Global Warming Emails May Have Come From Insider


New information on the CRU emails, now it appears it may not be a hack but a insider:

The anonymous tipster, whom many people initially assumed had “hacked” into the computers at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (repeatedly called the “Hadley CRU,” by mistake), might in fact be a CRU insider who released the files for his own reasons.

The user, known only as “FOIA” (which now appears to be a reference to the British equivalent of the US Freedom of Information Act), left only one comment on The Air Vent to announce his release of his 61-MB ZIP archive. He has never been heard from since, nor has anyone stepped forward claiming to be that person since the story became widely known.

Persons knowledgeable in information security hold that this is not the behavior of a hacker. A hacker normally boasts of his act, even if he were hired or otherwise suborned to commit his act by someone else. These two reports provide illustrations of such behavior.

Other commenters have observed that the very form and organization of the archive, which expands to 168 MB of text files, word-processing documents, PDF files, raw data, and even program code, indicate that someone already having access to the system logged in through his usual channels, made the archive, and then logged out. The user’s choice of words indicate someone having a motive to disclose to the world certain activities and mindsets that the user found distasteful, at least.

This Examiner has been able to reconstruct a timeline of the story

Read the original article to see the timeline, it is quite damning evidence that this was no hacker, but an insider and it all boils down to:

Mr. Stephen McIntyre at Climate Audit has made no secret of his repeated attempts to demand, under Britain’s Freedom of Information Act, that Phil Jones and his team yield up the data that are the basis of their claims for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and its effects. Preliminary analysis of the archived e-mails also indicates that Jones knew of McIntyre’s efforts and was taking steps to stall and thwart them, in violation of the law. Perhaps, then, someone at CRU decided to take the law into his own hands.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit that they would resort to violate the law….all in the name of “science”

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Fine Mike: why an insult, instead of a substantive reply?

You are right that Wiki comes with caveats, that’s why one should always look at the references. However in the case of my post above, how does citing Wiki detract from my argument that Patvann didn’t give full disclosure: not only didn’t he mention the lack of sulphur in many of the cars’ fuels, he also didn’t mention duty cycle: ships operating 24/7 for weeks on end, cars only operating one or two hours a day maybe. What about cars still registered but off road: I’m renovating 2 cars that are still registered but neither has moved for years. All these points weaken his argument: why didn’t he disclose them?

I hope he never has to go to court. “Mr. Patvann, how do you plead?” “Your honour, I plead not guilty. However, to be consist with the standards I apply to others I have to disclose that I did do it.”

BTW I only came on this thread to comment on the insider meme that originated in the USA. I didn’t want to get in a substantive discussion on AGW. However, being brought up to be polite, I thought it would be discouteous not to reply to questions directed at me. This is “your” site, so if I’m upsetting people and you would like me to leave, just make a polite request and I’ll leave you alone.

Best regards.

Turbo, when I log in… which seems to be more and more infrequent of late with my work schedule… I always check the spam filter. I’ve bailed out many a regular, and quite a few of Patvann’s comments back to you on this thread. Never figure out what triggers it, but if I’m not logged in, I’ve found myself having to log in and bail myself out of the spam filter as well.

So the upshot of it all is, don’t take it personally. We’ve all landed in the garbage bin at one time or another. And several of us check the spam filter regularly when logged on.

@Turboblocke: Is it an insult to point out how Wikipedia’s credibility is about as questionable as the climate criminals whose words you cling to?

I don’t think so. It’s an accurate observation.


Your Honor, I plead guilty due to boredom-by-sycophant. That, and the constant circular-logic arguments have made be dizzy to the point of wretching everytime I click on his posts.

@Patvann: Yeah, I think the arguments have run their course. Perhaps we can start it all up again when you post your excerpts from the emails or when I get around to posting on what possible investigations will be made necessary by the scandal we have all remarked upon.

P.S. @Turboblocke, it’s a holiday here in the U.S. so you might find a slower response time to your comments. It’s our day of Thanksgiving were we celebrate the fact that we were born and live in the greatest country God ever put on this earth.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that even though I have posted some juicy excerpts, he won’t comment on those, or does so obliquely. Religious fanatics have nothing on these people.

Patvann, I don’t bother with vaporlocke’s posts. It’s clear he WANTS to believe in spite of strong evidence to the contrary about AWG. There is no talking with people like him.
You can’t talk rationally with someone who didn’t reach their conclusion rationally.

@Patvann: I did notice that. It sort of like the leaders of this pack of climate criminals who willfully omit from consideration any bit of information which undermines their conclusion.

It’s the opposite of the scientific method where a hypothesis is tested.

The same folks who used to falsely claim that “no credible scientist” disputes their claims are now being exposed as having no credibility themselves.

Sorry Mike: I thought down in the weeds was an obscure insult.

With all sincerity, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

As I mention above, there is suspicion that the hacker came from the US and this whole FUD is to mess up Copenhagen.

On a hunch, I put “Climategate” in Google insights. The result shows enormous interest in the USA and little or none elsewhere. At a deeper level, California is the major source of these searches in the USA. WUWT?

What’s the old poker saying? “If you can’t identify the pigeon in the game, it’s you.”

Is he babbling again? Should I break out in a string of incomprehensible acronyms? WTF?

WUWT = Watts up with that
FUD = fear, uncertainty, doubt

WTF? What’s tea for? Drinking, not dunking (in the habour) 😉

Ya caught me Turdo. I live in Cali, and your evidence is so overwhelming I feel I must come clean.

-I hacked it, and my rather large family is initiating the searches. Give my apologies to Phil.

@MataHarley #112:

I’ve bailed out many a regular, and quite a few of Patvann’s comments back to you on this thread.

I’ve fished Patvann out as well; seems to end up in there quite a bit. Missy, too.

but if I’m not logged in, I’ve found myself having to log in and bail myself out of the spam filter as well.

Oh, that’s happened to me on occasion. Usually, I’ll wait for a while to see how long it takes one of y’all to rescue my comment…but after 5 minutes of tapping my foot, I lose patience and finally go in there myself.

@Turboblocke: You might want to reload the main page:


Plenty of new angles on this story posted and no comments from you. Can we assume that your silence is acquiescence with the views presented? Or are you simply out of acronyms?


I wonder if some of my stuff gets stuck because of the embedded e-mail links, and/or over-all length?

I we knew what the algorithm/rule was within the software that tells it to put a hold on posts was, we could try to avoid putting in those “markers”.

It’s rather scary (and frustrating) to work on a post for a relatively long time , then wonder if it “evaporated”. For my own “fix”, I’ve started keeping a copy in a Word-Doc just in case. When I see the italicized “Your post is in moderation” it’s no worries, but no feedback at all gives me the willies.

@Patvann: I don’t think overall length is the problem. It seems that links are the trigger. I make it a practice to do a CTRL-A/CTRL-C (select comment text and copy) before posting just in case.

I too have to dig myself out of spam from time to time. Curt has tried numerous fixes for these problems but none are perfect.

The best solution is one you already follow: when you post a comment and don’t see it immediately displayed drop a simple (no links) reminder in the next comment window. It’s also a good idea that once your original comment posts to go back and delete the request.

MA: I’ve been trying to disengage from this site for a while now. It’s a bit awkward with the time difference.
As you suggested I looked at the front page. NIWA story is a fabrication: the data was released 3 years ago but they are pretending that they haven’t seen in. Wow that’s an interesting tactic.

The Aussies who resigned have gone against the wishes of the voters who have been inundating the party with e-mails and phone calls. Effectively, their actions have destroyed an opposition party which will now probably split making Rudd’s government even stronger.

Rudd is a politician with balls. read this speech: even if you disagree with what he’s saying and I bet you will, you have to admit that in this day and age of weasel words and two faced politicians, he’s got balls.

I hope you guys had a good holiday and wish you health, wealth and happiness in the future.

I’m out of here.

Could one of the mods, please, stop me getting e-mail notifications, it’s only because of them that I keep coming back?

@Turboblocke: What? You’re quitting and going home? What’s wrong? Run out of acronyms?

What a shame! Just when I thought we might wear out your standard repertoire of climate criminal approved talking points and actually reach you with an ounce of reason!

Well, come back when you get rested up and we’ll make another attempt to introduce you to sane environmental policy based on science, not politics!

P.S. Curt: We should sign him up for regular emails from Sarah PAC.

MA: the fact that you didn’t know the acronyms for the four main groups who measure global temperature: HADCRUT, GISS, UAH and RSS is not a particularly convincing sign of your depth of knowledge. I understood from your response at 43 that you found that my responses were above ” cab driver” level and that you found this distressing.

I have no wish to inflict any more trauma on you as I have deduced from your responses that you are of a sensitive nature and I wish to apologise if your preducies and preconceived notions have been in anyway disturbed by any of my above posts. If you have been in anyway disconcerted by my attempts to introduce you to the benefits of logical thinking, then I am truely sorry

not to have been there to see it. 😉

(The above is a work of fiction and any resmblence to persons living or dead is a coincidence.)

Now lighten up.

@ #130, What a bunch of sanctimonious and self-righteous bull shit.

@Turboblocke: Once again your failure in basic logic underpins the fallacy in nearly ALL your arguments. Who says I didn’t understand your alphabet soup?

As I said, recalling the words of my old professor at Columbia, if you can’t make your arguments clear to ALL, then it’s likely that you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Pre-programmed as you are to spout the talking points of pseudo-science you come across as arrogant and willfully ill-informed. Exactly like the climate criminals you are defending who refuse to consider any information which undermines the conclusions they have already drawn.

When it comes to “preducies and preconceived notions” you’ve demonstrated that you prefer to cling to your own rather than engage in an honest examination of the issue.

Again, I invite you to comment on the newer threads of posts on this subject. You might learn something; including a little humility and perhaps develop a better argument in the process.

Unless of course you prefer to remain one of the real “flat earthers” and “deniers” stubbornly clinging to a failed scientific fraud when all but you can see it for what it is.

Guys guys guys. Ease up on the poor lad, he’s lost his religion, and that has GOT to be traumatic in a way that we can not fathom.

Turdo. To ease your transition, might I recommend Wiccan. The girls smell about the same, they have better chants and songs, and rather than the fat ugly strip-mine-owning, heir to Occidental Petroleum Gore as a Prophet, they have the soothing sounds of the wind moving through the trees.

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