MSNBC Compares Republicans To Hanoi Jane & Blames Them For Failed Olympic Bid


Simply retarded. Here is Ed Schultz blaming the failure of Chicago to get the Olympics…not on The-Me-President, not on MEchelle…..but on conservatives because we dared to criticize the fact that he went there in the first place. You will never guess who he compares conservatives to:

What the Republicans did, I think, rivals Jane Fonda sitting on a gun in North Vietnam

Yup, they are all for lowering the discourse in this country ain’t they?

A good dose of Xanax is in store for this fellow.

Meanwhile Roland Burris is blaming it on Bush and Axelrod is blaming it on “politics in the Olympic Committee”.

One thing the Democrat party is good at is blaming everything on others.

Sidenote – I thought the left absolutely loved Hanoi Jane. Now she’s bad to them?


Who is to blame? Lets ask the Danes (google translated):

Kai Holm, a former Olympics committee member, told the newspaper (translated): “The fact that Barack Obama came, could not do it. I think we lacked emotion, it seemed too empty and business-like. So when Tony Blair promoted London he was around three days to lobby and talk to people. You can not just come with the train one day and try to affect everything. People have felt that it was a lack of respect for the Olympics and sport in general. I think people felt it was too business-like to get into the way we have now seen it many times, and you would have feelings back.”

Hans Bonde, professor of sport history at the University of Copenhagen, told the newspaper: “Here come the more favor Obama just before the deadline and made showoff. He clearly won the battle in the media, but it turned out indeed to be indifferent. IOC members did not feel important, and they were indeed reduced to spectators and not players. So if he had come, he would have had time for a personal lubricant.”

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Ah yes. The same old liberal storyline, with yet a new title…

“Blame It on Rio….publicans.”

I am deeply saddened, I was looking forward to President Palin welcoming the world to Chicago in 2016,

Interesting, The Left has always considered Jane Fonda’s treasonous acts in North Viet Nam as heroic and now they might be considered traitorous by the Left. MMM MMM MMM The Left would be a lot more dangerous if they weren’t incompetent morons.

The NVA let Hanoi Jane sit on the Commie gun
Oh, An American jet and she could have some fun

She could look through the sights and press that trigger
Here one comes, boom boom, oh damn can’t he see my figure

He shouldn’t shoot at me, I’m a Hollywood Elite
You’d think he could at least be more discrete

I’m just here for the pictures and to be cute
i don’t want to be drawn into the big dispute

Now napalm, the state department must know
that Hanoi Jane doesn’t need her cover blown

Oh the bombs make us cower like ants
Oh my God, I just crapped my pants

Come on! This has to be the first time Lefties have said there is something wrong with what Jane Fonda did.

I Voted for Palin and that is that Bud.

McCain did 486 less missions than I did.

Do you have to be stupid to be a MSNBC reporter or do they just hire stupid people.
I thought they all loved what Hanoi Jane did, what next? Are they going to accuse us of spitting on the Olympic committee and calling them baby killers?

WTF? This is one of the most totally amazing pieces of garbage I have ever seen. This so called individual compares an athletic event to a war where we lost over 50,000 dead? Plus, Chicago probably just saved a billion dollars in losses. Somebody more eloquent more than me needs to reply to the fools at msnbc.

I wonder if we can look at crimes against the state after the conservatives regain control of congress (btw I did not say republicans).

I blame King / Mayor Richard M. Daley for not bribing the IOC enough. Look, we Chicagoans suffered thru a horrendous winter with NO salting of our throughfares whiched created numerous potholes that creatred our streets and blew out our car’s tires because Da King diverted tax money to the IOC. We Chicagoans suffered thru a much more violent summer with the rash of street muggings in Lincoln Park bec Da King diverted tax money from the police department to the IOC. We Chicagoans elect public officals because we truly believe that they can bribe the right people properly. Daley failed us. Daley let us all down today. That is why Chicago is not getting the Olympics. For shame.

I’m caught in spam help.

Would someone please enlighten this Old Seadog? Please?
Where in hell did MSNBC find this piece of garbage? I’ll bet a sawbuck that even his researchers couldn’t pour piss from a boot with the directions printed on the heel.
In the interest of civility, I have chosen to not use the POS value of this idiot, even though it is more than appropriate.

Well, this is the attack phase we knew was coming. They are desperate to stop us and have only one tool in their kit–a hammer. Too bad for them we aren’t nails.

@Old Trooper:

C’mon Old Trooper, I’m no fan of McCain, in fact I was thrilled when it looked like he was going to have to bail during the Repub primary. I voted for Palin too but that was a cheap shot you took at McCain on the number of missions – he fought the war 24 hours a day for nearly six years as a POW in addition to the missions he flew before getting knocked down.

@Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired:

Imagine hearing that ass clown, Ed Schultz, on Armed Forces Radio! That’s the first place I heard him and he got on there because various Dems in Congress raised hell about Limbaugh having such a following on AFN. I’ve always associated the sound of Schultz’ voice with conserving batteries.

Oh, darn that bastion of international intolerant conservatives, the IOC. As soon as they heard that their counterparts in the US, conservative talk show hosts, didn’t want the Olympics to come to Chicago, the urbane and sophisticated Obamas didn’t stand a chance. The IOC couldn’t resist helping the troglodites betray their country by denying the Olympic experience to Chicago’s culture-hungry youth. And it didn’t have anything to do with Obama’s arrogance, Chicago’s reputation, or Rio’s evident superiority as the next venue.
Right, Ed?

Read John McCain’s book Faith of my Fathers. You read for yourself in his own words what a complete tool John is.

Prior to making her pitch, Ms Obama had been quoted as saying she would “take no prisoners” and after she made her presentation, there would not be a “dry eye in the house.”

To add to this newest Obama Drama epsiode, she said, “As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days,” the first lady told a crowd of people involved in the Chicago project, “so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home.” —— Ms Obama — what people said this?

Parts of the Obamas’ actual pitches have been broadcast and were downbeat, depressing, and all about MO & BO…:
— Although Ms Obama’s father’s illness struggle was tragic – it was inappropriately used here.
— Mr Obama wanted to go out the front door of his Chicago home, with his children,
and walk to the Olympics
— President’s insinuation that his presence had made America great
— And unfortunately much more…

From what I read, Rio presented an exciting, exuberant, substantive pitch for hosting the Olympics — that was very well received!

These two received Law degrees from Ivy League schools and they did not know how to properly and effectively plead this case for a win? or at least not embarrass their country?

I think some of you have Eddy all wrong. This guy is the greatest thing that can happen to the right wing.

It is only the 20%’ers that think this guy has anything useful to say. The rest (let alone the independents) will see those 20% as they truly are, and those indies will RUN from this turd.

This asshole was brought back from the dead to supposedly go against Rush, and NOBODY in that essential middle see him as anything more than what we all see him as. An ignorant jerk.

(I would LOVE to see a one-on-one between him and Rush!)

So I say let Ed be. Call in to the radio-shows and “support” him. We want this guy up as front and center as we can get him. Lie through your teeth, if that’s what it takes.

Think about it…How many people in that middle REALLY think Fonda was worth a crap.

He is our best friend. The more the people hear him over-breathing, the better off we are.


McCain was a hero. Period. Back the hell off. His service has nothing to do with his present political foibles. 6 freakin years bro, and you of all people should know better. I HATE his political stance, but HE was the reason I went in and busted ass. I stand by his service 105%, and will fight any man who says otherwise.
Mission count is one thing, captivity by the VC is another. Not only that, the old man has NOTHING to do with this conversation.

@American Voter:

I had the same thought this afternoon–“These two received Law degrees from Ivy League schools and they did not know how to properly and effectively plead this case for a win? or at least not embarrass their country?”

No wonder Zer0 went into politics–there was no way he’d collect exorbitant fees as a lawyer. He wasn’t even prepared. Where were the assistants who should have told him that was a lame-o, incredibly unconvincing speech?

tfhr, I would Vote for Palin again.

McCain spent too much time on Ted Kennedy’s lap.

I did’ent realize we are at war with the IOC.

ick… Geez, Curt. A girl’s away, working her tush off to make a living for awhile. And when I get a moment to catch up on the ol’ FA gang, I have to see Schultz the schmuck’s mug on the main page as “news”???

‘scuse me. I feel the need for a shower…..

@Erick: Why not “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”? I’m going to take your word for what poor Schultz said because I don’t want to make myself sick this late at night. The guy is so lame. Hard to believe he’s on the tee vee.

McCain was a hero in NVN, he did as well or better than most of could imagine our selves under those conditions.

Now Fonda wasn’t such a hero when she came to visit the Hanoi Hilton. That is an anchor she will carry with her forever while she swims in the deep water of public opinion.

Ed Schultz is one of our best allies. He is so outrageous, he may even be more incompetent than Fearless Reader. He doesn’t even realize that Hanoi Jane is a legendary hero among the Progressive Marxists: that both she and John Kerry are actually in the Hall of Heroes in North Viet Nam.

Fearless Reader and Wide Screen Michelle are both examples of Ugly Americans of the 50’s and 60’s, I think we can safely include Orca Winfrey in that group also. For you youngsters and forgetful people like myself, An Ugly American was an American who traveled around the world with a self righteous arrogant attitude, stepping on other people and their cultures with no regard for how insulting they were. People resented the reference, because many wealthy people were described well by the phrase. People worked hard to have the description drift into the background. Our trio from the Obama Cult Network are working overtime to have the phrase brought out of the closet, so that we all can be looked at as insensitive bores like the three stooges in Europe.

Fearless Leader requesting McChyrstal join him on the runway in Denmark is the first transparent gesture the President has made since January. Using the Presidency to lobby for Chicago in its effort to secure the games, seems not such a blatant misuse of funds by lecturing his General for a few minutes to keep from looking like a complete and utter fool for wasting tens of millions of dollars on a fool’s mission for the corrupt Chicago Machine.

Look my Leftist Darling, Comrade Obama is meeting with his General like the War Time President he supposedly is, see how he uses his time well, he meets the General in Europe, he isn’t going to use top secret channels. Not this guy, no sir, he is even talking without a teleprompter, look at how overwhelmed the General is with the advice that Fearless Reader is giving him. We will be able to win the war now! The General is requesting an air-sickness bag, he must be in awe of the Greatness of Fearless Reader.

How can it be the Republicans fault? The black Senator from Illinois said it was G W Bush’s fault.
It’s always somebody else’s fault with this Democrat run government, never accept responsibly when you can dump it on some where else.

What exactly do the Olympics have to do with the troops?


“If you’re good at making excuses, you’ll seldom be good at anything else.” Benjamin Franklin (probably a racist).

This man has diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. It’s no wonder MSNBC is so low in the ratings, management has to climb a ladder to see the bottom.

@ Bufflobob

At least in McCain’s book he admitted to his shortcomings. For someone with no real life accomplishments how many self-fellating books does our Dear Leader have to write?

BB writing the books or having someone else write the book is immaterial, it is a way to launder money to the person without it being illegal. In other words if you were Fearless Reader and you gave me some fat government contracts to build very expensive sidewalks, I could give you money through a publisher as an advance on some mealy mouth useless trash that passes as a book. The Billary twins keep getting great book deals and they don’t sell enough copies to fill up a pick-up truck. Gotta love those advance book deals.

OK, I did watch Schultzie up to .54. So he thinks the Olympics would have been provided jobs and gotten us out of the depression by having the Olympics in Corruption town? Yeah, I’m sure unemployment in CA would have gone down to 11.9% as a result.

Blaming any of the failings of this boondoggle on the opposing party? They can’t even get an appointment with The One or the time of day from the majority in charge of the Congress. Hard as it is to admit, you poor excuse for a commentator, YOU OWN IT so stop trying to give it back. YOU lobbied along with the Chicago Combine for this and HE’S ALL YOURS. Thank God, the IOC had the good sense pass on these thugs. America is saved from another bail-out after the Resko/Daley Gang lined their pockets.

HAHAHAHA…and it’s just too rich being compared with Crazy Jane. Talk about ignorance.

Can anyone imagine what the world would think of us if Chicago won the Olympics, and everyone had to go through customs?????????????

Garofalo and Schultz make a great pair.

Pair of what? Any suggestions??

Hahaha. The best description I’ve heard for Garofalo came from Red Eye on Fox who called her a “sad little tattooed person”. Schultz is just a squinty-eyed lump of raw dough. Two of the most unattractive people I’ve ever seen. Garofalo looks non-orgasmic and constipated. I suppose we should feel sorry for her…she is, after all, so silly as to be only mildly annoying.

Sorry, they each have such deficits on their own that I can’t even think of pairing them up.


Thanks for the chuckle. These two youtubes of both are what runs through my mind whenever I see or hear either of them.

Ed Schultz, the “squinty-eyed lump of raw dough” describes Republicans:

Janeane, “sad little tattooed person” and her dog:

@Missy: LOL! Thanks for the return chuckle. I don’t watch anything with either of them so I missed the dog relieving himself on the “sad little tattooed person’s” leg. From now on if I think of her it’ll be as “the sad little tattooed person and her dog”!

What a raving loon Ed Schultz is.