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Now, you’re trying my patience.

By what? Showing you that your narrative is entirely wrong?

Look, if you don’t want to support the TEA Party, and you think they are ineffectual, then fine. Personally, I don’t care. However, when you come on here and post those thoughts, and then back them up with lies and distortions of the facts, then people have every right to post facts(from sources, which I did) that show your words as being lies and distortions. That you feel slighted, somehow, because of this makes no difference to me. I do the same thing with liberals who do the same thing as you’ve done, as does many of the other conservative posters and authors here.

John, John, John, Lisa M. did [not] do the opposite. She voted with
Republicans most of the time. Are you too dense to see that. Geezez!

BTW, John, you haven’t answered my question about Ryan’s Plan.
Haven’t you read it in its entirety? If not, how can you object to it?

You guys are funny. I’m posting my comments from memory. You
guys are furiously Googling, and you [still] ain’t getting in right LOL


I said;

And as for Rubio, he attended numerous TEA Party rallies as a speaker, courting the movement for support. Any google search of Rubio and TEA Party lists numerous headlines of him attending such events and speaking about the movement itself. All that is evidence that the TEA Party helped to get him elected, so they rightly claim credit for his victory.

I never stated that the TEA Party takes, nor deserves, the entire credit for his victory. Of course he won on his own merits. Most politicians do. That still doesn’t mean that the TEA Party doesn’t deserve credit for his win. As does the RNC, any Cuban groups that supported him, and every other vote he received in that election. Politicians run on their own merit, but in order to win, they need the support of different groups in order to gather the votes necessary to win. It was his own merit that garnered him the support of the TEA Party, as it did all the other groups that supported him. But without that support, he doesn’t win, at least not by such a large margin. I’m not suggesting any credit be taken away from Rubio, only that other groups, especially those he courted, even if late in the game, deserve credit too.

In exasperation, John, I’ll be polite and say that we will have to agree to disagree.


John, John, John, Lisa M. did [not] do the opposite. She voted with
Republicans most of the time. Are you too dense to see that. Geezez!

Typically, a conservative rating agency determines their ratings of politicians based on their voting record history. For example;

The American Conservative Union tracks a wide range of issues before Congress to determine which issues and votes serve as a dividing line to help separate those Members of the U.S. House and Senate who protect liberty as conservatives and those who are truly liberal.

As a result, the ACU Ratings of Congress has throughout its 38 Editions included a wide variety of issues covering votes on taxes, wasteful government spending, cultural issues, defense and foreign policy.

Now, you stated, “except that she pissed-off Lisa Murkowski to the extent that she temporarily pushed a Rino further into the Democrat’s camp? ”

I showed you that, according to a conservative ratings group, the opposite, in fact, happened, with her conservative rating actually going up in 2010, over both her 2009 rating and her lifetime conservative rating. She didn’t do what you claimed she did. She did the opposite.

BTW, John, you haven’t answered my question about Ryan’s Plan.
Haven’t you read it in its entirety? If not, how can you object to it?

I have read enough of it to know that it doesn’t go far enough in cutting spending, and that continuing deficit spending for the next decade will only make the problem of the huge debt, and unfunded liabilities, harder to deal with in the future. Which is why I stated, in that other thread, that I copied here in my post #35, that it doesn’t go far enough.

You guys are funny. I’m posting my comments from memory. You
guys are furiously Googling, and you [still] ain’t getting in right LOL

Maybe you ought to recheck your memory, then, because you haven’t been right about very much in your posts here.

And BTW, since you brought up that I hadn’t answered your question, I was wondering when you would get to answering mine, from post #35, about what, exactly, constitutes “highly qualified”.

(yawn) I answered your question with my post #32, John. To anyone with an IQ above the IQ of an eggplant who followed the 2010 Election, that would have been a more than ample answer to your question. If I have to spell that out for you, too. you’re just being obtuse and obstinate deliberately …., and tiresome, too. (sigh)

BTW, I’ve been right in all of my posts, and you have been wrong. But, whatever. Now, you’re just being silly.


BTW, I’ve been right in all of my posts, and you have been wrong.

Just saying it is so ain’t going to make it so, and it ain’t going to make you any smarter or better informed.

Now that you are obsessing after me, I [know] that I won the argument. Too funny.


No, I’m pretty sure that you never answered my question. Please show me then what you listed as a qualification worthy of being included in “highly qualified”. I must have missed it, although, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t. A list of candidates vs. other candidates means nothing. I asked for your definition of “highly qualified”. Please detail a list for me.

BTW, I’ve been right in all of my posts, and you have been wrong. But, whatever. Now, you’re just being silly.

I have never discussed anything here with anyone as delusional as you, and that is saying something, considering some of the liberals that have posted here in the past.


BTW, doesn’t what you referred to in this post apply to your post in #56?

BTW, a rule of thumb to remember whenever you are arguing with one of those ditzy Democrats is that whenever, in their frustration, they resort to calling you (specifically) a hater or a racist or an anti-Semite, you can smile and gloat, because they are, in effect, conceding that they just lost the argument.

I mean, although it wasn’t racist, or necessarily hateful(unless you hate eggplants), or anti-semitic, I believe that you referred to my intelligence as being below that of an eggplant, not to mention using derogatory descriptives to describe my posts. Does this mean I won the argument? 😉


I have never discussed anything here with anyone as delusional as you

It’s amazing isn’t it?

All through this thread this guy has been making arguments and then failing to back them up through source or citation even when directly challenged to do so.

Yet he declares he “won”?

Of course, I got a pretty good read on him way back when he openly stated that he would do whatever he could to shirk jury duty.

NanG @ #41 – Sorry that I overlooked your post. If I had noticed it, I would have given it precedence
over all of the other posts to which I responded out of respect for your knowledge on these issues.

In this case, though, you are misinformed, and perhaps inadvertently, you posted revisionist history.

Until Tea Partiers interfered and cast sleazy dispersions on Sue Lowden to get their candidate, Sharon
Angle, nominated in the primary, an experienced, smart and savvy Sue Lowden was favored to win in
all of the polls, and to defeat Harry Reid by significant margins. It was crazy, too, because Sue Lowden
was an outstanding Republican candidate. Face it: Most people in Nevada didn’t like Sharon Angle
for reasons too numerous to list here. The excuses that you gave were pure fiction and pure fantasy.

Christine O’Donnell lost, because she lied repeatedly about several issues, even during an appearance
on Sean Hannity’s show, where she made a complete fool of herself. A few examples: When she filed to
become a candidate, she said that she had a college degree. She didn’t. She didn’t get her degree until
two years after she filed. She defaulted on both her mortage and on a college loan, but denied that she
had. She implied on Sean Hannity that she was an attorney. She wasn’t. She got a Liberal Arts Degree,
but not a JD. I would have to think about it, but I have a vague recollection that she pulled a whole
bunch of other outrageous and childish stunts, too, showing that she wasn’t only extremely immature
and extremely irresponsible, but that she had the mind of spoiled, bratty child, also, as I recall. She was
unfit to be a candidate, and the voters of Deleware recognized that fact. It wasn’t for the screwy reason
that you gave that she lost. Adversely, her opponent in the primary, Mike Castle, was favored to defeat
the Democrat, Coons, by a significant margin until the ditzy Tea Partiers interfered there, too. There is
a lot more to that story, but for the sake of brevity, that was the gist of it. Get your facts straight. You
usually have more sense than you have shown here today, just to side with batty reactionary dimwits.

BRIAN, what are you drinking, your as bad as OBAMA’S SPENDING’S SPREE,
you’re attacking this group, insulting their IQS, WHICH ARE WAY UP OVER YOU’RE NOW.
WE have now discovered your inner self demons, they are for everyone to observed.
what is left of the smart commenter is a poor mad man trying to save itself with so many comments worse and worsen on each other, you should mow take a retreat and re read your comments. and come back to explain, what made you turn on everyone.

#59, #60 and oh yeah, #61, too. Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. Poor sports. Sore losers. LOL

Now, now, boys, take your meds and a quick afternoon nap before suppertime, and you’ll feel better.

I won. You lost. Too bad. ……. …………………………………………TTFN ………………………………………….. LOL

Nan G, hi, you are always credible in your comments full of news and events ,I know other are appreciating it as well as I do,
this guy Brian is out of control and what he is now saying is now erratic

brian your time is up now you have cross your limits of sanity,
get of that stuff, it’s killing your brain

@Brian: Face it: Most people in Nevada didn’t like Sharon Angle
for reasons too numerous to list here.

Reid was declared the winner by about 40,700 votes out of about 700,000 cast.
Odd, that.
Reid was trailing by four points in several independent polls on the eve of Election Day, 2010, but the next day was declared the winner by 5.6 percentage points!

So what was it?
The Illegal immigration issue?
An exist poll showed that 60% of the voters surveyed supported Arizona’s law against illegal aliens, which Sharron Angle also supported, while only 33% opposed it.
So, it wasn’t THAT.

What about Hispanics?
Hispanics made up 18% of the voters in Nevada in 2010 — the same as in 2008.
They voted about 2-to-1 for Reid, giving him a 6-point advantage.
But that advantage was included in the polling data.

There were over 50,000 SEIU employees bussed into polling places in and around Las Vegas, but other than that no explanation for the sudden unexplained discrepancy between polls and THE voting booth.
As Diane Sawyer (no conservative, she!) pointed out in the You Tube I linked above, a few bus loads of voters can and did turn that election – for Reid.

We owe Brian a measure of gratitude for exposing the inner feelings of the Republican Party with their “trust us the professionals” and let us run things attitude. Obviously, we can trust these insiders of the Republican party anymore than we can trust the Progressives. A fact that makes the TEA Party even more relevant in the future.

While Brian wanted desperately to assert his superiority over the Conservatives of FA, in effect he did the Republican Party a great disservice by antagonizing the Conservatives of the party with his disingenuous assertions of power and control. The Republican Party is the lesser of two evils and until Conservatives have a voice or a party of their own, we will need to endure these pathetic little tyrants of the Republican professionals, like Brian who are perfectly willing to feed at the trough of Obama, until they can consolidate power or until they see a groundswell from groups like the TEA Party.

Thank you Brian, I considered myself a lifelong Republican until you illustrated the inside party line for us today. I will be sure to save your remakes for the future when we have hard line Republican Ideologues who come to us for support. It no longer makes any difference to me, but the party should pay you to keep your mouth shut in the future. I am from this point on an Independent or a TEA Party activist and will advise my small but active readership to direct their efforts, money, and loyalty in that direction.

That was masterful Brian, you have had a tremendous effect on the Republican Party for years to come: Progressive Liberals who are far more literate and eloquent than you have been unable to affect my opinions, but you have exposed the ugly side of the Republican Party and it is truly vile. Congratulations, you can take this discussion to your next meeting and show them what you have been able to accomplish. I will be sure to enclose this discourse with the next letter from the party asking for donations, tell them to save the postage and effort addressing pleas to me in the future, all they will get is your discussions and an otherwise empty envelope. You are very effective Brian, in fact you are the one of the reasons the TEA Party is alive and well.

Yes, the TEA Party now has a new member and it is me. Congratulations Brian, you are very impressive.

Skookums @ #68
That post has the distinction of being the most childish, irrational, moronic, senseless,
spiteful, vindictive, vicious and bizarre rant that I have ever read on any website. If I
make you feel insecure, inferior, inadequate and stupid, that’s your problem, not mine.
For the sleaziest reasons imaginable, you just viciously escalated a quite
harmless argument which had already been defused, showing that you
are [extremely] irresponsible, and thereby validating all of my points.
Grow up or lay off the sauce or see a psychiatrist. That was insanity that I read there.

If you are a man, you will reconsider your crazy and sleazy assertions and apologize.

(When you sober up.)

Whoa, that was unreal!!!!!

You don’t recognize – in practice – one of Saul Alinsky’s tactics within his “Rules for Radicals?”

What’s the matter Brian, did I cut a little too close to the bone?

Are you worried about the Republicans who contact me for help, articles, and opinions; don’t worry, I will be sure to let them know how you and your opinions are influencing the electorate. They often ask what is wrong, I will be more than willing to tell them why their party is rotting from the inside out.

I think you had a lapse of judgement and let your emotions gallup on a loose rein. Thats fine if you are headed in good direction.

The TEA Party has never had an encouraging post from me, but now, they will be getting support from me on a wholesale basis, thanks to you Brian.

You can bet, unless a Republican swears by the TEA Party and is a card carrying Conservative, he will never get a favorable word written by me.

The RINOS or Obama Republicans can expect increased pressure from me.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few well worded posts Brian. You made your point and now it is my turn.

I have thousands of people who drop by to read my posts, a group that is growing from all vectors of the political blogosphere; something tells me, my posts have a lot more influence than your political ideas or your rants, but I will give your ideas lots of exposure to Republicans and Liberals alike, from the little people to the people at the top. I am sure they will find you to be an intriguing party official; especially, when they are looking for a favor.

I don’t need material, but you are too good to waste. Have a nice day, Brian.

Now I must Google the TEA Party.

Sorry, Nan, I don’t know much about that Alinsky
dude to whom you referred. Care to enlighten me?
I’m always receptive to new ideas and information,
providing that it has some practical applications.

Oh Snookums, you’re just an old blowhard and a bullshit artist.
Now you’re embarrassing yourself. Go somewhere and sleep it off.

Not man enough to apologize, huh? Gee, why am I not surprised?

Don’t worry, I don’t take you seriously. Heard that before, have you?

I’ll have one up for you in a few days, Brian. If you don’t drop by, I’ll send you an email.

I love it when your opponents underestimate your abilities. It makes victory that much sweeter.

LOL, yeah, right, LOL.

Mark Levin, a true Reaganite Republican, conservative, and Constitutional Lawyer, swears by the TEA Party. I think I’ll take my chances with him, rather than the delusional Brian who rants on Skookum for being childish when Brian himself posted such classic childish taunts as these;

I won. You lost. Too bad. ……. …………………………………………TTFN ………………………………………….. LOL

Now that you are obsessing after me, I [know] that I won the argument. Too funny.

BTW, I’ve been right in all of my posts, and you have been wrong. But, whatever. Now, you’re just being silly.

@Brian: #28

The republicans have had both houses of congress and the presidency several times over the years.  They could have given us a balanced budget amendment, put Social Security back in an interest bearing account, reduced the size of government, ended pork barrel spending, etc., etc., etc., but they chose not to.  Lets’s forget about the separation of church and State and concentrate on separation of republican and democrat.  That would make a good reality show.  They could call it. “What is their party affiliation?”

You said, “…the MSM isn’t your friend.”

That’s why I call them the propaganda media.

@Brian: #30

So you went to a Tea Party protest in “neutral” mode and “…threw around a football and talked sports.” Did you happen to take any pictures of any of the signs, or listen to what the speakers said?

I am going to apply the “wristling with a pig in the mud” rule here and not comment any further.

@Brian: You know, I am late to the debate on this thread, but let me weigh in.

First of all, Brian I read all the comments and have really tried to see things from your point of view, but I just cannot get my head that far up my ass.

You said:

But leave it to the professionals. The people at the RNC know what they’re doing.


Yeah, that’s how we got Dede Scozzafava in the NY 23rd who defected and endorsed the DEMOCRAT, John McCain, Charlie Crist who tried to torpedo Marco Rubio’s run, Mike Castle, Rob Simmons and Lindsey Graham, etc…

It is well known that the RINOs worked with the Dems to defeat some of the very Tea Party candidates you mentioned.

And it is obvious from your first post here today that you have an agenda. You can get your hate on for the Tea Party all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Tea Party is for limited government, lower taxes, more personal freedoms and getting back to a constitutional government. Tell me, how is that “ditzy?”

Does that mean that we can assume you are against limited government?

Does that mean that we can assume you are against lower taxes?

Does that mean that we can assume you are against more personal liberties?

Does that mean that we can assume you are against getting back to a constitutional government?

@Brian: You said:

That is bullshit. Paul and Rubio were already way, [WAY] out ahead in the polls [long] before Tea Partiers endorsed them just to give ditzy Tea Partiers credibility.


I live in Florida. I was part of Marco Rubio’s campaigns going all of the way back to when he first ran for the Florida Legislature and before I even lived in Florida. You’re full of shit.


From Rasmussen in August of 2009:

2010 Florida GOP Primary: Crist 53%, Rubio 31%

From Rasmussen in October of that year:

2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 49%, Rubio 35%

It wasn’t until December of 09 that Rubio began to close the gap on Crist. And that was in major part, thanks to the Tea Party Movement.

Look, it doesn’t matter to me why you hate the Tea Party, Conservatives or anyone, really. But do you have to be such a horse’s ass and insult everyone you lamely attempt to debate with?

You remind me of an old saying that goes – I wish I could buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he THINKS he is worth.

That is you, Brian. To a T(ea).


@Brian: You admitted:

You guys are funny. I’m posting my comments from memory.

At least you finally admit that you are full of crap and making things up to suit your twisted point of view.

Thank you!

@anticsrocks: @anticsrocks: #80

You reminded me of some CB radio conversations. Sometimes the subject would be how much a certain person is worth. I would enter the conversation by saying, “All I want is to be paid what I am worth for one year, then I could quit, retire, and liver quite well the rest of my life.” I always expected negative answers and got them. The best one was your saying you quoted, “I’d like to buy him at what he IS worth, and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth.” I did’t think to ask how much of a profit he thought he would make.

Comments on blogs are not supposed to be a contest. The only loosers are the ones who have nothing better to do than see how much trouble they can start. I have heard truckers say they like to get on the CB and see what trouble they can start up. I see the same thing happen in blog.

There also are no winners or looser in political debates. A debate is just for the politicians to get their ideas across. The media should not declare a winner or looser. A debate can have the same person declared the winner or looser depending on the agenda of the media making the declaration. A tie could also be declared.

#80 – I’m amused you felt that it was necessary to resort
to lies and to other slimy ploys to defend the Tea Partiers.
Kind of makes my point about you Tea Partiers, doesn’t it?

Dayum son, you’re so dumb. You never learn. Slimy low-lifes
like you will surely cause the Tea Parties to go down in flames.

Gee, I can’t wait for another one of your snappy replies. LOL!!!


I’m amused you felt that it was necessary to resort
to lies and to other slimy ploys to defend the Tea Partiers.

What, precisely, was false about what was posted in #80?

Point it out for us and cite sources to back up your positions.

Kindly reply with specificity and detail.

Brian, may I ask if you served in AFGHANISTAN’s WAR at some times or another?
or presently serving?
that would help us to maybe understand your anger
hard to manage, and give us an way to excuse your behavior.
I think It’s important in this case that we learn,
if it’s the case, or else.

@Brainless: You prevaricated (that means I said that you lied):

I’m amused you felt that it was necessary to resort
to lies and to other slimy ploys…

So citing Rasmussen polls with links to the actual polls is slimy and lying? I guess, like Jack said, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Wow, I really feel sorry for you Brainless. With each comment you make you remind me of a line by Groucho Marx:

“He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.”
– Groucho Marx


#86 – LOL – You are soooooo stupid. You keep taking the bait,
eerow, hook, line and sinker. That was about what I expected.
You aren’t just juvenile. You are also retarded. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life, you creepy, little loser.

This is my final comment to you. I’ve wasted enough time with
you already, and you just ain’t worth the aggravation, you loser.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t bite off more than you can chew, fool.

Brian, you didn’t answer my question, just a simple question.
If you are a soldier I will take back my previous comment saying that you where a troll.
and give a pass on your own insulting comments to anyone

CURT, this BRIAN is insulting the good people here,
and he keep doing it.

You took a folding knife to butcher a moose ?And a hard to sharpen Buck at that ? What were you thinking ? And its no wonder your hand slipped on it !

WHICH NEVER DID WORK HERE AT FLOPPING ACES,nobody like to get the chair swung on their head,
I did wonder what made you slowly change into a frankenistein,
where wyou smoking junk or drinking the wrong stuff, or genuenly mean and here to take on the group?
we will never know, but it would be interesting to know what
make a person like you tik

@ilovebeeswarzone: Don’t worry about Brainless (Brian), Ms. Beezy. Once he found out that he was woefully out matched in the brains department, he resorted to ad hominem attacks.

The thing is that folks like Brainless have such a poor self esteem that all they know how to do is to try and build themselves up by tearing everyone else down to their level.

Sad, really.

yes he really was given many clues to change his talking tone,
but he did not want to change it,
he started okay, but he gradualy became a monster,
maybe it was his laptop algorithms taking over his soul,
nice to have you here, in 2011,
now can you grow up and take a leap to 2013 other POSTS, so we can be called present