A Fool’s Errand [Reader Post]


Mister Gibbs was recently asked whether President Obama was going to attend the climate meeting in Copenhagen in light of the leaked emails. Gibbs replied, “I think there’s no real scientific basis for the dispute of this.”

Mister Gibbs, there are several problems with this statement, that you offered in such a cavalier manner. To accept your statement, we must assume that you think and that is becoming increasingly hard to imagine when you deny the growing pool of evidence that condemns Global Warming as a Fraudulent Science. However, your intelligence is of minimal importance.

You see the real question is whether the Administration is going to allow the President of the United States to willingly go to Copenhagen and participate in a forum designed to weaken and rob the United States of its wealth, if not destroy the United States, in the name of a debunked scientific theory; to accomplish the dubious purposes of redistributing wealth (the wealth of the United States) and saving the planet from imminent overeating.

President Obama is losing credibility at an incredible rate, participating in this charade in Copenhagen is the equivalent of attending a convention of stage hypnotists or fortune tellers. Many American People are on to the scam and the numbers are growing exponentially; President Obama may be incapable of grasping the obvious, but the vast majority of literate Americans can see that the sanctimonious efforts of Al Gore to save the world have been nothing more than a great conspiracy to Redistribute Wealth.

Science based on fraudulent data is nothing more than fraud and allowing the President to go to Copenhagen and participating in this grand mountebank scheme will only hasten the President’s political demise and lessen our standing and prestige in the world. It is only a matter of time before the American people completely reject the hoax that has been played upon them. At that time, President Obama will become the consummate fool by participating in a fraud that was already apparent to a large segment of the population.

For this Administration to minimize its losses it is imperative to admit that Global Warming is based on junk science and that working towards a cleaner environment is a more practical and realistic goal.

Rather than having no “real scientific basis for dispute,” there is no scientific basis for the science. You see “dispute” is one of the fundamental tools of science, one that has been denied by the Global Warming crowd for obvious reasons. Real science requires the painstaking collection of data and then review with challenges. The collection of False Data negates any premise of science before the process begins. Thus the effort can at best be described a hoax and most likely a conspiracy.

The jig is up, for all practical purposes, the refusal of the MSM to recognize the fraud will be overcome through the internet. Allowing the President to go to Copenhagen and make a fool of himself, while the material repudiating the grand conspiracy based on fraud is available to anyone in the world with a computer is irresponsible. You are not serving your president, but more importantly you are not serving this country.

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this is why i believe we will have violence in the near future! the majority of this country already didnt believe in AGW , and most of the rest of the country didnt think it was an immediate threat. now we have these hacked e-mails that almost prove beyond a reasonable doubt that AGW does not exist and they still want to force cap and trade down our throats. when you take more jobs and money away from people they will fight to take it back, not my opinion just reality!!

They need to send Gore to this meeting so he can drone on and on all the while amazing the crowd with theatrical brandishes of physicality, such as shifting his weight from one foot to the other,

Zero went to Scandinavia for a bogus Nobel Prize, why not for a bogus Climate Conference. He’s a fraud. He’ll be among his peers.


The msm are climategate deniers.

Just a short hop from Copenhagen is the prize that was intended to buy his support for the massive redistribution of wealth expected by over 100 countries, each eagerly awaiting its entitlement.

The Obama Nobel Is Not About Peace [Reader Post]

Why is everyone surprised by this? Obama needs to hurry-in the World Governement, because after his jig is up here in the good ‘ol USA in 2012, if not before, he needs to apply for the job to be ‘king of the world’.
This guy is not interested for this country to survive, but rather to steal all the wealth, and give it to the rest of the world. In his mind, the USA has done enough damage, and it’s time for ‘reparations’ to his world citizen.
Let’s just say, the guy, suffering from a pathological, and clinical narcissism, is not about to stop, until he get’s what he wants. The czars make sure of it!

James, I think I used to comment on your articles at AT as 2thman. I am now proud to be with FA, we have an intelligent and thought provoking group of writers with challenging commentary. The site is growing and we don’t have a Larry Anderson. I think you will enjoy your time here, the site seems to be in a growth spurt as we move towards the new year. Welcome aboard and thanks for the commentary.

PS. Anderson hated 2thman, but loved my writing under different identities, it was too funny for words!