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Out of all things that he spends my money on, talking to the people is lowest on my list of concerns. Actually, I think its great that he is going around touting all of his ‘accomplishments’. It was this mentality of his to begin with, that allowed us to win some major victories. Its kind of like buying your enemy a gun, because you know its just a matter of time before they shoot themselves with it. btw- I didn’t see the point in the speech where he refers to himself in the third person. Mind pointing that out?

Lastly, I thought this was laughable:
I didn’t take up this issue to boost my poll numbers or score political points – believe me, if I were, I would have picked something a lot easier than this.

When you have a house that is passing 95+% of your legislation, what would be better to shoot for than the elusive health care reform “sought by seven different administrations”? You not only get a rubber stamp, but go down in history as the first and only president to achieve what no one else could. Seems fairly strategic to me. And as suspected, the spin machine (aka, any liberal) takes something likes this and turns it into a martyr moment. Thanks Obama, you’re taking the bullet for the american people. We can’t thank you enough.

The good folks who live in Elyria Ohio weren’t happy to see him either. Elyria, which is not a major city, had to have virtually all of her streets closed for about a 7 hour period of time. Parents of school children in all of Elyria’s schools both private and public were told thursday evening that school would be closed on Friday due to the traffic disruption. This sent people who did have jobs scrambling as they had literally just hours to figure out their childcare needs for the day. Local police were of course deployed for the event as well. The city of Elyria, which is already broke, was not reimbursed for her expenditures of about $40,000. As usual for a Zero event, the lucky attendees were from other areas. I will never figure this out, because the Zero still has strong support in Lorain County, but large groups of his agitators were bussed in from Cuyahoga County for the event. This is the part of the country that gave us Sherrod Brown, Dennis Kucinich, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

The Zero did eat lunch at Smitty’s though, showing us lowly folk from the area that he is a regular guy. I will have to tell you all that the burgers at Smitty’s are as good as you would find anywhere. Nobody residents of Elyria got to eat out yesterday though.

Is Mr. President getting a little wee-weed up?

Should we declare Obama speechifying as SPAMMING US?

barry/steve/barack is a bit worried about himself and no one else. He couldn’t care less about anyone else. That he has made very apparent to the citizens of the United States. I am going to make an educated guess that in the near future more and more people will want to know who he really is. I am concerned about his birth certificate, however I believe it goes deeper than that – it is about who he is and who his parents are. – did he ever become a U.S. citizen? did he ever legally change his name to barack obama, or does he still hold the name of barry sotoero or steve dunham? regardless where he was born, he has dual citizenship and will never be a natural born citizen – that comes of both your parents been born in the good ole U.S.A. yep soon barack/steve/barry will get his comeupence and he will be impeached, imprisoned and/or deported. mark my words. – the people are rising and they are sick and tired of this fraud. oh yes along with his merry band of communist czars – and reid and peliesi (which the people of NV will make quick handiwork of him come November).

God Bless America and may she always be free

I wish this SOB would quit TALKING to “us” and START LISTENING………..

@Liam: Obama speaking of himself in the third person was in the Q&A not the speech. I made a correction above.

Examples are:

“oh, Obama is just trying to perpetrate big government.”

“Oh, Obama is trying to cut Medicare.”

As for your point about letting Obama speak as much and as often as possible I understand where you are coming from but there is a point of law here. I have firsthand experience of these matters from inside the Reagan White House where even political speeches paid for by the campaign had to be carefully screened by the counsel’s office lest we violate government regulations regarding the mixing of political and tax payer events. We never could have made a speech like this.

disenchanted #6 Was the law past that the next set of candidates running for President-show “ALL RECORD” birth,schools, health, TOP SECRET CLEARANCE (Which Barry doesn’t qualify for- his association with Bill Ayers, a terrorist-doing harm to the United States) When Barry went to Hawai to visit his DYING MOTHER-did anyone get any photo’s of him and her at her bedside. (He loves the camera)??????? Who has something to hide-when you have spent more then 1.7 million $$$$ in lawyer fee’s to HIDE the true.
There is a sound-bite shortly after Barry took office “I love to campaign but hate to govern”
If anyone or everyone wants to know what direction Barry is going to take our country, go to an article by Richard Henry Lee buried in the ‘OPINIONS’ section May 2,2009 edition of the Daily News.

Getting to it: Type Daily News-Click on Home-LA Daily News-type in the search box-Obamas lived above their means-CHANGE site to Web Search by Yahoo-click search-on Web Results-click on the first article. ARE WE IN TROUBLE OR WHAT ????

Has ANYONE seen any grad photo’s of the schools he has gone to????


Hey, you small businesses, get out there and create jobs! It doesn’t matter that I’ve done everything within my power to hogtie and slowly bleed you anemic. I’m number one and I’m telling you get busy and make jobs. Somebody’s got to make me look good and it better be you or I’ll huff and puff and blow all your houses down.

I kinda miss the trolls…..

Tom in CA

I hope Obama goes to all 57 states. Each place he goes, and each thing he endorses, seems to loose. The more places he goes, the more loosers we get out of office.

It could become a reality show. It could be a spinoff of “The Biggest Looser.” Instead of weighing the contestants for weight, they would keep track of how many republican, democrat, and independent officials there are in office before Obama came to a state, then how many are left after their election.

I hope Obama comes to help Arlen Spector get reelected. Us conservatives could use a boost like that here.

Rides A Pale Horse,
When you said you wish Obama would stop talking and start listening it made me think that they don’t need to listen. They already know what is best for this country, if we would just listen to them. They want US to shut up and start listening and obeying.


F… that………….

Very interesting that the so-called Intellectual Giant who lectured on the Constitution and magically became a professor, now thinks that bureaucrats can now work in the private sector.

By definition: bureaucrat- an official in a government department, an administrator concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs

mmm Could Hussein be showing some Freudian underwear or is this a reference to the way he thinks things should be in the future?

Bobo we have enough bureaucrats to deal with, we don’t need you to create them!

In the perfect Dystopian world of Obama, nearly all of us would be bureaucrats on the government payroll and in a union, while 15% of us in the private sector will support the government workers, welfare recipients, politicians, and free loaders: isn’t Marxism a beautiful system?

It really gets annoying hearing him tearing down Wallstreet, special interest, Insurance co. etc…when it’s him having employed them, bribing them etc… This cat is not only delusional, but insane!!!


It is even more annoying to see Mr. Obama rip into ‘Fat Cats’, the same ‘Fat Cats’ that supported him during the election. I just don’t understand how bankers continue to allow him to demonize them without fighting back.

Tom in CA

He would close them down on one pretext or another if they spoke out against him. This is the culture of fear he has instituted. He has closed numerous banks but we don’t know why. No explantion is ever given except the standard one. I still am apprehensive and puzzled about why the bondholders of GM and Chrysler suddenly stopped fighting and shut up and took the miserly pay out he offered and then gave 55% of the company they owned to the union. .