The Real Richard Blumenthal – Liar, And Now A Cheat


Not only was Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a liar who used his service in the military for political gain but now it appears he went further then that:

He made a name for himself early on by taking on Big Tobacco, playing a leading role in the precedent-setting national tobacco lawsuit of the 1990s. The resulting settlement transferred $246 billion from smokers to state governments via cigarette companies.

The suit gave Mr. Blumenthal a taste for massive multistate, class-action lawsuits. His jurisdiction in the name of consumer protection has since known no bounds. During the browser wars of the late 1990s, Mr. Blumenthal sued Microsoft over the marketing of Windows 98. He filed a supportive brief in a suit against Smith & Wesson that would have held gun manufacturers responsible for crimes committed by third parties using the manufacturer’s products.

When the collegiate Atlantic Coast Conference poached some schools from the rival Big East Conference, of which the University of Connecticut is a member, Mr. Blumenthal sued. When subprime mortgage shop Countrywide Financial was in trouble, the attorney general piled on with his own lawsuit. When AIG’s bonuses became controversial, Mr. Blumenthal issued a wave of subpoenas. Most of these efforts went nowhere, but they did get Mr. Blumenthal in the news.

The attorney general has also used the power of the state to bully small businesses. In 2003, he sued Computers Plus Center for $1.75 million in damages for allegedly selling state government machines without specified parts. Mr. Blumenthal issued a press release accusing the business owner, Gina Malapanis, of fraud: “No supplier should be permitted to shortchange or overcharge the State without severe consequences,” he said. “We will vigorously pursue this case to recover taxpayer money and send a strong message about zero tolerance for contractor misconduct.” Ms. Malapanis was even arrested in her home on seven first-degree larceny charges.

In 2008 the charges against Ms. Malapanis were dismissed. As for the civil case, she refused to plead guilty and countersued the state for abusing its power and violating her constitutional rights. The jury, recoiling at the overly aggressive action that ruined her business, awarded her a whopping $18 million in January. In a handwritten note on court documents, the jury foreman said the state had engaged in a “pattern of conduct” that harmed Ms. Malapanis’s reputation, and cited the state’s press releases impugning her integrity, some of which came from Mr. Blumenthal. Mr. Blumenthal is appealing the decision.

So he promoted himself using a fake Vietnam history AND through high-profile worthless lawsuits against businesses that he knew would go no where but it did get his name in the paper. The effect it had on his victims didn’t matter one iota to him I suppose.


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No business in Connecticut shall go unpunished.

Curt, this is indeed the key line:

” Most of these efforts went nowhere, but they did get Mr. Blumenthal in the news.”

It’s all Blumenthal is about. This state has lost 7000 businesses in the last few years and there is no end in sight. Connecticut is rabidly anti-business and still they wonder why we’re in such a mess.

I have a relative who shares the same fitness club as our AG and the diminutive Blumenthal loves to parade around in his Speedos.

There are approximately 9.5 million people who claimed they served in Vietnam. Of those 1.7 million actually did serve in country. Blumenthal is just one of the 7.8 million posers out there who create problems for those of us who actually did serve. They didn’t have the guts to put themselves in harms way for this country when it counted but they will gladly bask in whatever glory can be gained from it now. Blumenthal is one of those bottom feeders.

Richard Blumenthal = Weasel

Perfect Democrat Senatorial Candidate.

If you lie about your service record, you will lie about anything. Case in point … not a worthy character.

I have 3 members of my own family who served IN country in Vietnam – my brother & two brothers-in-law – one brother-in-law lost sight in one eye as a result of schrapnel from gunfire –

I home there are enough people in Conn to vote this POS out of office – I agree with bill-tb – a lie is a lie is a lie – no integrity there

DrJohn in regards to: “I have a relative who shares the same fitness club as our AG and the diminutive Blumenthal loves to parade around in his Speedos.”



Democrats stand by their man no matter how dishonest he is.

Blumenthal holds his manhood cheap.

“ We in it shall be remembered, -/
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;/
For he today that sheds his blood with me/
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,/
This day shall gentle his condition;/

And gentlemen in England now a bed;/
Shall think themselves accurs’d that they were not there;/
And hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks;/
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day”

William Shakespeare
King Henry V (Act iv)

Seemingly, dishonesty and self-aggrandizement are among the threshold requirements for the “progressive” elite. This malignant tumor must be removed from the body politic, or at the very least rendered impotent.

Blumentahl apologists…………, worse than Blumental himself. Anyone who accepts a lie in any way, shape or form is worse than the liar himself and the liar is as bad as can be.

It’s all about character, integrity, honesty – not lack thereof. What has it come to in this once great nation whereupon not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth, worse still, getting caught in a lie is simply a mere bagatelle? Where is YOUR character, integrity, honesty, sense of propriety and dignity? Have you no shame?
You dare complain about things, yet allow yourself to go along with some latter-day Fagin, Bill Sykes, Shylock, Soetero, etc. Oh……., and when ferretted out, someone as beyond despicable as Blumenthal simply comes forward with a wholly perfunctory “apology” and you accept same? How pathetic are you? Totally.
As reprehensible as Blumental is, and he v. much is, those who look the other way, dismiss his deliberate lie are even worse and that says a lot to put it mildly. It’s called pathology people and this worthless, deceptive, lying, cheating single-helix atavist who asks for a position of public trust will continue his inherently pathological ways if you allow him. The focus is not so much on this fraud as much is it is on you.

Think about it.

John Teeter

Fake Warriors, 2nd Edition is avail in print, e book etc. Chapter 9 has a Stolen Valor Act of 2012 that WILL pass constitutionality tests. Can’t even get a Cong to take a look! Can you help? There is a You Tube

with a whole load of pics of frauds from the pownetwork… they went to fake and support all efforts from this site! Can we all help them get their you tube to get some hits?

@wodiej: As a matter of fact, Dimwit-o-crats stand by their man Because they are dishonest.

Why this bleeding heart Demon-crap Liar is not in jail is beyond me.

@Minuteman26: Just for the record, I served in the US Navy from 57-61 and I never got close to Viet Nam. The war in Laos was just beginning to heat up when I received my discharge and while I went to over 40 foreign countries while in the Navy, none of them involved the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. I was fortunate to serve in one of the most peaceful periods of US history as far as being involved in armed conflicts. I’ll tell you, those people everywhere in the world was afraid of the US Navy while I was serving. For some reason, after I was discharged the foreigners were more emboldened. I didn’t realize, at the time, just how much fear my Navy was putting into those people.

No one should overlook that pardoned Felony Draft Dodger, Slick Willie