Are Enviros Like Watermelons–Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside? [Reader Post]


One week ago, on the same day 192 nations converged on the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drove a stake into the ground, declaring carbon emissions its dominion and an “endangerment” to human health. The coordination of the EPA’s announcement with the opening of the conference was transparent as a political opportunity and it conveyed desperation, likely a reaction to the public’s disengagement from the issue of climate change and the administration’s need to appease the left flank. Unfortunately for the administration and Democrats more generally, attempting to place global warming front-and-center right now is a conscious and direct repudiation of the issues most important to voters in Middle America.

A January 2009 poll by Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, which can be viewed right here, rated global warming dead last as a priority issue—number 20 out of 20—well below issues like the economy, jobs, terrorism, Social Security, education and Medicare, to name a few. Democrats’ desire to jam Americans by attempting to make global warming a priority and the EPA the tip of the spear is a mistake. Democrats are demonstrating that they are out of step with Middle America and in lock-step with those outliers desiring a command-and-control economy.

This is not to say that Republicans are in touch with the needs of those in the middle, it’s just to point-out the obvious; the public’s interest in addressing global warming is waning. Many folks are quite frankly a bit confused. The rabid zeal with which many of the global warming alarmists advocate and the redistributive wealth solutions they advance leave reasonable people in Middle America wondering if this fanatical environmentalism is the new socialism. Are these environmental extremists like watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside?

Most Americans have little to no interest in the globalism that attaches to any discussion of reparations or remedies to be paid to developing nations by developed nations as part of a global warming solution. In fact, most Americans are likely more isolationist than not, with tough economic sledding at home and two wars abroad. Further, any solution assumes that there is in fact a global warming problem, which some argue may also be in dispute, given recent revelations that some of the science behind global warming was done to produce a predetermined result.

Given the gravity of the financial cost that any global warming solution would have on the world economy—$45 trillion has been mentioned—no solution should be proposed without a virtual unanimity of solid science behind global warming.

Many Americans have read that 10-20% of global warming is man made and 80-90% of global warming is natural, not man made. Additionally, they believe that global warming is part of a natural cycle that has been occurring on earth for 4.5 billion years.

Nonetheless, the desire for a clean environment is non-partisan—we all want it, and many of us on the left, right and in the middle are doing our part every day to protect the environment and reduce the size of our carbon footprint, without the need for globalism, redistributive wealth solutions, or saber-rattling by environmental extremists.

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commies, one and all

Global warming farce will cause wars. Imagine poor nations suddenly awash with money. They would have a coup every other day.

While on the surface, this charade looks to be a “commie-plot”, it is not. The green-heads are being used to divert attention.

While we see and hear of monies being transfered to “poor” countries, the fact remains that those numbers are all smoke in order to get support and votes within the UN. The curtain was lifted slightly (and promptly dropped again) when it was released that the US, and some European countries had circulated a document among themselves that showed that there was no intention of handing over anything close to the totals be bandied about. This caused an uproar with the African delegation, who suddenly went quiet in less than 8hrs after meeting with the EU leadership. Gee. Anyone notice the 200 billion just offered by Hillary? That was the “shut-up” money given to the thugs.

Follow the money, people!

This is all to set up Cap & Trade in order to create (literally out of thin air) a new “commodity”. CO2 is already on the Chicago and European Exchanges, and has already made over 200 billion for those “steering” this whole mess.

Ken Lay and Enron helped write the rules for this exchange back in the 90’s.

Goldman Sachs has already positioned themselves to be the number 1 financial go-between, making money on both sides of the transactions, including the loans and floats. THAT’s why they are the only game left in town after the DEMOCRAT CREATED financial-debacle.

Tata of India is connected at the hip to UN leadership, and has already begun making hundreds of millions on Carbon Credits. In one case INCREASING CO2 overall, because they bought (and closed) steel-plants in England, and opened dirty ones in India, then collecting the millions worth of credits atop it all. Meanwhile a 1000 men are out of work in England, and the steel prices are now 50% higher.

Every major gas/oil company stands to profit from this, simply by REDUCING oil-output, which will raise prices and their profits. That’s why they are on board.

GE is connected to the Whitehouse, owns NBC/MSNBC, and is in the business of power-generation. They stand to make billions, just like Tata. Compare how NBC pushes this, compared to the others…there is no contest.

The commie-angle is red meat to us Conservatives, and we are right to keep an eye on such things, but our focus in this regard should NOT be there. We need to keep our eyes on the rear-view mirror for the oligarch-driven train of bastardized capitalism about to run us all over, because THAT is where our money is going, and then that money is used to buy politicians.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these poor countries awash with money will not spend it on the environment. Dictatorships will pop up all over the world. If the enviro’s aren’t communist, they certainly are socialist, six of one a half dozen of the other.

100 billion in climate change wealth transfer to third world backwater dictators… how many RPG’s and AK47’s will 100 billion buy? Of course that means they’ll be reducing the number of CO2 emitting human beings in their countries and the worlds population will be lower. Seems like the left can literally kill two birds with one stone.

Yes, the world is warming up. Been doing that for 10,000 years. Neanderthal man was smart enough to move to higher ground. Greenies aren’t that bright and for some reason they all seem to think it is someone else that will do the suffering.

The idea that cap and trade and new clean energy will create jobs is a pipedream. 4.2 billion is earmarked for aid to displaced workers in the Waxman/Markey bill. Assuming a $500 a week unemployment check for 26 weeks, that’s 420,000 lost jobs.

Obama offers up 20 billion plus for climate change, yet our entire foreign aid bill currently stands at just 26 billion. From where do these people think all this money is coming? Oh yeah, Bernake is buying ink by tanker load.

I can’t believe these people are this stupid so I have to believe there is a consipracy to destroy tihs country.

This movements’ last gasp was cheering Hugo Chavez in Copenhagen. That should tell Americans everything we need to know about them. This has never been about the climate, it’s been about control of your life and the lives of your family.

Now that the East Anglia CRU emails have been revealed and the depths of the efforts to decieve the public and lawmakers are known, this intire movement needs to be thrown on the ash heap of failures.

We can and should demand that every law and regulation that was based on this now-proven hoax be repealed with the same zeal as they were implemented. Swift action is the only apology necessary. Additionally, ask this question of any political candidate: “Do you believe in man-made “climate change?” If they answer “yes”, then they have proven themselves unfit for office.

There is no longer any valid argument for preventing us from using our own natural resources. We can drill and refine oil and beging the long-overdue construction of nuclear power plants.

The hoax is over.

@Backward B

That got me thinking…

If someone is thought to have cancer, and subsequent test’s show that the initial diagnosis was in error, would one be relieved, or would one DEMAND to have cancer?

That’s the analogy with this AWG/climategate fiasco.

But in light of the fact that CO2 in NOT causing the warming, and that the warming is in-fact small and normal, the left seems to still want to die from it, rather than be relieved that their fear has been assuaged!

India and China just walked out of Conference — again.

oBOWma, time to say goodbye, quit your campaign for world leader, and take care of your own backyard. . .and in case you don’t know. . .there are a whole lot of unhappy voters back here. I’m not sure if all the ACORN members’ car trunks can hold enough ‘safety net’ ballots to overcome the tidal wave anger that will be expressed in November 2010 and 2012.

Hi American Voter,

Their trip to Hajjenhagen is not turning out very good. China and India just walked out and Big Zero’s muslim brother Mahmoud is invading Irak’s oil fields in southern Irak. Sarkozy was right yesterday to just go back to the Kyoto Agreement.

Meantime, the other bunch of watermelon lovers are in Capitol Hill Rahmming the ObamaCare! They are going to vote in reconciliation and they have the 50 votes! A@@wholes! And not to worry, single payer is going to be added in negotiation.

Marx said that the way to the Welfare Republic was through their health…yes, controlling healthcare is the key for the Marxists to control power!

I noticed Barry didn’t have his teleprompter for this Big Green Speech. I haven’t seen such bobble-head action since my Subaru rearended a Plymouth on the Mo. River bridge at Jeff City.

Let’s cut open a few and find out.

Hi Davey. Nothing like the Ozarks!
Speaking of car, let’s go and fill up the tanks of our car because oil is going to go to the roof.

Sorry to change the subject but the Iranian manouvers may have something to do with the environmentalist agenda and it could be the response of the oil producing countries that could be affected by GW and the environmental nazis! (I even read somewhere last week a headline saying that a Middle East Civil War could be coming. How convinient)

Maybe, Iran is going to do to Irak what Saddam did to them! The Shias in the south of Basrah will be with Iran and trying to get Karballah right away. If Israel would have hit Iran in 2004 none of these would be happening.
Of course, our Turkishs friends will be getting ready to take Northern Irak all the way to Kirkuk and the PKK is not going to be happy.I wonder what Syria is going to get out of these. Maybe Obama has decided to end the existance of Irak by giving chunks of the country to their neighboors and we can get out of there pronto! and he can make everybody in region happy.


I have a new title for Copenhagen — no not Hopenhagen more like Dopenhagen!!! Is oBOWma going to crumble now that Chavez is mocking him as he did GW Bush’s UN sulfur after aroma?

Also — The Watermelons just can’t help but s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth AGAIN

If there’s too much of a toxic gas (CO2) for Carol Browner and her crew, then how can Tiger Woods handle so many women, and play damn good golf?