Wisconsin proves it’s possible to save America…[Reader Post]


After spending two years touring the United States in the 1830’s Alexis de Tocqueville wrote: “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” One wonders what he might have thought had he spent the last six months in Wisconsin.

The road Wisconsinites have traveled since November of last year may well indeed foretell the future of America.

Everything began in November when, fed up with fiscal irresponsibility on the part of Democrats, Wisconsin voters handed to the GOP not only the Governor’s mansion, but both the House and the Senate as well. The mandate was clear: Get government spending under control.

The state’s new Governor and legislature hit the ground running with the Senate working on the Governor’s bill that would strip government employee unions of the ability to negotiate for benefits and forced those state employees to contribute more to their health and pension funds. More consequentially it made the paying of union dues voluntary rather than mandatory.

Governor Walker was vilified and became the center of a firestorm of protest. On February 17th the 14 Democrats in the Senate decided to run away to Illinois, depriving the body the required 20 member quorum necessary to pass any fiscal bills.

Almost immediately the Capitol came under siege by a marauding horde of leftists bent supporting the Democrats and stifling the will of the people.

By March 9th, having had enough of the obfuscation by the Democrats, the GOP senators stripped the bill of all fiscal elements and proceeded to pass the bill after providing two hours notice online. (Only fiscal legislation requires a quorum.) The Assembly passed the bill the next day and Governor Walker immediately signed it into law…

Democrats immediately claimed the law was invalid and quickly found a state judge who would support their claim despite the fact that the Senate clearly did not violate the state’s Open Meeting’s law nor internal Senate rules. Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi at first attempted to stop the law from being published and then issued an order stopping any further implementation of the law.

The real question with Judge Sumi’s ruling is: Are there any limits on the power of the courts? Apparently the judiciary has the right to insert itself in the inner workings of a co-equal branch of government, in this case the legislature. If the Judge’s order is allowed to stand, if it is above even its co-equal branches of government then there is truly no place a judge’s gavel cannot reach, not within the legislature, the executive branch nor one would expect, into absolutely every aspect of the lives of citizens. Who could stop them?

At this point democracy in Wisconsin had become a farce. The people vote; the elected officials attempt to do what they were elected to do, all the while being pilloried and attacked by opponents. They succeed in passing the law according to the constitution and suddenly a member of the judiciary rips the reins of power from the people. Soon the case finds its way in front of the state Supreme Court.

The witching hour came last Tuesday when Justice David Prosser was up for reelection to the Supreme Court, which is currently composed of four generally conservative justices and three progressives. Union and other leftist organizations from around the country poured tens of millions of dollars into Wisconsin to support Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, a progressive who could be considered a sure fire vote to sustain Judge Sumi’s ill advised ruling.

The question on everyone’s mind leading up to the election was, would the citizens of Wisconsin vote to support their elected officials or would they cave into the intimidation and lies of the unions? While a recount seems likely, in what was by far the most highly participated in judicial election in Wisconsin history, it appears that the citizens of Wisconsin have decided that they have had enough of the thuggish behavior of its public employee unions and Justice Prosser will be retuning to the Supreme Court.

If this resurgence of fiscal responsibility and internal fortitude was not enough to solidify Wisconsin’s position as the leading light in the very winnable battle to save the Republic, there are a few more things that should make the state’s position crystal clear:

1. Wisconsin voters gave 3 term incumbent Russ Feingold the boot in November.
2. Paul Ryan’s district is in Wisconsin, and Ryan is the leading voice in the GOP on fiscal responsibility.
And perhaps most tellingly:
3. Wisconsin citizens are not only withstanding the union thug tactics, they are actually pushing back

Many of us feel like America is approaching a precipice on the edge of an abyss from which there would be no return. We could do much worse than look to the example set by Wisconsin’s citizens and politicians (or at least some of them…) to remind us that it is possible to pull back from the edge regardless of the foes lined up against you. I think Tocqueville would not have been surprised.

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VINCE AS USUAL A very important POST,
I dare say that YES AMERICA is more enlighten than any countrys, AND her potential to repair the FAULTS is unlimited when she start to march toward redressing those FAULTS.
IT take one righteous BRAVE to start it.

Imagination Land:

When I was a kid, I went to Racine, Wisconsin. My dad was in cahoots with his cousin, who ran a J I Case farm dealership. Two swathers with CABS, were to be purchased and the freight prepaid to an independent trucker. I was going to see the Milwaukee Braves who were going to move to Atlanta the following year. Dad handed out the checks and we followed the trucker. We had no time for the Braves. Wisconsin was green as Eden and had all their little dairy farms. I also remember Waukasha Engines and Minneapolis Moline.
What else did I learn. Canadian Pacific RR and Union Pacific RR suck because of their unions. J I Case, later on, was swallowed up by International Harvester because of union contracts. Dad’s cousin, at that time, could guarantee equipment availability in two days, thus reducing inventory.
Rural Wisconsin still is very conservative. Unions are ruining manufacturing America. Manufacturing America was a juggernaut.

That’s right. America needs to be “saved” from the jaws of teachers’ unions. I’d put that at about #39 on the list.

How about this: Mitt Romney proves it’s possible to “save” America:

90 second video.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

I am from Wisconsin. My whole life. (59)
Small business owner since 1986 (manufacturing).
Currently, I am a teabagger!!!!! (LOL)
I am so, very proud, of my state !!!
Thank-you Lord !!!!!
Let the truth be known, and justice served!!

I’m a conservative teacher living in Madison (yikes) and I truly apprecite your writing here. Very nice – and I believe all very true. We have been a bellweather for 2012 – keep your eye on us 🙂

@ Vince,

“Wisconsin proves it’s possible to save America…”

Because Obama is not a thinker, guys like intellectually and morally challenged George Soros can seriously influence America’s move toward the Soros vision of the New World Order.

Obama’s biggest benefactor and the clown that does much of his thinking for him has openly and strenuously advocated the pull-back of American dominance, and with his stated feelings on the U.S. dollar, he’s sweating profusely toward the erosion of American sovereignty. This absurd idiot is currently promoting continued increase of National debt and the ears in the Oval Office are listening. Where is this going? The Obama term is long from over. The abyss is no longer a vague ephemeral concept.

James Raider, hi, while I was reading your comment which I received on my site, I receive an add
mentionning a book name WORLD ORDER, and I click on it a 14. 95 price, and a bit of short clips on, and what I took was that It could set in anytime on a short order that those power could just take over because they control the money, the military NATO, and other strategic element,.
funny that it came as an add while you had a comment on the same subject which has caught my interest again with a smart commenter on another post who was very learned enough to answer our question very credibly, as I had read some of it a couple of years ago,

@ilovebeeswarzone: #9

It is sad that there are people using their influence, money and contacts, to figure out NOT how to make their society a better environment where human spirit can be stimulated and given wings, but instead dedicate effort on figuring out to control, suppress, and increase their personal power and wealth.

Saddest of all is that I would estimate that such disease afflicts 80% of those that I’ve had direct contact with that would fall into the category of serious wealth. . . . And I’m not restricting that measure to North America but include everyone from Paris to Jakarta. This 80% unfortunately also applies to those less rich as well as the poor with whom I’ve had contact. The “self” and the “ego” are very powerful forces.

. . . . Oh, and it is said that there are no coincidences. 🙂

James Raider, yes very true, and having gone where you went, you found the same around
the WORLD, so It is inside the soul of human been that haven’t succeded to control that greed, even as they succeded to acquire other treasures,they have condemd their self to never fill their cup,
and rendered to wander all their life, without realising what they did wrong.
thank you for that wisdom piece, you always bring with you.

Oh yeah Larry, the whole Wisconsin uproar was entirely over teacher’s unions. What a dishonest strawman you tossed out there.

Hate to rain on the parade, but if this is “winning” we are in trouble.
“WASHINGTON – A close look at the government shutdown-dodging agreement to cut federal spending by $38 billion reveals that lawmakers significantly eased the fiscal pain by pruning money left over from previous years, using accounting sleight of hand and going after programs President Barack Obama had targeted anyway.”

Bees, the whole New World Order thing was popular with a certain element here back in the 90’s. We called them the “black helicopter” types. To paraphrase: loonies. It sounds like the book you talk about may be a bit different from that sort of thing. Is that the case?

Actually, Vince, I think you framed a very uplifting American story for us all… voters bucking the trend, politicians doing what they promised, all being villified by special interests money and a minority of working folk (public or private unions vs joe blow worker…).

And yet, they stayed the course. So far. @kate, may you all continue to be a beacon. I know, for m’cyclists, Wisconsin and grassroots riders and BOLT did the same INRE helmet laws a few decades ago. They are still held in high esteem across the nation. There’s much to Wisconsin that most of the nation is unaware of.

Beezy… you be careful clicking on ads, girl. Great way to get a computer virus, ya know. And we can’t have you out of commission on FA.

Hard Right, I would not know for sure, if It’s old book or a new one with diffrent author,
but yes , sorry MATA, I DON’T USUALY DO IT, BUT, I remember your POST on the subject,
that capture my interest enough to check the BILDERBERG NAME ON GOOGLE,
and was surprised of finding AMERICANS WHICH ARE IN POSITIONS HIGH ENOUGH TO dangerously BECOME TRAITORS TO THE COUNTRY if they follow up on those meetings that seems to have capture their attentions more than required, WHILE THE MILITARY SPILL THEIR BLOOD TO PROTECT IT,
and from then on the subject come back to FA, by very well learned NEW COMMENTERS,
WHO DONT’T PRESUME AS OTHERS BEFORE THEM, but assure with sound fact that it is true and working hard on placing their agents that they have previously convince to more strategic positions upgrading the number of them as time goes by. that exchange of comments and replys was done only one month ago, so I find a reason to be concerned as many others might surely starting to pay attention.
thank’s for the advice MATA,

Ticking Time Bomb: Ongoing Labor Dispute Shows the Problem With Union Pensions


Unfortunately, Dichello Distributors is not alone. Union multi-employer plans in the private-sector have been estimated to be as much as $165 billion underfunded (public-sector pension fund liabilities are much higher). In the private-sector, it is a time bomb that threatens to blow up a lot of companies’ financial well being. In the public-sector, the amount of underfunded plans are causing politicians (both Republican and Democrat alike) to take drastic measures to keep states and municipalities from going bankrupt. A few, like Central Falls, Rhode Island and Prichard, Alabama, already have.

Actually the Cities and States are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg. There will be more of these in the Public and Private Sector as this is only the beginning.

OLD TROOPER 2, HI< If I understood there is many unionise members that wont get any pensions,
by the time they are du to receive it,IS in it,
it is a time bomb yes,