Demand that Hollywood celebrities go f*** themselves


This is a marvelous putdown of the hypocritical sanctimony of Hollywood celebrities. It deserves its own post.


Love it. Absolutely love it.

I am so sick of these hypocritical morons making bucketloads of money glorifying murder, violence and death and then demanding civility.

They can indeed go f*** themselves.

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Just since this whole Newtown incident occurred I have been stalked and threatened by a man who suddenly went off the deep end.
He used to be a ruthless greedy closeted gay guy who desired to own every condo in our complex.
But the housing bubble ruined him financially as he was a no-down kind of ”buyer.”
Our complex has had to use a collection agency to get his back dues which are 1/4 of our budget.
He also has quit paying his property taxes, any mortgages and instead parties off his rents instead of paying his bills.
He has developed a severe substance abuse problem, even being forced to do 30 days in re-hab.
Apparently his boy-toy has left him, despite him spending lavishly on the kid.

So, according to emails and phone calls this is ALL somehow MY fault!

Yeah, I’m taking this to the local police.
No reason he should ”go off” and the police and media wonder why nobody noticed anything.
Besides, if he’s this deep off the end of sanity, he might do something to someone else who really is closer to being a part of his problems.

If you look through the old and new movies every one of these actors shot someone, brandished a gun, or killed someone in one form or another. They are wealthy, they don’t have a clue how to be like a ‘common’ person. They spend more on lunches than most people make in a week. I have such a large list of actors black balled I have started watching cartoons or the food channel. For you celebrities that think you know a lot because you played that kind of person – drop dead.

“I’m not a Doctor but I play one on TV”… why does anyone take anything actors say seriously? js

What the Hollywood film industry produces is almost entirely determined by what the American movie-going public is willing to pay to see. That’s sad, but true.

The violence in Shyfall is huge, $1 billion and counting….is that an english flick?

I’m with you disenchanted I refuse to even listen to them when they are saying if you don’t believe what I am saying you should be shot well that just shows you that they would use a gun. I wouldn’t even waste my money to go and see one of their movies they are all so violent today…..

I’m pretty sick of the crap I see in movies and on TV. It’s become more entertaining to wash the dishes or do laundry.

I quit watching the kind of movies that teach a lack of morality a long time ago. I don’t even watch the old ones when they play on my satellite TV. I am guessing that the cable and satellite companies track what shows people watch. The more we watch them, the more they show them. I have a mental list of people I don’t watch on TV or the movies. When a movie or TV show has someone using dope, or glorifying violence, and it is portrayed as OK, that goes on my “Don’t watch” list. One way we can protest the movies, TV shows, and actors we don’t like, it to not watch them.

@Nan G:

For your sake, Nan G, I hope he hasn’t exercised his constitutional rights and purchased a few semi-automatics. Please contact the local Mental Health agency and’or law enforcement. Be cool. Don’t try to be a hero.


One became president!


Party on, Stinky.

Ironing shirts on sunday afternoon is very therapeutic and gets you away from tv. America is burning faster than Rome.

Hi Nan – Just wanted to say that I really hope you have already gotten in touch with the police and other authorities to make sure this guy is on record. Please let us know that it’s been done.
Happy New Year all.

The reason actors and politicians get along so well is that they work in the same artistic medium…that of emotional manuipulation. The actors do it primarily to make money but develop the baseless idea that because they played a part in a movie that they have somehow earned expertise in whatever topic upon which they feel the need to pontificate. Politicians, on the other hand, work in their medium for the explicit purpose of gaining power over the rest of us, as well as making themselves rich pretending like they actually care about “the poor”.

I have a black list of Actors/Actresses of whom I do not, and will not support in any way shape or form….and this started years ago…the list keeps getting longer…

I’ve reverted back to watching old classics, but even there I am careful…

There are relatively “few” actors/actresses these days that are actually worth the $$ they are being paid.

The “actors” featured in this video are really a disappointment…the hypocrisy is really, really rich… oh, and speaking of ‘rich’ did they not become ‘rich’ by agreeing to and making a movie or movies glorifying “Guns” and “Gun Violence??” And, now they are still “Rich” and Oh, so sad about Guns and Gun violence??? They want us to be ‘sad’ and all kinds of emotional too… I can say again…Oh, isn’t that rich.

This is not to say that “Anyone” who gets murdered.. young, old, and in between by a broken person with severe mental problems is not terrible for everyone… no matter what the method of murder happens to be chosen…

Which is why these ‘actors’ should just stick to trying to be an actor/actress…and they should shut their pie hole…because a great many of us just do not care about their opinion from bubbleville…

BTW.. how much did they get paid.. for appearing in this short film filled with emotional hyperbole???

@FAITH7: #16

BTW.. how much did they get paid.. for appearing in this short film filled with emotional hyperbole???

I never thought about that. It reminded me of the Jerry Lewis telethon. He earned more from it than the Muscular Dystrophy organization did, but they got enough that they let him use their name to get it. Most of the entertainers on the telethon were also paid. Anyone wanting to give to any organization should do it through that organization’s web site, so that they get every penny.

Ummm didn’t this website have a cartoon of good guys killing bad guys? What about the gun control that Earp demanded?

@Smorgasbord: #17: Also we need to verify the legitimacy of any charity claimer:

@Marine72: #19
This is why I only give to things I know are OK, and they are usually local.