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A “single payer” (i.e. taxpayer paid) system or any other socialized health care program is the last thing you want enacted if you want to block illegal aliens from also getting in on it. The Supreme Court has held that if the government provides a service to it’s citizens, it has to provide it to everyone, including illegal aliens. A non-profit, non-government coverage system may be created and block coverage by illegal aliens.

The down side is, the way it’s currently run, illegal immigrants will still go to emergency rooms. I think we need to start fining EVERYONE who is caught hiring illegal immigrants (even private citizens) and use those fines to pay down the unpaid emergency room bills. On the second fine, It’s doubled, and the person who hires them serves time. When a hospital treats illegals, they need to be required to contact the Immigration and Nationalization Service to take them into custody and deport them after treatment and they are stable enough for transportation.

I don’t care how long they have been secretly living in the US. They want to immigrate, they need to go home and get in line, and follow the laws like everyone else who want’s to immigrate. Nor do I think they should be rewarded for the time the lived and worked in the US as Illegals. No other country in the world puts up with this sh*t, and we shouldn’t either. I have nothing at all against legal immigration, but we owe nothing to people who refuse to follow the law.