U.S. Soldier Caught Terrorizing Iraqi Children


This is why a U.S. military occupation is a thing to be feared throughout the world:

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Hahaha that’s great!

He must be an islamophobic racist. LOL…. 😀

somehow I doubt this will be front page above the fold on the NYT for the next 60something days though.
God Bless our troops.

The men of the west answer the call of duty and honor.

they give up their lives protecting the innocent.

this comes in stark contrast to the men from the east. the men of islam, who consistantly force the innocent to be thier human shields.

who force the innocent to give up their lives.

constantly demand, and never give.

Richard from the belmont club hits on this thought also

if each side could restrain its radicals, then “moderates” could dominate the discourse.

The problem is that there appears to be an asymmetry of willingness and expectation. This reflects itself in a policy that “handicaps” the Westerner, perhaps in the belief that the onus of giving way is upon him. But the question remains. How much of the War on Terror is driven by the same expansionary quality that brough Islam to where it is today?

and right on time a story comes along completely validating my writing that the men of islam are evil dogs, who use innocents to protect themselves, becuase they know we the men of the west will protect innocent lives.

USA Today:

U.S. military report: Taliban uses youths in Afghan fight
By Gregg Zoroya

MUSA QALA, Afghanistan — Afghan children as young as 3 years old are being used by the Taliban as human shields or to gather spent cartridges, and teen-agers are being given motorcycles for planting roadside bombs, U.S. Marines say.

“We’ve seen children actually dropping mortar rounds in the (firing) tubes against us,” says Lt. Col. Michael Manning, commander of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment that is rotating home after seven months in this hilly northern district of Helmand province.

“I’ve never seen a culture that cares so little for human life. They (the Taliban) truly don’t care unless it impacts their own personal family,” says Manning, who has lost 13 Marines and seen 127 wounded since March.

U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers routed the Taliban from Helmand’s main city of Marjah in February. They have undertaken an offensive to drive the Taliban from the province and are pressing into regions that the jihadists have held for years.

Brig. Gen. Joseph Osterman, commander of Marine ground combat forces here, says the Taliban is increasingly relying on children to fend off the Marine offensive.

Marines have witnessed youngsters dragging away wounded Taliban, planting roadside bombs and collecting dropped weapons, he says.

At a remote firebase east of here, squad leader Sgt. John Ellis says he found children selling heroin wrapped in torn pages of the Quran in the village streets.

“We found children with pockets of heroin and wads of cash,” Ellis says.

A Marine Corps battlefield report describes a fight in the Marjah district in August, where retreating insurgents “placed five children shoulder to shoulder on (the roadway) to cover their movements. Once the children were placed, the Taliban element mounted their motorcycles and escaped.”

Another incident in the report describes how a child was sent out onto a roadway to observe a Marine patrol from a distance of 150 yards. He used hand signals to communicate the patrol’s movements to an unseen enemy. Later, the patrol was ambushed, the report says.

“In both instances, the Taliban elements were willing to place children in direct danger to avoid risking themselves,” says the report, portions of which were provided to USA TODAY by Osterman’s office.

Battlefield reports typically derive from the observations of Marine officers in the field. The Marine Corps says it is difficult to identify how many instances where insurgents have been seen using children in Helmand. But they said there have been 50 battlefield reports filed since March listing one or several cases of kids used in combat.

“We’re seeing an increasing trend,” Osterman says of the Taliban’s use of children.

Marine commanders believe that families are either coerced into allowing children to be used by Taliban fighters, or in the case of adolescents, paid money or offered inducements to fight, such as small, Chinese-made motorcycles.

“It’s a recruitable, very easily influenced group of people,” Manning says of the children and families. “And there’s tons of them.”

Osterman compares the trend with what happened in areas of Africa where child soldiers became veteran fighters. “Have they (the Taliban) gotten to that point of desperation now where they’re going down that road which turns kids into combatants?” he says.

so are we all clear on that??!

1. the koran is so sacred they must murder to protect it, you know, unless they need to wrap heroin in torn out pages….

2. excuses are like assholes everyone has one. unfortunately islam has a lot more assholes. and they have no shame, just lots of excuses on why thier behavior is still our fault.

3. moderate muslims need to open thier eyes and stop making excuses.

think im painting too broad with my brush? step up to the plate “moderate MUSLIMS” tell me how reprehensible and evil these maggotts are without a backhanded deflection about the root cuase being our fault.

see rauf wont do that so to me he is just another evil man with a veneer of civilization papered over what he really is, and apologist for everything and anything islam does. he didnt own what happened on 911, he made excuses.

With all that gear and a rifle, G-d Bless our troops!

Now, to work.

Sweet find. I’m using this later.

It reminds me of all the pictures you used to get in your email describing our photos of our soldiers to offensive to run in the New York Times, then showing them playing with Iraqi kids.

Wordsmith, we await the rise of the ‘moderate muslim’ to restrain their own. I would not expect a Sufi to join in much of anything. As you say, there are those who seem peaceful. But they are quiet, and as such are either ignorant (as in haven’t ever left the village, no world politics except for what the imam says) or complicit by their silence.

When we hear them telling the extremists to stand down and quit killing infidels/heretics/innocents, then we’ll quit painting them all as evil dogs.

the old evil prevails if good men do nothing rings true here – I await the awakening.

Why are we feared? Because we dance so badly? Is it a throw down that we just insult the whole concept of, because we can’t dance?