Shock! Gay Rights Advocate Is Racist


After enduring charges of racism for being skeptical of Obama’s competence, authenticity, sincerity, intentions, ability, and intelligence, we Conservatives can now visualize the true meaning of racism through the thoughts and emails of one of the Left’s leaders of the Gay Rights movement.

Larry Birkin has been a long time employee of the Human Rights Commission and a key figure in the gay rights movement. He was a leader in the movement to get San Francisco to recognize domestic partnerships, and a leader in the child pornography industry; he was arrested today for child pornography, the evidence was seized in a raid on his home, there were computers, videos, tapes, and discs, depicting infants and small children being subjected to sodomy, oral sex, rape, and perverse racial comments.

San Francisco is likely to be understanding and forgiving with the concept of sexual exploitation of children, but the blatant racism will likely be a condemning and unforgivable mark against Birkin. (Use your imagination to get the full effect of the quote and extent of the charges, some things can’t be forgiven.)

“I loved especially the 2 year old n—– getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b—- is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!”.

Obama’s Propaganda Bureaus or the MSM will have a difficult time keeping this one under wraps or spinning it in some magical formula to make it sound better, but I think they have had the biscuit here. This is pure racism, and yet, he didn’t even criticize Obama.

It will be interesting to see if he is a member of NAMBLA.

This is what Conservatives Have been accused of for criticizing The Won

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Given how often a small offense by a REPUBLICAN has led to a widespread call from all Dems and liberals for his removal and banishment from all public space forever, I find SF’s gay community’s request for ”punishment” oddly lenient.
Apparently there had been a ”Larry Brinkin Week,” every first week in Feb for some time.
Gay advocates are asking that the City of San Francisco remove Mr. Brinkin’s name from that week.
That’s it?
Harsh, man!
Check out gay orgs like; HRC, NGLTF and GLAAD.
They each went ballistic over something far less offensive from a Palin.
Nada on this.

Shock! Actual Gay Community rejects ‘gay rights activist’. Amazing how you lot find a ‘liberal’ to cry about, and you pick someone whose legitimacy is long past it’s sell-by date. Better luck next time.

You know, some groups are more important than others. See the story about “frank lombard” duke.
You’d think the NAACP would be complaining or something, but they were pretty quiet. They know when they’ve been overtrumped on the victimology card.

@Otto Yamamoto:

I fail to see what the article you linked to (about the gay community throwing Michael Lucas under the bus for failure to support the gay community’s antisemitic agenda rantings against Israel,) has to do with the Larry Birken arrest listed above. Aside from them both being involved in pornography, there really isn’t any pertinent connection. Child pornography and gay pornography are two different things, (assuming of course that the gay filth Michael distributed is between consenting adults.)

If the sexual act is between two consenting adults in private, I frankly do not give a damn what type of freak they get going on nor is it my business. As for child pornography, so far the only ones supporting that has been Liberal groups… I mean, look at how the Far Left rallied behind Roman Polanski in defense of that sickening man…

But back to main article, this proves that this man who was part of a Human Rights Commision is a fraud and a hypocrite for what he has done.

Problem is, when one group or another is tefloned, they can get away with things that would give you a sick stomach to think about. Including victimizing kids.
Hence the concern with the politics of such.

Shock! Gay Rights Advocate is involved in child sex abuse!

Perhaps? Perhaps not. Still it is a good thing for Larry Birkin that he’s not some working class cracker named Zimmerman.

Skook: Perhaps, in contra-distinction to how you like to portray everything, all things do not fit into the schism of liberal or conservatives.

Lib you are partially correct, not everything can be described in political terms, but you own this bastard.

Ditto, I was lost on the Liberal reasoning on the article presented by Otto. The logic of the Liberal thought processes are rather bizarre. From Otto we are supposed to not consider the habits of a sick pervert, because they have a dedicated purveyor of Gay pornography and from the lunacy of Lib man, we are supposed to not associate a dedicated Liberal pervert with normal Libs. It’s no wonder they put up an incompetent phony for the presidency. In the mind of a Liberal, being able to recite the party line, even if you must use a teleprompter, is the mark of a statesman.

Richard, at one point in my life, I was bored with the people who own horses and I considered becoming a cop. It was a slam dunk; they were hiring and I had the qualifications. Fortunately, a relative who understood my passion for those who are vulnerable, asked me if I might beat a child molester to death if we were in the same room. I answered the question honestly and she said, I would eventually end up in prison, because the situation was unavoidable. Unlike Liberals, I have no compassion or empathy for the child molester. I ended up being a horseman for another 40 years.

skookum. A friend of mine, when I mentioned having thought about police work, said the streets would be cleaned up on my first day and I’d be in jail by lunch. I know the feeling. I’m sixty-seven years old and I think I have one set of moves left, and I don’t want to be buried with them.
Anyway, the original point is that some groups have, by virtue of being accredited and Officia Victim Group (OVG) are shielded from consequences of that which most of us would consider very bad stuff (VBS) until it becomes too much even for the gate guards of Political Correctness. But untilt hat point, complaining about it is either a “phobia” or an “ist”.

@Richard Aubrey:

@Richard Aubrey:


Based upon empirical research the problem with sex abuse of minors in the American public school systems is a hundred times worse than the worst of sex abuse of minors by Catholic clergy in the USA. Who here is aware of that?

Based upon empirical research by John Jay College of Criminal Justice by the mid 1990s the Catholic Church in America had reduce clerical sex abuse of minors to very low rates and kept those rates very very low, 60 to 70 times below the abuse rate in the general population. Who here is aware of that?

For years the Catholic Church in America has run the most effective anti-abuse programs in the USA. Who here is aware of that?

Other PC American groups with what appears to be high rates of involvement in child sex abuse seem similarly protected from exposure as the US public school systems but for the last dozen years or so MSM has relentlessly piled on the Catholic Church.

@Mike O’Malley:

The reforms in the Catholic Church are ignored because the MSM chooses to do so. The left keeps the past abuses of children in the Catholic church alive simply because it is part of their concentrated program to attack religious institutions and completely secularize America into an Atheistic nation (with the only exception being Islam, possibly because they fear that religions radical extremists).

This is little different from the early 1870’s pro-socialism Russian attacks on citizens of all religious affiliation under the rhetoric of Vladimir Lenin. While it doesn’t rise to the level of anti-Jew atrocities of the German National Socialist (NAZI) Party, the goal is the same and sadly it is largely succeeding.


And yet they make no mention of how most teachers are liberals/union members, yet molest more children in a year than the priests did.

Hard Right
they allow gay in class as teacher , is in it?
how can they teach respect, restraint, the laws of marriage,
when it goes against their own core beliefs,


I figured it out Snook. What Otto was concentrating on was using “racism” to somehow tie the two stories together. Never mind the despicable distribution of child pornography, he thinks that the use of a racist slur is of more importance. Yet while trumpeting their claim that gay pornographer Michael is a racist (because he supports Israel,) The Voice hypocritically wraps it’s homosexual-extremist aligned article in unabashed antisemitism in justification of the Code Pink support of Islamic jihad against Israel.

Last time I drop hypocrisy for the evening. Very similiar to how the very homo anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage went about telling GOProud to grab their ankles. Officia Victim Group (OVG) are shielded from consequences.


Thanks Ditto.

This story is now eight years old:

Now, on the heels of the Catholic abuse scandal comes another of historic proportions—one that has the potential to be much greater and far-reaching. According to a draft report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education, in compliance with the 2002 “No Child Left Behind” act signed into law by President Bush, between 6 percent and 10 percent of public school children across the country have been sexually abused or harassed by school employees and teachers.

Charol Shakeshaft, the Hofstra University scholar who prepared the report, said the number of abuse cases—which range from unwanted sexual comments to rape—could be much higher.

“So we think the Catholic Church has a problem?” she told industry newspaper Education Week in a March 10 interview.

To support her contention, Shakeshaft compared the priest abuse data with data collected in a national survey for the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation in 2000. Extrapolating data from the latter, she estimated roughly 290,000 students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a school employee from a single decade—1991-2000. That compares with about five decades of cases of abusive priests.

Such figures led her to contend “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

Sex Abuse by Teachers Said Worse Than Catholic Church

I have to tell you that I’ve raised this issue in discussion after discussion after discussion and it seems that almost no one cares whether these kids in the public school systems are abused or not. In almost all instances no one expresses any concern. Often Dr. Shakeshaft is dismissed out of hand and the conversation turns to vilifying the Catholic Church! Several months ago one to national TV news reports framed the Penn State child abuse fiasco by preceding the lead story by naming a Catholic school teacher who in a particular county who was accused of improper touching of a minor. Not a word however has yet to be reported about a public school administrator in the same county who was similarly accused. Similarly, it appears that Planned Parenthood systematically violates state law after state law by refusing to report instances of sex abuse of minors to whom they have provided abortion services. Often the sex abuser himself will bring his underage victim to Planned Parenthood. The mandatory reporting requirements are ignored and the under aged victim is returned to the custody of her sex abuser by Planned Parenthood! And what happens? It’s time for those crickets to be heard again.


You know:

During the Nazi era, false cases of sexual abuse were fabricated to malign the Catholic Church. The “immorality trials” (Sittlichkeitsprozesse) of Catholic priests in April and May 1937 are the prime examples of this phenomenon.[42] In these trials, innocent priests and members of religious orders became the target of accusations of luring children and youth into sexual acts. Staged trials of Franciscan friars held in 1936 did not receive the media attention the National Socialist regime hoped for; and this was not the only problem. In a case that would eventually be dismissed as baseless, the alleged victim, when asked at trial if the offender was in the courtroom, pointed to the president of the court.[43] Hence, in order to show that the “offences against morality” were a massive problem within the Catholic Church, the regime ordered that individual cases should be accumulated at a more opportune moment. A large number of cases were brought to trial in the spring of 1937. Stefan Micheler writes:

Over the course of eight weeks between April and June, the daily and party newspapers and radio devoted extensive, front-page coverage to the trials… The coverage focused on the seduction of children and youth, the exploitation of relationships of dependence, and the abuse of rank and office. The press ignored cases where investigations were dropped or trials resulted in acquittals due to lack of evidence or ill-founded accusations.[44]

In a speech at Berlin’s Deutschlandhalle on May 30, 1937, Joseph Goebbels stated in front of 25,000 people that the “criminal aberrations of the Catholic clergy threaten the physical and moral health of our young people.” He declared that the “plague” would be “radically extirpated.” The speech was spurred on by the crowd’s repeated cries of “Hang them! Massacre them

Keep in mind that the Nazi Party was founded in a German gay bar and no few of its early leaders were homosexual pederasts and sexual predators. Enslaved Jewish boys and teenagers were in many cases systematically sexual abuse by the SS in the concentration camps, yet Joseph Goebbels knew his game.

@Mr. Irons:

I liked your comment and I almost seconded your sentiments:

If the sexual act is between two consenting adults in private, I frankly do not give a damn what type of freak they get going on nor is it my business.

Then I thought, what if one or both of those consenting adults are married to others people? What if they have children?

The sexual dysfunction and related power abuse in the Archaic world should give us pause regarding sexual laissez-faire in our world. Because even today what we do is in reality rarely truly “private” and we are so so strongly hardwired to imitate each other.

As I said, it’s none of my business. If they wish to violate their marriage oaths and cheat, it’s their business. Not mine, and they’ll have to pay the price for their choices sooner or later.

The nonsense in this post is laughable
this country was founded by Freemasons on the theft of lands and near decimation of the Native Indians, built and farmed by the blood sweat and tears of Africans. The red state/ blue state, left/right bullshit is the talk of fools. All white people in this country are immigrants living on land of our ancestors. The prison industrial complex is modern day slavery of people of color.
Obama works for the Zionists. He has almost as much contempt for Africans in this country as his all-white countrymen/women. He is a fool and the media meme that is being passed around that Black people will follow him over a cliff is bullshit.
We do not condone the depravity of the homosexual movement and those of l\us who respect the Laws of Most High will not support him or any other politician who does.

just a little clarification from a Black woman who has voted in every election for 40 years.

carry on with the nonsense.

@Gerry Green:

Right on, lady! I’m with you!