“Obama’s lecture on the euro crisis … is overbearing, arrogant and absurd.” The Bild, A German Newspaper


Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece are all vulnerable to default

Europeans are underwhelmed with the latest Obama Drama. With the sanctimonious attitude of a faux professor, Obama lectured Europeans on the importance of restoring fiscal responsibility to the European Union.

As humorous as it sounds, the Europeans found nothing to laugh about; in fact, they are insulted and indignant over the presumption of a profligate wastrel like Obama lecturing anyone concerning fiscal responsibility.

In California on Monday the 26th Obama warned the Europeans about their debt, stating that the European inaction was:

scaring the world. (That they)…have not fully healed from the crisis back in 2007 and never fully dealt with all the challenges that their banking system faced. It’s now being compounded by what’s happening in Greece. They’re going through a financial crisis that is scaring the world, and they’re trying to take responsible actions, but those actions haven’t been quite as quick as they need to be.

The Europeans feel he is merely searching for another scapegoat to pin his own failures upon for the Americans to whom he was pandering for donations for his reelection campaign.

Geitner added to his own cartoonish caricature at the annual meeting of the International Money Fund and the World Bank by warning that the European debt crisis is:

the most serious risk now confronting the world economy. He said Europeans needed to do more to create a “firewall” against further contagion and talked of the threat of “cascading default” and runs on banks. “Decisions as to how to conclusively address the region’s problems cannot wait until the crisis gets more severe.”

Germans reacted angrily to Geitner’s arcane remarks by replying that the US is in no position to offer advice with its $14 trillion national debt.

Unfortunately, European leaders urged Obama to find a solution during the debt ceiling crisis earlier this year, but by Wednesday the German press was ridiculing Obama and Geitner. The mass-circulation Bild wrote:

“Obama’s lecture on the euro crisis … is overbearing, arrogant and absurd. … In a nutshell, he is claiming that Europe is to blame for the current financial crisis, which is ‘scaring the world.’ Excuse me?”

“The American president seems to have forgotten a few details. The most important trigger of the financial and economic crisis was US banks and their insane real-estate dealings. The US is still piling up debt … The American congress is crippled by a battle between the right and the left. The banks are gambling just as recklessly as they did before the crisis. The president’s scolding is a pathetic attempt to distract attention from his own failures. How embarrassing.”

From the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung:

“One needs to remember the context within which Obama’s scolding of the Europeans took place. It was an event where the president was raising money for the Democrats and where he wanted to explain to voters why the US economy is much worse off than he and his economic experts had believed until recently. Hence his criticism of the EU was simple electioneering.”

“The problem, however, is that the US president is absolutely right. For far too long, the Europeans — including the Germans — treated the financial crisis as a purely American problem. They have still found no solution for their own debt crisis. Now Europe’s problems are having a negative impact on growth and jobs around the world, including in the US. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Europe is threatening Obama’s already precarious chances of reelection in 2012. That is something that surely does not leave Obama cold. In that respect, it doesn’t help much to point out that, once the Europeans have got their house in order, the financial markets will return their attention to America’s debt crisis and its ailing political system. Financially, Europe is currently the most dangerous place in the world.”

From the center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

“Dark clouds have gathered over the American president. The gloomy state of the economy is putting a dampener on Obama’s future prospects. The optimism of the past is gone, replaced by a cheap search for a scapegoat.”

“Obama thinks he has found one. He blames the Europeans for reacting too late to the debt crisis. We Europeans are apparently taking on too little new debt to get out of the crisis. But we are already feeling the wonderful effects of borrowing too much money.”

The Obama Myth has crashed and burned in Europe. They have seen through the hope and hype, while realizing the inane ineptness of our Narcissistic Socialist Ideologue who is to dense to realize that none of his plans or policies have worked. The only ones who still believe the empty phrases and platitudes are Leftist Ideologues and the feeble minded, but even the Socialist ideologues of Europe realize the incompetence of Obama.

European leaders realize the gravity of the situation without help from an economic illiterate
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I modified a song by Awol Nation called Sail to describe obama and his presidency.



The fray I am so above
Perfect in my mind because
I blame it on my en-e-mies baby

Indoctrinated with lies
I’m so trapped in my own sick pride
Blame it on my en-e-mies baby


Baby you all need my help
Maybe I should king myself
Blame it on my en-e-mies baby

Baby I’m a different breed
Maybe I need more golfing
So blame it on my en-e-mies baby


La la la la la
La la la la la oh

La la la la la
La la la la la oh

Fail with me into the dark
Fail with me into the dark
Fail with me into the dark
Fail with me, fail with me

@Hard Right:
The original:

Thanks for introducing me to a pretty good group.

What’s happening in Greece, with the massive demonstrations and rioting will happen here sooner rather than later because of the divisive way Obama addresses so many of his constituencies.

He knows he is asking for it.
So, why is he asking for it?
Will riots the summer before the 2012 election help him get re-elected?
I don’t see that happening in his favor.
Yet still he is divisively demonizing the ”rich,” the white, the employers, the investors.
Does he think he can control the mob he is creating?

Unfortunately, European leaders urged Obama to find a solution during the debt ceiling crisis earlier this year, but by Wednesday the German press was ridiculing Obama and Geitner. The mass-circulation Bild wrote:

Who cares what the Bild wrote?

The Bild is a right-leaning daily tabloid that keeps its circulation up by featuring a new photo of a topless young woman on the front page of every issue.

Henry Waxman is sure to call for an investigation of foreign news agencies, excluding Al Jazeera. It is obvious these news agencies did not receive the WH talking points.

Ah yes Greg, only the leftist newspapers say anything that counts.

Finally, some real press about The Fraud. It feels so good to read it, albeit in a German NP. A quick look at CNN, Wash. Post, NY Times and USA Today shows no coverage yet. Nada.

Poor Obi. The chickens are coming home to roost bigtime. Lets see he has used Europe as the Gold Standard even when they were and had been having problems for years as a result of socialism. His lack of leadership here at home has caused massive problems, and Americans in general have rejected his European Socialism to be transported here to America. Many of his liberals lefties are angered at his failures to deliver Utopia in their lifetimes, and are demanding that he do something, and do it now! Obi is now using class warfare in the hopes of getting the unions, minorities, and the poor in an attempt to replace the disenchanted deserters, now leaving him in droves. No more major news articles telling us about his chiseled physique, and his golden skin tanned just right by the sun. A well-built body that would serve him well as he remade America into his own imagine of a New Socialized America. His European buddies hailed his election as the beginning of socialism and peace for all around the world. Even the citizens in Islamic nations were shooting their AK 47s off into the air, and chanting his name as his picture was carried aloft by adoring crowds. And here at home people were weeping for joy in the streets, and proclaiming the birth of a new nation, a more loving, all inclusive, a nation with-out borders, no more war, no more racism, no more torture, no more Gitmo, only good things for all! And now the reality, Obama being ridiculed by most of his most ardent supporters. His dreams of socialism crumbling in Eruope, and here at home. Muslims that now hate him as much as they did Bush. The country in worse shape as a direct result of him and his policies. And now people everywhere are finally seeing what some Americans fell for hook line and sinker. And Obi becomming more and more alone with his immature and grandiose dreams of socialism for everyone.

As the above article describes, the German press are ridiculing Obama across the political spectrum. You make a pitifiul attempt to “poison the well” by noting that one of the several quoted sources is “right-leaning.” What about all the othters? What about the German government officials who are ridiculing O as well?

This obstinate refusal to look at what’s right on the screen in front of you makes you look like a fool. It only makes sense if you are being paid to troll this site.

@Greg: Greg?
So now you are against the exercise of free speech, freedom of the press, sexual freedom and (not to mention) business survival. Tisk, Tisk

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble slapped Obama with backhands like, . . . “I don’t think Europe’s problems are America’s only problems.  It’s always easier to give other people advice. I am well prepared to give advice to the US government”

This is Europe’s biggest economy, using a Finance Minister, not even Merkel, to diss the President of the United States. All of Germany, it seems, is telling Obama to mind his own business. All of Germany is reacting with incredulity as it is being told increase the EFSF bailout cash by a leader who is “wrecking the U.S. economy. This is another Low for the level of respect the world is demonstrating for America’s Leader.

How far this ego has crashed since his king-of-the-world speech in Germany during the election campaign.

@Wm T Sherman:

I too sometimes wonder if he’s just a troll. He defends the left no mater what it does 100% of the time. Then he turns around and attacks Republicans for allegedly doing what the dems actually did.
Other times I think he has some kind of mental issue. Either way, it’s not good.
The problem is that I’m so used to leftists blocking out parts of reality they just can’t accept. Rather than face the fact much of the German media is ridiculing obama, he picks one source to discredit the whole story in order to protect the fantasy world he’s constructed for himself. That allows him to continue believing he is right beyond all doubt and that he is intellectually, morally, and compassionately superior to us evil “Rethuglicans”.

The funny thing is (depends on your POV about humor) Obama and Geither last year were encouraging the Europeans to spend MORE. The Europeans at the time balked and Greece continued to spend. So Obama is literally contradicting himself. Funny, what a difference a year makes.


The president did not specifically mention Europe, but it was clear from his comments that Obama did not see eye to eye with Germany and other European countries that recently have pushed through fiscal austerity measures in response to the debt crisis in Europe.

“We worked exceptionally hard to restore growth; we cannot let it falter or lose strength now,” Obama said in the letter, released Friday by the White House. “This means that we should reaffirm our unity of purpose to provide the policy support necessary to keep economic growth strong.”

Obama Urges Europe to Spend More

Barack Obama has recommended that Europe stop attempting to rein in government spending with severe budget cuts. The economic recovery, according to the president, is still too fragile for government to pull out. The debate over austerity is likely to dominate the fourth G20 summit held in Toronto, Canada over the weekend.

Last week, the American president already warned European countries in general that their austerity measures threaten economic stability. He blamed Germany in particular for relying too much on exports which supposedly gives it an unfair advantage.

The issue has divided Europe with France complaining the loudest about Germany�s lack of internal demand. Its surge in exports would come at the expense of weaker eurozone members, France alleges. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has always denied this charge but now she faces two powerful colleagues, Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama, dissatisfied with Germany�s multibillion euro budget cuts and its export driven growth�on top of internal pressure from her opposition.

This is why no one is taking him seriously, he prattles one thing and does the exact opposite, just like his phony spending cuts.

dscott, excellent contribution, you can’t help but wonder if Obama gets confused by looking in the mirror so often.

The issue here is that Greece took Obama’s advice in 2010 and look what that got them. Incidently, the Greeks are spending money on mostly the same entitlements the US is, the only difference is we have the added cost of a large military being the world’s policeman. Obama cited Spain as the way to go on a renewable energy economy, and Spain flopped on that. Basically, the very countries in Europe that pose the greatest threat to Europe’s continued economic union are those that reflect Obama’s unsustainable view of the world.

In the end, if the Euro is to survive, Greece has to be kicked out of the Union and no one should cry foul over this since Greece firstly committed fraud in falsely inflating it’s economic worth and minimizing debts to enter the EU knowing full well that a true accounting would disqualify it. Secondly, Greece has further committed fraud in that under the terms of the bailout, they were supposed to do certain things, they have not. Europeans were foolish to overlook the discrepancies and more importantly perform the necessary due diligence. They compounded their problem when they made the bailout agreement with a nation’s government who has a track record of telling you what you want to hear and then fails to fulfill it’s contractual agreements. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me.” Since the Greek people are demonstrating against the necessary cutbacks to fulfill their obligations, there should be no sense on the European Union’s members part they are being the bad guy in this. The offenders are the Greek people themselves and their government.

I was reading some news about what GERMANY PRIME MINISTER SAID, on today’s paper,

ASSAD HAD ASK THE ARAB LEAGUE for an gathering to help make peace in the revolt, but the ARAB LEAGUE INSTEAD went to ask the REBELS TO PREPARE FOR A TRANSITION GOVERNMENT,

rebellions, and they are behind by influence the other OWLS OCCUPATIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD
by association, they have mastered the incitement of rebellion and using it to conquer the world,
is in it obvious?

I have read that news, and cannot understand why would he send troops in AUSTRALIA, unless it is an exchange of friendly
competitions of some kind
AUSTRALIA IS OUR FRIEND, and I would really not like to be their enemies,
they don’t take menacing actions lightly, and they are good fearless WARRIORS,

what’s the point?
is he trying to insult them by showing his superiority? his power?
they will have news for him if so
what does CHCOM MEAN?