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I think that maybe the protocol of past administrations being quiet on the new, has become passe, especially with the problems the new is bringing down on us. Candi, George, and Mr. Cheney must speak up before it’s too late.

Ms. Rice is correct. The region is currently not stable anyway. Obama has proven that sound advice is wasted on him. It is now His War to lose. If Obama does not listen to his Military Commanders that are more familiar with the situation than He is no one can make a difference.
He is the Pretender in Chief. His call.

I fear that Condi is right. I pray we don’t have to find out.

condi is really interesting to listen to. i wonder how long these power players will sit by and let this horrible administration continue before they act.

i pray that the powers that be will not wait until this administration has gone too far .

i pray to GOD that he will intervene in this horrible administration. imho

remember that obama is half white, mother. should anyone call you racist for opposing this administration’s policy.

I have not always agreed with Condi over the years, but she is always a breath of fresh air. She is fairly spot on in her assessments here…………….my exception is that I just have a really tough time believing obama is a patriot doing what he believes is right for the country – I think he and his cronies are doing what they think is right for them.

Condi Rice is everything the left claims Opie to be — intelligent and articulate. Opie is so intelligent his college grades have been buried to protect his image. He’s so articulate he’s completely lost without TOTUS.

Make no mistake.

Barack Obama’s political survival, career and legacy- everything- rests entirely on Afghanistan.