Weiner’s Up For The Challenge


Anthony Weiner may have been forced to resign from Congress because of texting lewd photos of his best features to young women, but he figures his lascivious behavior will be considered an asset in the race for Mayor of New York City. He has $4.5 million in the bank for political candidacy and figures he is once again up and ready for the heated word of politics as well as the candid exposure.

It is imperative that Weiner enter the breech of political contention or he will lose $1.5 in public matching funds. According to former staff members and friends, Weiner stands firm and committed in his desire to engage the hurly burly world of city politics.

There is just the slight inconvenient matter of previous lewd behavior with young impressionable women, are the citizens of New York willing to look the other way? Weiner is counting on the public’s willingness to overlook his indiscretions and concentrate instead, on his performance and willingness to engage each and every issue, especially the young pretty ones.

Mr Weiner prefers not to comment and plays his hand close to his chest so as not to reveal his intentions.

Some people think it is too soon to attempt more public exposure: others think he might want to pair up with the disgraced Attorney General. The US could then enjoy the Weiner Holder innuendo at the expense of New York City.

To those who say it is too early for a second time, Weiner counters that his pent up desire is only a reflection of his stamina and virility. He obviously considers himself to be an upstanding man, willing and able to perform all the duties of a mayor.

The final question is not whether Weiner feels he is ready, but is New York ready for the Weiner. We should all remember Weiner’s behavior was not only considered lewd, but he lied about being the owner of the boner, until he was forced to withdraw. However, New Yorkers can be confident, he will not hold be holding anything back. Weiner is promising to give the people of New York his best shot and he says they will have ample opportunities to observe him in action.

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His slogan with the wife and girlfriend on stage “Give me your vote and I will show you my package”. NYC residents have always been the dumbest in the world.

Which part is up and what in the world does that have to do with being qualified??

Common Sense

Weiner’s hope and optimism are up, perhaps they spring eternal; after his disgrace in Congress, maybe that is all he has, other than the bank account.

The article only announced Weiner’s intent; his qualifications weren’t mentioned.

You have the stage, please tell us of his qualifications.

The scope of Weiner’s intentions have never been in doubt, but qualifications, ah that is something the refers of FA would like to read. All we know of Weiner, beyond his indiscretions with twenty-one year old women, is that he has been an insufferable and overly dramatic boor on the floor of Congress. Normally, these are not considered qualifications, it would be interesting to read of these qualifications, since no one has considered worth the effort to defend Weiner and his fiasco after it became obvious to the world he is a bald faced liar, a fact much worse than flirting with young girls and being overly proud of your body.

So please, tell us of those qualifications. Like the man leaving the sushi restaurant, we await your reply with baited breath.

Weiner will lose this money soon if he doesn’t spend it on something. This will come to nothing.

He styled himself as a rabid attack dog for the Democratic Party agenda. That role was apparently in lieu of paying his Party dues and meeting his Party fundraising obligations, as he owed the Party hundreds of thousands of dollars for these two items year in and year out. It was probably one reason the leadership was so willing to cut him loose.

I still remember this d!ck justifying a huge increase in estate taxes in a TV interview, roaring “They’re dead! They’re dead! They’re dead!” to explain why it was all right for the Federal Governent to confiscate most of the money people wanted to leave their heirs. Ironically, what’s dead is his career.

I’m surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t throw Tony into a wood chipper for causing them to lose face with his antics, given that his nominal wife Huma (Hillary Clinton’s lover) is the Brotherhood’s agent in the U.S. State Department. (Read up on Huma Abedin – how her immediate relatives are major figures in the Brotherhood, and how during her college years she lived lavishly in D.C. with no visible means of support.) Given their huge Obama-enabled advances across the Middle East, maybe they’re in too good a mood to worry about it.

But seriously, nobody likes you, Tony. You’ve urinated on everybody, with a 360 degree spin-around. Too bad you have no training or experience for a real job.

@MOS 8541:

And where do you live to boast such intelligence?

Cary, trust me when I say 8541s are different. I have known many of them and they were all characters out of a novel. They come by their peculiarities honestly, they have earned them. Fair warning friend, they don’t count holes in the black, they only count holes in the D ring. Shooting 248 is only the beginning. LOL

@Skookum: As far as I can understand, his only qualifications is that he is alive. Kind of like 0-bama actually.


That’s all well and good, Skook. But that doesn’t explain anything about branding an entire city of people as stupid. As a New Yorker, I’m quite justified at taking offense to that. Many who serve hail from here, and all serve us as much as they do the rest of the country.

I live in NYC, and I don’t know anyone who has openly considered voting for Weiner at this point. We were all pretty disgusted with him, especially knowing that he was doing exactly the thing he was going after others for.

Common Sense, you might have mentioned his teleprompter abilities, he is a sports fan, and he appreciates music, give credit where credit is due.

Cary, I am relieved to hear your consensus. It will help with the image of New York. I was merely trying to warn you that 8541s are outspoken and unconventional. It was an attempt at humor, but I was laughing while imagining the two of you in a discussion. Nothing personal towards you, it would just be a mismatch in style and personality.

I liked these guys, but I learned to give them a little wider berth than I gave to others. It’s just the internet, so use the information as you see fit.

Good to hear from you.


Thanks, Skook. Yes, humor is often lost on the internet. I have a very diverse crowd of people I interact well with. Military snipers are not on the list as of yet, but I would certainly welcome one. We’d certainly be on different wavelengths, but I’m always open to learning about different people!

Cary. lived and worked in NYC for 6 years. Used the subways and walled all over NYC. Ever live in NYC?

@MOS 8541: First sentence, second paragraph, comment #9. Over 20 years. Lived in every bourogh except the Bronx. Worked in every borough except Staten Island.

Cary AND Mos 8541 I lived in N.Y. over 20 years and consider it a great city, comprised of diverse, industrious, intelligent people. New Yorkers take a back seat to none when it comes to military service and patriotism.
For one to suggest otherwise is foolish and misinformed.

Skooks You consider Mos derision of New Yorkers humorous?

Semper Fi

I figured his slogan would be “Hey New York, Look at me!”

So much adieu over nothing.

New Yorkers: Stupid enough to elect ANOTHER “rotten Hot dog”… ??

If this pervert should somehow pull out a win, he will turn the annual Coney Island into one big joke for the “Big Apple”.

Ditto Won’t get nominated and won’t get elected to anything. Bank it.