenue Service and 15 of its agents, charging they wrongfully seized 60 million medical records from 10 million Americans.

The name of the provider is not yet known, United Press International said. But Courthouse News Service said the suit claims the agency violated the Fourth Amendment in 2011, when agents executed a search warrant for financial data on one employee – and that led to the seizure of information on 10 million, including state judges.

The search warrant did not specify that the IRS could take medical information, UPI said. And information technology officials warned the IRS about the potential to violate medical privacy laws before agents executed the warrant, the complaint said, as reported by UPI.

“Despite knowing that these medical records were not within the scope of the warrant, defendants threatened to ‘rip’ the servers containing the medical data out of the building if IT personnel would not voluntarily hand them over,” the complaint states, UPI reported.

The suit also says IRS agents seized workers’ phones and telephone data – more violations of the warrant, UPI reported.

The complaint alleges the IRS was “invasive and unlawful” and stole access to intimate medical records that included patients’ treatment plans and therapies, UPI said.

democrats feigned indignation that Republicans have identified this scandal for what it is- an effort to affect the 2012 election but the fact is that the IRS has been leaking confidential information on conservatives like a hull plate on the Titanic.

Camp began the hearing by setting the stakes. The problem, he said, wasn’t the IRS’ use of terms like “Tea Party” and “Patriot” to filter which groups seeking tax-exempt status should receive additional scrutiny. The problem, instead, is that the IRS is “too large” and “too obstrusive.” The tax system, he continued, “is rotten at the core, and it must be ripped out so we can start fresh.” The chairman justified that claim by explaining that his goal was to examine five different aspects of the IRS’ behavior. The Tea Party scrutiny was foremost, but there were other incidents: a White House official discussing the tax status of a company, harassment of donors to conservative groups, the Huffington Post accessing a donor list to the National Organization for Marriage, and a leak of applications for tax-exempt status to ProPublica.

democrats mostly seem bothered that they have been caught:

Rep. Sander Levin, the ranking Democrat, echoed Camp’s concerns — with a caveat. The IRS “completely failed the American people,” he agreed, but “if this hearing becomes essentially a bootstrap to continue the campaign of 2012 and to prepare for 2014, we will be making a very serious mistake and not meeting our obligation to the American people.” After Levin, Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Adminstration J. Russell George (left, above) quickly walked through his office’s findings on the scrutiny of Tea Party (and other group) applicants.

The Obama administration knew about the IRS activity a year ago:

In no uncertain terms and with no hedging, The New York Times reports that the Obama administration was aware of the fact that the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups as far back as June of 2012. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General confirmed that he told senior Treasury officials in June of 2012, a full five months before Election Day:

The Treasury Department’s inspector general told senior Treasury officials in June 2012 he was investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s screening of politically active organizations seeking tax exemptions, disclosing for the first time on Friday that Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year.

We still don’t know for sure what the President knew or when he knew it, but this does confirm that the administration was aware of the fact that Obama’s political enemies were under fire by the IRS and covered that fact up during an election year.

As Lisa Meyers of NBC News told “Morning Joe” today, “Imagine if we — if you can — what would have happened if this fact came out in September 2012, in the middle of a presidential election? The terrain would have looked very different.”

They sat on it- because an election was coming up.

And an IRS employee in Cincinatti sheds even more light on this IRS scandal:

As could be expected, the folks in the determinations unit on Main Street have had trouble concentrating this week. Number crunchers, whose work is nonpolitical, don’t necessarily enjoy the spotlight, especially when the media and the public assume they’re engaged in partisan villainy.

“We’re not political,’’ said one determinations staffer in khakis as he left work late Tuesday afternoon. “We people on the local level are doing what we are supposed to do. . . . That’s why there are so many people here who are flustered. Everything comes from the top. We don’t have any authority to make those decisions without someone signing off on them. There has to be a directive.

And we learned from where Barack Obama learns of these scandals:


The IRS CAN access your medical records.
The IRS CAN abuse your medical records.

They already have.

Dishonesty has become the hallmark of this regime. Don’t fall for their three big lies.

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The complaint alleges the IRS was “invasive and unlawful” and stole access to intimate medical records that included patients’ treatment plans and therapies, UPI said.

It isn’t only that your health records will be available to the IRS and progressive bureaucrats that is most troubling – with Obamacare, inevitably moving the Nation to a single payer system, your healthcare records (you’ll eventually get a smart card containing all your info) will hold all intimately personal information related to you – right from birth.

Your records will hold everything about you related to your medical information, what illnesses you’ve had, mental afflictions like depression or adhd, where you purchased your drugs, etc., . . . . AND your records will have all your financial information because the government will want to know and track what level of your medical costs will be subsidized.

Cross-polination between the IRS and Obamacare at the top of these organizations isn’t being imposed by accident. This criminality is well under way, and the invasion of all rights will be un-retractable if taxpayers don’t responds vocally.

The extremes which this Administration has already proven it is RW&A to exceed, will turn America into a Marxist state. Only the coolaid drinkers can possibly be supportive of this insanity.

There is also no chance that the IRS abuse of power doesn’t have a trigger finger smack in the top of this Administration. Congress and the FBI have to do what they’ve been hired to do.

Taxpayers are justified to feel paranoia setting in.

Sorry, meme-makers.
Some of the toughest on Obama’s scandals were DEMOCRATS.
Rep. Charlie Rangel (DEMOCRAT-N.Y.) said Wednesday that he believes President Barack Obama owes the American public explanations for both the seizure of Associated Press phone records by the Department of Justice and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

“I don’t think anyone truly believes that the president has given us a sufficient answer for America, much less the press,” Rangel said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”
he president has to come forward and share why he did not alert the press they were going to do this. He has to tell the Americans, including me: What was this national security question?
U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey (DEMOCRAT-Malden), running for U.S. Senate, quickly denounced the Internal Revenue Service’s 
actions earlier this week and upped the ante yesterday as the scandal spread, saying, “Whoever did this should be found and fired.”
U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (DEMOCRAT-Worcester) with regard to the IRS scandal, “anybody connected to this ought to be fired.”
Sen. Max Baucus (DEMOCRAT-Montana) I think it’s important that we have the hearings, and I think that will encourage other information to come out that has not yet come out. I suspect that we will learn more in the next several days, maybe the next couple three weeks which adds more context to all of this.
This actually leads to new momentum for tax reform because this is an important provision in the code.
And this provision has raised lots of questions now, and also how it’s tied with another significant provision, the so-called section 527.
And that’s – that’s – that’s going to help I think encourage more momentum for tax reform.

Here’s one place Congress can start: Larry Conners, St. Louis journalist who asked Obama the only challenging question of his Presidency.

Conners, “I don’t accept ‘conspiracy theories,’ but I do know that almost immediately after the interview, the IRS started hammering me,” Connors wrote on Facebook. “Can I prove it? At this time, no. But it is a fact that since that April 2012 interview … the IRS has been pressuring me.”

Go to IRS agents who pulled his file and contacted him, then work up the food chain with subpoenas if necessary. At some point up the line you’ll be ringing on the W.H. door.

Eventually, many more people will come forward and form a crowd, then their fear will subside, and Congress and the media will have to take this seriously.

@Nan G:

Max Baucus (Demorat) is a hypocrite. It was his letter to the IRS, demanding more strigent investigation of the groups applying for 501(c)3 & 4 status, along with Durbin, Levin and one other, could be considered the beginnings of the IRS scandal. Now Baucus wants to act all indignant as if he didn’t have anything to do with the IRS bringing pressure on those people.

Now it is quite interesting that, in spite of the SCOTUS ruling in CWA vs. Beck that Baucus didn’t seem to be bothered by the clear violations of 501(c)5 groups, i.e. unions, only those 3 groups (churches) and 4 groups (TEA Party, etc.)

When asked in hearings if any “progressive” groups who had applied for 501(c)4 status had been subjected to such scrutiny, both Miller and the IG answered “No.”

When an IRS employee says, “Everything comes from the top. We don’t have any authority to make those decisions without someone signing off on them. There has to be a directive.” . . . . Doesn’t that seem to smell like it holds some credibility and appears right, AND shouts ‘follow-up’?

Flat tax, Fair tax or a national sales tax. Do away with the progressive income tax and get the government out of the business of marxist wealth redistribution. Prohibit government employee unions, which serve only to entrench leftist tyranny in the government that is supposed to serve us, not enslave us.

Anyone who knows anything about organizations knows that this IRS criminality did not originate from a couple of rogue agents. The culture of any organization is a reflection of the philosophy of the leadership. Going against the leadership means disfavor and potential loss of position.

it must be a surgery cut on the cancer, and time to reduce , time to eliminate,
time to give the long time vacation, time to cancel the election proven illegal.
they all have alowed, incited to hate, to hurt, to pursue, to threaten,the good family
shouting the injustice since 2008,
time to get the UNIONS out of GOVERNMENT,
time to shut the WHITE HOUSE and fire all employees
shut the IRS, and after the investigation reopen with new staff and leaders chosen by all party.
make a new election strongly checked,
they have done wrong to the PEOPLE,
they have comited crimes ON THE PEOPLE,
THE PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED without any bonus,
they have not been apologize to, they have been treated like criminals by criminals, there must be a retribution given for what they spend fighting, this for years

It would be funny if it wasn’t true and scary.

Anyone who believes the permanent bureaucrat class having control of our health system shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

@James Raider: sssshhhh nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids your looking for, move along.

There has been a lot of push for a Unified National Health Care Database that has all of a patient’s information available to any health care provider. If you have a Pharmacy swipe card,it has come out this week that these drugstore chains have been selling your purchase information (including what drugs you purchased,) online for$14.00+ online. It would not at all surprise me if political parties started using that information to get information on their opponents or their contributors. With Obamacare, the Federal government would of course also be tied into the database. With the abuses of power by the IRS, including the providing of opponent’s tax reports to the Obama Campaign and reporters, can we expect that this wont also be abused for political gain? I think not.

Businesses and government agencies have made our personal information into a big-bucks clearinghouse for any who wants to pay. American citizens need to contact their representatives and demand protection (with stiff penalties,) from having all their personal information spread with so open disregard. Clearly our 4th Amendment rights have been lost due to convenience and data mining.

they will eliminate the OBAMACARE, watch it coming,
RAND PAUL will do it