Obama Throwing Zelaya Under the Bus?



Honduras’ ousted President Manuel Zelaya gestures during a news conference inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa September 27, 2009.
REUTERS/Edgard Garrido


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Nice Hat, although it is a little lopsided. Matches his politics, perhaps that is a covert overture to Obama’s politics. You know leaning so hard to the left, that China and Russia are thinking he is a flipping moron.

Not very presidential, but neither is Obama.

Zelaya es un chupacabras.

Zelaya es pendeho. Un communista de mericon.

Quote…””So all’s well that ends well. But even so, as we recently opined, a happy ending is still no excuse for Obama’s half-cocked diplomacy, and no number of low bows to Honduras’s next president will make up for the damage he has caused there. Again, his legendary inexperience in world matters shows.””

Exactly so!!! Obama has mouthed off and jumped the gun so many times since he has got in office!!!! Guy needs to STOP and THINK before flapping his lips…. he’d look a bit more intelligent that way!!! He needs new advisors too…. ones he has are doing him no favors on the “world stage”…

Pinsche cabron.

Es un caballero sin caballo.

The fact this loser-in-chief supports the Honduran election in no way mitigates his “meddling” and erroneous call months ago to back a socialist thug, attempting to usurp the Honduran Constitution.

In other words, no redemption for Obama. He was a fool and joke on foreign policy then. He remains so today.

At least he’s consistent…..

A disgrace to support this thug. But then, Hussein IS a disgrace.