Lefty Craniums Explode As Obama Considers Keeping Our Enemy Detained Indefinitely


March 2002: President Bush authorizes the indefinite detention of enemy combatants.

April 2010: President Obama keeps that program intact.

Watch as the left heads explode:

The White House is considering endorsing a law that would allow the indefinite detention of some alleged terrorists without trial as part of efforts to break a logjam with Congress over President Barack Obama’s plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday…

Civil liberties advocates and many who back Obama’s effort to close Guantanamo have opposed a preventive detention law as a departure from the tradition of prosecuting and punishing individuals for specific crimes. Some critics have also expressed worries that such a law would be hard to limit and could be extended well beyond Al Qaeda operatives.

Asked why the administration had become more open to a detention statute, Graham cited recent court rulings and comments by several federal judges who said the legal standards for detaining enemy prisoners are too vague

Right on the heels of this news:

The Taliban’s top military commander was captured several days ago in Karachi, Pakistan, in a secret joint operation by Pakistani and American intelligence forces, according to American government officials.

The commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, is an Afghan described by American officials as the most significant Taliban figure to be detained since the American-led war in Afghanistan started more than eight years ago. He ranks second in influence only to Mullah Muhammad Omar, the Taliban’s founder and a close associate of Osama bin Laden before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mullah Baradar has been in Pakistani custody for several days, with American and Pakistani intelligence officials both taking part in interrogations, according to the officials.

It was unclear whether he was talking, but the officials said his capture had provided a window into the Taliban and could lead to other senior officials. Most immediately, they hope he will provide the whereabouts of Mullah Omar, the one-eyed cleric who is the group’s spiritual leader.

I’m shocked his lawyer hasn’t been flown via Air Force One yet, but maybe Obama and company are seeing the light?

Did the U.S. deliberately not take possession of Baladar so as to avoid the now-thorny issue of Baradar’s right to counsel and to remain silent?

And if so, what does that say about our policies regarding people, such as the failed Detroit airplane bomber, who are in our possession?

Ok, stop laughing. After the beating Holder and Obama took after the asinine decision to Mirandize the crotchbomber maybe they deliberately said “eh, lets just let Pakistan guys interrogate him.”

But didn’t Obama complain about the detainee’s being transferred to other countries?

Yes he did:

Our greatest tool in advancing democracy is our own example. That’s why I will end torture, end extraordinary rendition and indefinite detentions; restore habeas corpus; and close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Either way, congrats to those in the CIA who were part of this operation. Lets just hope Obama and Holder stay out of the way and allow us to get the information needed to protect this country.

I’m not holding my breath tho as those on their side of the aisle worry and fret that the likes of Baradar may have music blasted into his cell:

The Taliban’s military commander has been captured in a joint Pakistani-U.S. intelligence raid. A high-five to Langley: this is one serious motherfucking success. Now it’s really important we don’t screw it all up by abusing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

More here

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Either leftist heads are going to explode or Obama will push his extremist agenda to placate the base before November. Shall we pop some popcorn and enjoy the show?

Poor pathetic Obama, when we have successes, he still ends up looking like an incompetent fool. Too bad I can’t stop laughing long enough to feel sorry for him.

Not only that, but now the administration hangs on the horn of a dilemma.
They’ve captured the second highest leader of the Taliban. A man once removed from Osama Bin Laden himself.

So riddle me thins kiddies. What will they do with him? Offer him tea and crackers? Get him a good lawyer? Give him over to the Afghani leaders? Give him to the Paki’s?

What will they do with our best chance at finding Osama?


@TSgt Ciz:

According to the NYTimes, it was a joint operation and our guys got to go along for the ride.

Details of the raid remain murky, but officials said that it had been carried out by Pakistan’s military spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, and that C.I.A. operatives had accompanied the Pakistanis.

The Pakis have him, but the CIA is “involved”:

The officials said that Pakistan was leading the interrogation of Mullah Baradar, but that Americans were also involved. The conditions of the questioning are unclear. In its first week in office, the Obama administration banned harsh interrogations like waterboarding by Americans, but the Pakistanis have long been known to subject prisoners to brutal questioning.

Per Curt’s sources above.

Ed over at HotAir has a good point about the danger of militarizing our judicial system to address the leftard insanity of refusing to use military detention and justice for these enemies. Which makes a lot of sense to me. Once we allow indefinite detention in our justice system in order to try foreign enemies within it–breaking at least 3 of the Bill of Rights–who is to say that this detention would be limited to foreign enemies? Seems like a bright line to me.

Of course, we could keep them at Gitmo until they are squeezed dry. Then decide on one of three courses: execute them, release them, or continue to detain them. With a known 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees (government figures for this are probably about as reliable as unemployment figures), we only have a 1 in 5 chance of one of these monsters killing again when released.

You cons are idiots. You convince yourselves, from no evidence, that Obama is a terrorist’s best friend. Then, when every data point tends to show that, in fact, Barack Hussein Obama is their worst nightmare, YOUR heads explode from the congnitive dissonance caused by your initial falacious assertion.

By the way: Elena Kagan was in the Supreme Court arguing for the indefinite civil detention of sexually dangerous individuals. A supposed “hard core leftist” would, obviously, take the opposite position. But, again, anyone who was paying attention should not be surprised by how Obama is handling things.

Finally, the problem with “military detention” is that, when all is said and done, the Supreme Court has determined that people have the right to a fair hearing about the government’s decision to detain them, regardless of their citizenship or status. This is about the Constituion being a check on government’s actions, not just a basket of rights for individuals. Whether they are detained in a federal prison (preferable) or a military brig or a civil detention (akin to the sex offender detentions Kagan is arguing for), the detainees will have the right to a hearing. It makes more sense to do it above board and do it right than put together some jerry rigged half a$$ed program that is hidden from oversight and proper management. You create fewer future terrorist when prosoners are treated humanely than humilitated, tortured, and/or executed. Egypt’s failed efforts with the Muslim Brotherhood from 1960 through the 1990s proves that.

Sorry, but your understanding of basic United States Consitution is very frail Brob. The US Surpreme Court does not handle any form of military tribunals, and does not get involved with war crimes as that is to be handled by the various legal branches within each Military branch. The US Surpreme Court handles issues related to internal legal matters of the Consitution related to Civilian life as this document and its legal bindings only apply to legal citizens and Residents of the United States of America and not to traitors of the United States or foreign enemies of the United States who have taken a blood oath to commit murder and destruction. Traitors are an interesting sort in the past, as they mostly ended up infront of Congress instead of a classic court room hearing and then hauled off to be put to death as quickly as possible.

I have no pity for those who have been detained indefinatly by United States Military, as these people were caught IN combat against United States troops and Allied forces. These were not just random door to door knock downs of random bystanders to, “make a lesson” of them to their neighbors in the same manner Communist Nations have done. If these people currently detained had been fighting The Federation of Russia instead of America, then they would be physicaly ripped apart by bloody torture tactics for critical information and then killed on the spot once the Russian forces are done with them. Yet your lot turn a blind eye when chechnyan rebels are captured in the battlefield, their teeth kicked inward, their fingers sheered off with anything remotely sharp, vital and nonvital organs horrificly removed with dirty hooks and then killed once KSB and Spetznaz forces get the intel they need.

War is not pretty, nor honorable. You are either in it to win or to die, and those who think appeasement and hiding from conflict have historicaly been the first to suffer in spilt blood. This is the foundation of human history, and no appeasement process or diplomacy will ever halt the bloodlust that haunts certain sects of Man.

As for Barack’s choice over the detainment of certain peoples of interest, he has had to pull back from releasing them as these people were (as I said before) warfighters attempting to kill American troops and have sworn to die attempting to kill as many of United States Civilians and Troops either by suicide or by near pyschotic devotion to bloodshed. Study some Sun Tzu, because it is rather clear that you barely or not at all understand your opponent before you attempt to argue with or fight against them. Barack has started to come to the conclusion that by releasing high valued targets that have sworn to resume their war against America would be political suicide for his hopes of a second term of Office.

“Then, when every data point tends to show that, in fact, Barack Hussein Obama is their worst nightmare, YOUR heads explode from the congnitive dissonance caused by your initial falacious assertion.”

You must be of the Phil Jones school of data collection.

“Finally, the problem with “military detention” is that, when all is said and done, the Supreme Court has determined that people have the right to a fair hearing about the government’s decision to detain them, regardless of their citizenship or status.”

A habeas corpus hearing a is a far distance from full constitutional rights. But it is expected that you would not realize that.