Obama: If Republicans don’t give me what I want I will make planes fall from the sky


obama alter 1a

Barack Obama is warning America of the devastation that the sequester will visit upon the country, including

Furloughs of 800,000 civilian Pentagon employees;
Meat inspector furloughs from which food shortages will result;
Air Traffic Controller furloughs resulting in three-hour waits at airports to clear security;
Reductions in embassy protection and border patrols;
Cutting the Persian Gulf Naval presence from two aircraft carriers to one;
Diminished emergency services;
fewer police and firefighters on the streets;
Reduced military readiness;
Criminals going free because federal prosecutors will have to close cases;
Thousands of teacher and educator layoffs
Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids;
Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings; and
Job-creating investments in education and energy and medical research.

And soon we’re likely to hear that global warming will accelerate and comets will strike the Earth if Republicans don’t acquiesce to Obama’s demands for more taxes. He has hinted that planes will fall from the sky:

“Air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, which means more delays at airports across the country,” Obama continued. “Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings.”

How much is to be “cut”? $85 billion on a budget of $3.6 trillion. That’s 2.4%. As of August household income was down 8.2% under Obama and the country had to make do. Now Obama tries to tell us that government can’t do with 2.4% less? Seriously?

He has been lying about the sequester since the debates. The sequester was Obama’s team’s idea:

Page 326 (July 26):

At 2:30 p.m., [White House Budget director Jack] Lew and [White House legislative affairs director Rob] Nabors went to the Senate to meet with [Senator Majority Leader Harry] Reid and his chief of staff, David Krone.

“We have an idea for a trigger,” Lew said.

“What’s the idea,” Reid asked skeptically.


Reid bent down and put his head between his knees, almost as if he was going to throw up or was having a heart attack. He sat back up and looked at the ceiling. “A couple of weeks ago,” he said, “my staff said to me that there is one more possible” enforcement mechanism: sequestration. He said he told them, “Get the hell out of here. That’s insane. The White House surely will come up with a plan that will save the day. And you come to me with sequestration?”

Well, it could work, Lew and Nabors explained.

What would the impact be?

They would design it so that half the threatened cuts would be from the Defense Department….The idea was to make all of the threatened cuts so unthinkable and onerous that the supercommittee [tasked with making additional cuts] would do its work and come up with its own deficit reduction plan.

Lew and Nabors went through a laundry list of programs that would face cuts.

“This is ridiculous,” Reid said.

That’s the beauty of a sequester, they said, it’s so ridiculous that no one ever wants it to happen. It was the bomb that no one wanted to drop. It actually would be an action-forcing event.

“I get it,” Reid said finally.

Short version: Once tax increases were off the table, the White House staff came up with a sequestration plan that only had spending cuts and sold Harry Reid on the idea.

And since then, Obama continues to double down on the threats of damage the sequester will cause.

President Barack Obama issued a stark warning on Saturday that the looming sequestration budget cuts will have a devastating impact on the American economy and even threaten national security.

Obama used his weekly address to make a blunt and pointed speech, pinning the blame for the situation squarely at the doors of Republicans in Congress, whom he said were refusing to compromise on the issue of taxing the wealthy and so scuppering any chance of a deal to avoid potential disaster.

“[The cuts] will slow our economy. They will eliminate good jobs. They will leave many families who are already stretched to the limit scrambling to figure out what to do,” Obama said.

Cuts to defence and social programmes totalling $85bn are set to hit almost every part of the US government, from national parks to the military to schools and the transportation system. They were put in place after 2011’s row over raising the budget ceiling, in an attempt to force lawmakers to find a less onerous ways to reduce deficits and stabilize the national debt. Both sides failed to find an alternative, however, leaving the cuts to kick in at the end of next week.

Obama has said over and over that that Republicans are to blame for their refusal to “compromise” on raising more taxes.

But Republicans did agree to a tax increase of $600 billion.

WASHINGTON — The Senate, in a predawn vote two hours after the deadline passed to avert automatic tax increases, overwhelmingly approved legislation on Tuesday that would allow tax rates to rise only on affluent Americans while temporarily suspending sweeping, across-the-board spending cuts.

Back in 2011 Obama and John Boehner had a grand bargain in hand when Obama reneged on the deal and demanded more in tax increases than the $800 billion to which Boehner agreed.

Mr. Boehner tells Mr. Woodward, “He was spewing coals.” This is what Mr. Boehner said he told the president: “I’d put revenue on there if we had real changes in entitlement programs. Every time we get there, you and I agree; all of a sudden you guys keep backing up, backing up, backing up. And now you call me and you want more revenue. It ain’t going to happen. I’m done with it.”

And we learn from Bob Woodward that once again Obama reneges on another done deal:

In fact, the final deal reached between Vice President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in 2011 included an agreement that there would be no tax increases in the sequester in exchange for what the president was insisting on: an agreement that the nation’s debt ceiling would be increased for 18 months, so Obama would not have to go through another such negotiation in 2012, when he was running for reelection.

So when the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts. His call for a balanced approach is reasonable, and he makes a strong case that those in the top income brackets could and should pay more. But that was not the deal he made.

For all the tough talk, Obama is afraid. He is afraid that the sequester will come to pass and no one will notice. He is frightened to death that America will learn that the government can do with 2.4% less, because then America will begin to wonder with just how much less government can do.

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Have been having computer problems, but I think I finally have things ironed out.@ilovebeeswarzone: What you have said is basically true. I wish I knew more about our Bible b/c from all that I have heard, much that is transpiring right now is spelled out in our holy Bible. Aside from that comment, I would like to recommend that people turn on the History Channel tonight. I’m in the Mountain Time Zone, so I have heard that this show about our Bible will start tonight on the History Channel @ 8:00 PM. The miniseries will run through 3/31. It’s supposed to be a very good show & I am looking forward to it.

oh thank you,
I heard the add on my fox channel and I forgot about it,
it’s been film by a couple I saw them and they are very confident of their film will be love,
geez I’m on 8 oclock now, I’M going to get the channel history,
thank’s again

I guess 8oclock for you is 9 oclock for me,
5 minutes to go, I’m on the channel HISTORY,

@azjen: #104
I like the History and Discovery channels, but we have to keep in mind that they are still preaching that the earth is still warming, and that the poles are melting, and that the polar bears are disappearing. All have been proven wrong. We also have to keep in mind that whoever makes the movie or documentary, makes it the way THEY want it to be, and that might not be how it actually is.

oops I have pawn shop, it’s 9
the bible must be at 10 my time,

he has a canon to pawn 1500, oops it’s a fake year


@Smorgasbord: I agree with you. We need to realize how to separate what is true & what isn’t. As far as global warming, I do not have much faith in the people who are pushing this. Right off hand, I cannot remember who is making this series (it starts tonight & goes through 3/31); however, all that I have read about the people who are making this, I have faith in them. I will still listen carefully & will do my best to check out any comments that are made. That is one thing that I try to focus on no matter whether it’s a movie or someone speaking. (I have already had someone write to me with a negative comment about this movie.) I will try to notice the things that this person pointed out to me about this movie.

@Kendall: Most who have been following this faux government realize that Obama is a puppet who is controlled by a pupetteer(s). Also in addition to what Alinsky preached, this president relies on the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Rahm Emanuel let the cat out of the bag when he said that people shouldn’t let a good crisis to to waste & this is basically the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Google Cloward-Pinven Strategy. Read what is said about this strategy. It describes this government to a T.

@azjen: #110
I have wondered about global warming for years. The truth has finally come out. Someone released emails that told how it is fake:


One of the latest stories debunking global warming is this:

‘No global warming for 16 years’

I should have saved a lot of the articles I read. One told how all of the temperature sensors in Siberia were shut off. Another told how the sensors are being put near heat sources (parking lots, sidewalks, tops of buildings, air conditioner exhausts, etc.). Some of them had pictures of the sensors on or near their heat source. Cities are naturally warmer than rural areas, so you would think that all of the sensors would be out in the country some place, away from ANY heat source.

I wacthed the “BIBLE” here in California at 5:00PM Sundat .. and I noticed it was also on at 9:00Pm ….. @ilovebeeswarzone:

All the BIBLE prophacies are coming at us faster and faster .. be watchful Folks .. the Rapture may be next .. I hope you all Have time to watch the “BIBLE” that aires on the History Channel at 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM sundays .. GOD is still in charge, so have Faith in HIM who created ALL.. What HE does is always in our best interests ..HE came down and lived among us to declare HIMSELF, and died on a cross as the sacraficial LAMB to ensure our salvation .. HE Rose from death to prepare our places in HEAVEN .. and HE is Coming back to take us there .. be faithful folks it ain’t over till GOD says so !

yes I did watch it, it is very well put together,
it came to my satellite at midnight finaly on my HISTORY CHANNEL.
FROM ONE CHAPTER TO ANOTHER, I found it very creative,

Yes, we watched it. I thought it came on at 8 PM but instead it came on at 9 PM. It lasted for 2 hrs & there seemed to be too many commercials. It will be shown again on Wed from 10 PM to 12 PM. I’m curious as to what will be on next week. My husband said they covered a bit…but I was busy trying to do something else. It’s hard for me to sit still for too long b/c I get antsy.

I’m afraid tht I clicked on the wrong link & I am now unsubscribed from this list. I really dont want to be b/c many of you folks on here help me get through my day. I’m involved in this Core Education that is being pushed through the congress & I’m most concerned about the education that our children will receive from now on, I am a retired school teacher & I simply cannot connect with the curriculums that they are putting out for the children of today. The government wants to dumb down the children even more than they have already done. They will end up being slaves for the elite. Right now if you speak with a young person today they have no idea of the people in our government. If they like Obama, they cannot tell you why they like him. If someone says that someone else is cool…that simply doesn’t cut it with me. And then we have our 2nd Amendment Rights which Diane Feintstein (I call her Frankestein) & Obama & a few other cronies want to pass. Taking away people’s guns will not make things any safer, it will merely open up the streets for the criminals who are able to get their hands on a gun in a heartbeat. I also try to attend TEA Party meetings. Lately we haven’t been able to do that good a job b/c my husband is in great need of a hip replacement. Our orthopedic surgeon where we lived farmed him out to another doctor in the Valley. What no one seems to take into consideration is that I haven’t driven for 10 yrs. We live up in the mountains & in order to get up & down the hill, it’s a rather dangerous drive. I am hoping that we can find someone to drive us down & back. We don’t have a lot of friends so we ruled that out& we are not that involved in any particular church. Our neighbors on one side of us just left for Africa for 2 yrs. They just up & left their home. They had an RV which they drove out to Oregon. They have 2 twin boys & they felt it was important to take them out of school. Our neighors on the other side of us are okay. Except Tom’s wife gets really upset over the costs of things. I was taking her as a guest to a meeting at one of our better Country Clubs. She stopped over to see the menu to make a choice for her lunch & sat in my family room & screamed that she thought $16.00 was way too much just to out to a fancy golf course for lunch. I have more or less disregarded her b/c she seems to over-react on many things.
As the luncheon turned out, she was unable to come b/c of a funeral so I bought both lunches. One of the other members bought hers.. Then I’m VP of ACU (American Citizens United) out of the area that I live in in AZ. I agreed to take the job, but I seldom advertise it. I feel what is most important is if I can educate citizens as to what is happening in our country with all these illegal aliens that seem to be coming in despite how anyone feels about them. I have nothing personal against these people & yet I feel that they should come in our front doors instead of our backdoors. In orther words, do things legally. Get a Green Card, learn to speak English & become an Amerian citizen . In addition, they shouldn’t feel as though they are entitled to go in front of someone else who has been patiently waiting there turn. Most of these illegal aliens only come here to work & then send money back to their homeland. When I was teaching back in IL, I purposely chose a low income area in West Chicago to teach. I did my student teaching in a very upscale community & there was very little that I could do to please those kids. One example was I ordered them a movie to see one day in school. Well, when I started the movie all they could do was boo. I guess they were more interested in technicolor movies. I realize that kids cannot live like I did when growing up. However, I would have been tickled to death to see a movie during school time. It was always a fun experience b/c we would watch the movie & then discuss what we learned from that movie. With this Core Educaiton coming, I doubt if there will be many movies that the children will get to see. I guess the school districts are investing quite a bit of money into educating teachers as well as other staff in this new Core Educaiton program that they have in mind. When you first read about it, it sounds as thoough it might be kind of fun. And then they get into all that is involved in these programs & the money that is involved & personally we pay enough taxes to our school district without paying any more. The only other thoughts that I have heard so that these programs can be financed, is that the school districts would request a grant from the government. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick & tired of all these grants & money being spent like water. What I haven’t mentioned is that my husband & I are seniors & of course we will be affected by Ocare. What’s disturbing about that is a program that wasn’t supposed to be in effect until 2014 has already started in doctor’s offices & hospitals. We did our best to fight this, but I guess we couldn’t fight all the back room deals & all the smoke & mirrors. This whole program makes my husband & I feel badly b/c we have worked all our lives to make a better society. Now all that is wanted for us is for us to die & get out of the way. Sorry about this whole diatribe but I was hoping that by telling you what I’m involved in & how much I care for our country, someone could figure out how I could susbscribe to this list again. I do not post that much on lists but this one, for me, has been an exception. BTW we have some good Sheriffs in AZ too. Of course,one cannot forget Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sherrif Paul Babeu & a previos Sheriff who was totally awesome & is Sheriff Mack. Sheriff Mack is no longer an acting Sheriff , but he still is doing some good things for our state. I hope that I will get some feed back on how to subscribe to this website b/c I have gotten to know many of you & I like you.

@ilovebeeswarzone: #115
I suggest you read this before complimenting the show:

Just how unbiblical is ‘The Bible’?

I have recorded it, but haven’t watched it. Don’t tell me how it ends.

@azjen: #117

I’m afraid tht I clicked on the wrong link & I am now unsubscribed from this list.

I’ve done the same thing. Just go back to any of the comments, click on “Reply”, make a comment, then look at the bottom and make sure that “Notify me when new comments are added” is checked, then send the message. You are now back with us.

on 117,
I read you, hope you’re still with us,
I find admirable what you’re doing, and that is very patriotic to my eyes,
because of you some children will have some light to find they can think for themselves
and judge if they feel right by some their are learning is right or wrong, with your questions and guidance,
in these times of force and abuse on indoctrination by teachers already under the spell,
AS ANOTHER HUMAN who strongly believe in free thoughts LED BY FREE THINKERS

@Smorgasbord: That’s funny
BTW I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve always respected your support of gay rights and civil rights.

@Richard Wheeler: #121
As I have said many times: I am a neutralist, and have taken years to decide some things. The gay issue is one of them. I also agree with whoever said that the government can’t give us any rights. They can only take them.

thank you for the link
I still like their new version, I found it uniquely made to bring the crowd in,
those talented two did what is hard to do, impress the public with an old story

@ilovebeeswarzone: #123
As I mentioned before, each person who makes a movie, writes a book, etc., does it the way they want it. Some try to tell it like is, but others tell it like they WANT it to be. One example is how the Devil is portrayed. The Bible says he was the best looking angel in Heaven. Have you ever seen the Devil as a gorgeous hunk of a man?

that’s a good one,
my first picture of the devil was of a being with clwas and a long tail suspending him on the tree,
he had horns on his head, he was coaksing EVE TO EAT THE APPLE,
HOW THE HELL SHE DID NOT RUN AWAY FROM THAT UGLY ANIMAL LOOK, I bet she didn’t yet know what beauty was,
and the nicest picture was in a movie, the devil was buying the soul of the young man in love
in exchange for the maiden beauty, he was made very good looking in that movie his name was MEPHISTOFELES,


Forget what WND said about the movie.

Does it adhere exactly to the text of the Bible? No, but it does come closer than anything we have seen in a long time. As far as “ninja” angles, so what? There is no doubt that St. Michael, the Archangel, weilded a sword, you know, an “assault” weapon, and had an army of angles who warred against evil in the name of God. Pictures and statues of St. Michael often show him in armour, representing the warrior [for God] that he was. One of the angles, weilding an assault weapon, was played by an Asian. But who is to say what angels look like or that there were no “Asian” angels.

But the movie is well made, and the acting is not cheesy. And frankly, if the movie causes people to pick up their Bibles and read them, well then, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

@retire05: #126
All I am saying is not to believe everything you see in the entertainment industry. If some stories were told EXACTLY as they happened, the audience would fall asleep. As you suggest, people should check things out for yourself and not believe everything they see and hear.

I have used the example of how the pyramids were built different times. Each documentary I saw where someone PROVED that the pyramids COULD HAVE BEEN built a certain way, only proved they COULD HAVE BEEN built a certain way, not THAT THEY WERE built a certain way, but I’m guessing a lot of people now believe that is how they were built.

Smorgsbord FYI there are so many interpretations of the Bible b/c there were different writers for nearly every chapter in the Bible. I doubt highly that everyone would end up agreeing with one another when there are so many authors. Keep in mind there are different variations when it comes to the Bible. Our neighbor back in IL translated the Bible on the train every day that he went to work at Moody Bible Institute (he did this for his children so they would understand the Bible better). When he was finished he offered his finished product, The Living Bible, to Moody & they turned him down. Consequently he started his own company which is called Tynsdale Publishing House. Ken used to stutter alot when he talked & there was a rumor that he felt guilty or God was punishing him for translating his words in the Bible. I do not believe that & yet many do. Ken has since passed away & his son, Mark Taylor, is now in charge of Tynsdale. Last time I heard, Tynsdale was in Carol Stream, IL. Mainly what I’m trying to tell you is that no matter what you read or hear about certain things, there is always another side. I read over WND’s article & I must agree that some of those things sound a bit farfetched. However, I have reached a place in my life where I seldom believe ALL that I read. I certainly hope this comes through to you since I deleted all my previous post & that included all the tag lines.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Well, I was mistaken, the movie started here on Mountain Time at 9:00 PM & lasted 2 hrs. Then my husband noticed that our TV guide said that it would be rerun again on Wed at 10:00 PM. That would make it 12:00 PM for it to end out here.

@azjen: Yes, people would be better off if they checked out what they read or heard. You would be surprised at how many things are not the truth. A good example would be how our pyramids were built. My husband likes to watch TV & I like to read. All & all I think that our passtimes compliment each other b/c we each are listening to what the other is saying & of course, with my husband he has information that I do not have & vice a versa.

@azjen: #128
You said basically what I was saying.

Something else to think about: A long time ago I read an article that I thought was food for thought. The author mentioned two things to consider:

(1) The Bible was written from stone and parchment documents. A lot of them were in bad shape, and a lot of them had parts missing. If the Bible was written from just what could be read, there would be a lot of blank spots. I’ve seen images of some of them, and they had good size pieces missing.

The ones who wrote the Bible filled in those blank spots with what they thought was the best possible things to say. It would be nice to have those blank spots marked in the Bible so that when we read them we would know that it is just a GUESS as to what was actually written. I’m guessing that if the blank spots were left out, and each blank spot was the size of the area on the manuscript or rock that couldn’t be read, and each of us filled in those blank spots with what we thought they said, very few of them would be the same, and no two would say the same thing for all the blank spots.

I want to know where the blank spots are so I can see what was filled in. This would be a good project for the next new Bible. Use different colored, or different style text where blank spots are filled in.

(2) When translating from one language into another, there is always the possibility of error, and the possibility of purposefully changing it. We have all heard of the lousy instructions when the manufacturer of a product uses a computer translation program to translate the instructions into different languages. What if the one doing the translating purposefully changed it to what they wanted it to say. Has anyone gone back and checked to see if the translation was correct. The ancient text the Bible was taken from are just like our English language. There are many words that have almost the same meaning, and the interpreter has to pick the right word or it has a different meaning.

@azjen: #130
I’m confused about what you wrote. Not what you said. The email message said:

Yes, people would be much better off if they checked out what they heard rather than taking things as gospel. I apologize if I came across as a “know it all” but nowadays people have to beware of what they hear & read. Good example of the pyramids. My husband usually watches programs on that or related articles. If I say something he has something that refutes what I have to say. He loves to watch TV & I love to read. I guess all in all , we both get as much as possible out of our passtimes.

The message on the blog site said:

Yes, people would be better off if they checked out what they read or heard. You would be surprised at how many things are not the truth. A good example would be how our pyramids were built. My husband likes to watch TV & I like to read. All & all I think that our passtimes compliment each other b/c we each are listening to what the other is saying & of course, with my husband he has information that I do not have & vice a versa.

Did you edited it after you posted it?

I apologize if I came across as a “know it all”….

I never got that from what I read. We were both basically saying the same thing.

@retire05: I realize that your comment was not intended for me. However, I do agree with you with what you said in your last sentence. We all could stand to pick up our Bibles & read them. There is so much going on today & I don’t think it would hurt any of us to read the Bible more often. I read what WND said & like you I figured that was their opinoin; plus, like you explained there were angels in the Bible that could fit that description. I am anything but a Bible scholar but I am becomng more & more interested as time passes. We are going through some very trying times in this country & I tend to feel that the Lord is trying to get our attention by what is happening. I really do feel we are being told to pay better attention to what is happening in our country. We really need to turn to God instead of ourselves. Enuff said!! Just my personal opinion, that’s all.

@Smorgasbord: Yes, I did edit it & for some reason I lost what I had written. Sorry for the confusion.

@azjen: #133
You made me think of some billboard signs God put up. You know you are in trouble when he speaks in that tone of voice.


Remember the bumper sticker, “I FOUND IT”? My mom was very religious, and liked it. Then came, “I LOST IT”. She didn’t like that one. The next one never happened. A man told me they should make one that says, “I couldn’t find it”.

@azjen: #134
I’ve accidentally lost what I was writing several times. I started writing things in my mini-word processor to keep it from happening again. I now write almost everything there first, then copy-and-paste it to where I want it to go.

This is helpful when I write my politicians through their web site. You don’t get a copy of what you sent. I can paste a copy into my “People” folder under “Letters” to save them. I keep adding the new letters on top of the old ones, deleting the oldest occasionally. Sometimes I have had to find something I wrote.

I have been visits lots of blogs, some of them are nice but so far your blog makes my mind blow away, you contents are very interesting and we can get information to you blogs, thanks for sharing it.

@retirement village: #137
A lot of us feel the same way, and are glad Curt has made his blog the way it is.

where are you all? in FEBRUARY 2013,
I’m in MAY 7th 2013,
come back, this post is fabulous,
you all don’t stop there, we have more coming, this week the
revelations from the BENGHASI survivors the OBAMA try to threaten them if they talk,
well this wednesday, they will and SENATOR GRAHAM said we will be angry,
thank you for have me revisited DRJOHN, a good crowd for a good POST.
what a good group

I haven’t left the blog…figured that b/c I accidentally unsubscribed that is why I never heard from anyone. We all have to wait & see what Wednesday brings. People will walk away from this whole deal or they will find out that they are in a heap of trouble. I am hoping for the latter. If they walk away, then I feel as though this whole country will be up for grabs. It’s not going to be pleasant…there are too many people who have been watching all of this transpire. Jay Carney was a complete jerk when he made the comment at a news conference when he said this happened so ago. And the implication was that it was too long ago to really be concerned about what took place in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Just like the people walked away from Fast & Furious in AZ. We ended up with one dead border patrolman & there were also other people involved in this as well. I just hope that people do not get away with Benghazi.

hi,nice to have you back,
yes it will be very IMPORTANT to follow, I’M tune in ON FOX
I remember the happening clearly,
IT”S some event any one cannot shake away,
and his bloody hand printed on the wall as they where dragging him out,

A good president? Are you kidding? He is the worst president in our history and a threat to the Republic.
His is a lying Marxist, an economic incompetent, and a pompous ass. He is completely content to create a dependent society as long those dependent s are reliable Democrat voters. He is beneath contempt.

I think RETIREMENT VILLAGE disapeared,
I read her on my site and came here to answer what she said , and all I found is the other comment
from her but not the one I read,

@Kenny: #142

A good president? Are you kidding?

Maybe they meant that they like the way obama let them walk across the border into the USA and get their free education at YOUR expense, that YOU are paying for their education, that YOU are paying for their obama phone, that they are getting YOUR Social Security money, that obama wants them to walk into as many voting districts as they can on voting day and not show any ID to vote, that they got to sign up for Food Stamps, and that they get all of the other stuff that obama is making YOU pay for. From that point of view, obama is a FANTASTIC president. The best there has ever been for those who want YOU to pay all of their expenses and vote as many times as they want.

Did you notice that they are using FA to advertise. A typical lib way.

Smorgasbord, You said it like it is!! Living in AZ I see more of this than many others do. I am also retired & just barely making it by on a fixed income. I truly resent anyone taking things that I have worked for all my life. I guess the dumbed down Americans could care less b/c they voted for the blooming idiot & of course, they want their free stuff. I have never lived off the government. I am proud to say that I have worked most of my life & have contributed to this country. I wonder what these people will do for this country..other than bring us all down.

@azjen: #145
Did you know that in Rubio’s immigration bill he wants to give the illegals satellite phones so they can call 911? There is no cell service in some areas, so in the bill he wants illegals to have the more expensive satellite phones.

Some of the stories are calling them cell phones, but in the bill it actually says “satellite” phone, which is more expensive, because they use orbiting satellites instead of cell towers.

Guess what? I just had my replied blocked b/c it didn’t pass the filter’s spam whatchamagid. Anyway, all I said was that I didn’t find what Rubio was doing that unusual b/c he has gotten involved with the Gang of 8. I also mentioned a group that I’m involved with in AZ & maybe that did it. I have never had anything that I said blocked. Guess I should take thirty lashes & go stand in the corner. LOL

if you’re talking about theses last two comments, they pass and are right here,
it happened to me that my comment did not ap after appear after and I thought it was lost,
and the next time I came back , it was right there, maybe for some reason It took longer to process,
recheck it again, it did happen to me and I did repeat my comment,
and I did look like a fool after finding it,