Obama Set To Kill Manned Space Exploration


Any surprise that Obama’s mediocrity rears its ugly head once again. This time by moving to kill the Constellation program, the program to get man on the moon…permanently, and then to mars…..how does he do it? As his Chicago upbringing has taught him

Constellation aimed to build upon what was arguably America’s greatest technological achievement, the first lunar landing of 1969, by launching new expeditions to the Moon and to Mars and worlds beyond. Mr Obama proposed in February that it should be scrapped because it was “over budget, behind schedule and lacking in innovation”, but he has met opposition in Congress, which has yet to approve his plan.The head of Nasa, Major-General Charlie Bolden — an Obama appointee — has now written to aerospace contractors telling them to cut back immediately on Constellation-related projects costing almost $1 billion (£690 million), to comply with regulations requiring them to budget for possible contract termination costs.

The move has been branded a “disingenuous legal manoeuvre” and referred to Nasa’s inspector-general for investigation. “It’s bordering on arrogance by the Administration to boldly and brazenly go forward with this approach. It shows a blatant disregard for Congress,” said the Republican Congressman Rob Bishop, of Utah, whose constituency stands to lose thousands of jobs. Two weeks ago the Senate passed legislation that compels Nasa to continue work on Constellation unless Congress directs otherwise. That legislation is due to be signed into law by Mr Obama this month while Congress continues its deliberations over his proposal to cancel the current space space progamme.


Distinguished space veterans, including the first and last men to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, have complained that the abandonment of Constellation will set America’s space capabilities on a “downhill slide to mediocrity”. They say that, while Mr Obama has outlined a vision for Nasa that includes sending people to Mars at some point, it lacks a concise plan for developing the rockets and spacecraft to get them there.

“The Administration has no planning, no programme and no idea — they’d just have these things happen mysteriously,” Mr Bishop said. “Rockets aren’t something that Wal-Mart puts on its shelves. You have to have a plan for how you get from A to B, and Obama has just said we’ll work it as we go along and maybe some day we’ll end up on an asteroid or the Moon or somewhere. The bottom line is, those ‘maybes’ will never happen.”

Obama has gone out of his way to ensure everything this country stands for…innovation, excellence, pioneering…goes by the wayside. We are to be nothing but average. No better then the rest of the world and no worse.

This program requires all the traits that has made America great. It would allow us to explore the moon with new technology, investigate the origins of our universe all the while striving to get mankind onto our nearest planet.

But in Obama’s America we are not an exceptional people. So why strive for excellence.

Or maybe, as Daffyd puts it, he just doesn’t want anything overshadowing him:

…A grandiose narcissist who sees himself as simply too big for America’s britches must be horrified by a program of manned space exploration, the consequences of which threaten to overwhelm his own meagre achievements, assuming one can find any, in a Noachian deluge of science, technology, and future shock. Indeed, if we indeed returned to the Moon on a permanent basis, using that as a stepping stone to Mars and the rest of the solar system, then that would likely be the only thing anyone would remember, “generations from now,” about the administration of Barack Obama. Only our next faltering steps into the universe beyond; all else would be sucked down the memory hole, along with yesterday’s horoscope.

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Well, Muslims ARE stuck in the 6th century….


/starts to sing…

And the Rockets Red Glare….

oh… wait… thats like a Pro American song… can’t sing that anymore or I’m a racist…

We knew he would do this during the campaigns. He has always been against space exploration, but then most of his ilk are. Then again – he’s just another Jimmy Carter (who did the same thing to NASA).

The Pink Flamingo

Man the country is going to need a fumigation when this turd is thrown out.

Most of the techs used in modern computing hails from the the era of Mercury and Appolo, to shun the idea of further research for deep space survival of man is to kill any edge American industry has in the tech fields while China blasts full steam ahead for space colonoization plans (and warfare platforms.)

He promised to save 15,000 NASA jobs. And you know what an Obama promise is worth.

Some people are saying that this is actually a good thing, that it will allow the private sector to blossom in the field. I can see their point – however, this assumes that Barry O the Very Slow won’t put obstacles in the way of private development.

Judging by the admin’s actions so far, obstacles will be in place shortly.

Yet another catastrophic example of Obama shooting himself in the foot. Wish he’d aim a bit higher.

Benefits of the Space Program

Under a NASA contract, Biospherical Instruments, Inc. (BSI) developed a new type of fluorometer. This instrument measures light patterns in the ocean, and also measures the amount of glow given off by plankton and other marine life as they digest their meals of sunlight. The BSI model is better than older models in that it is less expensive, does not disturb (stir up) the little critters, and can be used at the site, rather than taking samples from their natural environment.